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The girl sat with her knees up to her chest on the corner of her bed. She was in a mourning dress and her eyes were reddish and tender from crying.

Her father had passed away, and she hadn't even gotten a goodbye. Just a courier delivering the news, putting up a fake, lamentable face. Like they hadn't done it to many other households before.

It's not like she blamed the person, she even wouldn't want to do it in the first place. Seeing all the miserable faces would have ruined her mood as well.

"Sakura?" Mebuki called as she knocked on the door but she let herself in any way. Sakura couldn't understand how her mother could be so calm in a moment like this.

It was when the woman sat on her bed, and moved a strand of hair from Sakura's face. She noticed how red her eyes were.

The two wallowed in silence longer than they could count.

"Why did he do it?"

"Do what?"

"Become a ninja: All it did was get him killed." She stubbornly said, despite keeping her cool all she wanted was to lash out in anger or cry to her heart's content.

Mebuki chuckled dryly as she relished in the memory. "He wanted to become Hokage, you see, Sakura. Your father was one of the strongest jounins in this village, and since we were kids he trained hard to become one. He once told me that his great grandfather was a kage in one of the smaller villages, so I'm guessing with him being from a civilian clan that must have been a major inspiration for him."

"Your dad had died serving the village, and he played an important part, everyone who had passed serving the village is just as important as a kage." Sakura's brows furrowed and clenched the sheets on her bed in confusion.

Mebuki only smiled warmly. "What I learned from him is that challenges and hardships were only a motivation, a place to learn and overcome to get better, stronger."

Mebuki pulled out a sword in its sheath and laid it flat on her legs. "This was your father's sword. He has used it in many, many battles. It was his precious treasure, and it served him till now."

Sakura looked at the katana in awe, the sheath had a dark red color with an almost pink-red Cherry Blossom branch drawn like calligraphy.

The blade itself was amazing, it was a shining silver with a slight golden tint to it. The rim of the blade was a fading black as it transitioned silver.

"I could only trust you, Sakura. To take care of the katana like a child. I know that your father would deeply appreciate it." The older woman ruffled Sakura's hair and left the room.

The girl looked at the katana again, which now laid in her lap.

Was her father truly such a strong ninja? She recalled the tales her dad said he'd been on, ranging from trekking around on missions, seeing the intense environments and how they influenced the unfortunate, and battling the legendaries she had only seen in books.

What if she could become a strong ninja as her father did? What if she became Hokage? Even better, what if she became the first female Hokage!

In a sudden burst of excitement, Sakura scrambled off her bed and grabbed a box that sat on her vanity, and unlocked it. She took out the purple-colored journal and wrote enthusiastically.

*~Sakura Haruno's Big Debut!~*

Steps to become a Hokage!

*~Train Hard!~*

*~Become a Genin!~*

*~Become the first female Hokage!~*

She grinned at the page in her book, tore it out, and taped it on the ceiling above her bed taking only a few jumps to reach the ceiling.

There was no way she was going to disappoint her father, his dream. And she was going to become stronger than he was.

She'll be damned if she was going to let that down easily.

Since it was a Friday, Sakura decided to head towards the park. And as expected it was crowded with kids who hogged the slides and adults who kept at the entrance to smoke cigarettes or talk to friends.

She sat in the shade underneath a tree. The park wasn't her favorite place, but there were some nice places to unwind just far enough from the rest of the park.

But just as she was about to close her eyes, she heard a frustrated groan coming from the farthest of the park.

Sighing, she stood up and sneakily walked to where the sound came from.

Naruto hated the park, but it was one of the few places he had a hiding spot that no hysterical fan of his father's would chase him.

It soon became one of the places he would study, seeming as if no one would ever think about going into the deepest section of the park.

He picked a spot between two trees and as he sorted out the scrolls and books around him, he accidentally kicked a book underneath the roots of a tree in front of him.

The blonde let out a frustrated groan as he reached out to get it, only to find out that the book was tangled in vines.

And for a 7-year-old boy, who is short for his age. It wasn't shocking to him that he couldn't reach it.

Sakura watched from crouching behind a log as the boy pathetically tried to get the book. She looked with widened eyes at the scrolls and books that were now spread messily on the forest floor.

"Teach me!"

Naruto looked at the girl with a raised eyebrow as she stood up straight with her chest puffed out.

"Who even are you?" He could've sworn that he saw her posture weaken drastically.

