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"I've always loved you, Rubedo."

It's what I've always wanted to say, I always felt like a little peck on the cheek wasn't enough!

That afternoon where you talked about yourself, being an "biological weapon"- It never did faze me.

Before my death, I have always loved you for who you are.

You've always been a wonderful boy, but right now I've realized something.

It seemed odd at first, but now I can understand why.

Sometimes when you left with your brothers, I saw that your expression looked- firm.

I often wondered if you ever had some sort of fallout or possibly an argument?

If it was an argument, the chances are it would've involved Albedo.

He's been acting strange lately, I knew that he hated me but I never said anything.

I just wish I knew the reason why for his immense hatred, and why he sticks by you so much?

Maybe he really just looks up to you, or maybe he's just afraid.

I don't blame him for being afraid Rubedo, I- I really don't.

U-DO, it forcefully implants an inescapable fear into the unfortunate ones to make contact with it.

I can see why he's afraid of the very target, of what he was tasked to destory.

You URTV's you're the same as us, we all can die from sickness, death and old age.

But Abedo, he can't comprehend death- and it frightens me.

What if this hate turns into something more, what if he becomes somewhat violent?

That immortality of his will be the reason that he turns delirious, the reason why he'll turn against everyone.

What scares me even more is that in the future, my newborn sister will eventually be in danger.

This hasn't been told by a single soul, or I'd imagine so.

She holds the key to Old Milita, the city that sleeps admist the Abyss.

MOMO, she is a major role in regards to the future, her existing will unfortunately cause war to arise again.

But I know when she's born, you'll treat her like one of your own- it's what you said that day.

You'll treat her like a real girl, and that puts my soul at ease.

You put others before yourself, and that's the reason why- I love you.