Chapter 3: Gathering of the First Years

"Alright, I think I've gotten all of my stuff packed up" a girl said as she was currently sitting down on the floor in her room and she looked at the suitcases she packed. The girl had dark black hair that was tied in a pony tail, and she had pale white like skin and she had red eyes and was wearing glasses. The girl was wearing a short black shirt with a white belt that was strapped to the right side of her waist. She was also wearing a white shirt and over it she was wearing a black jacket over it and she was wearing black and white tennis shoes.

"Hey Megumi, you finished packing?" the girl called out and when she did a boy came into her room he had black spikey hair and had reddish brown eyes. The boy was wearing black pants and Oh he was wearing a black and blue jumpsuit and underneath it, he was wearing a black t shirt.

"Yeah, I'm just about ready Maki we should probably get going so we won't miss one of the bullheads to Beacon" Megumi said to his older twin sister.

"Yeah you got a point there, lets gather our bags and head straight to Beacon" Maki said as she went ahead and grabbed her polearm which was called oblivion and strapped it across her back, she then grabbed her bags.

"Sis, I still don't understand why Gojo allowed us to attend Beacon a year early and not to mention dad actually approved of us going" Megumi said causing Maki to sigh a bit.

"Who knows what that blindfolded idiot is thinking, you know secretive he is plus not to mention our old man doesn't think or care much about most things. He probably sees this as a chance for us to gain our experience early and get stronger, so that we would be even more prepared on being huntsmen" Maki said.

"You have a point, sis maybe we might find some answers during the school year" Megumi said.

"Yeah but no matter the reason, this is just the beginning for us 're one step closer to achieving our dreams and becoming huntsmen let's get going" Maki said to her younger twin brother.

"Right" Megumi said.

After that Megumi and Maki had gathered their things and went ahead and left their apartment in Vale and was heading to catch the next Bullhead straight to Beacon where they will take their initiation test to be accepted into Beacon.

A couple of minutes later we are at the bullhead where a bunch of young inspiring huntresses and huntsman are inside heading to Beacon so they could take the initiation test so that they can become students at the best school to train huntsmen in Remnant.

"I can't believe that my baby sister is going to Beacon with me this is the best day ever" Yang said as she went and hugged Ruby.

"Please stop" Ruby said.

"But I'm so proud of you" Yang said as she separated herself from Ruby.

"Really sis it was nothing" Ruby said.

"What do you mean it was incredible everyone at Beacon going to think your the Bee's Knees right Yuji" Yang said.

Yang went ahead and looked at a young teenager he was about seventeen, he is pretty tall he about Yang's height he has pink spiky hair but has brown hair at the bottom. He was wearing black pants along with red tennis shoes and he was wearing a red hoodie and over the hoodie he was wearing a black jacket.

The teen now known as Yuji gave Ruby a small smile.

"I mean Yang got a point Ruby not that many people can get into Beacon, at your age maybe professor Gojo thinks your a prodigy" Yuji said to the young silver eyed teen.

"But that's the thing Yuji I don't want to be a prodigy I just want to be a normal girl and not stand out as much" Ruby said to her friend.

"What do you mean, aren't you going excited?" Yang asked her younger sister.

"Of course I'm excited but like what Yuji mentioned earlier I got moved ahead two years I don't want people think I'm special or anything" Ruby said.

"But you are special" Yang said after that the news came on and it talked about how Torchwick was still at large and if they had any information about him they should contact the police about him.

They also was talking about the white fang as well until Glynda appeared and gave a speech of how the staff at Beacon will train them on to up hold the peace.

After that both Yuji and Ruby looked out at the window and both of them were excited as they saw Beacon from the window of the bullhead.

"Wow man the view from up here is so sweet!" Yuji said.

"I know and also you can see signal from up here" Ruby said.

Yang smiled she was happy that Ruby and Yuji were excited especially Yuji since just a few weeks ago his grandfather passed away. So it was nice to see that one of her best friends was slowly getting back to his happy go lucky self.