"S-Sakura Haruno, And I'm going to be the first female Hokage!" She squeaked out, he removed his arm from the roots, stood up, and scowled at her.

She stood up straight again even though she was unnerved by the boy's gaze. How was it even possible? He's shorter than her!

"And why should I teach you?" The boy narrowed his eyes as she shrank.

The girl stammered on her words until she looked at the book that was pushed farther into the roots. "I'll help you remove the book from the vines."

He looked at the book in the corner of his eye, the boy crossed his arms and his glare intensified. "I don't need your help."






After five minutes Naruto had given up and accepted the offer. Sakura had successfully grabbed the book from the vines and roots.

"So…" Sakura whistled as she shuffled on one foot to another, Naruto ignored her by re-sorting his books. "Are you going to teach me now?"

The blonde sighed, he had thought he could've ignored her. He patted the ground next to him for her to take a seat. "Have you learned the basics yet?"

Sakura blushed in embarrassment. "Uhm no, b-but—"

He dropped a stack of two books on her lap. "Fine, I'll help you. But that doesn't mean I'll train you. These books are the first things you need to know. Chakra Exercises and Basic Chakra Manipulation. You can take it home but you must bring it back."

He scowled when the girl frowned as she looked at the heavy books on her lap. "If you can't even do that I doubt you can become Hokage."

What if she couldn't do it, just like the boy had said. She's a civilian and her father who was one of the first in her family who became a ninja is dead, it's not like her mother could help either.

(Mother...) She bit her bottom lip as she recalled her mother's words.

"What I learned from him is that challenges and hardships were only a motivation, a place to learn and overcome to get better, stronger..."

"I-I can do it, and I'll prove it to you." She stood up, her eyes raging with determination. Naruto's eyes calculated her for a short while before he smiled, grabbed his books, and turned to leave.

"Wait! I didn't get your name." Thank goodness, she had almost forgotten to ask. He stopped in his steps, and faced her. "Naruto, Naruto Namikaze." He gave a warm smile.

(Namikaze? Wait...!)

Before she could say anything, he disappeared in a flash. Leaving her alone in the remote end of the park.

She looked at the books in her hand, they were in perfect shape. Like it was new. Sakura then looked at the area where he was last at.

"Naruto Namikaze, huh."






He teleported into a tree outside of his house and jumped down, the smile was replaced with an eerie grin.

A low growl came from inside his ear. "That wasn't a part of our plan." Naruto sighed, (I know, but I'm guessing she'll be at the academy.)

A flash of an orange fox appeared in his head. "But you're already a jounin— Don't tell me you're—!"

(Yup, and I know just what to do. It'll fit perfectly with ours.) He opened the door to his house and replaced the eerie grin with a large smile.

"I'm home!"






Screaming, shouting.

As his hands grew more hemic by the second. A twisted expression appeared on the boy's face.

He heard his last words. "Y-You really are a monster."

It went silent as he snapped the man's neck.

The female voice cried again, not out of pain, but out of disbelief. She sobbed her last breath as she remained immobile in the bed.

They died cradling each other in their arms. The woman had a gaping hole in her gut, the oozing blood was finally slowing down. Her legs were cut beyond repair. As if it was carved out, the wound was deep enough that it reached the bone.

The man's neck was snapped inhumanly, his face was easily drained of color. A deep claw mark remained on his chest.

Naruto gazed blissfully at the art he had created and smiled.

Just smiled.

"Do it…" He snapped out of his euphoria as his mind went to their plan.

The boy followed the ominous command and with his hand, and without hesitating, he clawed out his eye.


He choked on his sobs as his vision blurred, he felt nauseous. He threw the eye across the room.

"You know what to do, Naruto."

Kurama was holding out on healing him until Naruto collapses. The boy went silent, he knew he was on the verge of passing out.

His lone eye fixated on a red toolbox in the right corner of the room. He stumbled towards it and rummaged through the box of nails and screws till he found what he was looking for.

A hammer.

He put a handful of his shirt in his mouth and aimed the hammer at his shoulder blade. Tears welled in his eye as the other cried blood.

His cries were muffled by his shirt and hot tears were pouring down his face.

"Next." The voice was apathetic, but he followed the order obediently.

He laid his arm on a desk and aimed the hammer on his wrist from the same shoulder he had broken.


