Sophia Granger was going to a college party with her older sister Renae. Their parents and younger sister, Alexas were visiting their grandmother Belany Dagworth- Granger. She was sad not to see her grandmother, but excited to be going to a party, now that finals were over. Having just turned sixteen, she was now considered an adult by her twenty year old sister. It was funny, they were all about four years apart.

The party was great, she had dressed up and looked like a incoming freshman. There were no jocks at the party, per se. But a few athletic overachievers. Renae was hanging about with the highest achieving school wise scorer of the footy team.

She was careful not to drink more than an ale every hour with food in-between. She suddenly woke up naked, blood on the sheets with a guy. Her movements woke the guy. He groaned. "Where the bloody hell am I?" Gideon and Fabian, I'm going to kill you! That is when his blurry eyes saw the blood and the obvious young girl, having grab clothes and trying to flee. 'James is going to kill me and Remus be disappointed. I must never tell anyone about this.'

The lust and love potioned whiskey had done a number on the party. The Prewett twins knew that only of age tight wad girls and guys went to this party. So spiked all the weak liquor. Sirius hit Sophie with a stunner, obliviated her of what he looked like, putting in her mind that she fell, a girl helped he see that she liked girls and fake dongs. He was going to chew them out for this, the Twins birthday party was not to have been this way.

He dragged Peter out, found the twins and apparated them all to the Potters. He never thought to cast the contraceptive charm on the young girl. He always asked if they had done it and if leery or they couldn't, he did it. He did not realize that she did not know it. He scratched up a notch on his bed.

Years later, Sirius is looking at Harry and Hermione in the cave. "You know Hermione, you remind me of a lovely girl I once knew, when I was much younger. About 15 years ago. It was the Prewett twins birthday party that got out of hand."

"Really, that is what you are saying to my girlfriend, that she looks like some girl you shagged when young?" Harry did not seem happy. Hermione was thinking, that it was close and she needed to look up the twins birthday. "I'm not happy it happened, we were drunk, the young girl a virgin. I panicked and memory charmed her. That I probably should have spent a year in big bad AZ for."

"Were the twins birthday in mid January?" Her eyes seem wet. Sirius had to really think, as he was not very bright anymore. He had paid to be checked out. He was infertile, lost a number of brains points, but gained some magic points. The Dementors took intelligence from the emotions, but gave magic to the victim. He thought they were turning him and the others into Dementors also.

It was not till he was cleared by the goblin healers that he comprehended that Hermione was his. The bushy hair was a Black trait, just as the unruly hair was a Potter trait. As they stayed over, he got a blood sample and went to the goblins again. The test was positive, Hermione was his. He thought this through. He had a plan. He set up a will, gave Dumbledore his thirty sickles, and as magical guardian and as father, signed the contract. He didn't believe in them much, but this freed Harry and Hermione from Dumbledore.

The Goblins had everything ready to go. Harry's scar was cleansed. Sirius told Harry that he overheard the Hermione was to be given love potions for Ron at school. While Harry was given them to Guinevere. Harry was told by Sirius that he set up a contingency plan to prevent it happening. The thing was the contract and ancient laws had a consequence. The Grangers were squibs of the Dagworth-Granger Family. Thereforth Hermione was magical head. Thereforth Harry is marrying the Granger unmarried women, as the squibs automatically became magical consorts, with no say. They would reject other males and be sexually drawn to Harry. It would be harder and harder to stop them from being with Harry. Thirty-one year old Sophie, fifteen year old Hermione, and surprisingly, Alexas, the twenty-seven year old younger sister. Sirius in the set up, just thought they needed to get together sooner, than later.

No one but the Goblins knew of the new will. First Dumbledore got his thirty pieces of silver, a King James Bible turned to Matthew 26:15. He set up a type of Doomsday device using expansion charms and muggle nitroglycerine. If he died, he died. If not then his provision, releasing Lordship to Harry and his betrothed, would work. It was big news, Azkaban had the Aurors evacuate, the island, all the Death Eaters attacking, Voldy and Nagini disappeared into a wormhole of the space time continuum. This still left the Locket, Tiara, and Cup (in soon to be Harry's inherited vaults from the deaths and extinctions of families). Luckily magic in all goblin done betrothal contracts, did not interfere with multiple wives as long as line continuation, last male, or multiple titles as heads of different families.

Sirius claimed rights of conquest, so Harry would get all their vaults. All the Death Eaters were vassal/property of Tom Marvolo Riddle. Since Horcruxes are not living, the scar gone used by the Goblins to locate and clean the Locket, Tiara, Ring and Cup. The Right of Conquest succeeded. Then Sirius sent his activation code and started his retirement to Hawaii in the USA.