Yang then turned and looked as she saw Megumi and Maki, and saw that they were also staring at the view from the bullhead as well.

"Those two especially that chick they look so familiar somehow" Yang thought unknown to her she was actually looking at her younger half siblings.

"You could see signal from up here" Ruby said.

"Hey your right you know I guess we're not far from home after all" Yuji said.

Yang then went up to Yuji and Ruby and smiled at them.

"Well Beacon is our home now" Yang said as she Yuji and Ruby looked and saw that a blonde haired boy was trying his best not to throw up and he ran across the bullhead.

"Well I guess the view not for everyone" Yang said.

"Well at least it was fun while it lasted" Ruby said.

"You know I'm kind of interested to see what kind of people we are going to meet some of them could be on our team for the next four years" Yuji said as he smiled at his two friends.

"Hopefully they're better then vomit boy over there" Ruby said as she looked down and had a disgusted look on her face.

Yuji wondered what was going on with Ruby until he looked down.

"Eww Yang you got puke off over your boots!" Yuji yelled.

"Eww gross, gross, gross,gross!" Yang said.

"Get away from us!" Ruby said.

"Yeah we don't want you to put puke on us!" Yuji said as he and Ruby were trying their best to get away from Yang but unknown to them Maki and Megumi were watching them.

"Just what the hell is going on with them?" Maki said as she had a confused look on her face.

"I don't sis maybe they must have step on some puke after all that dude did look like he was going to throw up at any moment" Megumi said.

"Ugh that's so gross, well I guess we're going to meet some interesting people this year huh Megumi" Maki said to her younger twin brother.

"I guess so" Megumi said as he looked at Yang for a bit before turning and looking at the window from the bullhead.

A couple of minutes later it wasn't long until the bullhead had landed at Beacon and everybody had managed to get out of the bullhead and explore the campus themselves.

Yuji Yang and Ruby were staring at the front entrance at Beacon and it's safe to say that they were amazed at how big the school was.

"Man the view from Vale got nothing on this" Yang said.

"I'll say hey do you think they have some good food here at Beacon?" Yuji asked Yang.

Before Yang could answer she saw how Ruby was excited at seeing so many weapons the applicants had.

"Ooh,Ooh sis Yuji that guy has a collapsible staff and she got a fire sword!" Ruby said as she started to walk away from Yuji and Yang but Yang pulled her back towards them.

"Easy there little sister they're just weapons" Yang said.

"They're just weapons?" Ruby said offended that Yang would say something like that.

"They're an extension of ourselves, they're apart of us" Ruby said as she squealed in excitement.

"They're so cool you agree with me right Yuji?" Ruby asked as she looked at her friend.

Yuji rubbed his head "I mean Ruby does have a point Yang they do have a lot of cool looking weapons" Yuji said defending Ruby fora bit.

"Says the guy that can wield and use any weapon he touches" Yang said.

"Oh come on Yang I can't use every weapon" Yuji said causing Yang to roll her eyes.

Yuji was a bit too modest at times as much as she hated to admit despite not having a semblance, Yuji was really the best student in their class at Signal.

Not only because he was a great brawler which is his main fighting style. But Yuji is pretty much capable to wield almost any weapon he can get his hands on. Despite maybe not being the best when it comes to book smarts, Yuji was one of the most gifted fighters they ever had and that was high praise since her dad was a student at Signal before attending Beacon.

"If you say so Yuji, but sis why don't you swoon over your own weapon, aren't you happy with it? Yang asked her youngest sister.

" Of course I'm happy with crescent rose" Ruby said as she transformed crescent rose into her scythe form and started to hug it.

"I just really like new ones" Ruby said.

"It's like meeting new people but better" Ruby said.

"Well Ruby why don't you try applying that mindset with people that way you can make a whole lot of friends" Yuji said.

"But why would I need friends Yuji while I have you and Yang" Ruby said.

