From the Desk of Sharper

"Proposal from the Inside"

Here is a Drakgo short story in which Drew and Sheila go out on a double date with both Adrena Lynn and Francis Lurman (which have since all given up villainy, by the way). Drew decides to pop the question in a subtle way to Sheila, but it hilariously didn't turn out the way that he planned it.

It takes places 18 months after the events of Graduation, during the winter of 2008 of the Christmas season. On that note, it is going to be for Whitem's Holiday Story contest.

Special credit goes to BCBDrums for helping me out on the fic, especially the outfit.

The fanfic is rated T for language and some suggestive/crude dialogue.

The Kim Possible characters and settings are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney. Any OC I create is my own.

Chapter 1- Getting Ready

(December 13, 2008, Lipsky apartment, 6:15pm)

On the eastern side of Middleton, Drew Lipsky and Sheila Goforth were getting ready to go out on a double-date with Francis Lurman and Adrena Lynn. Francis had given up being the bargain-brand villain known as Frugal Lucre after the alien invasion and decided to go legitimate with being a manager of 30 Tool Time big box stores throughout the eastern half of Colorado and around the Denver area. Adrena decided to become a real estate agent after her villainous career stalled out. Francis first met up with Adrena right around July 2008 at a birthday party for Drew and the two seemed to hit it off.

As for Sheila and Drew, they have been working for the side of Global Justice, busting up villainous schemes and often working with Team Delta, a group of some of the best agents GJ has. This included several schemes by Sheldon Director, aka Gemini, and his organization, the WorldWide Evil Empire. Of course, this being 2008, WWEE was commiting small-time robberies as opposed to grand world-domination schemes because of the recession and that a majority of the villains, with the exception of Dementor and Gemini, have gone into hiding.

In their apartment bedroom at the Middleton Arms, a large 416-unit apartment complex that was spread over 26 16-unit buidings, appropriately named from A-Z.

The apartment itself, located in building L, unit 12, appropriately, was a bit large with 1,200 square feet and it had two bedrooms and two baths. Drew and Sheila had their master bedroom together and they usually reserved a guest room for any visitor who wished to stay overnight. It also had a combined living room/dining room/kitchen, laundry room, and a small balcony since the apartment was on the second floor with a set of 15 other apartments.

Drew was getting dressed for the occassion.

He chose to wear a blue button-down shirt with black khaki slacks.

"Sheila, have you seen my shoes yet? " Drew asked. He had his black socks on, but was currently looking for his, what he would like to call, 'date night' shoes.

Sheila was in her closet, getting ready.

She called out, "Did you look in your closet?"

"I'm looking!" came Drew's reply.

Drew went into his closet to look for his shoes. He finally found them on the floor.

"I should have been looking for there in the first place." the former mad scientist replied, grabbing the shoes and putting them on.

"Goody! You found them at last!" Sheila sarcastically replied. "It didn't take you an expensive gizmo-whatchamacallit to find them!"

"Sheila, we're going on a double date with Francis and Adrena!" Drew exclaimed, tying the knot to the shoes. "We have to be on our best behavior!"

"Yeah, but with the economy in the toilet, where are we gonna go?" Sheila replied from her room. "We can't go to Chez Couteaux as of the moment! Even with the bank we're making with GJ, that place is solidly going to be booked for months with the fancy-schmancy 1%!"

"That is the reason why that, if you recall last week, that you, me, Francis and Adrena all agreed to go to a steakhouse and that me and Francis would pay for the both of us." Drew replied.

He quietly went to his nightstand and pulled out a special small black box and put it in his khaki pocket.

Sheila then called out, "Okay, Dr. L! I'm ready to come out now!"

"All right, Sheila!" Drew exclaimed, "Do indeed surprise me!"

Sheila came out of her closet. She was wearing black leather overalls over a green silk blouse. She hooked both straps of the overalls. She complimented the outfit with gold hoop earrings, a statement gold necklace with green and black jewels on it, a CB woman's watch, and a ring on her left pinkie. Sheila finalized the outfit with black boots. Her hair was in the style that was similar to that of her Miss Go outfit.

"So how do I look, Dr. L?" Sheila asked for her boyfriend's comment on the outfit.

"It looks so perfect on you, Sheila!" Drew remarked, hoping that she'll accept his comment. "A perfect mix of green and black, the way I like it!"

"And I like the way you mix blue with those slacks!" Sheila remarked slyly, twirling Drew's ponytail.

"Anytime, Sheila!" Drew nervously giggled.

"I'm detecting a little hesitation there, Dr. L!" Sheila grinned, "What's on your mind tonight."

"Oh, you know, a lot of things! Working for Global Justice and all! And how the last 18 months have been crazy!" Drew nervously chuckled, scratching his back.

"And yet, we're still here, together!" Sheila said with a smile, holding out Drew's hands.

"Yep, we indeed are!" Drew grinned, looking into Sheila's eyes.

Sheila then looked at her watch.

"It's 6:20 now!" she said, "You wanna wait downstairs?"

"Yes! Lurman and his lady are supposed to arrive at around 6:30." Drew replied.

"So what are we waiting for?" Sheila asked. "Smarty-Mart to have a Brain Storm sale?"

Drew groaned, "You had to use his old employer for a quick joke, do you?"

"Always!" Sheila laughed. She got her green heavy coat, for it was very cold outside and tossed Drew his blue heavy coat.

The two of them turned out the lights, armed the alarm, and locked the door to the apartment, hoping that no one would break in.