Hello. I read a dozen Helsa fanfics, decided to contribute and offer others a couple of my ideas. Maybe someone will find inspiration here. Enjoy reading. And Yes. I don't have anything.

Hans and Anna did not come to Elsa about the wedding during the ball. As a result, Elsa does not reveal herself. Hans begins to spend time not only with Anna, but also with Elsa. They have sympathy for each other. Elsa asks for proof of feelings and demands that he give up Anna.

Hans refuses to kiss Anna, says that he fell in love with another, but does not reveal who she is. Elsa watches what is happening from behind the door, and decides to reward Hans in the evening. Anna is inconsolable, left alone, she dreams of the happiness that she had. In the evening, she wants to find solace from her sister, but finds her with Hans. It seems that something is breaking inside her. She recalls how, because of Elsa, she spent her entire life in isolation, how she not allowed to get married, and eventually stole her boyfriend was taken away. Elsa took everything from her. In the morning, Elsa is going to have breakfast, and she feels that someone is standing behind her. Discovers Anna looking at her with the eyes of a dead fish and with an insane smile.

Anna greets "dear sister" and approaches her. Elsa asks what happened. At the same moment, she feels terrible pain and falls to the floor. Anna is standing over her, her face and knife in her hand stained with blood. Anna laughs madly, calls Elsa a dirty thief who will no longer stand in her way.

2. Or Hans kisses Anna, says that he really likes her, but he has great feelings for Elsa. Hans did not score enough love points from the servants of the castle, Elsa was watching everything. As a result, she freezes Hans and wounds the sister.

3. Elsa does not interfere with Anna and Hans. However, Hans did not have enough time to Anne. Alternatively, he devoted too much time to Anna and did not give her emotional release during their dates. As a result, Anna still falls into bloody psychosis. Hans gets stabbed in the leg. Anna openly attacks Elsa with a bloody knife. Continue to be continued..?

3.2 Hans has to dodge to calm Anna down. He says it was a stupid prank and that he only loves Anna. In the end, he barely succeeds. Now Hans needs to be extremely careful around others. Who knows what the insane stalker will do.

3.2.1 The trolls have plans for Anna. They send a woman to put a curse on Hans. But in the end, Anna kills her.

?:"'*&? Curse Route.

After being used by the trolls, Hans is imprisoned in darkness. He was tortured and humiliated every day. Everyone betrayed him. Essence appears to him. She demands obedience from him. After all, everything is meaningless. Where did his warmth lead him? Submit. Be free and take revenge.

The bell is ringing. A pestilence passes through the cities and villages, houses are burning. People say they saw Hans near disaster sites. And he didn't look like himself.

Christophe is enjoying life to the fullest. Eating snot, mouth to mouth eating carrots with Sven, kissing with Anna.

Elsa senses that magic has been used and going to the trolls. She asks Pabbie about Hans. One of the trolls laughs and blabs that they had a lot of fun at the expense of Hans. Troll behavior is changing. They begin to behave cheekily and rudely. Just relax. We didn't do anything, maybe just a little. A drop of troll magic. Just trolling. Elsa is furious, explosive power emanates from her. She demands an answer.

Then Pabbie begins to say that they predicted the emergence of a strong alliance that could interfere with their plans. They found who would be behind it. First of all, they went to the South Islands and subdued the will of the local king.

They used all their strength to break the predicted child. But he closed and survived everything. Then they decided to approach from the other side. They sent Hans to fate at Arendelle. There they cursed him. They turned against him those to whom he believe and opening heart. Humiliated, rejected, betrayed. In darkness, his soul and body were broken. Ah, my faithful reaper. Finally, that pure heart was perverted. I, the great Pabbie, thank you Elsa and your sister Anna. Without you, I would never have been able to destroy what I despise more than anything else - a pure heart. You are no longer able to change anything. And lastly..*Dramatic pose*, this I, who killed your parents!

Dear girls. Someone didn't learn lessons and not read books. How naive, right? You shouldn't have trusted the troll.