His entire arm was numb but ached in pain as his sobs were muffled. The boy threw the hammer across the room underneath a bookshelf.

He was breathing heavily and he cringed in pain every time.

Though the exhaustion had just gotten to him, he passed out on the floor as soon as Kakashi burst through the door. Horror struck on his face at the sight.

Kakashi wandered around the town aimlessly, his head in a certain orange book.

He unknowingly wandered a corner, noticing a familiar house.

It was his sensei's, —'s, and — house, including a 7-year-old, Naruto.

Maybe he should visit them. The last time he had visited Naruto was a week ago, but the family seemed so far apart…

But! Ita was also Naruto's birthday. Plus he had recently turned jounin.

Maybe he should go surprise them?

When he stepped on the doorstep, he felt a familiar chakra flare. One that — had used when the old team seven first met, it was supposed to be three flares.

But on the second flare, it was incomplete. As it abruptly cut off and his signal disappeared.

He burst through the door and ran up the stairs in a hurry, maybe it was a mistake…

Kakashi feared the worst when he found Naruto's body on the ground, and thought he had also died but sighed in relief when he found he was also alive.

His eye was missing, and his shoulder and wrist were both broken and injured brutally. It had seemed he tried to defend himself but failed.

Kakashi had a tear in his eye but quickly wiped them away. They couldn't be dead, but facing reality, the nauseating smell of fresh blood could never be copied.

It was cruel, but their bodies held each other, loving each other even in death.

Whoever murdered them was targeting — and —. But what happened to Naruto?

Why was he even in the master's bedroom anyway?

He shook his head with such questions and picked the blonde up in his arms. He took another look of grief at the bodies one last time and jumped out the window towards the hospital.

He walked down the hallway and turned the corner, the next hallway was secluded. With only a doctor standing in front of Naruto's hospital room.

"Report." Hiruzen was not in a good mood. The massacre of the elite Uchiha clan happened yesterday. And that was a total mess. If it wasn't obvious enough from the slightly large Killer Intent being emitted from the old professor.

The old doctor gulped, even if Hiruzen was retired, he was still cowering against the feared power of a Kage. "I-It's bad Hiruzen-sama. a broken wrist, and his shoulder blade took a while to repair. He'd lost his right eye. Which was the most severe, which we had managed to treat well, but if it weren't for… he would have been dead."

Hiruzen massaged his temple, they can't have one of their best shinobi blind because of an incident! "Do we have a way to transfer a new eye to him?" The doctor seemed to be in deep thought.

"Well… there is a way, but I doubt you'll want that to happen…" He started whispering to himself, forgetting the man in front of him.

"Speak! I may be old, but I'm not senile yet!" He barked, the doctor fixed his glasses in embarrassment.

"W-Well, I was going to say that an option is to transfer a Sharingan eye. The massacre did happen just yesterday."

He'd sounded insensitive, casually talking about the clan's unfortunate death and using their most prestigious treasure. But it was a serious matter.

(It will be good for the village if Naruto does get the Sharingan.) The professor pondered, studying the pros and cons of the outcome.

"I suppose it will be a good option, schedule surgery next week. Find me the strongest eye, preferably Shisui's or Fugaku's. Leave me, I have to talk to Naruto." The doctor immediately bowed and dashed out the hallway.

Hiruzen sighed, he hated doing this. He hated seeing the boy's light diminish every time he and his parents visited him in this certain room.

The sight looked sad, the boy was still in his hospital bed. Gazing endlessly out the window. He couldn't see his face as it was covered by bandages.


The seven-year-old boy turned his head around and gave the old man one of his brightest smiles. "Hey, Jiji." He couldn't tell if it was fake or not, his eyes were crinkled but the corner of his mouth was just barely twitching.

Even if he was a jounin, the boy had lost his parents, and he's still a kid.

Hiruzen played along, just to get the boy comfortable. So he sat on the edge of the bed and placed a hand on his shoulder.

You're so easy to fool, Old man.

"As we both know, you lost your eye."

Naruto didn't react but placed a hand on his bandaged eye. "But, I rearranged the surgery so you could get a new one."

The third sighed, "This'll be a very important eye, Naruto. This eye holds tremendous power, and it's up to you to use it properly."

"I bet you are aware of it, but it's worth mentioning. This eye is called the Sharingan. This eye is meant to be used for good. Not evil. Understood?" Naruto blinked and then gave a small smile.


