Chapter 2: Making Friends

Naruto's Karma

Chapter 2

By, trex0428

(Kuoh City, Kuoh Academy)

The sun was down.

With the moon finally out now.

Naruto starts his scouting mission.

"So this is the famous Kuoh Academy."

After teleporting nearby a secluded area Naruto arrives at his destination.

'I can definitely sense chakra closer now'

Securing an advantage point Naruto activates his Byakugan, decides to look again before approaching them directly.

'So they have 5 members, one fallen and one youkai'

Waiting a little longer 2 of the girls stayed attending to the brown haired boy while the other 2 then started to pack things up and started to leave.

'I guess their little meeting is over, its now or never.'

As if on cue the chakra user comes out from school alone.

There came out of the entrance was a small white haired girl.

Following her for a little bit until she goes somewhere less populated.

'Taking a closer look at her chakra, it does seem to be same as mine but it feels different.'

Guessing it as even if they're the same chakra different dimensions different rules.

Observating her enough, Naruto finally decides to approach.

(Kuoh Town, Kuoh Park)

Dropping from his vantage point and landing softly Naruto speaks out.


Using a neutral tone Naruto slowly walks towards the chakra user.

Although startled by the sudden voice.

The white haired girl manages to cool her features before looking back towards Naruto and answer his call.


Stopping in front of the girl while shoving hands inside his pockets.

"I'd like to ask you something"

Carefully watching her reaction, not wanting to beat around the bush. Naruto continues and ask directly.

"What do you know about chakra?"

Hearing his question. as if triggered the girl visibly freezes before regaining her composure and starts to become more cautious.

"How do you know about that?"

Unfazed by the new demeanor Naruto replies with.

"Because i have chakra too, now i have answer yours, answer mine.

Contemplating whether to answer truthfully or not. looking at the stranger's face, girl answers with a calm tone.

"I don't know much about chakra."

Looking carefully for any signs of deceit and seeing none.

"I see."

Naruto decides to turn around and starts to leave.

"Wait! Where are you going?"

Stopping him in his tracks the girl walks in front of him.

"You feel human but you have chakra."

Slightly offended by her phrasing.

"Yeah so?"

Feeling a little intimidated by the nonchalant attitude.

"Wait here, i need to inform my master about a human knowing the Supernatural without her acknowledgement in her territory."

Raising an eyebrow at the term territory he still decides not to do as she says, Naruto side step her and continues walking.

"Don't care."

Troubled by the nonchalant blonde she tries again more forcefully.


Seeing that the blonde started ignoring her she decides to do it with force.

Approaching him with speeds a normal person wouldn't see.

She grabs his forearm with force and says in a cold manner

"You'll need to stay!"

Naruto starts to get really irritated replies with the same manner.

"Hands off or You'll regret it"

Seeing this as a lost cause Naruto forcefully shakes her off.

The girl shocked by the strength of the human in front of her pauses for a few seconds before assuming a combat stance.

Tense as situation is , Naruto decides to humor her as he just stands there with no visible guard whatsoever.

Leaping from her position she quickly goes into him, throwing a lot of punches.

Naruto just casually weaves in and out of her range while slapping any punch getting closed enough.

'Why?! can't i hit him.'

Seeing as the blonde was much faster than she expected she stops holding back and started to attack more ferociously.

The girl suddenly changed her tactics and began to assault more aggressively.

Although trying her best she wasn't able to land any hits and that was until he looks down and stopped moving.

His eyes suddenly opens widely.

Seeing it as a opportunity she punches him really hard conscientiously.

After a full minute of punching the blonde, he just continues stands there motionless.

Dissatisfied by the attempt Naruto finally decides to attack her back.

Suddenly he grabs her left hand fully extended.

He then knees her elbow.

Effectively breaking it like a kitkat.


Hearing a loud crunch sound Naruto lets go of the appendage.

Waiting for her to recover so she can hear him say.

"Don't pick with the unknown, you don't know who might end up dead."

That moment he said that something change in the atmosphere.

Looking at eyes of the blond in front of her it was as if he was completely consumed by darkness.

