ok so hey this is Red here. I regret to say this as I know that no one lies these kind of chapters. But no I will not be continuing where the author. when it come to creativity? iv already thought several ways this story could of gone. and while my writing skills are rusty. I don't know If I could do this story justice.
but I also know that iv been doing this reupload largely for myself in the beginning. I had forgotten how many stories out that was forgotten and deleted. something's because the author wrote them selves into a corner. or they simply stopped caring. or they were busy.
Hell i know an author who rewrote his story four fucking times. it had 32 chapters on it's 3rd run and had over 326k words. it was about Noble 6 from halo and starfox. basically Noble 6 coming to terms with being forced to integrate with a society that accepts aliens openly when I spent most of his life fighting them.
but enough about that. I need more stories that have been deleted so I can post them here. I already have one lined up. it's infamous and assassins creed. called Electric Eden. but I need more that you guys could know of. I need full names though. and if it helps narrow it down. a url is what's needed most but if I have the name of the story itself or the author who wrote it. it should be easy for me to find. this story took 4 FUCKING DAYS to find and let me tell you. trying to dig for them is always a challenge but that's what makes this fun.
Anyway thanks for reading this with me. this story was as much for me as it was for you. make sure to support original author. enjoy your day.