Happy mini-bang and Happy Birthday, Kyoko!

They were spending the holidays in California this year. That meant spending them with Kuu and Julie… as well as Kuon's new sibling. Or more accurately, fur sibling. Eleven months ago, his parents had found a large, white cat slurping up Kuu's yogurt on their patio when they had gone inside to get the rest of the food. The cat kept coming back, and eventually he came inside… and never left. This feral adoption was named, appropriately, Yogurt. Kuu liked posting pictures of his fur baby stealing his yogurt and captioning it "cat-ibalism." Kuon loved animals, so he was more than fine with this. Mostly.

Yogurt liked them all well enough, but he loved Kyoko. Whenever they visited, the cat was all over her. If she was sitting down, he was in her lap. If she was lying down, he was curled up on her stomach. If she was walking, he was trotting along behind her, the bell on his collar jingling. That is, when he wasn't trying to climb up onto her shoulders or weaving between her feet. He simply could not leave her alone. To Kyoko's intense embarrassment, he even clawed at the bathroom door when she was in there. And, of course, he insisted on sleeping on her at night.

That was where Kuon's problems started. Yogurt wanted to sleep on Kyoko, but did not like that Kuon was there, too. The first night they had been there, Yogurt had hissed at him when he went to cuddle up with Kyoko for the night.

"Aww, is someone jealous?" Kyoko had cooed. "C'mon, silly, let him cuddle, too. He's your brother!"

Yogurt had begrudgingly let Kuon settle into place, but had made it clear that he was not happy with it. He miaowled pitifully until Kyoko scritched behind his ears. The cat then started purring, looking at Kuon smugly.

Kuon was (not) jealous of a cat.

When Julie took Kyoko shopping, claiming that they needed a girl day, Yogurt stared forlornly out the window. He only stopped when Kuu tempted him with some of his namesake snack. He then deigned to let Kuon pet him a little, and even graced him with a brief purr. That had ended when Kuu tried to take a picture of his sons, and the flash on his phone startled the cat. Yogurt had not come out from under the cabinet until Kyoko returned. Then he had shot out and wrapped himself around her ankles, purring up a storm.

"Hello, sweet baby!"

And he started meowing up a storm, presumably complaining about the horrible state she had left him in, and how poorly he was treated, all in the syntax of a disparaged Victorian child. Never mind that he was probably the most spoiled cat this side of L.A.

"Did you miss us?" she asked, squatting down to give him some scritches before she took off her shoes. "What a good boy."

"Mew!" He pawed at her feet until she picked him up and carried him into the living room. He purred as she sat down and put him in her lap.

"Welcome back," Kuon said, walking over to drop a kiss on Kyoko's head. Her cheeks dusted with pink in response. "Did you have a good time?"

"Mom bought me way too much," she confided. "But we did get some last-minute presents. Plus, we picked up more treats for Yogurt."


"Yes, you! We're talking about you!" She fluffed up his fur as she talked to him. He started making biscuits on her lap.

"Lucky little beastie," he said, sitting down next to her and putting his arm around her shoulders. She leaned into him as Julie bustled past to tell Kuu about the day's haul. "You just get all the love, don't you?" He reached over with his other hand to scratch under Yogurt's chin. Yogurt allowed this.

"Don't be jealous," she teased.

"Hey, it's not my fault. You're just so amazing that we both want all of your attention."

"Playboy," she said, her cheeks flaring. Even after all this time, she was not used to how easily he could say some things.

"Mrow!" said Yogurt, demanding that her attention return to where it belonged.

"Yes, yes." She started petting him again. "We know. You are the most important little boy in the whole world."

"Mow!" he said, as if to say, I am!

Yogurt woke Kyoko up at 5 A.M. the next day by serenading her with the song of his people. She had no idea how Kuon slept through it, but he did. His snoring provided a bass line for Yogurt's song. Had she been more awake, she would have recorded their duet. Once Yogurt was done singing and had trotted off to attend to important cat business, she tried to go back to sleep, but it was to no avail. Kuon was snoring too loudly. So instead, she slipped out of bed to go start her morning routine.

Once she was clean and dressed, she headed down to the kitchen. She was surprised to find both Kuu and Julie in there, feverishly mixing… something. Even her well-trained nose could not identify whatever was in the giant bowl on the island counter. "Good morning."

"Kyoko!" Julie yelped. She tried to hide her shock. "You're up early."

She stifled a yawn. "Yogurt decided to sing me awake. What are you making? Can I help?"

Kuu and Julie exchanged a glance. "No thanks, honey, we've got it," Julie said. "If you could fill Yogurt's bowl, though, that would be great!"

She did as they asked and opened the cat food. Yogurt seemed to materialize around her ankles, meowing eagerly. "Hold on, Yogi," she said, using one of Kuon's nicknames for the cat. He had bestowed it after seeing the cat do a truly bizarre stretch. She squatted down to put the food in his bowl. Just as she tipped it out, Yogurt stuck his head under it. The food splapped onto his head. "Yogurt!"

"He never learns," Kuu laughed. "Just scoop it off of him if you can. He'll get the rest when he cleans himself later."

Yogurt protested throughout the whole thing, then proceeded to gobble up his food at an alarming speed. Kyoko could only shake her head.

