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Chapter 31 – Prosperous Fortune and Gifts

Morning at the Hestia Familia Home was filled with warmth, love, conversation, and a wonderful breakfast.

Eina and Bell were leaning against each other throughout the morning. They'd woken up together, sharing sweet kisses and loving 'good mornings' with each other. Bell had happily carried Eina to the bath and gently washed her body with affection and care. Eina had slipped on a simple sundress after their bath and was practically glowing as she and Bell sat at the table for breakfast.

"Oh, you've definitely got a glow around you, Eina." Hestia smiled beautifully at the Half-Elf.

Eina had a slight dusting of pink on her cheeks, but the radiant smile on her face as she leaned into Bell made Lili and Hestia smile as well. "Thank you, Hestia."

"Lili is happy to see Eina and Master Bell in such a good mood this morning." Lili giggled at the two of them, a knowing little grin on her lips.

"It's a good morning." Bell agreed with a smile, hugging Eina into his side. The way his hand drifted to her lower tummy and gently rested there wasn't lost on anyone.

"Good thing I made extra for breakfast then." Hestia said as she brought the last of the food to the table with a smile.

Everyone dug into the food, the usual compliments of Hestia's delicious cooking never failed to make the Goddess smile at her family.

The conversation over the meal quickly became about everyone's plans for the day.

"I'll be going over to Hephaestus's place today to sell the Goliath Teeth. Selling directly to her should get us some more profit. After that, I'll be going to the Guild to purchase some more lots of the Abandoned District. Then to Goibniu's forge for quotes on renovations and such." Hestia laid out her plans for the day.

"Lili will be helping Hestia with that. We'll need to make sure to guard the Drop Items and keep the Familia's ledger up-to-date too." Lili had sparkles in her eyes already from how much of their debt they'd most likely be paying off today. "With the huge amount we made all at once, our finances are completely different than what they were just a few days ago."

Eina sipped her tea, enjoying the flavor of the blend, before setting her teacup down. "I have the next two days off, so I'd like to relax here." She looked at Bell warmly and leaned over. "Mmm~" She hummed as their lips met for a soft kiss.

Bell rested his forehead against Eina's once their lips separated. "That sounds good." He pecked her lips again before turning to look at Hestia and Lili. "I have some places to go with the skin and hair from the Black Goliath. I'd like to get the gifts made as soon as possible. I should probably talk to everyone and set up a meeting for tomorrow if possible too." Bell gently squeezed Eina in a side-hug. "Eina needs to know what's happened over the last couple of days."

"Thank you, Bell." Eina said as she kissed his cheek. She knew that things had happened down in the Dungeon, beyond just the 'Calamity' and all. Bell had apparently been confessed to by more than one young lady. Eina wasn't jealous, but she did want to meet and talk to her future 'sisters'. Communication was absolutely vital to a relationship like this one, and getting to know everyone and understand their feelings would make their family happier and stronger.

Hestia smiled softly at Bell. "That sounds like a wonderful idea." She'd have to make enough food for everyone that was coming over tomorrow.

"Master Bell still has something to do right now though." Lili said with a grin.

"What's that, Lili?" Bell looked at her curiously.

"Good morning kisses." Lili fake pouted at him.

Hestia nodded, also pretending to pout. "Eina has gotten all of the love and affection this morning."

Bell chuckled as he kissed Eina again, making the Half-Elf coo from the deeper kiss. In only a moment, Bell was around the table and taking Lili into his arms, dipping her, and stealing her breath with a deep kiss filled with his love for her. "Better?" He teased his Prum lover.

"Better." Lili giggled brightly with her cheeks red from the intensity of their kiss.

"Bell!" Hestia's beautiful laughter rang out as Bell scooped her up next and stole her lips in a passionate kiss. "Haaah~" She mewled out in bliss once their lips separated.

Eina couldn't help but giggle at the slightly 'out of it' look on Hestia's face from Bell's kiss.

-Twilight Manor ~ Morning-

The Home of the Loki Familia was coming alive at this time of the morning. Everyone was waking up or had been up, and breakfast was well underway for some and already over for others.

