Disclaimer: i am just playing with the characters, they belong to others, this is just an idea hope you like.

Henrick and Isa had shown puppy dog eyes to Nic there older brother and he took them to see the men turn to wolves. We died for our stupidity but Nic lived, we were reborn into lots of worlds as twins always, our souls were two halves of a whole.

Me and Henrick never went to the other side we were destine to be reborn into different worlds situations, different skills, its only when we were reborn into our original world by a family in Norway that moved to Canada when we were 10 years old our parents were very hands off and were archaeologist, and acted like Indian jones, so feral parenting at its finest, they were all about the past and never were interested in the twins they had, it was in one of the books they had which they had worked on for years, that spoke of the supernatural and immortal beings, the other side etc was very interesting and informative, and we wanted to find this immortal being, Silas, at the age of twelve we found it only 30 miles in a tome in Canada wild lands, remember please we were stupid children lonely neglected and most of all wanting a little bit of positivity.

We went to that tomb we fed Silas and he knocked us out when we came to we left quick smart, and went to our parents, and they took us on a ride to Egypt not knowing our family was in danger, Silas was in play, my parents left us in one of the hotels and told us not to leave it must be a really big deal when you don't know your parent names until you gain a recite with John and Katie Johnson, we stayed playing in the kids room, eating and drinking, Henrick and I really missed our first lives siblings we had never felt safer. But we had to grow up and track them down, it was a really big explosion and a light show that went into the night a foreboding feeling never left me after that day nor Henrick, our parents showed up half dead told us to pack and also gave us a note book told us what to take, and gave us passports and money, to run flee save ourselves, it was only when a minute later as we were so sacred we used magic to shield us as we were in a wardrobe, it had vents that we saw Silas, the overview of it was our parents had killed his girlfriend Amara and taken down the other side and create a vengeful immortal and a shit show of supernatural drama.

Due to being children we when out throwing magic and shit and vinegar around basically we got every big bad after us, he killed our parents we managed to piss him by taking away his right to a mortal death he really could not die our magic at that age was really out of control, he as the other side was gone some dark creatures stayed he set a hollow after us and a demon. (So lucky don't you think).

We got the fuck out of dodge.

We went back to Norway and stayed in our family home until the demon found us, we never wanted a contract, we fought having being reborn lots really came in handy. We fought as Jack Sparrow suggested we fight to run away. After a year we ran into an assassin group, who took us under their wing for two year teaching us to kill our past.

We were on the ran we had the demon on our tail and Silas we final got on a boat going to Jamaica some rooms were not occupied so we managed to catch up on food and sleep, and wash and gain nice clothes, and also money. We then caught a plane to New York and managed to disappear for a few months.

We were now sixteen years old we also pick pocket people and stayed in hotels. We researched the supernatural and found the original vampire the Mikealson, it was nice to know they stilled lived me and Henrick were happy, that we had not loss them and we really wanted them to keep us safe it was something we always spoke about. Henrik really missed Nic and Kol I really missed Elijah and Nic, knowing that the family would always protect us. But it was a pipe dream. (the best thing for us to do was stay away as our bullshit could kill them)

I don't know what happen but as I walked into the room we were staying at Henrick was being really quite, taking out the vodka and coke, and pizza, Henrick was just going through the motions, we were both depressed and scared, so I decided to talk about the family and it did cheer him up all night we giggle over the funny things we had done and our siblings had cause. I also took out some tablets for him to take, we were both insomnia acts, so we needed drugs and drink to help, we were just really fucked up teens, without anything but each other and memories, our live was harsh and cruel all due to childish stupidity, we had paid tenfold for it, I cuddle my twin we both cried ourselves to sleep given the comfort we both needed, we wished for our family to save us but for years it never come we had become cold children crying out for support everyone never looks for the children in real need they only want their own lives to be sorted out.

