Chapter 4: Meet Sister Asia

Naruto's Karma

Chapter 4

By, trex0428

(Kuoh City, Abandoned Church)

After defeating Rias and her peerage, Naruto teleports to the other location where he saw some supernatural activity.

Quickly scanning his surroundings Naruto, approaches the the church. Already knowning what have they been doing after seeing it, He conjures up one truth seeking orb and carefully aims it at the top of the building to make sure the underground won't be destroyed, which he then makes the truth-seeking orb reduce its size to a more mini-version completely sucking every stray priest inside before they were even able to resist to anything.

'Mini Chibaku Tensei'

Sucking up the whole church into his blackhole, Naruto heads towards the underground basement.

Silently entering the underground basement, inside was a fallen angel, facing a nun that was crucified. Not wanting to hear more of her monologue with the nun, Naruto just aims his hand casually shoots an All-killing ash bone towards her head quickly turning into ashes.

Wanting to avoid a scene he quickly uses genjutsu towards the nun making her unconcious. Naruto then releases her from the cross.

Seeing as he doesn't have anything left to do, after grabing the nun, Naruto starts floating and then flies through the underground ceiling.

Hovering above the church for a few seconds, Naruto drops the mini chibaku tensei onto the church.

Not waiting for the aftershock Naruto conjures a portal behind him and flies into it.

(Kuoh City, Naruto's room)

The sunrays hitting her.

Slowly stirring up from her slumber.

The nun opens her eyes, she then pushes herself up into a sitting position, trying to remember to what happened last night.

"Hey, you're finally awake."

Startled by a voice that she hasn't heard from before.

Suddenly becoming aware of the unfamiliar place, she then looks towards the person.

Seeing a blond man sitting in the corner wearing a white t-shirt and black pants.

"I'm sorry, who are you?"

Says the nun in a timid voice.

"Yeah, sorry i forgot to introduce myself"

Naruto stands up and moves closer towards her.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto and you are?"

"I'm Asia Argento, nice to meet you!"

"Well, nice to meet you too Asia"

"So, what happened last night? i... i just blacked out."

"Sorry about that, i just didn't want you to freak out or anything so i made you sleep."

Naruto says with a sheepish expression.

"Oh, i see and what happened to the others?"

"Their gone. you don't have to worry about them, You're free now."

After hearing that, Asia in her delight sudden hugs Naruto and says.

"Really?! so, what i saw wasn't a dream! oh thank you! thank you! thank you!"

Looking slightly uncomfortable Naruto just gives in and doesn't resist.

"Don't mention it!"

Calming down a bit and releasing Naruto, Asia asks something.

"I'm truly grateful, but how did you know where i was anyway?"

Naruto not wanting to explain his abilities just says.

"Now that would be a secret, so anyway where do you live Asia?"

"Oh, i used to live in a church in italy"

"Ok, do you have any relatives there?"

"No, not really"

Her expression was starting to get gloomy.

'She's an orphan then'

Naruto concluded.

"So, do you have any place to stay?"

After asking that, Asia starts thinking of a place where she can.

"Look, you don't have to think too hard"

In which, Asia just nods her head.

"I know i asked you already. but can i ask you one more thing, you didn't know me, but still you save me why?"

The nun says with downtrodden expression.

"Because you needed help"

In which he answers with no hesitation.

Naruto after having enough of the awkwardness, shakes his head changes the topic.

"You're welcome to stay here."

Asia manages to smile a little and says.

"Thank you! Uzumaki-san!"

"Well, that sounds weird just call me Naruto."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure"

"Okay, Naruto!"

"That's better, you're hungry right? let's go eat."

"But i don't have any money!"

"Don't worry about it, i didn't cook anything so let's just go to the plaza"

"Is it ok? i don't want to take more advantage of your kindness!"

"Nah, it's fine i needed a haircut anyways"

The blonde's then headed towards the plaza.

(Kuoh City, Plaza)

Arriving at the plaza in the afternoon. it was absolutely filled up with people.

Deciding to wait out the rush, the blonde's immediately went to the food court.

"So, what do you want to eat Asia?"

Naruto asks in a curious tone.

"I actually haven't been to a place like this before, so i don't know what their selling."

