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One shot

Finn is an observer a scholar since waking up the dark void filled his dreams, he felt like a rock in the stream, always standing, always looking out for the family he hated, that also included his parents. His mother took away his sister and have spelled him to never speak of it, he was left quiet and alone form that day, he watched her have child after child and he became detached to his life he hated taking lives. He watches as the younger brothers fought over girls and his sister wanting to be a mother, knowing mother would not let them marry as she killed more than two girls he had wanted to court. he saw Kol became an outsider due to the middle children leaving him out, watching him, watching them hiding behind mischief, and burying himself in his magic. He knew this as Kol and himself became close, it was when Henrik was born he felt that he could have a close bond with a sibling until when Henrik was five he saw his aunt in the village, and starring at his brother, he became Henrik shadow, and both the oldest and youngest brother had fun the others were not aware this was taking place except Kol, and it was starting to look like it would be Kol, Henrik and me against, Elijah, Nicklaus, Rebekah who at the time were spoil, and I disliked them. When Kol told me a girl was with child I told him to not speak of it to anyone, he nodded and no more was said. I kept a close eye on mother regarding my siblings it seemed to be taken as I was a favourite if only, they knew what was happening they would not envy me at all. (but I could not speak of this to anyone not even her.)

My life took a dramatic turn for the worst Nicklaus killed Henrik everyone was comforting the bastard I wanted to kill him, I wanted him to suffer, Kol looked heartbroken, I had been injured on a recent hunt and he was helping me last night, my thoughts burnt hot and my eyes never left the way in which Elijah and Rebekah were all over Nicklaus, telling him that it was not his fought. While they were to distress to take Henrik body to the pry it was me and Kol that done his last rites, it seemed the three bastards had rewrite history to make it seem that Henrik was there favourite. I always wonder why he never died that night or was hurt?

Kol and I did what we usually did suffer in silence, no one cared for our feelings I think father saw more than he let on because he always seemed colder towards them then kol and I, and the way he looked at Nicklaus everyone knew the minute he could he was going to die for what he did, Nicklaus knew this to as he stayed with Elijah more. It was a few weeks later when we were turned and we all found out that Nicklaus was a wolf and mother with Elijah's help sealed his wolf I thought it was justice a good punishment for getting Henrik killed but I was wrong it was poor Nicklaus how could mother do that, sob, sob, sob, he killed mother I her spell broke on me and I could speak, me and kol saw the other three make there little always and forever, and Nicklaus started to ran deep inside I knew father only wanted to kill him because of Henrik death, knowing full well he was not his son.

Koln d I would follow the trio and disappear doing our owe thing Kol spoke about leaving I agreed and we would wonder far and wide, we both felt the loss of Henrik both speaking of him and Freya at long last, and also how Henrik was not just another sibling but a son, life went on I met and fell in love with Sage, she was a light in my cruel world but then my sister brought home trouble and I was dagger, for nine hundred years, I missed Kol who was all only with them.

When the dagger was taken out i awoke filling of betrayal flew though my system I needed to see my brother, seeing Rebekah and Elijah, made me see red but I held it in as I saw Kol who looked at me and smiled he looked, happy to see me but he burnt in rage when looking at the other to, it seemed they were both still self-serving and shallow. Nicklaus was playing with some people and I stabbed him, with a dagger, Elijah was talking out of his arse I would never think of theses as family I just could not, due to having little to my name I needed to find out what to do in this 21st century, I was used to watching and did all was forgiven by Elijah and Rebekah, kol gave it lip service and I never even looked his way.

I went though the motions with mother I spent a long time finding information, trying to gain money and housing also trying to find Sage and not be found out, me and Kol had chats at night away form the place in the woods, he spoke of the history what had been going on. When all the shit went down and mother tried to kill us, I never drunk the wine I only made out I did, you see me and Kol still had a little magic we never loss so it was easy to disappear the drink, I was planning to kill the other three and then me and kol could be free. It all looked like we were drinking but me and Kol did not, Kol also spoke about the dagger he was making to dagger Nic but Rebekah told and he was daggered, not knowing it was kol magic making it.

Kol and I hated the lot of the back stabbing family and wanting out, after mother died again why wont she stay dead, Kol who disagreed with the trio was dagger again, what was not right, the mystic crew tried to kill me and I left them there time froze and I was informed that Sage was in the area, un freezing time I went towards the Salvatore place to visit her maybe take her away with kol, she kept me alive my a while, I open the door I enter the door quietly and in the living room was Sage having sex with Damon, it seemed someone was behind me Stefan as he coughed, Sage and Damon looked towards us, Sage looked happy and then sad I just looked at her and turned away, as I was about to leave, I said "my family were right Sage you are a whore if I ever see you again I'll stake you I brought you into this life I will take it away". And left.