Hiruzen gave a farewell to the boy and left the room.

The room was filled with a dreadful silence as the 7-year-old grinned wickedly. He could just barely contain his excitement when Hiruzen appeared.

'PhAse oNe,SucCeSs.'

There was a commotion in town when Hiruzen had called a town meeting and not — .

The boy was standing on the stage dressed in black with Hiruzen standing next to him.

"Silence! Now, it is what I now hoped we all could have met in greater circumstances. But with great sadness, I announce the loss of — — and — —."

As expected, there was an outcry in disbelief.

When the crowd settled, Hiruzen chose to continue. "Now, we don't know who murdered them. But we are currently sending out some of our greatest shinobi to uncover this. Let us all have a moment of silence for our loss."

They had all given their respects to both of the many great heroes of the village. They still couldn't believe they were dead.

The Fourth Hokage, Minato. And the Hot Red Habanero, Kushina, is now dead…

"So until I pass away, I will be taking back the Hokage reign." Cheers erupted from the crowd as they regained hope.

Naruto smirked to himself.

"Such fools… To think of a village full of such potential, still shows its flaws. That's why they will all perish."

Naruto could only agree.





Business was running slow in the village from the death of their Most Honorable Hokage. Even with the Third Hokage coming back from retirement to keep them safe, they couldn't help but grieve.

There was no doubt that news would soon spread outside of Konoha.

Sakura sat on her bed, trying to focus on the book that Naruto had given her. But she couldn't help but think about how Naruto is feeling.

The only thing she knows is that his parents had died on his birthday and he was also injured severely.

Next thing she knew, the girl was easily distracted by the thought of her mother dying and how she would feel.

"If you can't even do that I doubt you can become Hokage." His voice taunted her, picked at her. She growled underneath her breath, how dare he get injured at this time!

Focus focus focus!

She glared at the pages in the book intensely, reading every word, and wrote the things to take note of.

There was no way in hell she was gonna let him think he was correct!

A year later.

The Hokage Tower was crowded when Naruto entered, it was filled with mostly jounins who were in the service for a while. Only a few faces were recognizable to Naruto.

Kurenai Yuhi, The Renowned Genjutsu Specialist. She is also known as the Red-Eyed Beauty, for her unique eye color outside the Uchiha clan.

Asuma Sarutobi, One Of The Former Twelve Guardian Ninja. Also known as a Chain Smoker by friends and Captain Asuma by Colleagues.

And Kakashi Hatake, who is famously known as Kakashi of the Sharingan. In Konoha, he is also famed for always being unpunctual and a massive pervert.

Just on time, Kakashi motioned to Naruto and he followed.

"Any idea why we were called here?" Naruto said. Kurenai turned her head towards the door and sighed. "I heard we could choose who would be on your genin team in the future."

"Aw man, teams? If I had known I would have shown up later…" Kakashi yawned, Kurenai ignored the silver haired man.

When Naruto thanked Kurenai and went across the room. Kakashi turned to Asuma and snickered. "You think Naruto is going to get a team? If so, I feel bad for his students." He teased, Asuma took a long drag from his cigarette.

"Bah, his team wouldn't last a second against him. Who wouldn't feel bad." Asuma's eyes narrowed, Kurenai smacked Asuma on the back of his head.

"Quiet, Asuma," Kurenai placed her hands on her hips. "Quit picking on Naruto, he's just a boy."

Kakashi sweatdropped and shoved his hands in his pockets. "A strong boy at that. He could easily handle himself."

Before she could respond, Iruka opened the door to the office. "Alright, everyone come in."






Sakura strolled through the remote area of the park, carrying the same books Naruto had given her a year ago. She has to skim them both, the writing and essentials engraved in her brain.

But, there was a very crucial problem that she had just recently noticed.

She doesn't have enough Chakra to even perform even the easiest of the easiest!

She had thought that this would have been lenient! If her father was able to become a ninja so easily, that would mean she would be able to as well!

"And people call me arrogant." A voice from above teased.

Arrogant? Who even is this person!

"Hey! Who ya callin' arrogant! You jerk–?"

Her eyes widened at the person on the branch.


"So that's the problem," her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. After pulling that act a year ago this was a major beating to her ego.

Naruto sighed, and she looked at him in the corner of her eye in anticipation. (Maybe he will train me more.)

"Well, that's your problem to deal with." He stood up from the log and walked away with his hands in his pockets.