Asia mindlessly answers while looking all over the place.

Being more intrigued now he then asks.

"We'll then, how is it after seeing it for the first time?"

Asia being distracted by her surroundings, didn't hear what Naruto said.

'She reminds me of a kid looking for a toy.'


Suprised by Naruto voice, Asia accidently squeals.


Looking towards his companion.

Naruto shaking his head justs lightly laughs at her actions and then starts heading towards somewhere.

"Let's go, i know an Italian restaurant in the food court."


Walking up a little faster she then catches up and walks alongside him.

After having their lunch, both of them heads towards the barber shop.

"Sorry Asia, can you wait here for a little bit?"

"Sure, I'll wait around here!"

"Thanks, I'll come back as soon as I'm finished"

"Don't worry, take your time"

"Take this, just in case!"

Naruto grabs her hand and gives her a piece of a paper before entering the shop.

Looking at her hand, Asia is now holding 10000 yen.

'Is this money!? he gave me too much already!'

Quickly putting the money in her pocket.

Asia now having her free own time, decides to spend it over the flowers shop nearby.

'I can't believe a lot of things happened since I'd arrive in kuoh town, so much so I'm still proccessing it but the biggest thing that i'm grateful is that i'm finally free now from them and i made a friend!'

'Naruto seems enough like a nice person, he did save me from them and i wouldn't have believed it, if i didn't see him do it, and he saved me even lf i was a total stranger to him, not a lot of people would have do that, i wish i could repay him somehow'

"Excuse me Ma'am, are you looking for something?"

Being pulled away from her thoughts, Asia turns her attention towards the person.

"No, not really I'm just looking around!"

"Oh, i apologize cause i thought i saw you like you were thinking about something and maybe i could help?"

Not realising she was that distracted just

chuckles a little.

"I don't know i was just thinking about giving a present to someone."

"If that's the case, then I'm sure you can find

a gift for them right here!"

"You really think so?"

"Of course!"

Which then the clerk started showing their flowers to Asia.

After an hour of having to hear a detailed explanation about all plants inside the shop, Asia finally picks one and is now holding a pink gerbera.

" you think they'll like?"

"I'm absolutely sure!"

Pleased with her choice, she quickly purchases the flower.

She then immediately heads back to the barber shop.

Shortly after, someone came out the door.

Naruto is now rocking a short blonde hair with a middle part wavy hairstyle.

"Oh, hey Asia. thanks for waiting!"

Seeing him come outside Asia instinctively hides her present.

"No problem!"

Although curious of what she's hiding, Naruto decides not to ask.

"So, how do i look?"

"You look good!"

"Thanks, my head feels much lighter now."

"That's great! Umm hey...i want to give you something!"

"Sure, what is it?"


Asia slowly holds out the present for Naruto.

"A flower...? thanks"

"No, lt should be me thanking you!"

Asia shakes her head and says sincerely.

"It was nothing."

"But still thank you Naruto!"

"You're welcome!"

In which Asia smiles brightly.

"Where are we heading now?"

"Let's go shop for some clothes"

Buying and trying a lot of clothes for Asia,

making sure she has all her essential things.

Naruto comes up to the receptionist and asks her to send their items to their house.

The two grabs some starbucks and then exits the plaza.

(Kuoh City, Streets)

Both blonde's were walking back home peacefully just basking in the presence of the night with it's silence.

When suddenly a teleportation spell manifests ln front of them.

There stepping outside the spell was a gentle-looking, handsome young man with dark-green hair.

"Greetings. my name is Diodora Astaroth. It's a pleasure meeting you Asia Argento."

After hearing the devil mention Asia's name

Naruto immediately becomes cautious.

Looking towards at Asia, Naruto sees the recognition in her eyes

"Do you know him Asia?"

Caught-up in a trance Asia didn't answer.

Not expecting an answer from her Naruto insteads diverts his attention towards the devil.

"Who the hell are you?"

The devil just smiles at Asia and ignores Naruto's question.

He then starts his walk towards them.

Letting him in closer, Naruto pats Asia in the shoulder. breaking her out of her trance.

"Hey, you alright?"

Naruto says with a worried tone.

Asia despite looking like she was remembering something horrible held strong.

