The Honored One

"I'm going to kill him" that was what Glynda thought as she went inside of Gojo's office and found that the headmaster of Beacon was not in his office. She has no idea where he was at the moment but knowing him, he was probably in Vale somewhere screwing around. Most likely either going to his favorite coffee shop in Vale to get some coffee and most likely going to the bakery to get some sweets.

Glynda sighed she has no idea how she was able to put up with Gojo. Between him, Qrow and sometimes James it was a miracle that she hasn't gone insane yet nor has Beacon haven't been burned to the ground yet. But then Glynda had to remind herself that it was mostly her that keeps beacon up and running and not Gojo. However despite being an headache at times Glynda trusts Gojo completely and trust his judgement in most matters.

He also cares about the students and helps them and gives them advice. Because Gojo wants the next generation of huntsman to get stronger and continue the fight against the Grimm and protect the people of Remnant. But also for the select few that he keeping an eye on to choose for the fight against Salem.

Glynda waited in Gojo's office for about ten minutes and the deputy of Beacon Academy thought she was going to have to go to Vale, to get the headmaster. Until she heard the elevator door open. The person that got of the elevator was none other then Satoru Ozpin Gojo, the headmaster of Beacon Academy itself and the world strongest Huntsman.

The man was currently wearing a black jacket and black pants and black shoes. Gojo has silver haired that was spiked up and he currently was wearing a black blindfold and strapped to his right side was his trusty weapon the long memory in its sealed formed.

"I'm baaaaack!" Gojo said cheerly much to Glynda annoyance and frustration.

"Where have you been you know that we have to finish preparations on the entrance exams and go over the documents of the first year students" Glynda said to the headmaster.

"Oh relax Glynda, I'm was just at my favorite coffee shop" Gojo said as he handed Glynda a cup of coffee and took out some cake and gave it to her.

"Here! the shop finest coffee and cake around you deserve it for working so hard!" Gojo cheerfully said as he went and down on the desk and noticed the files and paper work on his desk.

Glynda sighed while she wasn't as much of a coffee addict as Gojo she does need it from time to time to help him run Beacon and deal with his nonsense. She was also lucky that she has her wonderful husband to help her with the stress.

"Now then since the both of us are here, we can get started" Gojo said as he took a sip from his coffee.

So Gojo and Glynda had begun to finish the preparations of the Beacon entrance exams and once they were finished with the preparations. The duo had begun looking at the documents of the potential first year students.

"It's about that time Glynda" Gojo calmly said.

"Yes the entrance exam is only a week away and I have to say, sir we have some promising students coming in this year" Glynda said.

"Indeed we do the most promising future student that we having coming in is Pyrrha Nikos the four time mistral tournament region champion" Gojo said.

"Yes I wonder why she choose to enroll in Beacon in the first place?" Glynda said as Gojo merely shrugged his shoulders.

"Who knows really maybe she was tired of being a celebrity life and wanted to get away by from it by attending Beacon" Gojo guessed he then continued by saying.

"In any case we just need to treat her as any other student no special privilege's here" Gojo said.

"Do you think she can be the next maiden, sir?" Glynda asked causing Gojo to sigh a bit.

"She is one one of the candidates although, Qrow won't like it but Yang and Maki are also in the running along with Ms. Schnee of course" Gojo said as he took out his cake and begin eating it.

"Don't you think its a bit dangerous to let Maki and Megumi to enroll at Beacon earlier Gojo?" Glynda said.

"Of course not Glynda, they have a lot of potential why do you think Maki is a candidate for being our next maiden did you forget they are Touji's kids; were not going to mention their mother cough *Raven*" Gojo said with the fake cough.

"But what about Blake Belladonna sir don't you think it's odd for her to attend Beacon giving who she related too?" Glynda asked.

"Yeah I have no doubt she probably a member of a white fang don't you worry Glynda I'll talk to her at some point during the year" Gojo said as he finished eating his cake.

"That aside it look like we got some promising students coming this year overall" Glynda said as Gojo then got up and he went and looked out the window.

"Then that means that the preparations are already completed this year might be one of the important years yet, Glynda" Gojo said as Glynda went ahead and grabbed the documents.

Glynda had a bit of an unsure look on her face "are you really sure about this sir, in most cases you kept your inner circle to a limited number but now your trying to bring in children to help us fight in the war against Salem" she said.

"Believe me Glynda, I don't like this any more then you do however I believe these group of students are special I really believe they are needed in the fight against Salem. Because I believe this might the generation the generation that can finally put in to this stupid battle once and for all" Gojo said as he turned his to the side and smiled at Glynda.

"Besides I trust you, Nanami, Port, Oobleck and the others to teach and prepare them for when Salem makes her next move which could be sooner then we thought" Gojo said.

"Of course sir, you know we all have faith in you, with your power I think we can finally end this war along with everybody else I better return the documents back to my office if you excuse me" Glynda said as she grabbed the documents and left the office leaving Gojo to his thoughts.

Gojo sighed "I sure was bonded to such a troublesome soul" when Ozma was reincarnated to Gojo he knew his host was special. He had the legendary six eyes which he thought Salem killed off which allowed him to have unlimited amount of aura. He had his blindfold on just so he can keep his power in check and not to mention his semblance limitless or infinity...with this semblance combined with Ozma magic Gojo was pretty much invincible no one can kill him.

No doubt that Salem herself knew that out of all of Ozpin reincarnations Gojo was the most troublesome even though Gojo have kept his true strength hidden.

When Ozma first told Gojo everything he wasn't shocked at all for the most part he even felt honored and told Ozma this.

"Don't worry old man Ozma once I grow up and even though our souls will merge we will become the strongest huntsman and defeat Salem" an eight year old Gojo said.

Here he was in his sixties they still haven't defeat Salem but Gojo can sense that the climax was coming soon and he needs to prepare his chosen students the future battles ahead and if possible maybe they can even surpass him and defeat Salem instead of himself.

It maybe the Gojo part talking but the god of light had chosen him to defeat Salem and with his power combined with Gojo it might just be possible after all.

"Throughout Heaven and Remnant I alone am the honored one" Gojo said believing that he is the only and last reincarnation that is going to defeat Salem once and for all.

A/N: Hey how everybody going I hope you enjoyed this one shot of basically what would happen if Gojo was Ozma reincarnation I thought hey Ozpin and Gojo had similar looks and I thought why not make a one shot out of this lol. I hope you guys liked it anyway thank you guys so much for reading my story it really means a lot don't forget to read review and follow the story until next time guys see ya.