Location: X-Mansion, North Salem, New York

Time: 1:36

Date: May 24, 2003

Earth: 92131

The Mansion was dark, the only light that was on was the one in the kitchen hallway and the light shining from the TV screen and one of the living rooms. It had been quite an eventful day considering the professor along with the other adults and teachers had left the Mansion for some important business, and they had left Professor Logan in charge of all the students and children.

Of course, the children knew they could take advantage of the man considering he didn't know all the rules and didn't know how to interact with most of them, so throughout most of the day it was a free-for-all. Until they all tired themselves out.

And of course, there were many of the older students who took care of the younger ones in case something went wrong but in the end of the day everyone was exhausted considering the circumstances.

It was around 1 in the morning when Logan woke up and went to check around the mansion. He could feel that something was off but couldn't quite place his finger on it. He walked all the way from his room to the main floor where he found the light of the TV still on.

He went closer and closer until he saw one of the students, it was a young child around seven or eight sitting on the couch watching a documentary. He had asked him what he was doing so late at night but the child only told him that because of his mutant ability he could not properly sleep and most of the time the teachers would let him stay up, so long as he did not disturb the other students who were trying to sleep.

Of course, Logan did not believe him but he let the child be, considering that he did not have classes the next day. He continued walking down the hallway until he found the kitchen light on where he found Bobby eating a tube of ice cream. He had asked him what was wrong but Bobby refused to tell him, so they continue to talk in the kitchen, they have talked about Rogue and they had talked about their lives and many other things throughout the 30 minutes.

At some point when Bobby was talking, Logan paused him. He could hear something but he didn't know what it was so he got up from his chair and told Bobby to stay where he was. He could hear footsteps running up and down the hallway and the slight sound of something being shot. He walked into the hallway and didn't find anything so he went back to the kitchen.

Bobby at this point had heard something from outside and decided to go look, not disobeying Logan's orders and yet giving in to his curiosity. he walked closer and closer to the window still hearing the sound getting louder and louder.

He didn't get enough time to figure out what it was because he heard a noise behind him spooking him and making him turn around only to find Logan holding a man in a black uniform with a gun.

" you picked the wrong house bub" Logan snapped at the man holding him by the arms.

A high pitch scream came from one of the hallways. It was loud considering it was one of the children's abilities and it shocked both men along with the only teenager in the kitchen. They tried to cover their ears and the Man in Black tried to use his gun to shoot at both Logan and Bobby.

Just as the man was starting to shoot Bobby hid under one of the counters in the kitchen. Bullets flew all over the room as the men could not aim correctly because of the way that Logan was holding him.

Finally, the man got away from Logan and pushed him away, and took out a knife in attempting to stab Logan. He only give Logan a small injury before it healed right in front of him and Logan got the upper hand almost right away.

Using his claws Logan instantly stabbed the man through the chest and through the fridge pushing him back screaming in his face. Once the man was dead Logan looked back at Bobby and asked him if he was okay. Bobby could only just nod his head. The men came out of nowhere and if it hadn't been for Logan he would have most likely been dead.

Quickly after that Logan ran out of the kitchen with Bobby following him.

They both saw the men in the hallway and instantly Logan pushed Bobby back into the kitchen and told him to hide before running off killing off all the men who were not supposed to be there.

All of the other residents in the Mansion woke up when the high pitch scream started. they all instantly covered their ears and set up in their beds. The scream lasted almost a full minute before it became silent.

One of the children in one of the rooms was a 14-year-old named Olivia. She had been peacefully sleeping before the high pitch scream sounded. She did not share a room with anyone because of her wings so when she woke up screaming she got scared and instantly ran to a corner to hide while holding her ears.

She had thought that it was one of the children or other students that thought it would be a funny idea to scare her but she did not see any sort of light and did not see anyone else in her room.

once the screaming stopped she took her hands from her ears and looks around wondering if it really was a prank or if it was a serious situation.

She didn't see anyone around and didn't hear any noise so she assumed that it was a serious situation and instantly ran right out of her room, followed by many other students in the same hallway. They all looked around confused but instantly got scared when they saw Men In Black holding guns and pointing them at them.

Children were running up and down the halls trying to get away from the men and trying to find a way to escape. The men were trying to Corral the children into a secluded hallway so they could all be captured.

One of the older students who had been there the longest had known of almost all the exits but found that they had been all blocked off.