During the last few months I had got a lawyer to work for me he help expand my money and shares, I went in to business with people and told them I will not always be there as I was always traveling meaning if Nicklaus daggers me I will still make money. My life was becoming darker I was losing my way, I found out my brothers were disloyal pricks who cared about sleeping with the same girls one uping each other and making each other miserable, while confessing how much they loved each other, Rebekah was selfish and wanted attention and sex in that order, hating that Stefan was all over Elena, it was annoying Elijah had a thing for the face, and was sleeping with Katherina, I sometimes thought that Elijah and Nicklaus should just sleep together there selves without the middle person. It seemed. I hated the golden trio who took centuries of Kol and me and stood there glowing about how much we are a family killing them was to mild for what I would do to them main torture. My thought turned dark the only person who been there though out my life was Kol and he was dagger because of the scum called family it was then I decided could not take it anymore, went to the house and undagger Kol while waiting for him I got a couple of bags together and blood and decided to take Kol and go the trio could enjoy their family.

Kol awoke after he told him they were leaving he packed up and we left, leaving no note we just run we fed on those who crossed our path, but did not kill, over the months me and kol bonded it was great ot have my brother back, we made it to south America, we saw some old temples in peru and managed to go an view them we explored them not many current humans had been able to and Kol and I had recently fed and was up to seeing different cultures.

It was during the exploring of this temple that Kol and I life changed, it was stupid and silly but we gave blood donation a flash of light and we awoke in a wood near the ocean, looking around we still had our bags, getting up we looked around the sun was just setting so we made camp and the slept in a light doze, we awoke and had a blood bag each, it taste okay. Getting up we heard yelling and laughter, looking at each other we walked towards the people what we saw was a town with solders and a bunch of people walking towards some televisions, we stayed hidden something told me not to move I had listened to that feeling all my life I would not stop now taking kol and hugging him getting in a better position, we watched and listened as we were introduce to Pamen, we watched as children were chosen to die in a game, it happened to be the 66th hunger games.

Over the next month we watch on screen as children were killed we watch as we found out this was not our world, we watched a society was down trodden and were killed for small fraction, even Kol in a thousand years had never seen this before, we did use the showers in the public swimming pools to stay clean and did eat at the beach, kol and I would hear conversation regarding the captia and others about people never wanting children. It was very depressing remined me about Elijah always clean on the surface but horrifying on the inside. I think you get it, kol and I hated the others.

Last night we heard a lot of gun fire from the caves near the beach we had settle in , the next day we saw crowds gather near the train station, it was the victor of the 66th hunger games Darla Winters 16 years old, me and kol had gathered as well, she looked broken her mask not perfected yet, Kol and I looked at each other, we slowly made our way back to the caves, we usually fed at night and never killed, it was a scream we heard a piecing scream of pain that you could never put into words, it echo around, turning towards the victor village, we hid as snow solders laughed as Darla watched on Finnick hugged her as her family were brought out and throw on the floor, to look you would think Finnick was hugging her, he was keeping her in place.

A year later

Kol and I were worried about how to get back this world (we had been here a year and the 67th games had played )this was not one we could enjoy it was a prison world pretty up by snow, a few weeks later we met Darla she was drunk, sitting on the beach, watching I took a bit of time out and went to speak with her, she was lost and lonely, over the next few months we became friends I introduce Kol she burst in tears when she saw him he remined her of her uncle same cheeky smile and face.

She was becoming special to me and Kol as a sister figure, and our first kiss happened the day before the 68th hunger games and she had to go and mentor. When she got back she was already depressed and suffering, she invited my brother and I to live with her as long as nobody saw, so Kol and I moved in clothes were brought and blood was paid for as well feeding and compelling people. These people already had it hard enough it would be bad to kill them.

At night she screamed and cried out for the people she lost or killed; she rarely slept a whole night unless self-medicated. She did cook and clean sometimes and we helped, me and Kol spoke about our lives as humans and vampires and about other supernatural creatures, she liked hearing about life without the hunger games. She was made to go to parties in the captia she was made to this as Snow could not sell her.

Kol and I just watched Darla, fire in her eyes trying to save what she could not protect failing and retreating to us, years would go by me and Darla were now a couple sharing a bed and I held her though her dreams, and memories. No one really came to see her this was due to her not wanting to fail them as she would not sleep with strangers for snow, we all knew Finnick did and I respected him lots.

