My New Life in Equestria.

Chapter 5:

"Mex?! What's wrong?!" Came from a terrified Apple Bloom.

All she got in return were more screams and writhing from the alicorn colt.

"H- help! HELP! Somepony help!" Apple Bloom screamed into the darkening sky above.

No help came though, as we were too far away from the town and Sweet Apple Acres. Panicking, Apple Bloom knelt down to Mex.

"Please! Mex! Wake up!"

I wake up to a similar scene, white all around, in human form again with all of my guardian equipment, I know what's coming.

In the distance I can see my sword I plunged into the ground last time I was here.

I walk over to it and reach out to the blade when a familiar screech rings out in my head.

Pholmo, my greatest enemy, the one who took my final life from me, surprises me by rising from the ground behind the sword and swiping at me with her claws.

I react fast enough to move out of the way and counter with a strike of my own, hitting Pholmo in the face. She flinches but continues to rise from the floor.

"Guardian! There you are!" Pholmo screams as she rises.

"Oh, for Travelers' sake. Not you again Fugly! Didn't you learn from the last time?" I reply with a hint of sass.

"Oh, this time shall be different! I have sealed the way in and that creature will not be aiding you again!" Pholmo growls.

I scowl before replying.

"Well, guess I'll just have to destroy you by myself this time, won't I?"

I draw the sword from the floor and take a swing at Pholmo's neck, missing just barely. Pholmo hisses as she creates some distance.

I can hear an echo coming from all directions.

"Mex! Please wake up! Hang in there! I'm getting help"

"Apple Bloom! I hear you!" I call out while keeping my blade at the ready towards Pholmo.

"Your ally?" Pholmo hisses.

"I'll be rid of her soon enough once I take control of your body"

I take a serious face and scowl.

"You will be dead long before you lay one of your disgusting claws on her!" I reply with a wave of anger I have never felt before that moment.

I lunge towards Pholmo guarding with my blade as she begins firing darkness blasts towards me.

Apple Bloom is running towards Twilight's castle as fast as her legs can carry her. After a few minutes, she reaches the door and barges through it, ignoring the slight twinge of pain it caused.

In the main hall, she saw Apple Jack, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Spike standing and talking to each other with concerned faces. They all turn their heads to see Apple Bloom come barreling through the door.

Applejack speaks up first.

"Apple Bloom! Where have you been?! We've been worried sick and were about to go looking for you! Where is Mex?"

Apple Bloom comes to a screeching halt in front of Twilight out of breath and terrified out of her wits.

"Twilight! Everypony! Please! Mex is in trouble again! Just like last time with the weird green magic! Please! Help him!" She blurted out in a matter of two seconds.

"Slow down sugar cube, what happened?" Apple Jack said calmly.

Apple Bloom took a deep breath before telling a shortened version of the events.

"We were walkin home down the path, and Mex collapsed to the floor with that green glow around his head and in his eyes screaming in pain, I tried to call for help but we're halfway home and no one could hear me so I had to run here, he's still there and we have to go now!"

With that, she started galloping back the way she came.

"Apple Bloom! Wait!" Applejack called out after her sister.

"Spike! Send a letter to Luna requesting her help, ask her to meet us at the edge of town." Twilight yelled back to Spike who quickly drew a scroll and quill and began writing on it.

The ponies are galloping through Ponyville when they all look up to notice a green glow in the distance. On their way out of town, they pass the homes of Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo who come out to join them after seeing them run past.

"Apple Bloom? What's going on?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yeah, what's the deal?" Scootaloo followed up with.

"Mex is in trouble again! Like last time!" Came the swift reply from Apple Bloom.

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo both gasp and glance at each other.

As Apple Bloom and the others neared where Mex was, the green glow became stronger and stronger. Signifying they were nearing Mex.

"Surrender guardian! I will inevitably gain control of your body and crush those fre-" Pholmo screeched before being interrupted by a sword swing by me.

"You just can't help it can you Fugly? Can't help but flap those disgusting lips and wag that slimy tongue at me, can you?" I growl back.

"No matter, can't speak without a head, can you?"

Pholmo produces a hive sword before charging at me. Our blades clash time and time again with sparks flying each strike as we both struggle for dominancy in the fight.

The ponies arrive to see Mex writhing around on the floor with glowing green eyes and a green aura halfway around his body now.

At this time Luna and Celestia arrive, rushing over to the colt.

"Twilight, we got your message and are here to assist," Luna said.