Olivia went to Jesse's room where she assumed that the scream came from considering Jesse had a voice mutation. When she got there she found her friend Peter standing in the doorway his skin now fully metal. She had seen that the men inside of the room had tried to shoot at Peter but the bullets or tranquilizer darts as she found out, just bounced off. Peter angrily ran towards the men and hit them through a wall and then picked up Jesse making sure she was safe.

" Peter what's going on," Olivia asked. " is she okay"

" she's fine we have to get out of here..." he told her before walking out of the hole that he had made, stopping in front of a group of children that were trying to run away. They all paused and then a helicopter came by the window where they were.

" this way" Olivia yelled as she started to lead them to one of the many hidden passageways.

Once they got to the hidden passageway Olivia tried to push through the hidden entrance but she didn't have enough strength, the other students tried to help her but they couldn't push it hard enough.

When Peter got there he instantly told one of the other students to hold Jesse while he punched the wall making it come loose and reveal the secret entrance

" get in, hurry up hurry up, come on" Peter had yelled at the students. Olivia made sure to keep count of all the students that were going through and even helped some of the younger ones making sure that they did not hurt themselves jumping over the small edge.

When the last student went through, Logan appeared from around the corner with a child in his arms. The child that had been watching TV in the living room earlier. Olivia looked at Chase for a moment before watching as Logan passed him off to Peter.

" here take him he's been stunned," Logan said as he handed him the boy

" I can help you," Peter said as they both watched Logan walk away.

" Stay with them," Logan said before turning around and racing through the hallway to go attack more of The Intruders. Peter just nodded but Olivia just stared at where Logan disappeared.

" Olivia, let's go" Peter yelled at his friend. Olivia didn't say anything and just stared at the spot where Logan disappeared and turn around as she heard footsteps running towards them.

" take care of them okay... I'll catch up with you guys soon," she told him before forcefully closing the hidden entrance.

" Olivia wait!" Peter started but the door closed.

The moment the door closed was a moment that the man appeared on the other side of the hallway where Logan had not gone through. They had pointed their guns at Olivia but Olivia flapped her wings instantly maneuvered her away from that hallway. The men chase after her all throughout the mansion until finally, she had nowhere to run. All the exits were blocked off and she couldn't get away through anywhere.

she looked around for any type of exit but didn't find anything. A helicopter came past one of the windows and she instantly got an idea.

The men were coming in through another hallway when she decided that she was going to go through the window. She had flown past them pushing them slightly with the air of her wings and smashed through the window making sure to cover her face with her arms. The Men shocked, did not have time to react or to point their guns at her before she was gone.

Sadly it was not a clean getaway because the moment she got outside two helicopters were on her. she started to lead them around the mansion making sure that none of the bullets hit her.

At some point, she decided to leave the Mansion area and head towards the nearest town. The helicopters were still on her but she tried to go low between the trees to try to lose them. She felt scared and continued forward hoping that she did not accidentally lead the men towards her housemates.

She almost made it to the town when something strange happened.

It was like some type of force had pushed her forward and made her lose balance slightly. It wasn't just her imagination because when she looked back the helicopters also look like they were struggling To stay in the air but they quickly caught their composure and continued to chase after her. Olivia shook her head and tried to go forward once again only to have found something strange right in front of her.

It looked kind of like a black blob, it was huge considering it took up most of the sky in front of her almost looking like the night sky. She tried her best to avoid crashing into it but before she could have time to change direction one of her wings got caught in it.

She couldn't pull herself away from it and instantly got pulled deeper through. She had watched the helicopters come straight towards her, not bothering to slow down or even stop to see what was in front of them they only saw a good opportunity to capture her and shoot her.

Instead of letting herself just be caught, she decided that her best course of action was let herself be swallowed by whatever this thing was and decided to not fight the thing but go through it.

The helicopters didn't bother to stop and just went through the blob as well.

For a moment time paused... And Olivia continues to fly inside of the blob. She was confused and didn't know what was happening but know that the helicopters were right behind her.

She felt something pushing her through until finally, she came out to the other side... But it was weird...

Why is it suddenly daytime... She had asked herself

She didn't bother to question it and decided to move forward knowing full well that the helicopters would be passing through at any moment... She had seen them come through...

It's odd though...

Why were there suddenly so many tall buildings in front of her...

she didn't bother to question it more before she finally heard the sound of the helicopters right behind her...

What's going on...

she Didn't have enough time to question anything else before she heard the sound of a gun being fired repeatedly meaning that the helicopter men had finally taken out their guns and we're now trying to shoot her down...