By and by the years went past and Darla and I were in love Kol was her brother she protected the pair of us and had already said she would do anything to keep us alive but there was no need. We could protect ourselves, me and kol could relax we told Darla of our family her overview of them really hit the mark for us. We both vowed to keep her alive by the time we had been he 6 years I asked Darla to marry me, and we married underneath the moon on the beach Finnick and mags were there and were happy for me, I became a recluse, to district 4 I did not need to mentor anymore due to Annie winning and Finnick falling in love with her and helping her. Darla was left to her husband and his brother for safety reasons. You see I became with child maybe it was the magic, how they got it new world etc but Finn was going to be a father, Kol and I worried when she told us she was having a baby, Kol did a little spell and it spelt out mother father of baby mine and Darla, but Darla was scared and worried any child of hers would go in the hunger games, she did not want it to happen, Darla went a little mad with grief, I had to keep Darla from killing herself and brought baby bits, also my baby brothers things were washed.

Kol and I was scared for her we watched our heart break as she was fearful of the babies life, she was highly stressed with no friends, kol helped her give birth with mags helping the baby was perfect little boy, we called him Cove Henrik Mikealson, Finn fed me his blood so all healed up now and the baby is fine, Cove was a good baby, a grew in to a toddler who was playing little jokes on his parents and uncle. It was the 74th hunger games, Darla was nearly 25 and it was game day we usually kept cove away from his mom as she needed to get ready for the games she was mentoring this year and needed to go, she left with a kiss to us all, we watched the telly and saw her tributes both knowing there were going to die, knowing Darla was going to have a set back but a month later she was back, her family waiting, hugging them, after having to let the families know there children were dead. The funeral would be tomorrow, the next day she went out and came back tears in her eyes and drinking, Kol took her in his arms and rocked her and compelled her to sleep for a few hours, he got the blanket for the back of the sofa and covered her. Both not wanting to speak of the horror that Darla was made to take part in until they got away from it. It was best if not spoken about.

I found out Darla was pregnant before the 74th games and she was not showing she was still early she had another little boy before the next games the districts were revolting and heating up to civil war the place was a bomb waiting to go off, Cove was four years old born the 19th of feb and Sky was born on 25th November The games took place in June and this year it was being pulled by the victors who already won. Kol was really upset and Darla just rocked after it had been said on live telly.

All darla would say is I going back in and will die, Finn the night before gave her blood and also a little tube of it to turn into a vampire, she thanked him, made love and her name was drawn out just like Finnick. Kol and I just felt so loss we could not save her, we went back to the children we watched the games, we saw the empty looks on all the victors chosen to go back inside.

Kol and I watched as the games started we watched her make no friends go of on her owe she went to get weapons after everyone had left she hacked the trees as their was water in them, catch shellfish, on day three she was killed, and kol grabbed the bags and children and as we knew where they were thank you kol, we went away never to come back,

We saw Darla kill some people but kol and I did not care because she was alive and a vampire, watching that district 2 man put a knife threw her heart nearly killed me, she saw us and ran to us, she had got supplies and we went towards the south hoping to find away home to our world. Darla had agreed and with her new strength took her children and ran from there it would take as a long time to get south war had come to pamen and looks like the district were all uprising. By the time we got south with food for the kids and blood for the vampires it was a year and the district had won Snow kingdom had fallen, Darla could not believe he was gone, and was finally free in this world as well as hopefully in the next.

It was funny Cove and Sky were 7 & 3 when we found our way back, we had been in the far south how we knew it was the right world easy, no really we made our way back north and when kol and finn saw cars and it was noisy, it was a culture shock for Darla finding the nearest hotel on America soil we got a suit and Kol and I had kept our phones we charged them and started gathering information, it had been about fifteen years since we left here. We got the children settled. And then we just needed a place to go, California was it we brought a condo a six-bed place and got it fully set up with food and drink, money and shares and business really paid for its self. He had a lot of money as did Kol we wanted Kol with us and Kol knew the children and Darla needed him. So, he stayed with them. Years past and Darla was about as good as it would get the children grew and went to school and lived their parents made money and stayed at home, kol would go out and get laid and have fun, life was calm.

I found out that Elijah had been killed by Elena and that Nicklaus was in New York with his daughter hope, Rebekah was living in New Orleans, with marcel, there had killed there aunt and saved Freya and Freya had brought Elijah back from the dead. There was also a spilt where Elijah hated them and disavowed always and forever it was said he was looking for us and wanted to make amends. He had gone of the rails and had tried to get with Nicklaus baby mama but it had not gone well as she was now married to someone else, Nicklaus was not redeemable nor were any in mystic falls, neither sibling had seen Elijah for years. Since the shit went down and then got sorted out something about hollows and had killed it or something, all was well, and everyone was happy apart from Elijah.