"Well that's because I'm meeting some group of friends right now bye guys" Yang said as a crowd gathered and Yang went with them knocking Yuji and Ruby back.

"Wait where are you going, aren't we suppose to go to our dorms where are our dorms" Ruby said as she was about to knock over a bunch of briefcases Yuji managed to catch her.

"Woah easy there Ruby" Yuji said.

"Hey watch we're your going" a girl called out and Yuji and Ruby turned to look and saw a white haired girl with long hair in side pony tail was wearing a white dress looked at them with a displeased look on her face.

"Oh sorry about that" Ruby said.

"Yeah sorry listen we almost got knock around a bit by a crowd but hey no harm no done right" Yuji said as he smiled at the girl.

The girl looked like she wanted to yell more at Yuji and Ruby but she sighed.

"Just be more careful next time alright, there a lot of highly explosive dust in my suitcase" Weiss said.

"Sure no problem...uh I'm Ruby Rose and you are?" Ruby asked the girl.

"Uh Ruby that's Weiss Schnee, she the heiresses of the Schneey Dust Company" Yuji said to Ruby said.

"Finally some recognition" Weiss said.

"Well my grandpa kind of force me to at try to know and keep on what's going on in the political side of things. Also I also listen to a few of your songs as well" Yuji said.

Weiss had a surprise look on her face as if she didn't expect Yuji to say that.

"You...listen to my songs? Weiss asked.

"Yeah I do you got a beautiful signing voice" Yuji said.

"...Thank I said please be more careful" Weiss said.

"Sure I guess we'll see you around" Ruby said.

"Hmm I suppose so until then I hope you two have a good day" Weiss said as she turned around and started to leave the area.

Ruby and Yuji sighed.

"Well that was a close one" Ruby said.

"I'll say but hey Ruby you talked to someone that's progress at least" Yuji said.

"Yeah but I didn't exactly become friends with her, besides you did most of the talking, Yuji" Ruby said.

"Maybe but it's progress right hey why don't we talk to him?" Yuji said pointing to the blonde haired teen that was about to throw up on the bullhead earlier.

"Hey isn't that the guy who puked on the bullhead, why do you want us to talk to him?" Ruby said.

"Well this is a chance for you to possibly make a he might have an idea on where we are suppose to go" Yuji said as a he rubbed his head and laughed a bit.

"Well that's a fair point ok let's go try to talk to him" Ruby said.

"Hey!" Ruby yelled as she and Yuji ran up to the blonde haired teen.

The blonde haired teen turned around and looked at them.

"Oh...can I help you guys with something?" the blonde asked.

"We were wondering if you know where we are suppose to go...I'm Ruby by the way, Ruby Rose" Ruby said.

"I'm Yuji Itadori and I like girls with big boobs and big asses!" Yuji said.

"Yuji why would you say something like that!" Ruby yelled at her friend while having a huge blush on her face.

"I was just being honest Ruby you want me to lie to...uh" Yuji said as he realize that he didn't get the blonde haired teen name.

The boy chuckled "it's Jaune, Jaune Arc short sweet and it rolls off the tongue ladies love it" the boy now know as Jaune said.

Ruby rolled her eyes a bit and chuckle a bit "do they?" she asked.

"They will, at least I hope they will...anyway I don't know where we are suppose to go I'm just as clueless as you guys are" Jaune said.

"Well why don't we walk together we and maybe ask somebody where we need to go" Yuji suggested.

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea if you don't mind me tagging alone that is" Jaune said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"The more the merrier right come on let's see if we can find somebody" Ruby said as she Jaune and Yuji started to walk through campus and during that time they started to talk about some things.

"Hey Jaune I was wondering what kind weapon do you use?" Ruby said excitedly.

"Oh well I got this sword" Jaune said as he took out his sword from his sheath.

"Oooh" Ruby said.

"I also have a shield woah!" Jaune said as he activated his shield almost dropped his shield but he managed to catch.