Ais, Tiona, and Tione had just finished breakfast themselves when another member of the Familia came up to them. "Miss Ais, Miss, Tione, Miss Tiona…"

"Hm?" Ais tilted her head slightly. "Yes?"

"What's up?" Tiona asked curiously.

"Did the Captain call for us?" Tione took her best guess as to why all three of them were being approached.

The man shook his head. "No, nothing like that. There's someone at the front gate asking for you three."

"Who?" Tiona asked before looking at Tione and Ais. "Were either of you expecting someone?" She got a shake of the head from both of them.

"It was Rabbit Foot from Hestia Familia." The man informed the three women.

"Bell?" Tione blinked at the surprise visit even as a smile began to spread across her face.

"Thanks for telling us!" Tiona was bolting towards the front door already.

"Mm… Thank you." Ais gave a short bow to be polite as she followed after Tiona and Tione.

Once the three got to the front gate, they were greeted to the sight of Bell in his casual clothes with a somewhat large backpack on his back. Upon seeing them, the warm and loving smile that made all three of their hearts flutter graced them.

"Argonaut!" Tiona leapt at Bell and let out a bubbly laugh when Bell caught her and swung her around once before hugging her close.

"Good morning, Tiona." Bell greeted her, kissing her lips.

Tiona leaned into the kiss happily, returning his love and affection with her own. "Hehe…" She giggled when their lips parted.

"Don't hog Bell." Tione lightly bumped Tiona with her hip as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Mmm~" She eagerly took his lips with hers and sank into the warm embrace and the love that she could feel coming from Bell.

Bell smiled at Tione once they pulled back from each other's lips. "Good morning, Tione."

Ais fidgeted cutely, looking at Bell after he'd given Tiona and Tione 'good morning' kisses. "Good morning…Bell."

"Good morning, Ais." Bell opened his arms for her and Ais took two steps forward. The blonde swordswoman hummed happily as Bell's arms gently encircled her waist and pulled her close. Ais, remembering what Tiona and Tione had done, wrapped her arms around Bell's shoulders and leaned into the gentle embrace with a warm smile.

"Bell…" Ais felt her cheeks nearly burn when a soft kiss was left on her cheek by Bell. Her golden eyes met his rubellite gaze and the two just held each other for a long moment, seemingly unaware of anything else.

Tiona and Tione both grinned at the sight of Ais and Bell hugging. It was so much better to see Ais happy like this, rather than the mess of emotions that she was from all of this 'Spirit' stuff going on that their Familia was trying to deal with.

"I'd like to take you three on a little date today." Bell smiled at all three women once he and Ais finally let go of each other.

"A date…?" Ais blinked at the offer before a gorgeous smile lit up Bell's morning again. "I'd…like that, Bell."

"Let's do it!" Tiona's beautiful smile was as warm as sunshine as she eagerly wrapped her arms around Bell's left arm.

Tione looped her arm through Bell's right arm with a lovely smile of her own. "We'd love to, Bell."

The four of them started walking away from the front gate of the Twilight Manor, not even realizing that they'd left the two Familia members acting as gate guards standing there in dumbfounded shock, their eyes as wide as dinner plates and with their jaws on the ground.

"Sh-Should we report this?" The man on the left asked.

"Not it!" The guy on the left declared instantly. No way in hell did he want to be the one that told Loki (or Riveria) that Ais was on a date with a man from another Familia.

-Hephaestus Familia Home ~ Morning-

"They're definitely very rare and quality Drop Items." Hephaestus finished looking over the four Black Goliath Teeth. She turned to look back at Hestia and Lili. "Let's talk price."

"15,000,000 Valis each!" Hestia said, crossing her arms over her breasts.

"Absolutely not." Hephaestus deadpanned at her aunt. "I'd be willing to go 10,500,000 Valis for each of them."

Lili didn't look impressed. "That's barely more than the Guild would pay for them."

Hephaestus shrugged at Lili's words. "I'm not going to pay fifty percent more than the Guild."

"14,000,000 Valis." Hestia didn't back down, perfectly willing to haggle this out as long as necessary.

"11,000,000 because you're family." Hephaestus increased her offer a little.

Hestia cocked an eyebrow at her niece. "Trying to be stubborn, huh? 13,500,000 for each."