"W-Wait!" She ran in front of the boy and spread her arms wide in a failing attempt to stop him from walking away.

"Y-You aren't just gonna walk away, right? I thought you said you would train me!"

He scowled at the girl who was desperately trying to convince the boy. "I never said I'll train you, I said I'll help you. And that's what I did, figure out the rest for yourself."

Naruto shoved her to the side and continued walking.

(That jerk! Just who does he think he is?)

"Fine, I'll help you. But that doesn't mean I'll train you."

Sakura's eyes widened in disbelief, she should have known that he would have played her like that!

She must have been so excited that she didn't hear what he had said correctly…!

At this point, Naruto was no longer in sight. But it was at this time, a voice appeared from behind her.


Sakura turned around and saw his face incredibly close to hers. He was standing… upside down a tree…? She made an incoherent sound and stumbled back on her behind.


He flipped and landed perfectly on his feet, shocking her more. He raised up a finger and smiled brightly.

"That I could teach you with, that is, if you sign my contract." He pulled out a contract seemingly out of nowhere and raised it to her face. She held the contract and started reading it.

However, if you do accept the contract. Then…

"…I have to follow your orders, commands and requests...?" She raised an eyebrow, and looked at Naruto in the corner of her eye who was smiling ever so brightly at her.

He placed his hands behind his head and smiled even wider, she couldn't help but feel she was making a deal with the Devil. "Yup! And in return, I'll teach you everything I know, Including jutsu and strategies!"

(Father… Should I do it? I don't even trust him that much…)

Naruto looked at Sakura in the corner of his eye as she stared at the contract intensely, a bead rolled down his forehead. (Come on…!)

After six long minutes, someone finally decided to talk. "...How do I know if you won't trick me again?" Sakura questioned, raising her brows at the boy who was so very close to bashing her into the ground. But she was oblivious to it.

"Just fucking—! …I won't, you can trust me." He lightly growled, his fist clenched and unclenched to stop himself from turning the girl into looking like a bloody meatloaf.

The pinkette eyed the slip again, and reached out her hand. "I need a pen." Letting out a sigh, Naruto took out a pen from his pocket and placed one in her hand.

(No turning back now…)

She wrote her name on the line, a bright, golden light seemed to come from the contract as it teared in two and floated in the air.

"W-What the—Agh!" One piece of the slip flew into her chest and the other into Naruto's. As Naruto barely flinched, Sakura got crashed into a nearby tree, leaving her absolutely winded.

Sakura gasped for air and her lungs contracted painfully, tears filled her eyes as her throat burned every time she took a breath of air. Her back and chest were aching and her vision was covered with black spots as she faded in and out in vision.

Before she passed out, Naruto walked over to her and lifted her chin up with his thumb and index finger. The words he said were mumbled due to the ringing in her ears and the distracting surroundings.

She couldn't help but wonder what the hell she just got herself involved with.

Sakura groggily opened her eyes and blinked a few times, the beep from a nearby room made her aware of her sudden surroundings.

She was in a hospital, and her mom who was just nervously looking out the window had given her a bone-crushing hug.

After her mother had shown her concern, Sakura asked Mebuki who had brought her to the hospital.

"Oh! It was that sweet Namikaze, Naruto. He was concerned about your wellbeing so he told me to update him on your condition. So let me tell you about…"

When her mother went on her gossip rant, Sakura pondered over her situation.

Naruto had talked about a deal, she had signed the contract he had given him and flew into a tree because of it.

"To be boUnD by hEaRt and SoUL."

The rest of her memory was clouded, and when she forced herself to remember further her head pounded painfully.

Her neck suddenly started burning, it was impossible to describe. Her temperature soared through the roofs

She clutched her neck, tears filled her eyes, It felt like something was crawling in her skin. Sakura clawed her nails into skin, her stick-on nails either breaking from the pressure or tearing some of her skin marking her skin red.

"Make it STOP! STOP IT!" She shouted hysterically, her back arched and her body was practically hard to touch and the sweat on her body was evaporating sweat and as quickly as it came.

"Sakura!" Mebuki shrilled, her green eyes widened in fear. How did this even happen? What the hell happened when she was at the park?!

Someone knocked on the door, but opened otherwise. "Hey, you wouldn't mind if– Holy Shit!" The Janitor dropped the mop and stared, Mebuki looked at him like he was crazy.