"What sounds good for breakfast, kiddo?" Kuu stopped stirring the mysterious bowl and brushed his hands off on his apron.

"Oh, I can make myself something, you're busy-"

"Nonsense! The birthday girl shouldn't have to make her own breakfast. So, what'll it be? French toast? An omelette? Cinnamon rolls? Pancakes? Or do you want something Japanese? We could make miso soup with some sides!"

"Could we have blueberry pancakes?" she asked quietly, still a bit unsure of herself. It was still a little strange, sometimes, being so loved. In the background, Yogurt groomed himself.

"Sure!" He got out the recipe book. "Want to help your mother stir? It's really a two-person job."

"What is it?" she asked again, taking the spoon Kuu had abandoned earlier.

"A gingerbread house! It's a Hizuri family tradition. Well, it's really from my side, but we made one every year when Kuon was little." Julie smiled nostalgically. "It was so cute! I'm sure we have pictures somewhere from back when he could fit inside."

"Mrow?" Yogurt curled around Kyoko's ankles.

"Not for you!" Julie and Kyoko said together, then laughed.

Kuon came wandering down just as the pancakes were served. "G'morning." He yawned. "Why is everyone up so early?"

"Tradition!" Kuu and Julie sang.

"Yogurt," Kyoko said at the same time.

Kuon nodded and walked over to help Kyoko stir. After breakfast, they all worked together on baking, building, and decorating the giant gingerbread house.

All too soon (in Kyoko's opinion), all three Hizuris were ushering Kyoko onto the couch in the living room. A worryingly large stack of presents sat next to it.

"Present time!" Julie sang, thrusting the first of many boxes into Kyoko's hands.

Kyoko knew better than to look to her fiance for help. He was as bad as (if not worse than) his parents. She simply accepted her fate with a token protest of, "This is way too much."

"It's Christmas and your birthday!" Kuu replied. "Besides, these are just your birthday presents. We'll have Christmas tomorrow."

Kyoko, touched by the fact that they moved the holiday celebrations instead of her birthday (when in the past, the holiday had always been more important to people), took the gift from Julie without any further protests. She opened it carefully, so that the wrapping paper could be reused later, and then froze. It was a tiara.

"That's perfect for you, princess," Kuon said, and gently took it from her to crown her.

She fought back all the protests that wanted to come out, and instead said a simple, "Thank you. It's beautiful."

"Mine next!" Kuu shoved a large box into her hands. It was heavy. And, when unwrapped, it proved to be a series of box sets of everything Kuon had ever been in. She beamed. There were things in here that she had never even heard of!

From there, present after present was put in front of her. There were gorgeous gowns, incredible jewelry, a fairy-themed jewelry box to keep it all in, makeup so fancy she had never even seen the brand before, jewelry-making supplies (she did still like making pieces for some of her characters), a fancy new winter coat, and - her favorite - a locket that opened to reveal a stained-glass-style picture of Kuon. Kuon, in a stunning display of restraint, had gotten her an empty photo album and a high-quality camera to take pictures. (The next day, she would find out that he had buried her in Christmas presents instead.

"Here, last one," said Kuu, handing her a large bag.

"You're spoiling me!" Okay, one protest got out. But to be fair, this was ridiculous.

"Yep! Now open it!"

She did as he was bit. "Dark Moon merch?" she asked, politely confused.

"Don't you like it?" Kuu asked far too innocently.

"It's lovely, I just - I was in it."

"If you don't want it, I'll take it!" Kuu grinned, reaching out to grab it. Kyoko laughed as she handed it to him.

"You got that for yourself," Kuon said with a roll of his eyes.

"You kids are too bashful to get them for us! I figured it was a win-win."

Julie laughed as Kuon tried and failed to flick his father's forehead. "Alright, settle down. How about we go get some lunch, and then we can start making the birthday girl's cake?"

Everyone agreed. As Kyoko stood up, she asked, "Has anyone seen Yogurt? I thought he would be playing with all the ribbons and wrapping paper."

"He must be doing secret cat business," Kuu said as he and Kuon gathered up the wrapping paper and bags.

"C'mon, lunchtime!" Julie grabbed Kyoko's hand and pulled her into the kitchen. "Now, do you want the roof or a wall?"


Julie gestured at the gingerbread house, which was sitting on the island. "Do you want the roof or a wall? Birthday girl gets the first pick!"

"We're having this for lunch?"

"Sorry, forgot to mention that." Kuon walked into the kitchen and wrapped Kyoko in a hug from behind. "Lunch on Christmas and birthdays is dessert." He hid a grimace at the thought.

Kyoko just laughed. "I want to start with the door. It just seems appropriate." She stepped forward (Kuon came with her so as to not break the hug) and grabbed the doorknob. The hinges were made from pretzel rods and Hizuri magic, so it actually opened.

"Meow!" said Yogurt, strolling out of the gingerbread house as if it was his own castle.

"Yogurt! How did you get in there?" Kyoko asked, laughing, as she scooped him into her arms.

He simply purred in response.

(The next day, one of Kyoko's presents was a baby blanket. Julie and Kuu both explained that they wanted grandbabies. Kuon scolded them both while Kyoko melted into the couch in embarrassment. Yogurt meowed to remind everyone that he was the baby).

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