Hephaestus narrowed her red eyes at Hestia. "12,000,000 Valis for each one, I won't go higher."

"13,000,000 for each or we'll take them to Goibniu Familia!" Hestia pointed at Hephaestus challengingly.

"Tch." Hephaestus didn't want to part with the rare (possibly even unique) material. But cost was something that she had to consider as the head of her Familia. "I'll only pay that much if it comes out of your current debt, Hestia." The Goddess of the Forge reminded her aunt of the debt that was still owed.

"Ugh…" Hestia winced slightly at the reminder of her outstanding debt. She looked at Lili and the Prum motioned her closer. The two huddled up, turning their backs on Hephaestus, and whispered to each other for a few moments.

'I'm not going any higher.' Hephaestus thought to herself as she eyed the two whispering amongst themselves.

Hestia and Lili turned back to face Hephaestus after their huddle was over. "52,000,000 off my debt then."

Hephaestus held out her hand to Hestia and the two Deities shook on it. "Deal."

With the transaction completed, the four Black Goliath Teeth were taken to a secure area for rare materials, while Hephaestus, Hestia, and Lili went to Hephaestus's office to draw up the paperwork.

It didn't take Hephaestus too long to draw up a receipt of sale, and then a secondary receipt for payment on the debt that Hestia owed. "Alright, these two are your copies." Hephaestus pushed the two papers across her desk to Hestia.

Hestia looked over the documents and nodded to the first one easily. The second one she showed to Lili as both women smiled.


Previous Balance Owed: 190,000,000 Valis

Payment Made: 52,000,000 Valis

New Balance: 138,000,000 Valis


"A substantial amount of the debt is cleared at least." Lili smiled at the progress that their loot had made in the debt they owed. A bit more and they'd have half of it paid off.

"Yep!" Hestia smiled at Lili brightly. "We're paying this back way faster than I thought we'd be able to."

Hephaestus chuckled at the two of them. "You've still got a ways to go, but you'll get there if you bring in these kinds of materials again."

Lili deadpanned at the other Goddess. "Lili would rather take longer to pay it off instead of going through that horrible incident again."

"Understandable." Hephaestus nodded, having seen the event through Welf's Excelia. "Care for a drink while you're here?" She offered them some refreshment.

"No, thank you. We have somewhere else to be today." Hestia declined politely. "There's a lot to do to if we want to get the ball rolling on our Familia's future." Lili and Hestia stood up from their chairs and bid Hephaestus farewell, Lili giving the Goddess of the Forge a short bow in respect before following Hestia out of the room.

It was time to head for the Guild and spend some of the 12,000,000 Valis they'd gotten from the Black Goliath's Magic Stone.

-Neith Textiles ~ Late Morning-

Bell had taken Ais, Tione, and Tiona to the shop that Eina had recommended. The three girls were clearly curious about the destination, but followed Bell inside regardless. The bell over the door rang and the four were approached by one of the employees.

"Welcome to Neith's Textiles, how may I help you today?" The woman asked politely.

"I have rare material from the Dungeon that I'd like made into cloth armor." Bell requested of the woman.

The woman smiled at Bell. "You've come to the right place, young man. Our Goddess, Neith, is a Deity of weaving and so we all are blessed with some skill in the art." She glanced at the pack on Bell's back. "Would you care to show me this material?"

Bell eased his arms out of Tione and Tiona's hold and removed the backpack, setting it down in front of himself. "This is what I have, ma'am." He pulled out some folded stacks of the Black Goliath's skin and handed one to the woman to examine. "I also have this." He pulled out the bound hair that had been wound up and then lightly tied together for ease of transport.

"My word…" The woman said as she ran her hands over the skin, examining it with her experienced eyes. "What in the Dungeon produced such material?" She marveled at the white hair in her opposite hand as well. "I can tell just from a short look that this is some high-quality material, young man. It will make fine, incredibly resilient cloth armor."

Bell smiled happily at the appraisal of the Drop Items. "Glad to hear it, ma'am." He looked at Tiona, Ais, and Tione with love. "I'd like two pareos and one battle dress."

"Bell…" Tione blinked as she realized that Bell was using incredibly rare Drop Items to have gifts made for them.