Feeling fear for the first time in many years she then starts to tremble.

Naruto kicks the crouched girl so hard he sends her flying for a few meters until she hits the wall caving it in.

He approaches the downed girl slowly just as he was about to reach her.

Suddenly lightning striked the spot where he used to be and Naruto backflips a few steps back.

"Ara Ara, he manage to dodge that Buchou"

Looking to his left side he was greeted with three person.

The one closest to him was a black haired girl with an orange ribbon that had her outstretch and was probably the culprit for the lighting attack.

The second was in the middle of their group was a girl that has red vibrant haired with green eyes and by the looks of it she's the one in charge.

And lastly the girl he kicked was being held by a light blonde boy holding a sword that was aim towards Naruto.

"I see that Akeno! You! why did attack my servant?!"

The red haired questions angrily.

"She threatened me first"

Naruto nonchalantly replies while looking towards the unconcious girl.

"Then she has a reason! Akeno!"

Knowing what her master intentions, Akeno starts gathering lighting at her fingertis and then releases it towards Naruto.

"Yes! Buchou!"

Naruto just stands there and puts out his right arm out.

The group was shocked by seeing the blonde casually absorbing the lighting that was supposed to harm him.

Not to be left out the blonde swordsman quickly shakes his shock off and attempts to blitz Naruto from behind.

Almost seemingly teleporting he swings his swords towards to Naruto's back.

Only to be guarded by a pure black sword that erase the portion it touched.

Quickly dismissing the destroyed sword the swordsman summoned new ones and started his assault over again.

Swinging as fast as he can the blonde

Swordsman still couldn't outmaneuver and hit Naruto.

'How is he so fast!'

Naruto sensing something coming towards him braces for impact.

"Akeno Now!"

Hearing the signal the swordsman manages to avoid getting hit at the last second and dodges.

Shortly after a loud explosion occured where the blond was last seen.

The spot was consumed completely by lightning and red blacked energy.

"Did we did it Buchou?"

Asks the uncertain swordsman still in his stance.

"I think so."

Answers the red head with some amount of uncertainty.

After a few moments the dust finally settles down and in its place all that was left was some rubble and ash.

The red head seeing nothing left decides to return back.

"Kiba pick up Koneko and let's go back to the clubhouse, we still need to heal Issei"

Hearing no respond she quickly looks around only to see both of her companions knocked out unconcious.

"Akeno! Kiba!"

Suddenly She was hit by something really hard as she was sent flying towards another building.

Crashing really hard the red head could only look up to spot the ond who took down her peerage.

There flying above them was Naruto covered with purple marks now adorning an horn on the left side of his forehead.

"You should train your servants better Rias Gremory."

Naruto was able to discern the indentity of the girl infront of him based off the information he was given by the stray fallen angel.

After getting up Rias in angry quickly responds with putting her hands up and shoots magic towards Naruto.

Naruto does the same and puts his hands up but closes his fist while pointing with his two fingers.

There between his fingertips was a small purple chakra ball.

Aiming it towards the incoming attack.


Naruto fires off his jutsu like a bullet.

Meeting at the center both of the attacks cancel out each other and explodes.

Rias seeing her magic was canceled out was shocked as no human shouldn't been able to do that.

Deciding to end this Naruto shoots off like a bullet towards Rias.

Rias in her shocked couldn't even see the approaching danger and was brutally kicked on the stomach.

That the pavement exploded and pinned her onto the ground with such force it made her vomit blood.

Naruto still with his foot on top of her says.

"Find me if you wish to talk, i hope you calmed down and actually can be civil by that time"

Saying his farewell Naruto takes his foot of her and walks away.

Rias in her state catches what he said and watchs him leave towards a black portal, then shortly after she herself loses consciousness.

Well that took long to write.

Naruto destroys Rias peerage completely.

I'm just gonna say my version of Naruto is more brutal because of all his loss and with the influence of Karma he now has a dark impulse that i hope i was able to wrote well when he was about attack back.

He's still Naruto so he won't just kill with no reason.

Anyway please leave a review for some improvements and thanks for reading.