"Princesses! It's happening again, just like last time!" Apple Bloom said with a panicked voice.

"I know my little pony, but don't worry, Luna will help him just like last time," Celestia said.

"Go ahead, sister," Celestia said after turning to Luna.

Luna closed her eyes as her horn began to glow, a dark blue tether came from her horn and touched Mex's forehead. After a few moments, Luna gasped and opened her eyes.

"What's wrong Luna?" Twilight said concerned.

"I cannot be certain, but something is blocking my entry into his dream. I cannot penetrate it." Luna said with a sad tone.

"But- but now what?" Sweetie Belle said worriedly.

"What if we lend you our power, Princess Luna? Could you bring us with you into his dream? Like you did with the Tantabus?" Twilight asked.

"Yes! That could work! Everypony, close your eyes and focus your energy into me, sister? I could use your help as well." Luna said.

"Of course," Celestia replied before joining the others.

The Crusaders line up as well before Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash stop them.

"You girls need to stay here, it's too dangerous." Applejack said.

"No! We won't! He's our friend too and we're helping!" Apple Bloom shouted while the other two nodded.

They continued walking up to the others and closing their eyes, joining the others. Applejack went to reply but was stopped by Rainbow Dash who just nodded her head in a knowing sense. Applejack sighed and joined the group in assisting Luna.

After a few minutes of back and forth between myself and Pholmo, both seemingly even. Finally, I spot an opening, just before I take advantage of it, a blinding rainbow-colored light appears 50 meters or so to our left.

Our blades clash and we stay in the struggle as we look over to see them, all of my friends so far have come this time, and not just Luna.

"They truly do care for me," I think to myself.

Pholmo takes the chance to overpower and knock me backward towards the ponies, I land on the ground and stop myself from sliding. Both of us are panting from the fight.

The ponies are taken aback before Celestia opens her wings and gets an angry expression on her face before saying.

"Who are you?! Where is Mex? What have you done to him?"

Luna steps up beside Celestia.

"No sister! This is Mex, this is what he looked like before he was-" Luna closed her eyes and a tear fell from her eye.

"That is where you should direct your anger sister, that is the creature who did it to him!" Luna finished her sentence by pointing a hoof over to Pholmo.

"This is Mex?" All of the ponies aside from Luna said in shock.

"Mex? Is that really you?" Apple Bloom said from behind Applejack's legs.

I look at her panting before saying.

"Yeah, Apple Bloom, it's me." I look to the others quickly before returning my eyes to Pholmo.

"Please friends! You can't be here! It's dangerous! Pholmo is stronger than she was before and-" I cut myself as Pholmo speaks.

"These are your allies' guardian?! And they came here? How nice of them to come to me instead of me to them!" Pholmo screeched before lunging towards the crusaders at a speed that would make Rainbow Dash jealous.

"NO!" I shout as I step in the way and block her attack.

Entwined in a struggle for dominance again, the ponies all take a defensive stance.

"No! Friends, please leave this to m-" I am cut off by Pholmo disarming me and grabbing my neck.

I let out a grunt as she picks me up and stares into my eyes screeching.

"No! Mex! Leave him alone!" Sweetie Belle screams out.

"Yeah, you big freak! Leave him alone!" Scootaloo shouted.

"Put. Him. Down. NOW!" Shouted Luna.

Pholmo chuckles.

"Oh, I'll put him down alright."

Pholmo plunges her hive blade straight into my chest. I let out a pained grunt as I hear horrified gasps from the ponies.

"MEX! NO!" Apple Bloom shout at the top of her lungs, while she had tears in their eyes.

Pholmo pulled me closer to her face.

"You see guardian?! I am inev-" She stops talking as she hears a click and a pin hitting the floor.

"Luna! Barrier now! Don't argue, please! Just do it!" I called out with blood pooling in my mouth.

Luna creates a barrier around everypony while I plunge my hand into Pholmo's chest area and leave the grenade behind her armour plate. I then used a combat knife to cut her hand around my throat off and kick her with all of my strength.

Pholmo goes flying about fifty feet away and I drop to the floor. The grenade detonates and Pholmo is gone once again along with the hive sword.

Luna drops the barrier and rushes over to me along with the other ponies.

"Mex?! Are you okay? Say someth-!" Sweetie Belle said before stopping herself when she realised I was fine.

"H-how? How did this happen?" Twilight asks.

"I'm not sure exactly," I reply.

