The doors slide open to reveal Allen alongside Tony, drinking at oddly 3 in the morning.

Surprisingly the two hadn't awoken anyone else up, except for Chaos.

"Oh hey Chaos, don't you... Don't you have that job interview tomorrow?" Tony hics before falling over, "Yeah, with you." Chaos replied slowly with confusion, disappointed that Tony would be drinking despite the interview coming later on in the afternoon.

Ignoring the boys distaste, Allen grabbed the brandy before pouring into an unhealthy amount into Tony's glass.

Chaos cringed upon watching the vodka pour in as well, a recipe for disaster in his eyes. The combination was horrible, just the two glasses alone was enough to make them pissed.

Upon moving his eyes over, he discovered that Allen was drunk the very same as Tony.

Little more aware than him though, but Tony- dear god was he out of it.

He couldn't even see Chaos in front of him, for that matter.

Allen stood up rather wobbly, before he could fall he miraculously grabbed ahold of the wall. "Just- just give Matthews this. *hic* He'll forgive us- maybe." Trying steer his nose away, from the unpleasant small that the drink radiated.

He was given a bottle of "Matthews Special." It sounded so interesting Chaos couldn't help but ask. "What is this?" His tone conveyed caution yet odd interest as to what flavour it was.

Allen turned the bottle over, to reveal the ingredients. "It's something that ADONIS brewed today. Something to change the captain's mind." Being mindful to be careful, Chaos' hands wrap around the bottle.

Before sliently closing the door behind himself, wondering what the actual hell *just* happened.