"Are you sure, Argonaut?" Tiona asked, thrilled to be getting a gift from her lover, but not wanting him to sacrifice what were obviously high-quality items.

"You…don't have to." Ais spoke up, looking between Bell and the items that the woman was collecting. Bell was essentially spending a fortune on the three of them for no reason.

Bell shook his head. "I want to." All three women felt their hearts thrum powerfully at his words. "I'm not strong enough to try and protect you right now. But, at the very least, I can protect the ones that I love this way."

The next second and Bell found himself between Tiona and Tione as the Amazons hugged him tightly and peppered his neck and cheek with kisses, before each sister claimed his lips one after the other.

"Thank you, Argonaut!" Tiona smiled brilliantly at Bell.

Tione's beautiful smile turned into a sexy smirk. "You know exactly the kind of gifts that appeal to an Amazon, huh? Have you been studying up on Amazonian Culture?" She teased, lightly kissing his neck and cheek.

"You're welcome." Bell hugged them both back, stealing a kiss from each sister in turn.

"Thank you very much, Bell." Ais smiled at him warmly, only to blink when Bell gently took her hands in his and then leaned forward to place another gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Any time, Ais." Bell said as he held her hands. The two stared into each other's eyes before Ais stepped closer and wrapped her arms around Bell's shoulders in a hug. Bell wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her gently in return, both just enjoying their closeness.

"I'll need to measure the full amount of material, if you'll give me a moment." The woman of the Neith Familia chuckled at the cute scene before heading over to the counter.

Bell, Ais, Tiona, and Tione followed after her and watched the woman work for a time. Once the full amount of material was measured out, Bell realized that he still had plenty of material left even after getting the gifts for the girls.

"Anything else you'd like us to make? You have quite a lot of this amazing material left." The woman offered the services of the shop.

Hmm…" Bell thought about it for a moment. "Two outer robes for dungeon crawling made from the skin… A sleeveless white shirt made from the hair, for a woman, in this style…" Bell drew a picture from memory for the seamstress on a piece of paper that she offered him. "Two shirts made from the skin, one for a Prum and one for a Dwarf, both male… An under cloak from the skin, something that can be worn under a robe…"

The woman happily wrote everything down, knowing that the shop was going to make a good sale for their services today.

"We'll need to take some measurements." She pointed at the pareo around Tione's waist and then at Ais. "Do you have the measurements for the woman's shirt, the Prum man, or the Dwarf man?"

"Uh…" Bell realized that he didn't know.

"I know the Captain and Gareth's general size." Tione stepped forward, giving Bell a soft gaze for his consideration. "I didn't realize that you were so adamant to pay back Finn, Riveria, and Gareth."

"Oh! That's who the shirts and the under cloak are for!" Tiona realized, not having put everything together when Bell had been making his order. "That's one hell of a repayment, Argonaut!" She beamed at Bell, gracing him with her sunny smile again.

"Without Loki Familia's help, we could've died even though we reached the Eighteenth Floor." Bell stated plainly. "I promised that I'd pay them back for all the help we were given and I meant it. I just hope this is even close to enough."

Ais gently took Bell's hand in hers and gave him a warm smile when he looked at her. "It's enough, Bell. Thank you for the gifts."

"You're welcome, Ais." Bell returned her smile and squeezed her hand softly.

The seamstress swiftly had all of the order written down along with the measurements for Finn and Gareth. Ryu was about the same size as Ais, so Bell requested the shirt be made to the same measurements. Tione had untied her pareo and then unfolded it, before handing it to the seamstress to measure. Ais was directed to a fitting room where she was asked to remove her white battle dress so that the seamstress could note down the style and how it was made for her new one. While she was in the changing room, they'd also take her measurements as well.

Bell patiently waited on a chair with Tione on his left and Tiona on his right as Ais was in the fitting room. Once the measurements had been taken, the seamstress left the small room with Ais's battle dress in hand. Tiona spoke softly to Ais through the curtain for a bit, making sure that her 'sister' was okay, since she knew that Ais was left in nothing but her panties within the fitting room. When Ais confirmed that she was alright, Tiona returned to her seat beside Bell.