"The shield also gets smaller so when I get tired of carrying it I can just...put it away" Jaune said.

"But wouldn't it weigh the same?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah it does..." Jaune said "so what about you two what kind of weapons do you use he asked Yuji and Ruby.

Ruby wasted little time and changed crescent rose into its scythe form.

"This is crescent rose my weapon" Ruby said.

"Woah is that a scythe!" Jaune said.

"It's also a customizable, high impact velocity sniper rifle" Ruby said.

"A what?" Jaune said.

"It's also a gun" Yuji said clarifying what Ruby was saying.

"Oh that's pretty cool what about you Yuji what weapons do you use?" Jaune asked.

Yuji simply rolled up his sleeves of his jacket and Jaune looked and saw that Yuji was wearing some gauntlets that goes up to almost to the middle of his arm and he also saw some bullets attached to the gauntlets.

"I pretty much have these shot gauntlets, blackrider, since I pretty much mostly fight with my fists.

"Which I still think it looks pretty cool, I mean I guess maybe I kind of went overboard designing it" Ruby said.

"Well you are a weapons geek,Ruby" Yuji said as he laughed and rubbed Yuji head.

"Yuji quit it!" Ruby complained.

"Wait hold on you made that thing?" Jaune asked.

"Of course all students at signal forge their own weapons, didn't you make yours?" Ruby asked.

"It's a hand me down my great great grandfather used it to fight in the war" Jaune said.

"Sounds like a family heirloom to me" Ruby said.

"Even so Jaune that sword must mean a lot to your family, I think it's pretty cool that you want to follow in your family footsteps and be a huntsmen" Yuji said.

"Yeah plus not to many appreciate the classics these days" Ruby said.

Jaune smiled a bit "yeah...thanks guys"

"No problem we should probably get a move on or else we're going to be late" Yuji said.

After that Yuji Ruby and Jaune had managed to find an ask a person where they needed to go for the ceremony and once they found out where they needed go it didn't take long for them to reach the amphitheater at Beacon.

Once the three of them arrived Yuji, Ruby, and Jaune heard a voice.

"Ruby, Yuji over here I've saved you two a spot" Yang said as she waved at her friend and sister.

"Oh we've got to go but we can't talk to you after the ceremony" Ruby said.

"Hey wait...great now who I am going to talk to you now" Jaune said as he left to find a seat. At the same time a red haired girl looked at him.

"So what happen sis you met any new friends?" Yang asked.

"I did no thanks to you thank goodness Yuji was there or else I would have been in a huge amount of trouble" Ruby said.

"Really how so?" Yang asked.

"Ruby almost tripped on Weiss' bags but I caught her before that happened" Yuji said.

"Weiss hey isn't she the girl you said you listen to her music sometimes?" Yang asked Yuji.

"Yeah in fact she right over there" Yuji said as he pointed and noticed a few feet away from them was Weiss she turned her head to the right and she saw Yuji, Yang and Ruby.

Yuji and Ruby waved at Weiss and Weiss gave them a awkward smile and waved at them back.

"Wow I'm proud of you Ruby I guess your going to be fine" Yang said.

"I hope so Yang" Ruby said.

"It's progress, think of it as the first step of making new friends here at Beacon" Yuji said.

"Hellooooo!" everyone looked at the stage and they saw Gojo with his cane as he had the microphone.

"Hi I'm sure you know who I am, I'm professor Satoru Ozpin Gojo, headmaster here at Beacon and the strongest huntsmen in Remnant" Gojo cheerfully said.

"Now I could say I see some bright young minds that are eager to learn and grow stronger in order to become stronger...but that would be lying" Gojo said.

Everyone was whispering until everyone widen their eyes in shock as they felt a heavy pressure as they saw Gojo having a purple aura around himself.

"Instead all I see is a bunch of weaklings...let's be clear Beacon is a school where I expect my students to grow and be powerful huntsmen and are capable to surpass not just myself but even the other headmasters as well" Gojo said.