"G-Get help!"

He froze before he rushed out, Mebuki tried to calm Sakura but was kicked in the stomach by her flailing legs and was knocked into a wall, unconscious.

"AAaAaHaahAaaaAHaA…!" Her voice was distorted as she screamed in pain, but when the doctors had finally arrived; they only froze in fear when she started glowing a blinding white. Causing everyone to turn their heads.

The area on her right shoulder and neck started glowing orange, but that wasn't the focus of attention because the room could be compared to Sunagakure's wastelands. When Sakura stopped moving and the light faded away, the doctors quickly went to both Mebuki and Sakura's side.

During a quick examination, they immediately noticed that the body had cooled down and her breathing calmed. A major concern was that Sakura had gone into a coma. And they have a creeping suspicion that it has to do with the mark on her shoulder.






"So you think that the nine-tails has to do with this seal on her shoulder?" Mebuki nervously fiddled with the round metal on her ring finger.

Hiruzen signed and nodded his head. "Yes. Our studies noticed the malicious chakra practically radiating from it. And I'm sure you remember the feeling of the chakra from that night."

Mebuki does remember the feeling, but the fact that it was coming from her own daughter made her frightened. "Is there a way that we could somehow… Remove it?" She knew she was grasping at straws, and the solemn look Hiruzen gave her confirmed her suspicions.

As the years grew, so did Sakura. She went through a massive growth spurt despite having her nutritions carried in an IV. Her hair grew longer and her feet almost hung off the bed. Her shoulders become broader and fit with her face structure changing as well.

Sage eyes squinted at the ceiling, blinking slowly to adjust to the light. One of the nurses, Nonō Yakushi, was Sakura's childhood/personal doctor and was one of the people who took care of her during her comatose state. She noticed Sakura's eyes opening, and her fingers twitching slightly as if she was trying to move them. Nonō gasped in shock before rushing to inform the other doctors.





"You mean she's finally awake!?" The older blonde Yamanaka practically screamed from the living room.

Inoichi's eyes widened and he was quick to hush her. But before he could even react, a female look-alike stormed into the room with her eyes bulging.

"Sakura's awake?!"

Inoichi sweatdropped, and held up both hands like Ino was going to pounce. "W-Well yes, but–"

"But...! She's Awake!" His wife nodded to herself, grabbed a bouquet of flowers and took Ino's hand, charging out the door to the gift shop and several other shopping districts.

Inoichi bit his bottom lip and slumped back in his chair.

"Do you think you can raise your arm, Sakura?" Nonō questioned, pressing her fingers on Sakura's nerves in her arms. Sakura nodded, and raised her arm high in the air.

Nonō marked off a check on her pamphlet, so far everything was going well. She's shown great progress in her physicals and if she keeps it up, two more weeks of physical therapy and she'll be free to go.

But what really concerned her and everyone else was her lack of response. She seemed to do the things she asked her to do, so that means she still has a proper understanding of english.

Her only conclusion was that Sakura could be selectively mute. As she still could talk, she just chose to not talk.

There were only a few people Nonō had run into at the hospital who were selectively mute but had run into past trauma to provoke them into being mute.

Nonō knows about Kizashi's death, and how it affected her and everyone who knew him. But two years into Sakura's coma, She asked Mebuki about how Sakura dealt with took Kizashi's death.

"She was sad, that much could be said. But after I had talked to her, said about how strong her father was… She cheered up, started talking about how she was going to be the first female Hokage. Like how her father wanted to be a Hokage. Now I don't know if she'll ever wake up…!" Mebuki started crying,

"Right…" Nonō said, and handed her a box of tissues.

If it wasn't her father's death, could it be about what happened in the past four years?

Just what the hell happened in her coma?!

"Oh, Sakura…!" Her Mothe– The Woman sobbed into Sakura's sheets. "What happened to you…!"

Sage eyes stared at the wall behind The Woman.

"Naruto…" Sakura whispered underneath her breath, The Woman didn't notice.

"Naruto…" Her fists turned paler than her face when she clenched the sheets. Her teeth gritted against each other and anger was seeping out of her pores. The Woman noticed, "Naruto?"

"NARUTO! When I find you, I'LL KILL YOU!" Her voice echoed throughout Konoha, causing birds to fly away from the trees. She flashed away, startling Mebuki and causing her to call the doctors.





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