"Without that creature's interference, I was able to restore the dream to its natural rules, meaning I have complete control over this dream once again," Luna said with a big smile on her face.

"Thank you, Princess Luna," I say while bowing.

Luna smiles and replies.

"I'll return us to the real world."

After a blinding flash of dark blue, I woke on the ground with everypony already having awoken and they started to help me up.

The crusaders bolted to me and hugged me tightly. With tears streaming down their faces, Apple Bloom said.

"We were so scared that we lost you Mex!"

The others just quietly sobbed while tightening their hug.

I began to cry just like them and returned their hug.

"I'm so sorry girls, I was scared too, forgive me for being so careless and making you that scared, I wanna stay your friends forever!" I tightened my hug as well.

I look to the others.

"Thank you everypony, thank you."

The four of us crusaders fell asleep after 30 seconds or so of crying and hugging.

"Thank you for your assistance, Princesses, we must figure out how this keeps happening and what we can do to prevent it from happening again," Twilight said.

"We will, but in the meantime, we should get these four home to a nice warm bed," Celestia said.

"They look so peaceful together, don't they?" Fluttershy said.

"Maybe they should stay together for tonight, they've been through so much and I'd hate to think what'd happen if they woke up and Mex wasn't there with them." Applejack said.

"Do you mind if Sweetie Belle stays over with us tonight?" Applejack said to Rarity.

"I don't mind at all; the darlings need each other right now," Rarity said.

"I'll go leave a note with Scootaloo's carers letting them know what's going on." Rainbow Dash said.

With that, the ponies scooped us up and took us to bed at the farm.

I'm awoken by the early sun's rays. I look around with my tired eyes and see Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo curled up to me on Apple Bloom's bed. I start trying to get up when the girls tighten their grip.

I lay back down and chuckle.

"Guess I'm staying here..." I whisper to myself.

Less than a minute afterward, the girls wake up and shuffle off me enough so I can wriggle my way out. As soon as I'm off the bed and doing a quick stretch, the girls wake up.

Apple Bloom gasps.

"Hey, what are you guys doin here? And where's Mex?!"

"Over here, Apple Bloom! I just got up about a minute before you guys and-" I was interrupted by a surprise group hug from all three of them.

"Morning Mex!" Came from all three at the same time.

The door opens and Applejack is standing at the door with a large tray of breakfast. She explains why we're all there.

"We don't normally do this, but why don't you four climb back into bed and have some breakfast before you come down?" Applejack said.

"Thank you, Applejack!" We all say at the same time. And crawl back into bed with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle directly next to me and Scootaloo next to Apple Bloom.

Applejack brings the tray over and looks at me.

"How're ya feelin sugar cube? You went through quite the deal last night."

I look up at her.

"I'm okay, nothing I haven't gone through a thousand times already y'know?" I say.

"It actually wasn't so bad; I didn't die this time," I say with a chuckle.

Applejack and the girls share a concerned face before letting it go. Applejack ruffles my mane a bit and then says.

"Alrighty, eat up and then go play with your friends."

"But, what about the harvest? Don't we still need to lay baskets for you to buck apples into?" I say.

"Nah, don't you worry about that, Big Mac and I have it handled, y'all just take some time, for me won't cha?" Applejack said with a smile.

"Well, alright, I guess we could do some crusading after we eat, right girls?"

"Yeah!" Was the enthusiastic reply from the girls.

Applejack leaves to go back downstairs as the four of us begin to eat and talk about the day to come.

"We could try baking with Pinkie Pie again! Now that we have Mex here, it could be different." Sweetie Belle suggested.

"Yeah! We could also try mountain climbing again, well, more like boulder climbing, but even then, we should try it again!" Scootaloo suggested.

"Okay, so we got baking with Pinkie Pie, boulder climbing, what about you Mex? What would you like to try for our cutie marks?" Apple Bloom said.

I think for a few moments before replying.

"Well, I'd like to try making potions, you know? I may even come up with my own potion!" I say while giggling, causing the others to giggle too.

"I love potion making! Maybe we can go to Twilight and she'll give us a lesson like last time!" Apple Bloom said.

"But that could be a you and me thing, do you have an idea on what we could all try together?" Apple Bloom asks.

"Hmm," I say.

"How about... sculpting? You know, making statues out of rock, wood, or even clay!"

"Yeah! That sounds awesome! We can make a statue of us for the clubhouse!" Sweetie Belle says.

"I'm sure Applejack will let us use some applewood if we ask her," Scootaloo says.

