You're It for me

by Hanikka


Paul Lahote knows who he wants and how bad he wants her. But there's a problem: she's taken. What happens when he phases and becomes a shapeshifter? And like morphing into a horse-sized dog isn't bad enough, now they are saying he can't even choose his own mate. Well, f**k that.

AU, rated for M lemons and language. Not suitable for Edwin fans. Some characters are older than in the original story. More in the endnote after the first chapter.


Not claiming to own a thing. All publicly recognizable characters and situations are the property of Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. Just playing with words and having fun.

Chapter 1

She was his friend's girl.

Girl with big brown eyes, eyes that could see straight into your soul, saw your deepest secrets but never judged. Girl with eyes shining with wonder and warmth, deep, rich chocolate-colored, almond-shaped pools filled with passion and joy. Eyes that invited you in held you close, eyes that belonged to Bella, Isabella Swan.

The day he had seen her for the first time on the beach in La Push was the day he had fallen in love with her. It was the day he should have asked her on a date, made her his, but he wasn't able to because, at the time, he was dating some chick whose name he couldn't even remember anymore.

So, he had watched from the sidelines when Mark had made her blush and asked her out. Paul had kept his fingers crossed, hoping she would say "no", but she'd said "yes". It was two years ago.

In two years, she'd become his best friend and the woman he loved more than his own life.

Paul had tried to fall out of love with Bella. Fuck he had tried. Over the two years Paul had known Bella; he had slept with many, many women, sometimes two at the same time. He had fucked, drunk, and fucked some more, but nothing could erase those big brown eyes from his mind. They were all Paul ever saw when he closed his eyes at the night when he fucked women keeping his eyes shut, not wanting to see the person lying under him. He pictured her pink, plump lips and how he wanted to taste them. Oh, Bella. It wasn't once or twice he had shouted her name when he came into a condom inside some meaningless fuck.

But it didn't help. Nothing helped. If anything, it made him love her even more.

And the most fucked up part was that his friend Mark didn't understand how exquisite and incredibly amazing his girlfriend was.

"What the fuck is going on with you, Mark?" Paul asked.

"What do you mean?" Mark asked, his eyes never leaving the blond sitting at the end of the bar.

"Why are you eye fucking that bitch?"

"There's nothing wrong with harmless flirting," Mark huffed and took a sip of his beer, winking at the bitch.

They were at the bar in La Push. It was a favorite tourist spot, and they got a lot of women coming down to have a drink there, getting wasted and wanting to get laid. Paul had taken advantage of those horny bitches countless times. But it'd gotten very old very fast.

"But Bella is back home; why you're not with her? Shouldn't you want to spend time with her?" Paul couldn't understand his friend anymore. Why was he treating Bella this way?

"Fuck! I just don't feel it anymore, man," Mark confessed. "I'm tired of being second best. She cares about nothing else than that fucking violin and playing, going on tours, and spending time with that creep uncle of hers."

"He's her mentor and teacher, fucking idiot. Of course, she spends time with him. Would you rather want her to study somewhere else, like LA or New York? You know she's good enough to go to Juilliard."

"How the fuck you know all that shit?"

"I listen. She's my friend," Paul said. "She loves you. You must know that?" Paul grimaced when saying that. The bastard didn't deserve Bella.

"Fuck, man I don't know. I mean, we've been together for two years now, and because she's away so often, it had stayed new longer than it would have if she'd been home more."

Paul understood that it must be hard that Bella was constantly away.

"She's hot and all, and no one would think that girl as meek as her and who plays fucking violin can fuck as she does, but things have started to feel a bit off lately," Mark said and gulped down his beer, motioning to the bartender for another.

Paul hated how Mark talked about Bella; she was anything but meek. Jesus, the woman was full of life and passion that didn't leave anybody who knew her cold. What the fuck was wrong with Mark?

"And fucking behind her back is the right way to deal with it, hmm?" Paul was starting to get mad.

"What it is to you? I can do whatever I want," Mark said, looking at him, fury masking his face.

"You can't be serious? You have Bella at home. After being away for two weeks, she came back yesterday, and yet here you are getting drunk and getting it on with that bitch."

"You want her, huh?"

What the fuck?

"That bitch over there?" Paul tried to sidetrack Mark.

"No, Bella. You want her?"

"I didn't say that."

"You didn't have to. I know you've wanted Bella from day one," Mark spat.

Shit. Fuck. Fucking shit.

"You know what. You can have her. I don't fucking care. I'm done with her; she can fuck that violin of hers all I care. I'm taking that bitch, and I'm going to get laid," Mark spat.

Paul was starting to lose his shit.

"You don't mean that, Mark. You are drunk, you'll regret it if you fuck that bitch, and you'll hurt Bella!"

"Fuck you!" Mark shouted and punched him in the face.

"What the hell, Mark?!" Paul asked, touching his nose, looking for blood. Mark had managed to draw out some.

"What is going on with you? Are you seriously saying you don't love her anymore?"

"It's not your fucking business," Mark said and punched him again.

This time Paul lost it. He didn't want to hurt his friend, but he refused to be a punching bag, and he was going to hurt Bella. It made him see red.

"Easy there, Paul," someone said, grabbing his arm just before his fist touched Mark's face.

"What the fuck!?" Paul shouted.

"Let's go outside."

It was Sam and Jared. Jared came to his other side, and between them, they were able to drag shouting Paul out of the bar.

"He's going to phase," Sam said. Now they were running behind the bar.

"What the fu..."

