Chapter 17 - Christmas Day 2020, Part 2

(December 25, 2020 – 8:45am)

Bonnie immediately got two of her limousines together and, with Tightlips and 10 of her servants, headed out of her mansion. Following them was a truck that carried the five surplus turkeys.

Their first stop on the new Bonnie tour was Kim and Ron's house.

Bonnie was wearing her Club Banana dark denim overalls that she wore in her senior year of high school with a red and green cropped sweater from Country CB that she bought many years ago on one of her shopping excursions with Junior. She combined this with a couple gold necklaces and a couple of gold bracelets as well, followed with her with her fancy gold watch from Country CB. She completed the outfit with brown boots as well as a long pink trenchcoat to keep Bonnie warm.

The other servants were keeping warm as well through their coats and gloves.

To Bonnie's own surprise, the overalls were in very good condition and that they were still quite roomy for her. But the thing that astonished the servants even more was that she was wearing the overalls...with both hooks fastened to the buttons on the bib. In her senior year of high school, she normally wore them like the others with both straps unfasted with a belt to hold them up to prevent any Stoppable incidents.

"But, Your Majesty, why did you choose that pair?" Tightlips asked. "You always tended to go for the ones with the buckles even 'accidentally' showed off your thong underwear during an interview and got fined $200,000 by the FCC a couple weeks ago! "

"Duh, Tightlips. This was the only pair out of 20 that did not have the buckles manipulated." Bonnie replied, "And trust me, I do not want an indecent exposure charge ito add to my rap sheet!"

"Point taken." Tightlips admitted before looking out the limo window.

"Hey, I think I see some people!" he exclaimed.

Bonnie also looked out the window.

"I recognize those people!" she shouted, "They're the carolers in those old-timey clothes! Chauffeur, and open the sunroof! I'm going to get the bullhorn"

The chauffeur obeyed and opened the sun roof.

There were indeed two of the 20 carolers that came to the Rockwaller mansion a couple of years ago that were pelted by produce and fruit. Their SUV was stranded on the exit interchange to the Rockwaller Mansion of Interstate 70 because they ran out of gas. Both of the stranded carolers were female.

"If you would've stopped at the Dinoco 15 minutes earlier, this would not have happened!" the first caroler argued.

"Says the person who decided to waste gas by nearly getting us lost in the eastern part of Colorado and nearly getting us killed at Sketchville!" the second caroler retorted.

Then they saw the familiar pink limousines coming up the on-ramp.

"Oh goody, look who it is!" the first caroler snarked.

"If it isn't Bonnie Rockwaller coming to torment us!" the second caroler growled. "Maybe she got her German shepherds to use our clothes as their chew toys!"

Bonnie took a police bullhorn, and got through the sunroof.

"Hey, you two!" she called through the bullhorn.

"What's it to you, Rockwaller? Are you going to have your servants throw snowballs at us?" the first caroler taunted.

"Or have your army of German Shepherds strip us to our undergarments?" the second caroler chimed in.

"Actually, do you two need any help?" Bonnie asked politely. "It is the spirit of the season affter all!"

The two carolers weren't certain.

"Are you serious about this, Rockwaller?" the first caroler asked.

All Bonnie had to do was quote a famed Stoppable.

"Note serious face!" Bonnie replied with determination, "Tightlips, do you have any emergency gas canisters?"

"We have two in the truck!" Tightlips called from the limo.

"Give one of them to the carolers." Bonnie ordered before turning back to the carolers. "There should be a Dinoco about three miles over at the next interchange!"

"But how can we pay for the gas?" the first caroler asked.

"We maxed out on both of our credit cards on Christmas Eve !" the second caroler added. "Spent around $7,000 apiece."

"I'll give ya $100 for the gas...and will deposit $10,$50,000 of my own money, and not a penny more, to your account at the bank so that you can pay it off!" Bonnie exclaimed.

The two carolers saw the look on Bonnie's face and realized that she was not kidding at all. She had indeed changed from the cold woman that pelted them with rotten eggs a few years ago at her mansion.

"Why...why thank you!" the second caroler exclaimed. "And a Merry Christmas to you too, Bonnie!"

"And Merry Christmas to you too!" Bonnie responded in kind to the carolers.

"So what do we do now?" the first caroler asked, convinced that Bonnie had turned over a new leaf.

"Once you fill your vehicle with gas, follow me to the Possible-Stoppable house!" Bonnie insisted.