"The one Enchantment of Death. The Ritual of strength and the messed Ritual of Stamina. The three Seals (Major Transfigurations) and several Runes on all three of them, were from the ancient magics in the books on her (Willing), James (Unknowingly), and Harry's (Forced) bodies. She hated having to do it that way to Harry. The two Spells (Major Charms) were from the ancient books and Lily changing them, after all she was the brightest witch of her generation. The one Runic Array, to set up the ultimate protection was all that was really necessary. She had read all those books. The thing is that James would have to sacrifice himself to try to save them both. If not she would have to sacrifice herself. "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! I'll hold him off!"

"It seems to have worked. Her wand was tied firmly to her arm. He must not know, I'm finishing off the Runic Array, with my words. As brilliant as Lily was, she did not understand that she was invoking the Ancient Magic of the first Gods! All of the things that were never meant to be done together, this also messed up the Lord of Light's plans. The ancient magic of the thirteen Houses would have saved Harry by absorbing the killing curse, or Neville, if Frank had died.

She had set up the Enchantment of Death, As long as Harry was alive she could not permanently die. He could not be killed as long as her soul did not pass on. If done correctly they would live till they both died at his old age!

It was why the two Rituals of stamina and strength. Followed by the two charm spells, she altered and thus created worked differently. The Runic Array and three Seals were backup, encase the others failed. As she is looking out his eyes, she remembers the Summer Equinox Ritual and the Samhain, one she finished just this morning! Something in the Summer one caused something to be different. She could tell and once they had a pensive to look at it, they should know what was different.

The Binding Seal like most Seals was a combination of active and passive magic. The spell was adapted from the Enchantment spells used on the Harems of Sultans. The binder had to perform the spell and bond herself to another. The acceptance was a passive magic, as the one being bound to was to be accepted by any sexual act. A baby nursing is an acceptance; for the ritual. And while sex was definitely part of the duties expected later. Lily changed it to be soul bonded, not sex bonded, at least she thought so.

The Ritual she had done with their bodies, was a seal on her Soul. She was not happy about that, but she was not going to leave Harry alone in the world.

Lily had spent three months going over the Spells, Seals, Runes, and Rituals. Lily had triple checked the Arithmancy. She had quadruple checked the Blood Seals and the Enchantment of Death. She went over the activation Spell for the Runic Array. The Magic circle and individual Runes to power the Ritual for their bodies.

Lily was finished. The Summer Solstice was in two days. Tomorrow the Runic circle; During the Solstice, Bargaining with The Fates, Destiny, and Death, it would provide the Magic for the Enchantment. If Severus had not told her of the prophecy, he overheard. The time wasted. Of course she had not realised that he told her, so he could get her. It all came together with using the Peverell, Potter, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor family tomes, and research for the two spells she created.

Then as the evening sun sets on the first ritual on his birthday. Then when the sacrifice happens. James or her will die to ensure Harry lives. She put the Seals and Runes on James that night of Harry's first Birthday. The Cloak, she was sure was a Deathly Hallow, accepted the Enchantment of Death and Sacrifice!

All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Night of Remembrance. All three Ancient Magic Times of different cultures. Still it is the day of the dead. Remembering them, saluting them for their deeds, and praying for the souls rest. One Gaulic, one Greek, and one Arabic. Times past, times future and current time.

Everything works great, perfect, except... The mosquito drew hers and Harry's blood, before Harry killed it, in the Enchantment Circle. The two flies, procreating in the mutated Runic Array, while she did the shared Blood Seals between Harry and her. Harry's clapping, made her happy that he was happy, even after the hardship of the cut palms. She did not see that Harry ended the two flies in a clap. Thus sharing their blood and sexual fluids, with her, when they held hands to seal the Blood sharing.

The first time Harry won, but so many died. Ginny and him married. The Purebloods from the rest of Europe killed every one within a year, except Ginny and the other female heads of houses or married to one. He did not understand why he was back in his ten year old body, at the zoo. The second time, he saved Luna's mum. They got together and married. Her sort of seer ability saved a few, but Dumbledore potioned him and her. He married Ginny as Lady Black. The Purebloods with the werewolves again killed all the men. Again, back at the zoo. This time he befriended Hermione, taught her Occlumency. They won, still a lot of deaths. Married her, learned animagus, and held up in Grimmauld Place. Did not matter, someone in the order gave them the secret. All killed again, but this time Harry killed a lot of them.

Fourth time, decided to try to get Susan Bones and the Tonks to help early. Potions and compulsions lost him to Ginny. Tonks tried to help, married him as Lady Black, with a line continuation with Susan. Both killed, not so one sided this time, got the vampires to him the werewolves. Very few Purebloods left, but they still won. The fifth time, he tried running away to the USA, the Goblins betrayed him to Dumbledore. Potions, compulsions, and memory charms killed him second year. The sixth time, he carefully wrote everything out. Got the Patil sisters in betrothal by Sirius third summer. Tried to move away to India, then Australia. Both girls killed in India, then he lost his magic to the Goblet. Voldy and Dumbledore fought, then the Dark siders turned on Tom, and the Purebloods won, by exterminating anyone not pureblood. He went and got the resurrection stone and talked to Lily. He found out why he kept coming back, again and again.

The seventh time, he went assassination. Ginny first. Saved Luna's mum. Got Luna Lovegood, Daphne Greengrass, Susan Bones, Nymphadora Tonks, and Hermione Granger; to be his wives. Took out Greyback. Made a deal to help the vampires exterminate the werewolves and a few purebloods. They were helping to set up the vamps. (Not really, but it worked to kill another thirty.) Told the giants about the purebloods wanting to kill all the giants, trolls, and centaurs by having them fight each other. Just look at what the vampires and werewolves happened. This left them out of voldy's side. The trolls believed after two of them died in Harrys first year. The three groups went to pound the purebloods, but it the the giant spiders they fought. Very few of either group lived. The centaurs flaming arrows took out the rest. Pointed out the the purebloods near the giants were in on it. Russia lost almost all the purebloods and Giants.

Kidnapped the pureblood kids and fed the basilisk, Sheila. Got Ginny and the Diary. Almost got Snape, but then Dumbledore interferes to save him. The rat was gone, half the death Eater Spawn. But went to Azkaban. Sirius and Harry escapes. Bones of the father are now his grandmothers. A note about the stone to Dumbledore. He is cursed. Sirius legally adopts Harry, so Goblet does nothing to Harry Black. Dumbledore and Tom fight in the graveyard. A weaker female Voldy and weakened Albus, both cursed. Got Bella's vault by cancelling the marriage contract for not being finished. Did same for Narcissa. Got rid of the Cup and Locket. Took out Nagini by having Sirius be bait. Then Harry bite her head off. The Diadem was easy, coming in as animagus. Kreature helped swipe everything from the room of lost things.

Harry had a black market doctor stop his heart for a minute, then was to use paddles to restart his heart. Sirius had a time turner and when the doctor panicked from the wraith in the scar, went back and learned how to use the paddles. They got Dumbledore's Painting, which was a Horcrux. Then picked off the death eaters attacking the school and then Albus. Tammy was looking around, when Harry landed on her, crushing her. After all a fifteen year old Dragon, weighs a lot. Harry wanted revenge on one more group. He helped the Gnomes of Switzerland, Middle East and Africa, the Dwarves of South and Central America, and the Brownies of the Pacific Asia and USA to take out the Goblins of Europe and British Commonwealth. This allowed him to live happily ever after.

Of course not, he is Harry, with five smart, energetic, and high maintenance wives to drive him crazy, time after time, again and again...