Three months later Henrick and I was in conflict with the hollow and Silas when the demon came as well, it was just another Tuesday, we fought and managed to get away with sheer dumb luck and magic. We hotwired a car in Texas, and raced out of there and we drove fast and crazy, when we got out of the state we change cars, in new Mexico and went into a driving all over to loss our tail, we ended up in Virginia, we stopped in a hotel after getting another two car changes, we pick pocketed a couple of people. We brought new clothes black jeans and tops with boots and washing stuff. We spent a few days trying to eat taking vits and making sure we were at full health, we also got better at magic and using it. We spent a month there until the demon and hollow found us, we ran tooled up with ammo and different magic bombs, we were both in danger and saw a house in the distant, getting nearer was a mansion, the hollow was getting nearer we ram the car though the window of the place and got out saying spells and putting up a barrier the minions were the worst of the demon as well the hollow little zombies. Turning around looked like a party, both of us looked at each other pulp fiction was a brilliant film. We used the lines cool this is a robbery! Any of you fucking pricks move, and I executed every motherfucking one of you, and shot the gun. There was a strange silence as we had only just looked as everyone was looking at us so we pointed our shot guns made them all sit in the middle, even the vampires. Because it was shady where we were, when we step into the light together, there were grasp of breathes and all the people went in the middle magic help as well putting barriers against us and them. When all were in the middle of the room, Henrick saw the food and went over grabbing a plate and stuffing himself and drinking the juice, with the gun in hand, coming over with a plate putting it on a chair and I ate as well, drinking the juice and then I grab a ciggie out of my pocket and lighting and smoking it, as well as popping some pills to stay awake Henrick came over them with a bin sack and gave it to someone who looked like tatia he pointed the gun at her head and told her to collect the money in the room, she walked over to people putting wallets in the black sack, when we got it back she sat down again, giving Henrick some pills and a ciggie we waited, he went to the door looked though the windows the glass broke and he ducked "still there sister."

"We just have to wait them out," I said

"keep the spell up and I find out where we are" going up to one of the groups "whose house is this? and have you any maps?" pointing towards the few at the back, Henrick was started to reload and shooting outside, I went over to him go and asked the owner where we are and maps ill continue this, he kissed my forehead and I hugged him we will get out of this okay Henrick okay Isa just remember to duck, cool, taking a deep breath I reloaded and then a creepy voice started to tell us to come out and die, tears were coming down silently, taking a magic bomb and throwing outside it went out the sunlight killing some of the creatures, phase one done.

Reloading the shot gun and getting up I went towards the wallets and started getting the money together and put it in my pocket and threw it away, taking another cigarette out and sparking up, taking a deep breath, looking towards the people, touching the barrier making sure they and us were save. Looking towards Henrick, he was a statue I walked towards him and frozen there sitting on the floor was Finn,Elijah,Nic,Kol,Rebekah and our mother.

"Henrick" I said he looked towards me "get the maps" tears were falling down our faces and we smiled at the shocked vampires, when the walls started to shake, "fuck Henrik we don't have time for this or we are dead" "get the maps"" Isa okay" turning to Nic Henrik said " hi I'm Henrik could tell me where we are please, and have you any maps? Nic just looked at us silently shocked "yeah mystic Falls and the maps I don't have any, but the road is up the road takes you towards New York" looking like he was in a fog.

"we are sorry about the party it looked fabulous good food, sorry we can catch up one day if we don't die" said Henrick, turning away and walking towards the door

Stopping in the door way I walked towards Henrick speaking in hush voices I planned to save the hostages, keep them in a bubble take out the protection and kill until me get to a car, we took down enforced the shield around the victims, we got the shot guns and the minions and zombies came though , we killed them head shots only Isa as I continued to shot until a blast threw back towards my family, blood running down my face, wiping it off and using the magic bomb, and throwing it at hem and turning to see my family watching silent tears running down my mothers face, blowing them a kiss I shakily got up and continue to shoot and load up the fight was gruesome and painful, me and Henrick were overwhelmed as well and in need of a break, back to back near our family as we fought for our very lives as our family watched and so did the hostages.

The demon came in then we had a little break as we both looked at each other and wished each other luck, and got toss around as we were flies, both bleeding and hurting in our slight blackout, and trying to escape me and Henrik watched as someone punch the demon he flew back, as our vision came back it was Finn, Isa run up to him and hug him and threw him back no Finn your not allowed to die, and a renewed high took over and I fought and we got it to retreat, we breath hard, Henrick and I hugging Finn not wanted to let go and decided we take him, and we left with him, outside their were hundred of zombies and we fought them, as we looked at each other Finn killed them to and we got into a car to hotwire it and left and killed the last few and drove away.

We drove for about an hour and when to a hotel got food and medical suppliers and some clothes and set a barrier and made it safe, with Finn in the room we just burst into tears and hugged him and cried he just cuddle us, we were like dams bursting at the first bit of help we had for years, we finally had someone who cared it was headed stuff he helped us clean up and healed injuries with blood and bandages, he helped us get into the bed and helped feed us and then he got in the middle of us as he done when we were little and we fell asleep feeling safe for the first time in years.