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Anamnesis: Abstraction

There was nothing but slience, peaceful slience that is.

A long day of discussing about important matters had tired the both of them out, just simply staring into the beautiful sky was enough to make them weary.

Junior leaned back against the couch before looking over towards Gaignun who'd "rested" comfortably in his office chair.

The red head breaks his slience with a teasing smile, "That's a tad unprofessional, even for your standards."

With a silent laugh Gaignun turns to face him, with his gentle eyes shining in amusement.

"How funny, I guess the same can also be also said to you."

Ah damn, Gaignun knew exactly where Junior's weak spots were!

The red URTV simply smiled in "defeat" before looking back out towards the window.

"Haha, ya' got me."

It had been a long time since the two could unwind like this, the constant fighting against U-TIC often made it hard to relax especially with Albedo on their minds.

So whenever an opportunity like this came, they always made it count.

Peering down below, Gaignun saw MOMO alongside Shion simply exploring the Foundation's many- many shops that it had to offer.

Which reminded him of what he had to ask earlier, "So, about MOMO. I have an idea for the two of you."

A red brow suddenly rose, cautiously yet instrested at what he'd had to say.

Gaignun turned his chair around before pulling it closer towards the office desk.

"I've been thinking for awhile, that maybe perhaps the two of you could spend some time together."

Junior suddenly interrupted before he could finish, folding his arms before releasing a sigh.

"I told you before, it ain't like that and it's never gonna be like that."

A small laugh escaped him before he replied back, "That's not what I meant, I mean- just a friendly tour around the city."

Ah god, a tour around the city- that's the one thing he would've hated doing and MOMO too.

They'd get lost or maybe even get bored, getting bored was like the ultimate day breaker for him.

MOMO though would want something more exciting, something fun to get her mind away from her worries.

It only took a few mere seconds before Gaignun sensed his disapproval, he sighed before going through one of the Foundation's information fliers.

Then he spotted the perfect place, immediately he grabbed Junior's attention again.

"What about here? I'm positive that she'll love the private beach."

The red head looked to where Gaignun's finger was, a massive private beach that was only open to Gaignun's closest associates- mainly because they'd be the only ones with a A grade membership card.

"I kinda like this idea, are you sure you're not up to something..?"

Just the speculation of Gaignun "exploiting" him raised a brow, "Of course not, I only desire the best for the two of you. You- do know that right?"

Junior rubbed across his crimson hair, surprised of Gaignun's response.

"Yeah, I know. My guards been up for a while- that's all. Sorry bout that."

Gaignun was never the one to hold any grudges, but rather wanted to help people improve moreso.

He shook his head before a small smile appeared, "Don't feel bad. I understand completely why you truly feel this way."

"Ever since his abandonment, I can tell it's taking it's toll on you. Even without you speaking up."

Just hearing what he'd said was enough to made Junior's heart skip a few beats.

To have comfort like this was a first since escaping the Institute, he felt speechless.

"With that being said, don't feel like you have to hesitate to speak what's on your mind."

"Remind yourself, that your safe now."