The intense pain spread through his body, and he lost all sense of his surroundings. His bones were cracking, and burning heat pulsed up and down his spine. The pain was so excruciating that he probably lost his consciousness for a while, and his lungs burned when he shouted. Was he dying? He fucking wanted to die; this pain was too much.

And then it stopped, and he didn't know what the fuck had happened. He looked around, he was deep in the forest, and he could see well even though it was dark. What fucking bullshit was this?

He glanced down and cried in shock. He had … paws?!

Paul, relax

What the fuck! Who are you in my head?

It's me, Sam. You are a wolf, like me and Jared. A shapeshifter.

What? You are fucking insane, Sam.

Paul, do you remember the legends? They are all true.

True? What? Men turning into wolves. Fuck, that's sick.

Look behind you.

Paul turned around and whined; he fucking whined like a dog. He saw two giant wolves size small horses. The other one was jet black and the other one brown.

What the fuck?

Did he look like that too?

Yes, this is what you look like. Your color is silver-grey.

Do you hear my thoughts too?

Yes, it's pack mind. We need it to hunt down the Cold ones

The Cold ones? What the fuck are the Cold ones?!


You gotta be shitting me.

No, we're not. Remember the legends.

And so, Paul was told about the Cullens and about the treaty they had with them, how they had left closer to 80 years ago, and now the leader had contacted Sam, informing that they were thinking about moving back to the area. Sam had phased for the first time six months ago, Jared three months. Their gene was activated because of the rogue vampires that came into the area. Now was Paul's turn and some younger kids were showing signs too.

What kind of sick joke was this. Even though he had changed into a massive wolf, Paul wasn't buying this bullshit.

Just wait and see. We're getting rouge vampires here now and then; you'll get into action soon enough. You must learn to distinguish the Cullens from the red eyes, though.

Red eyes?

Yes, the human drinkers. The Cullens don't have red eyes because they drink from animals. They don't kill people, so we've made a treaty with them.

Fuck, this is all too much.

Paul couldn't believe all this was happening. Surely, he must be dreaming.

This is no dream. You'll get to kill your first vampire in no time. Then you realize that this is no game either. We didn't choose this, but we must carry out our duty and be worthy of the tribe we're meant to protect.

Blah blah blah. Paul didn't need any more of this supernatural bullshit and some high ground mumble jumble of honor and duty. It was total crap if they asked him.

Paul, as your alpha, I expect more respect from you.

Paul just huffed.

How the fuck do I get back to normal?

It might take some time; it took over two weeks for me. You just need to think about something human. Think about doing something human. It helps. Sam told him.

Bella's big brown eyes came into his mind, and he was back to being a human in no time.

"What the hell?" Jared screamed. "How the fuck you were able to transform back that fast?"

Paul was sitting on the ground naked, but strangely enough, he wasn't feeling cold.

"Was that Bella you saw in your mind?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, so what? She's a human, and I thought about her."

"Why would you think about her?" Jared asked.

"It's not your fucking business. Bella is my friend. Can you fuckers now kindly tell me, how am I going to get the hell out of here? I don't have any clothes. And where the fuck is my phone?"

He looked at Sam and Jared, who had pulled on some cut-offs. Where had they got them?

"Your clothes and your phone are probably in shreds behind the bar. We can go through the forest to my place. I have extra shorts behind my house. There are more things we need to talk about," Sam said.

"Show me the way," Paul huffed.

All three started to walk deeper into the forest, each in their thoughts. Paul was terrified. What did this all mean? Was he able to live normally? Finish his studies? Keep up with his work? Have his friends? And what about Bella. Then he remembered what had happened before this shit had hit the fan. Mark was planning to fuck that bitch from the bar. Paul had to stop him or Mark would hurt Bella. Paul turned around, but two sets of strong arms stopped him.

"Where do you think you are going?" Sam asked.

"I need to check, Mark. Stop him being a fucking asshole."

"You're not going anywhere. You won't be able to see your other friends for a while. And besides, your butt naked right now," Sam chuckled.

"You can't stop me from seeing who the fuck I want. If Mark pulls his shit on her, I need to make sure Bella is okay," Paul said, feeling desperate. Bella might need him right now, and these dickheads told him he couldn't. Well, fuck that.

"Sorry, man, you can't contact anybody just now. You aren't stable; you can easily hurt anyone near you. We go to my place to talk about what all this means. There's stuff that we haven't talked about yet."

How much more could there be? Wasn't this shit enough?


Here it goes, the wolf fic I thought I would never try to write. What do you think? Interested to read more? This story is closer to the original story having shapeshifters and vampires but that's pretty much it.

Some of the characters are older in this story than in the original. I think high school age kids aren't emotionally ready to make such big decisions (committing to life-long/eternity long [is that even a word?] relationships, becoming parents ets.) they are making in the original story and albeit in most of the fan fics I've read. And I like my Bella to be bit more experienced too and want her to be more mature than the vampire obsessed teenage girl she is in Twilight.

Again a story I would rather read that write myself but there just aren't enough Bella/Paul stories, hence gotta do my bit. :)

But the ages of some of the characters:

Sam and Leah 23
Jared and Paul 22
Emily 21
Kim 20
Bella 20
Jacob 16
Embry 16
Quil 16
Seth 16
Claire 16

My AH Paul and Bella story is still going strong, but I need to take a little break from it. This story just won't let me go and I'm unable to concentrate on writing I'll make you dinner and breakfast right now (I'm very easily distracted). I have a vision for them lovebirds, but I'll let them stay in Hawaii for a while. It is such a lovely place to be on a vacation. Thank you for your patience. :)