"Yes, I'm fine now thank you Naruto."

Although not completely convince Naruto relents and releases his hold after hearing her answer.

Standing in front of them, the devil kneels down and takes Asia's hand and kisses it.

Suprised by the sudden action Asia quickly takes her hand back and moves away from the devil.

Still kneeling the devil just keeps his smile and stands back up then proceeds to walk towards Asia again.

Having enough Naruto interferes the devil and states his thoughts.

"Hey, cut it off. she doesn't feel comfortable around you."

Diodora just sticks his hand towards Naruto's face and blast his head at zero distance.


After unleashing the attack the whole street pavement was cracked and all the light pole went crashing down.


Asia stood shock at what just happen, her friend was suddenly blasted to ashes for protecting her.

As if sensing her anguish, Diodora quickly close the gap between them and starts touching Asia.

"Now, that the pest is gone. I'll collect you now Asia."

Using all her willpower Asia pushes him away and quickly puts some distance between them.


Uncharacteristically for Asia to raise her voice and slaps Diodora face. Suprised both of them even herself.

"My my Asia, i didn't think you had in you."

Diodora just licks his lips and approaches Asia.

Asia trying to her best but couldn't move her body.

'Why?! can't i move!'

Diodora reaches Asia and continues touching her.

"Don't worry Asia, i just cast a spell when i touched you earlier."

Asia's eyes slowly loses their light and starts to look glazed.

"We'll look at that, hypnosis complete. how wonderful!"

Certain that Asia couldn't do anything Diodora starts roam over her.

"You know, my original plan was to have you fall in the pits of despair first, then once you've reach the very buttom that you're so desperate for help, thats where I'll appear and save you, then proceed to add you to my collection, shame though even if it didn't go as plan i can still do it so no worries, say hello to your new life Asia."

As Diodora creates a teleportation circle and bring Asia with him.

"You're exactly the piece of shit, that i imagine you to be"

Naruto says while standing still where he was blasted, unharmed, hearing all what he said and reaching the limit of his patience he decides to finally intervene after confirming his intentions.

Slowly turning towards him, Diodora sees Naruto and gets slightly surprise seeing the human he blasted was perfectly fine.

He gets out of crater and on jumps to the street without any sound Naruto casually walk towards them.

Diodora stops conjuring the teleportation circle and blast Naruto again.

"That should do it, finally! wha...what!"

But instead of turning into ash Naruto brushes Diodora's attack like nothing and continues his walk.

His previous happy expression was now replaced with shock by the seeing human surviving his attack, he lets go of the spell and finally starts to focus his attention towards him and powers up.

He then tries to blast him again and again.

Seeing that it's not working, he proceeds to try to punch him.

Which Naruto in kind just dodges all of it.

Frustrated by the human, Diodara loses his composure, starts whining.


Naruto seeing the opening moves instantly behind Diodora while looking at the opposite side.

Naruto slams his right hand behind Diodora's back.

Not giving Diodora any time to reel in the pain, Naruto quickly backspin-kicks him.

Teleporting to the spot where he would land Naruto continues his assault by elbowing his stomach and follows up with a punch to the face sending Diodora flying into an abandoned building.

Slowly walking Naruto follows Diodora inside the abandoned building.

Seeing the devil laying under a completely collapse rubble.

Approaching the down Diodora, Naruto grabs onto his hair and drags him out.


Ignoring the pleas of the arrogant devil Naruto brings Diodora's face closer.

Even seeing the devil crying.

Pleading for mercy Naruto doesn't feel any remorse instead he starts to feel more anger that his sight starts become more black.

Having enough Naruto decides Diodora's punishment.

"Now then, How do you want to die?"

Hearing the threat of imminent death Diodora start to cry harder and starts bargaining.


"You can't stop destroying things can you?"

Trying his hardest to get out of the grip off him, Diodara looks at Naruto face.

Only to see an expressionless face.

Seeing that reaction made Diodora more frighten.

Naruto then starts to pull back his arm back and punches Diodora's face.

Over and Over again.

Naruto didn't stop punching until Diodora's face look completely destroyed pancake.

Naruto was about to end Diodora's life, but was interrupted when someone grabbed onto his arm.

Looking at the owner, it was none other than Asia.

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