"Alright! We have our first three activities! First, we'll try baking some treats with Pinkie Pie, then we'll try boulder climbing, then we'll wrap up the day with some statue making!" Apple Bloom said.

"I really should write this down." She added.

I float a notepad with a pencil over to Apple Bloom who takes the pencil in her mouth and says.

"'hank oo Mex!"

"You're welcome," I say with a quick bow triggering another round of giggles.

After breakfast, we all get out of bed. The girls start to walk towards the door when I realise I didn't do my morning meditation yesterday, maybe that's why Pholmo is so easily assaulting my mind. My meditation strengthens my mind and body, and allows The Light to flow freely.

At least it did before I died and lost it. I call out to the girls.

"You go on ahead. I skipped my morning meditation yesterday and I don't wanna do that again, I won't be long."

"Meditation?" All three fillies ask at once.

"Yes, I do it for many reasons but mainly to clear my head," I reply with a smile.

"Well, alright Mex, we'll see you downstairs." Apple Bloom said.

The girls walk out of the door as I set myself up to begin meditating.

The girls, carrying the tray from breakfast go downstairs to find the Apples chatting amongst themselves.

"Here they are! Good mornin girls!" Applejack said with a smile.

"How'd ya sleep young'uns?" Granny said with a chuckle.

Big Mac nodded his greetings.

"Hey, where's Mex?" Applejack asked.

"He's still upstairs, said he didn't wanna miss another morning of meditations." Apple Bloom said.

"Meditation?" Applejack said twisting her head.

"Uh-huh, that's what he said," Scootaloo said.

"Let's leave him for a while before we get him." Applejack replied.

Three minutes later. Applejack and the fillies go upstairs to Apple Bloom's room and push the door open.

"Mex? Are you still-?" Sweetie Belle said before stopping herself.

In front of the ponies, the alicorn colt is floating with a purple aura surrounding him with his mane and tail flowing in an ethereal wind.

"Whoa." came from Applejack.

The girls all gasp at the same time which causes me to open my eyes.

"Ah! What the?!" I say before falling to the ground.

"I was floating! Why are all your eyes so wide?" I say.

"Y-You were floating! And your mane! It was flowing like Princess Celestia and Luna's mane!" Said Sweetie Belle.

"What? Really?!" I say in surprise.

"Yeah!" They all say together.

"Another mystery, I guess. Come on girls! We've got crusading to do!"

"Alright!" Said Scootaloo.

"Yeah! Let's go!" Sweetie Belle said.

"Yee-haw!" Apple Bloom said while rearing up.

"Back by dark Apple Bloom and Mex!" Applejack called out to us as we shout out our agreement.

We all run out the door laughing and talking about what we were going to do be doing today. Before too long, we arrive at Sugar Cube Corner once more and enter.

"Hey, crusaders! Special again?" Pinkie Pie says with a beaming smile.

"Nah, not today Pinkie, we were wondering if we could try baking with you again, now that we have Mex here with us it might turn out different!" Apple Bloom said.

"Sure, you can!" Pinkie says as she slaps an apron on all of us with a chef's hat.

"What're we making Pinkie?" I ask.

"Cupcakes, cinnamon buns, and a batch of cookies!" She replies while tossing ingredients out of their storage place onto the countertop.

Pinkie starts handing out tasks for us to do with the ingredients.

"Well... they could have gone better," Apple Bloom said.

"Aww come on guys, they aren't that bad." Sweetie Belle said.

"Are you kidding?! They look like burnt mountains!" Scootaloo said.

"Burnt mountains with icing on it," I said.

Pinkie Pie walked over to our abomination, picked one up, and ate it with a distinct crunch.

"Sweetie Belle is right; they aren't that bad! Just needs a little hot sauce, that's all!"

I open my mouth to respond when Sweetie Belle shoved a hoof in my mouth and just shook her head.

We all sighed and thanked Pinkie before leaving.

"I guess we try mountain climbing right?" I say.

The others nod and we head off.

Mountain climbing was a disaster too. Climbing ledges without a light-powered jetpack is very difficult, to say the least.

We are walking back to the farm to ask Applejack if we can use some Applewood for our sculpting attempt when we see Twilight and Spike walking towards us. Spike taps Twilight on the shoulder and points us out. They come running up to us.

"Oh! Crusaders! There you are!" Twilight said.

"We've been looking for you." She adds.

"Is there something wrong Twilight?" Apple Bloom asks.