It didn't take long at all for the seamstress to return and pass Ais her battle dress through the curtain. The woman told the four that she'd meet them at the counter to give them the price for the work and an estimation of when it would be completed.

After the seamstress left. Bell was treated to a sight that he most certainly hadn't expected. The curtain of the fitting room was left partially open, and he stared at Ais's bare back. His eyes naturally trailed down to take in her ass, framed by simple white panties that left very little to the imagination. Ais stepped into her battle dress with one leg, and then the other, before pulling it up her legs. Her golden eyes looked over her shoulder and caught Bell's rubellite gaze as she pulled the dress up higher, only for her butt to jiggle as the tight-fitting garment caught it. Ais didn't break their gaze as she hopped a little, her heels rising off the floor, which made her ass bounce again. Three more little hops like this and the battle dress slipped over Ais's wonderful cheeks and the swordswoman pulled the front up and covered her breasts. She got her head through the hole up top and the battle dress once more fit her like a second skin, only her bare back left uncovered. Ais pushed her long blonde locks up and let them cascade down her back again. She turned to face Bell directly now, her cheeks a little red at giving him a show, before she closed the curtain with an adorably bashful smile to put her thigh-high boots back on.

"So… Did you like the show, Argonaut?" Tiona giggled as she leaned against Bell with a smile.

"You can tell he did." Tione nearly purred as she placed her hand on Bell's thigh, dangerously close to his manhood.

"D-Did Ais really just…?" Bell could hardly believe it.

"She was curious about our night together, so we told her about it." Tiona leaned her head on Bell's shoulder. "She wanted to try being a little bolder with you…but she's not ready for sex yet."

"We told her that she could let you see her if she was comfortable with it." Tione explained the situation with a little smile. "You already saw her naked once." She playfully teased him, rubbing his thigh.

"Th-That was an accident." Bell explained.

Tiona and Tione both grinned. "She liked it."

Bell's brain nearly slammed to a halt. "Ais…liked that?"

"Mhm!" Tiona nodded with a little laugh. "She was surprised, we all were, but she told us that aside from some embarrassment, it was also a new thrill that she'd never had before."

Tione nodded once. "Only because it was you, Bell. She wouldn't have let just anyone see her like that. She's never felt like this before. So, she wants to explore these new feelings with you."

The curtain of the fitting room moved aside and Ais stood there fully dressed again. The cute blush on her cheeks made it clear that she'd been listening to their conversation.

Bell stood up without a thought or word.

Ais took a step forward.

Bell took a step forward.

The two met in the middle and wrapped their arms around each other right before their lips met for the first time.

Ais felt like butterflies were fluttering around her stomach. Her heart raced. She felt like she was walking on air. The soft, gentle kiss with Bell filled her with joy and love as they held each other.

Bell poured all of his love and affection for Ais into their kiss. He kept it simple for their first time. Just holding Ais close and gently moving his lips against her soft lips. All sound seemingly stopped as he focused solely on giving Ais the best first kiss that he could.

"Bell…" Ais mumbled quietly once their lips separated.

"Ais." Bell rested his forehead against Ais's as the two looked into each other's eyes.

Ais couldn't describe what she was feeling right now. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest, her stomach was filled with butterflies, and yet only happiness and joy filled her body and heart. Staring into Bell's rubellite eyes as they held each other made everything feel right.

"I love you, Ais Wallenstein." Bell told her truly and genuinely, their eyes never wavered and Ais could see the truth in the ruby gaze that held her own.

Ais's heart soared upon hearing those words spoken to her for the first time. Her body trembled, emotions filling her that she'd never experienced before. She felt small tears in the corners of her eyes and she spoke directly from the heart. "I love you too, Bell." Their lips met again before either of them realized it as the rest of the world fell away.

"We really found the best guy in the world, didn't we?" Tiona whispered softly to her sister, her eyes never leaving the sight of Bell and Ais confessing their love to each other.

"Mhm," Tione agreed as she watched Ais and Bell. "Bell is special. There's no other man like him, of that I'm sure." She'd bet everything on that with confidence.

It would be several minutes before the four of them made it back to the front counter as Ais and Bell expressed their love with a long kiss filled with all of their feelings for each other.