"If you don't have those types of expectations then you don't belong in my school, don't disappoint me children" Gojo said.

Gojo then smiled as he decreased his power.

"With that being said good luck, and have fun I'll let professor Goodwitch say the rest of the boring stuff!" Gojo cheerfully said as he walked away as Glynda step up to the coughed a bit as she said.

"You will gather in the ballroom tonight, tomorrow your initiation begins be ready, your dismissed" Glynda said.

"If that blindfolded dumbass thinks he can scare us that easily he should try harder, nothing scares us after the training we went through with our old man right Megumi" Maki said to her younger twin brother.

"Of course not sis, after all we want to become huntsman to help and save people right be pretty stupid of us to fail a test our old man easily dominated" Megumi said as he looked at his older twin sister.

"Of course our old man wouldn't let us hear the end of it, if we got scared of Gojo even if he is the strongest because we are going to surpass him one day" Maki said as she started to turn around.

"Let's we need to prepare ourselves for tomorrow" Maki said.

"Right" Megumi said as he and Maki left the amphitheater.

"Such...power" Weiss said as she was shaken up a bit even though she can tell Gojo was a goofball what she just felt, he the strongest huntsman for a reason.

"But I won't let him imitate me like this I have come too far just to fail and run back home...I refuse to go back home!" Weiss said as she had a determined look on her face.

We go to a long black haired girl who had a bow on the top of her head, she too was a bit shaken at Gojo's power.

"No I refuse to back down, this is an opportunity for me to start over I won't let my new life end before it began" the black haired girl.

"Woah talk about some serious power" Yang said as she sweated a bit.

"Yeah so that's the strongest huntsman" Yuji said.

"Ruby your ok?" Yang asked.

"Yeah that was intense but I've come too far to stop now I will become a huntress no matter what" Ruby said before adding.

"I won't let you down mom I promise" she thought.

"Same Ruby I can't let it end here, I made a promise to my grandpa I would be a huntsman to protect people and also to make some awesome friends here at Beacon" Yuji said as he smiled at Ruby and Yang.

"Same Yuji can't back out now, bandaged face won't scare us that easily, come on let's get going" Yang said as she and Ruby and Yuji left the amphitheater.

"Holy crap, holy crap I might be way over my head with this!" Jaune said as his face paled as if he was about to faint.

Just feeling Gojo power almost made him want to puke again he could go home, his parents wouldn't mind if he did dropout and come home.

"No I can't give up I swore I will become a huntsman to be a hero, and hero's don't give in when face with adversity" Jaune said as he calmed down and had a determined look on his face.

Meanwhile we go to Glynda and Gojo and Glynda gave the headmaster another annoyed look.

"Was scaring them really necessary sir?" Glynda asked.

"Why of course Glynda I do enjoy them pissing in their pants, however they also need to realize what's at stake here once they come to Beacon. I want to see who's has the potential to reach my level Toji's and Qrow's and the other headmasters level. If they can reach that level those are the ones we need to fight Salem" Gojo said.

Glynda sighed "It might be risky sir bringing in children to fight in a war"

"I know but sadly time might not be on our side it's only a matter of time before Salem makes her next move but in the mean time all we can do is prepare and train the next generation of huntsmen" Gojo said.

Glynda sighed she knew that the headmaster has a point but still it risky bringing first and second years...students in their inner circle. But Glynda trust Gojo he may be a pain in the ass and she deals with his nonsense. But she trust his judgement and he hardly been wrong before.

Gojo took off his blindfold revealing his baby blue eyes.

"I think this is going to be a fun year don't you agree Glynda" Gojo asked as he smirked at Glynda.

Glynda sighed as she pushed up her glasses "well sir knowing you it will certainly be interesting" and she really meant that dealing with Gojo insanity is interesting. Although she did have Toji as her teammate when she was a student at Beacon so she should be use to dealing with craziness.

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