Chapter 16 - Christmas Day, 2020 - Part 1

(December 25, 2020 - 7am)

Bonnie finally managed to wake up as the image of the Spirit Barkin faded into that of a pillow...her own pillow. She gazed her teal eyes around her familiar surroundings with all th pink and purple. Even better news for her was that the time for her was her own, to make amends to the people she had impacted the most on.

"I will live in the past, present, and future!" she exclaimed "The spirits of all three shall live inside of me! Yes! I feel sooo much alive! I say it on my knees, Elsa!"

Her face was wet with tears for joy when she saw something familiar in her conflict with the Spirt Barkin.

"They aren't torn down!" Bonnie cried while folding one of the bedcurtains in her arms. "They are still here, rings and all! I am still here! The shadows of what would've been the dark future are gone!"

"WOO-HOOO!" she shouted loudly, dancing around the bedroom.

"There's the door where Elsa's ghost entered..." cried Bonnie, going around the bedroom and pointing to various places in the room. "There's the walk-in closet where the Ghost of Christmas Present sat at! There's the window where I saw all the Spirits! It's all true! It all happened! HA-HA!"

"I don't know what day of the month it is!" she exclaimed "I don't know know how long I've been with the Spirits! I don't know where my smartphone is! But I don't care! Woo-hoo!'

Rushing towards one of the windows, the middle one, she flung it wide open and peered off the balcony. Despite the fact that it was 26 degrees outside and that the snow was still on the ground, there was golden sunlight.

She then saw one of the groundskeeper's sons in his usual Rockwaller uniform.

"Hey, kid! Can you tell me what today is?" cried Bonnie to the boy.

The son crossed his arms and got down on one knee as this was the usual sign of reverence towards Bonnie within the grounds of her mansion.

"O Glorious Bonnie! O Glorious Most Exulted..."

"Yeah, yeah. Can you cut the titles and get to what today is?" Bonnie asked, a little impatient.

"Why, today is December 25th, Your Majesty! Christmas Day!"

All Bonnie could do was scream for joy.


She then heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Bonnie chimed.

The muscular servant Tightlips came in, followed by 40 servants and butlers bowing before her.

"Good morning, O Glorious Most Exulted Holy, Perfect, Immaculate Bonnie!" Tightlips decreed, "Today is Christmas Day, not that you care about the nature of the holiday! As is your tradition, me and your servants and butlers shall present you your gifts and deem the holiday as nothing more than pure garbage and bullshit."

Bonnie smirked, "I hate to break it to you, Tightlips..."

Then she uttered six words that turned the faithful Rockwaller servants' worlds upside-down.

"Christmas is not garbage and bullshit!"

Tightlips and the horde of servants gasped at what the richest woman on the planet was saying, considering how she ordered the pelting of eggs and tomatoes at a group of Christmas carolers a year ago.

" said" Tightlips stammered, for he was at a loss of words, "W-w-why? W-w-where...?"

"Tightlips, I had a change of heart!" Bonnie exclaimed, "I saw the true meaning of Christmas with my own eyes and with my own soul!"


Tightlips just stood there dumbdounded, unable to come up with words to say to his employer.

Finally, he had the courage to speak up.

"So...umm...what do you want us to do?"

"We are going to Middleton around town and have the best Christmas ever!" Bonnie insisted.

"But how? About all of the stores are closed today!" Tightlips wondered, still not believing a word Bonnie was saying.

"We're gonna go to certain houses throughout town and spread Christmas cheer!" Bonnie exclaimed, "And I know which house to start with first...the Possible-Stoppable house!"

"Your Majesty!" Tightlips exclaimed in shock, "The Possible-Stoppables have put a restraining order against you nine months ago, ordering that you cannot go within 500 feet of the family or their house and has blocked any and all means of communication between you and her."

Bonnie, though, gave a smile.

"Correction, Tightlips...had! Possible called up the judge to tear up the order! I can go on her property without being tackled and tasered by the cops!"

Tightlips, still puzzled at Bonnie acting this way, decided to play along.

"Understood, Your Majesty. What shall we do for you today on this...glorious...Christmas Day?"

Bonnie gave her command, "I want you and your servants to gather five of the surplus turkeys that we have stored in the large fridge."

"You mean the turkeys that the servants usually eat on Christmas Day?" Tightlips questioned

"Yes!" Bonnie ordered. "Put them in the truck."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Tightlips obeyed. He snapped his fingers for 10 of the servants to go to the kitchen to gather the turkeys.

"How many limousines do you want to take to the Possible-Stoppable house?" Tightlips asked.

"We're gonna take two, Tightlips!"