It was no surprise that when they all left Neith Textiles that Bell and Ais would be walking hand in hand, a gorgeous smile on Ais's face. Tione would be holding Bell's free hand, while Tiona held Ais's opposite hand, both sisters also smiling at the joy and love that radiated off of their third 'sister' for the first time since they'd known her.

Bell could only smile just as happily as he was surrounded by the ones he loved.

-Guild ~ Land Management Office ~ Late Morning-

"Alright, that's the sale made, Lady Hestia." A Senior Guild Official smiled at the Goddess as he placed the folder containing the deeds to the lots in the Abandoned District on the desk in front of her. "I'm surprised that you wanted to buy the entire Abandoned District. No one has wanted it since it was destroyed, none of the properties are worth anything with the condition they're in either."

Hestia smiled as she took the folder and handed it to Lili to put in her small backpack for safe keeping. "I have my plans for the district and I hope to see the area revitalized in time."

The Guild Official chuckled pleasantly. "That would make several of my colleagues happy, the decaying properties are just causing a host of other problems for the nearby residents."

Hestia bid the Official a good day and left his office with Lili. "Next stop, Goibniu Familia." She hummed softly as she left the Guild and headed for the Three Hammers Forge.

-Café Wishe ~ Afternoon-

Ais, Bell, Tiona, and Tione sat at a table together enjoying a nice lunch at the well-known café. Their conversation was light and filled with simple topics. They talked a bit about their Familias, themselves, and recent goings on in Orario.

It was a completely normal lunch, if not for the fact that three very famous Adventurers were sitting at the table with the well-known 'rising star' Rabbit Foot.

-Three Hammers Forge ~ Afternoon-

"You want how much done?" Goibniu looked at Hestia curiously. As usual, he wore no shirt, revealing his strong arms and his toned chest. He clearly looked like an older man that took care of himself, but like all Deities, he hadn't changed even slightly since descending to Gekai so long ago.

"All of these lots right here, the entire area, I want them either salvaged or torn down. I need working buildings to rent out to grow the district and bring life back to it." Hestia said while pointing to a few specific lots in the Abandoned District on the map of Orario the two Deities were looking at. "I have the deeds to prove that I own all of the lots within the old district." She placed the folder on top of the desk between her and Goibniu.

Goibniu flipped through the deeds to confirm, and once he was satisfied, he nodded to Hestia. "We can do it, of course, but how exactly do you want this done? What style are we going for?" He asked the standard questions for construction work. "I'm assuming that you at least have some ideas?"

"Yes, I do." Hestia nodded as she was offered a pen and some blank paper to give Goibniu a good idea of what she wanted built and how she wanted it done. The Goddess of the Hearth, Home, and Family spent a few minutes just sketching her ideas onto the papers, Goibniu merely raised an eyebrow when he caught sight of some of Hestia's designs. "This much is what I'd like done for now…I don't think I want to spend every Valis that I have all at once, after all."

"Let's see…" Goibniu picked up the various papers and started looking over them with a discerning eye. "We'll have to contract with Demeter Familia for the plants, but that's not difficult. Making a park is something new, but with this housing you're wanting built, it makes sense." He looked the papers over for a bit longer. "If we put enough workers and laborers on this then I estimate a time window for completion of about five months, give or take a week." Goibniu informed the Goddess plainly. "We can talk about the payment plan that you want as well. I believe you said this much was all that you wanted to spend, right now? So will you be paying upfront or will you be making payments?"

Hestia looked thoughtful for a moment. "Five months, huh?" She shared a look with Lili and the Prum clearly had her own opinion. A quiet, and quick, conversation took place before Hestia looked back at Goibniu. "How would each option affect the completion date?"

"My Familia has other work to do around the city as well. Other Deities, companies, merchant groups, and even regular citizens come to us for their building needs." Goibniu explained to Hestia. "Everyone is taken care of as their payment plans allow, those that pay more get their work done first. My children act as foremen and builders while we hire on any extra laborer help as needed. Quality over quantity is the belief that I instill in my Familia." The elder God explained.

"So…if I paid everything upfront, how fast could the work be completed?" Hestia asked curiously.