"Oh no! I just needed to talk to Mex for a little while. Could you girls come by my castle in say... one hour?"

Apple Bloom was about to respond when suddenly, a pony I haven't met before yells.

"Oh my goodness! Is that an alicorn colt?!"

Ponies in earshot turn their heads and look at me. They start crowding me and flooding me with questions.

"Who are you?"

"How are you here?"

"How long have you been in Ponyville?"

"Somepony needs to alert the media! A historical event is happening right in front of us!"

I begin to feel overwhelmed as Twilight starts asking everypony to give me some space. Some ponies even start reaching out and touching me to see if I'm real. It becomes too much and I launch into a full panic attack.

My horn begins to glow purple again and my entire body is covered in a purple glow, I close my eyes.

When I open them again, I find myself in the middle of the forest but in an unfamiliar part of it.

"Where am I?" I asked catching my breath and looking around in a panic.

"I was just with the crusaders, Twilight and Spike. How did I end up here?!" I shout out.

The response is a deep growl that I only thought possible to come from a Cabal hound. I look around and see many pairs of deep green glowing eyes glaring at me from the bushes all around.

I gasp as four giant creatures leap out of the bushes. They remind me of dogs, but made out of wood and their breath smells revolting. Like if raw sewage was in vapor form.

They all roar at me and begin to charge.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Ahhhh!" I scream as I turn and run in no particular direction.

I can feel them getting closer, my guardian instincts kick in and I begin to zig-zag through the forest, apparently confusing the creatures and I gain some distance from them.

In the distance I can see the light of day getting closer, the creatures are closing the distance as I begin to tire out from non-stop running.

Suddenly, the closest creature leaps out at me and swipes at me, catching my legs and tripping me up. At the same time, I can hear voices calling out my name. I can't make out who it is but I can definitely hear them.

"Mex! Where are you?!" The voice says.

This causes the creatures to glance over in the direction the voice came.

"Mex?!" A different voice says.

I know those voices! Those are the voices of-

"Mex! There you are! Where did-" Apple Bloom said before being cut off by the roar of the creatures.

"Timber Wolves!" Sweetie Belle shouted.

"Run!" Scootaloo said.

The wolves surround us, covering any escape.

The girls bunch up to each other and scream.

"No! Have me!" I shout.

The Timber Wolves growl and snarl in return and get closer.

"You were hunting me! Let them go!" I scream.

The wolves pounce forward towards the girls and I.

"No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-!" I scream at the top of my lungs. I blackout.

The girls look up at hearing Mex scream so loudly and gasp at the sight. At this time the adult ponies arrive and their jaws hit the floor.

There, in front of everypony, is Mex, floating slightly off the floor with glowing white eyes; mane, and tail flowing in an ethereal wind, encased in a purple bubble with the crusaders, purple magical energy crackling all around. After a few seconds of this, four beams shoot from the bubble and strike the timberwolves and they explode into a million pieces.

The wind is blowing like a mini-tornado is in front of everypony.

"Twilight! What's going on? Are the kids okay?!" Rarity yells.

"I don't know what's happening! This is unlike anything I've heard of!"

"We have to calm Mex down!" Rainbow Dash yelled out.

"Apple Bloom! Can you hear me?!" Applejack yelled out.

"Yeah! I can Applejack, we're okay! What's happening to Mex?!" Apple Bloom replied.

"You have to try and calm him down! Try and talk to him!" Applejack replied.

Apple Bloom looked over to me and called out to me.

"Mex? Can you hear me?!" Apple Bloom yelled out.

No response from the colt.

"Applejack! He can't hear me!" Apple Bloom called out to her sister.

"You have to keep trying girls!" Rarity replied.

At that moment, Discord along with Princesses Celestia and Luna appear in a flash next to Twilight.

"Twilight? What is happening? There is very big disturb-" Discord said before cutting himself off.

"Oh..." He finished.

"Twilight? What happened here?" Celestia said.

"Mex and the girls were attacked by Timber Wolves; it triggered some kind of response from Mex. He can't hear the girls trying to talk to him!" Twilight responded.

Celestia's horn glowed, she and Twilight disappeared, reappearing inside the bubble.

"Mex? Sweetie? Can you hear me? Twilight said.

Mex turns his head and looks at Twilight.

"Okay girls, now! Try and talk to him now!" Twilight said.

"Mex? Can you hear me? Please hear me!" Sweetie Belle shouted.

"Mex! Snap out of it!" Scootaloo shouted.

