Author's note: Another gift-fic for christmas, also my first time writing Devil May Cry from memory! Enjoy! I fixed an error that appeared randomly! :D

Devil May Cry and any of it's locations belong to Capcom, I write purely for entertainment purposes not for financial gain.

It was raining with the occasional crackles of loud and threatening thunder, unfazed Dante continued his walk towards the ancient castle.

His pale eyes looked around, whilst cautiously pointing Ivory and Ebony. Even the slightest sound of grass, was enough for Dante start shooting.

"This isn't like you at all." He teased with a small laugh. "You're usually not the type for hide and seek- are you Vergil?"

With a harsh stab the Rebellion was lodged into the castle, once a few bits of the brick wall fell apart. Quickly grabbing ahold of his sword, Dante slid the sword upward to gain enough velocity.

Upon seeing his brother's face, his movement suddenly halted upon landing his feet.

In an instant, Vergil noticed Dante's presence with folded arms.

"This is where our father used to reside during his days of reign, Dante." "I'd only pick the perfect place to spill your blood." Without a moment to think, Dante's eyes were met with his brother's Yamato.

In reply the younger brother merely laughed, before tracing his finger across the sharp blade. "Nice sword ya got there, want to see mine?" Suddenly the Rebellion slammed down, with Vergil swiftly dodging the attack.

With a click of his fingers, he summoned a few homing swords.

One after another Dante was violently stabbed against them, with his body bursting with blood with every impaling that the swords made.

Completely unfazed, Dante shook his head before unleashing the Nevan and with a melodic and loud riff it electrically span around his body, before instantly destroying the remaining blades.

Shifting it's focus into a scythe Dante slid the Nevan down similar to the likes of an axe, before clashing against the Yamato once more with fierce eyes.

"How foolish Dante, all this time you haven't grown it seems."

Without an reply Dante violently clashed against his brother, with the scythe nearly touching the very edge of his throat.

However before he could make the final blow, Vergil bursted into a violent spark of blue bolts.

Which sent the latter, scrapping across to hold himself onto the castle floor.

Upon looking back Vergil's mind and body, had entered a intense state of Devil Trigger.

Even with the one single blow would've been enough to end Dante's life.

In an instant the two dashed towards his each other gripping ahold of their blades, whilst cutting apart the many drops of rain that fell from the dark and threating sky.

With a crackle of thunder Dante stabbed Vergil almost without effort, the Devil Trigger's resonance had stopped and leaving Vergil to resume his normal form in a bleeding mess.

Stabbing the Rebellion onto the ground Dante leant against it while dusting off his red longcoat, while also of course keeping a close eye on his now semi-recovered brother.

"I wonder."

"Is this the part where you regret even trying to challenge me?"

With his violent wounds slowly healing away, Vergil scoffed before leaning on the Yamato to gain some leverage.

"You were about to die, and yet you still mock me. How aren't you dead Dante?"

To him it sounded like the most stupid question that he'd ever heard, but he couldn't resist replying anyway.

"Sometimes, I don't really know. Maybe I take life by chance and I pray that I don't die sometimes. I take everything as it comes basically."

Laughing at his own joke, Dante turned towards Vergil with a smile, "I'm not moody like you, is what I'm trying to say."

Rolling his eyes his brother sighed with a eventual smile, "Right. Moody like that's the best word to describe me." Upon recovering fully Vergil grabbed his sword before walking off, peering down below towards the grass plains.

"I have business elsewhere, but the next time we meet, you won't be even standing."

With folded arms Dante looked up towards the night sky, "Of course, you'll know where to find me even if I'm far away again- I'm sure of it."