Goibniu looked at Hestia with a raised eyebrow. "If you could pay the full amount upfront, then you'd be moved to the front of the line, of course. That would mean all of my currently available builders would be put on your project plus a dozen hired hands or so. Project completion would then take roughly…" He seemed to be doing estimates in his head while Hestia waited patiently. "About a week for the surveying of the damaged buildings and demolition to be done, then about four weeks, give or take a few days, for the rest of it to be finished."

"That's much better." Hestia smiled at Goibniu brightly. "I'd like to pay in full then."

"Of course." Goibniu chuckled lightly as he pulled out the paperwork necessary and set it on his desk. The two Deities spent quite a while going over the contract and after both were satisfied, Hestia signed the contract, got her own copy, and the work order was put in. "When can we collect our payment?"

"You can come to my home today to collect. I'll make sure that it's ready." Hestia said while giving a nod to Goibniu.

-Neith Textiles-

Unlike Bell, Tiona, Tione, and Ais, the workers at the textile shop were having both more and less fun than the Adventurers.

"What…the…hell…is…this…stuff?!" One of the weavers nearly cursed as he worked on the Black Goliath skin with specialty tools. "It's so damn strong that I can barely cut it!"

"Whatever it is, it's going to make damn good cloth armor." Another weaver said, the woman slowly (and with visible difficulty) stitching some of the prepared Black Goliath skin into a simple shirt.

The Captain of the Neith Familia was a lovely woman by the name of Akila Sami. Her Title given by the Deities was 'Great Weaver' and it showed as she worked with the Black Goliath's strong white hair, splitting it and turning it into workable threads for her loom. Given that she had the Developmental Ability Weaver and that it was currently at Rank E, explained why she was having far less difficulty compared to the other members of her Familia. "No complaining now." Akila smiled at her subordinates. "It's been a very long time since we've gotten to work with such good material."

"Yes, ma'am." The other seamstresses and tailors called back as they focused on their work.

"One battle dress for the Kenki of all people. How fun." Akila mused as she prepared her loom with the strong white thread. "With material of this quality, I should be able to impart an attribute too. Hmm…I think Mending would be the best." She smiled as she began to work the loom, putting all of her focus and effort into producing the best and most powerful cloth that she could make. "Once this is done I still have a shirt to weave as well." Akila was quite the artisan when it came to her work and it showed by the time and dedication that she put into every piece she weaved.

Even the executives of the Loki Familia would be surprised at what Bell would be delivering to them once his large order was done.

-End Chapter-


So much warm and fluffy!

But you kind of need it after the craziness with the Black Goliath, right?

Hestia sells the remaining Black Goliath Teeth to Hephaestus for a substantial reduction of her debt! 32% paid back and only 68% left to go! Progress! Kek!

Not to mention buying up the rest of the Abandoned District and starting plans to have more of it restored by Goibniu Familia!

Landlord Hestia is a go! Hehehe!

Eina gets to laze around the Hestia Familia Home today after her night of lovemaking with Bell. Our adorable Half-Elf has earned time off, for sure. But is what is hinted at true? Is something wonderful about to bless our lovely Eina?

Bell takes Ais, Tiona, and Tione on a date! Yay!

He also makes good on his promise to pay back the Lokia Familia's leaders! They're all about to get some Goliath Equipment! *Cackles in plans*

Naturally, Tiona, Ais and Tione have to be spoiled with gifts from the loot as well! Bell is the doting type of boyfriend after all!

Ais gives Bell a little show of her nice booty after some time to talk to Tione and Tiona. Our boy needs a moment or two to process this bolder Ais, but the two quickly confess to each other and hearts soar!

All of the sweetness! Inject that fluff straight into your veins!

Ais loves and is loved in return! Her joy is practically an aura around her!

The tailors and seamstresses of the Neith Familia are having a difficult time with such powerful Drop Items though! Well, except for the Captain of the Familia, she seems to be having fun with it! Heh! I wonder how much frustration Bell will cause them with this one order? Will it be as bad as the trauma Tiona causes the Goibniu Familia every time she manages to destroy her Urga?

Keep reading to find out!

Let me know what you thought!

Until next time, later!