Elijah seemed to have been betrayed so thoroughly by Rebekah and Nicklaus and his lovers it seems that Elijah had gone to ground, it was also said that before he disappeared after being kidnapped by his mother he was shown the truth what every that meant and it had really fucked him over, after a lot more digging it was also said it was Elijah that made his mother kill the hollow and saved everything. Kol and I would find information on things that went down with him, everything we read said he really needed us, Kol put out feelers for him and after a few months Darla got a bed ready for him, we would never forgive Nicklaus or Rebekah it was just not in us to do but Elijah was a grey area and would try to help him.

Kol found him in Texas in a shitty bar he was unkempt and looked low and drunk, he took him to a hotel where he cleaned him up and fed him, put him in jeans and a shirt and brought him to us, Elijah cried when he saw Finn and just hang on him, this was not Elijah this was my brother broken, without being wanted or needed, my brother had his darkness out he need to balance himself. Kol just walked into the house, where Darla was making dinner and the helping the kids do their homework, so domestic that it broke Elijah heart when he saw it, he had hit the bottom after to many run ins with the rock on the way down.

Finn put Elijah on the sofa and sat next to him where a broken Elijah held him and sob and said sorry in a really detached way. kol seemed a little worried regarding Darla and how she would cope with him. Elijah was introduced to Cove and sky and then Darla who smiled at him, she made dinner everyone ate and spoke normally, and the kids went to their rooms to get out of the way.

After dinner blood and wine was given out and drunk, quiet chatting and relaxing music Darla lay her head next to kol on the sofa and finn sat next to Elijah encouraging him to drink. Which he did and then he fell to sleep picking him up Elijah was put in his room and everyone went to bed. it took months and finally Kol and I helped put Elijah back together he would never be the same, but he would not be blinded by the betrayal duo and would have common sense. Never would Elijah be any ones puppet.

Elijah grew close to the brother that had been hurt by all the family around him being told by his mother what she done to Finn, how she let everyone hurt him and betrayed him, that Nicklaus and Rebekah were the ones using him, and much more that he could not name out loud it made him want to stake himself, he wanted revenge, when looking though the last few drops of drink in the glass he would secretly mumble he wanted a true family he wanted to stop having to be the strong one. He looked at his life and felt himself wanting, not trusting his feeling on anything due to her his mother.

Over the months he grew to like the family finn and Kol had create for themselves, finn wife was lovely beautiful and kind, the children were well behaviour and were doing well. Everything felt easy and relax no false airs or graces, it was refreshing, it left him feeling vulnerable and alone and when he felt it he enjoyed their company but they had being feeling only for centuries, it was Darla that kicked him up the arse and made him believe he was wanted and welcome here, so he started to live again, slowly at first then started to join in conversation, and then after the first year they heard him laughing at Cove who was sulking about something. Finn looked at Kol Elijah was healing.

Elijah did heal he went out with kol night clubbing he went to the library with Finn and help sky with homework, was close to Cove who started an online university course as he did not want to be away from family. Elijah also saw that Finn and kol and the children were protective of Darla and when he spoke to his brothers and the kids about it Darla over heard and walked in, she sat down and spoke everyone's eyes were on her, she told a story one that was as horrifying as it was beautiful, as dangerous as was tame, for 26 years I lived a life of fear and now in love. Elijah after the story was told looked at his new family and realised that thought the heartbreak and sorrow they lived, and even though there vampires they could not save Darla from the pain and regret she suffered, they all learnt lesson over there life spans, all had learnt one thing family is not always blood it can be found in others and be stronger yet, Darla found her soulmate in Finn and her brother in Kol both saved her in different ways. Elijah she was coming to care for but was cation due to having been around the others.

Darla helped to heal her family all suffered in different ways at different levels, but we each got though sometimes Finn would have to wake Darla from the screams where Finn would stay awake scared to close his eyes fearing the darkness, kol scared of feeling forgotten would sleep in his brother room, or Elijah scared of being attacked again. Sometimes we would meet in the lounge all in our owe heads as we drunk a drink silently waiting for the day to start. Sometimes talking sometimes crying sometimes it got to much.

When Darla had a bad day, she would write down all the names she failed or killed and wonder if she forgot anyone, the kids sometimes asked their dad about how he let mum behaviour get so out of control he said she used to be worst. But as her family grows, she gets better and loves them all so very dearly.

If anyone looks at these people it is very different but not all differences are bad, sometimes they heal the broken, the fallen, the ones left behind, and sometimes they became a family more stronger than blood and this time it works. And soon this family will get revenge on the people that broke them,,,,,

To be continue