"Please Mex! Calm down! The timberwolves are gone!" Apple Bloom shouted.

The magical storm subsides and Mex touches the ground again. The wind is still blowing fairly hard.

The girls stand up and rush to Mex, embracing him. After a few moments, his glowing white eyes fade and are replaced with closed eyes.

"Applejack?! Mex is asleep!" A panicked Apple Bloom yelled.

I opened my eyes and look around, I was in a bed with some kind of monitor beside me, I think I'm in a hospital.

Two ponies walk into the room, one a younger-looking mare, about the same age as Twilight and the others. And one slightly older stallion.

"Ah, I see our patient is awake. Nurse Redheart, could you please inform the visitors?" Said the stallion.

"Yes, Doctor." Replied the mare.

"Hello Mex, my name is Doctor Greymare, but you can just call me doctor, and the mare with me just now was Nurse Redheart. Do you know where you are?"

I put a hoof to my head and clear my vision.

"Uh, no." I squeak out.

"You're in Ponyville Hospital, your friends brought you here after an incident in the woods." Replied the doctor.

I suddenly shoot awake and sit up.

"The girls! Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo! Are they okay? What happened?!" I say in a panic.

"Calm down Mex, they are all perfectly fine, thanks to you from what I understand." Doctor replies.

"Huh? What happened?" I say.

The doctor is mid-way through telling me what happened when the door bursts open.

"Mex! Are you okay?! What happened to you?!" The crusaders all say at once as they bolt up to my bedside.

As I talk to the girls, the doctor turns to the older ponies.

"He'll be fine, the only physical thing wrong with him I could find were signs of severe exhaustion. Undoubtedly caused by that massive outburst you described."

"Thanks, Doctor." Applejack said.

"Oh, he'll need to stay tonight for observation, but worry not. It's just so he rests under supervision." The Doctor said.

The older ponies nodded and came to join the crusaders by my bedside.

"Hey Mex! How are you feeling?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Uh, well. You know. Confused, tired. The last thing I remember was seeing those wood creatures approaching the girls. The next thing I know, I'm waking up here. What happened?"

The older ponies tell me what happened.

"And after that, you kinda just fell asleep." Applejack said.

"We brought you here afterward," Fluttershy said.

Twilight approaches me and says.

"Mex, I spoke with Princess Celestia and Luna about what happened. We think you should learn how to fully control your magic."

"Okay, but how?" I ask.

"Princess Celestia wants to bring you to Canterlot and have you attend her school there," Twilight says.

"Wait, does that mean I have to leave Ponyville? I- I don't want to leave the Crusaders please!" I say choking the last few words.

The girls have tears in their eyes and come up to Twilight.

"Twilight, please! Isn't there another way?" Apple Bloom says.

"We don't want Mex to go!" Scootaloo says.

Sweetie Belle just hugs me tightly.

"I'm sorry girls, but this is for everypony's safety especially yours and Mex's"

"Mex's safety?" Sweetie Belle said looking up at Twilight.

"Yes, Mex, if you aren't careful, with that much magic, you could hurt yourself and others."

"Darling, how would you feel if you accidentally hurt your friends with your magic?" Rarity said.

"I would rather die a thousand times again than do that." I thought to myself.

"I would hate myself," I said out loud.

"Exactly darling." Rarity says.

"B- but, do I have to leave Ponyville to study magic? Couldn't I stay here and learn from Twilight? She's amazing at magic!"

Twilight blushes slightly.

"That's very kind of you Mex but I don't have any experience in teaching the techniques you need."

"But you do know them, right?" I ask.

"Well, yes." She replies.

"Please Twilight, can we at least try it? I am begging you here." I say with tears in my eyes.

Twilight sighs.

"I will ask Princess Celestia what she thinks, but I cannot promise that she will agree to it, she may want to monitor your training herself," Twilight says.

At this moment, I can feel a presence in my mind wanting to talk, not an evil presence like with Pholmo, but somepony wanting to speak to me in private. The moment I agree and let them in I am flashed to a white plane with nothing around. A lone tree made of pure light sits in front of me.

Author's Notes.

Hello everypony! Whew! What a chapter! Bit of a rollercoaster, eh? This story is evolving as it's being written but I am still brand new to writing. Any suggestions for the story? What could Mex and the crusaders do together? Perhaps they should try Sculpting after all?

I thank everyone who is with me for this story. I am really enjoying writing it and I hope you all enjoy reading it. Any criticisms at all are all very helpful and will be read!