Well, here is the Christmas special to Hurt and Pain turn into Love and Eternity. While I'm not done with the other story, because of the holidays I felt like writing this special. This is my first time writing a lemon, so please bear with me on that. It may not be good, but for the main story hopefully I'll be better. This has flashback scenes that I will be implementing into the main story, so if you see read it during the main story know why.

I hope you enjoy this!

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail

Have a holly jolly Christmas

It's the best time of the year

Now I don't know if there'll be snow

But have a cup of cheer

Have a holly jolly Christmas

And when you walk down the street

Say hello to friends you know

And everyone you meet

The Christmas song was heard through the house and up to the bedroom and that's what Gajeel woke up to. He felt his right side empty and cold and realized that Lucy must've gotten up early.

It's three days before Christmas. That means she wants to finish decorating and wrapping gifts. I swear, every year she gets worse. I'm just glad that we're able to put everything that's happened the past year and a half behind us.

Gajeel laid in bed a bit longer, thinking about everything that's happened. He knows that it'll still take a lot longer for Lucy and him to even be able to treat Natsu and Levy like they did before, but for now they're okay with being cordial to them. Ever since Levy had Natsu's kid and they mated, both of them decided to forgive them. They wouldn't forget soon, but they could forgive them. They just couldn't be close like they used. Not now at least. A year and a half doesn't change much.

Ho ho the mistletoe

Is hung where you can see

Somebody waits for you

Kiss her once for me

Gajeel continued to lay in their shared bed and thought about the first Christmas he and Lucy spent together as soon as he heard the next part of the song. That was the day he finally realized what his dragon was trying to tell him since the day Lucy and him found their partners cheating.

It was Christmas Eve and the party was in full swing at Fairy Tail. The guild had invited other guilds along for the holidays as aside from getting individual gifts for people they also chose to do a secret Santa. Mira was running around behind the bar along with Kinana and Lisanna when she heard the guild doors open. She looked up and smiled at what she saw. She noticed that lately Gajeel and Lucy were getting even closer, but she also saw that Gajeel was getting a bit more gruff than normal. She still hasn't figured out why, but she knows that the other dragon slayers aside from Natsu (she still hasn't fully forgiven him and Levy for what they did, even if it was unwilling on their end and they were victims also) knew why Gajeel was being more gruff with everyone but Lucy. She's still miffed that they won't tell her.

She continued to stare at them as she saw Gajeel grab Lucy's big, pink, puffy jacket and hang it on the coat rack, while he takes off his leather jacket and hang it on top of hers.

Oh Gajeel, thought Mira, can you be any more subtle that you're scent marking her. The others may not tell me much, but I still have Freed. She smiled mischievously. With the right incentive he spills everything. Well not everything, but now I know that it's your dragon instinct and not just you being overly possessive best friend.

She giggled as she still kept an eye on them while she filled out drinks. She noticed Lucy shiver and watch how Gajeel placed his hand on her arms and rubbed them up and down to generate some heat. Lucy smiled and said something and they both separated. She watched Lucy go to her team's table and how she gave Erza, Gray, Wendy and Juvia her 100 watt smile, but she gave a forced small smile to Levy and Natsu. She extended her arms out and Levy gave her the baby. Lucy cuddle the child, whispered something into the little boy's ear, and kiss his forehead. She watched how Natsu looked at her with wide, misty eyes and Levy sat there confused. Lucy handed the child back to Levy, said something to the others and walked to where Gajeel had taken residence.

She looked on, curious, but chose not to push it knowing that eventually she'll find out. She continued to follow Lucy up until the point where she sat down next to Gajeel and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled into him. He flagged down Lisanna and ordered something and Lisanna nodded and walked to Mira.

"What did he order Lis?"

"He wants a hot chocolate for Lucy." She said. "Guess the cold is really getting to her."

"Doesn't help that he has to choose the one corner where there's always a cold draft." Mira said giggling.

"I'm guessing that he's doing that because he wants Lucy to use him as a blanket." Lisanna replied giggling.

"Oh he does." Said a new voice.

"Cobra!" Yelped Mira, jumping in surprise at the poison dragon slayer. "How long have you been there."

"Probably around the same time you honed in on them entering the guild. Don't worry, Kinana got me my poison."

Mira sighed in relief. "So," she said with a chesire smile, knowing full well that he'll tell her what she wants to know, to a point, "what was this about Gajeel choosing that corner?"

"Well," said Cobra drinking more poison from his cup, "he willing chooses that corner because he knows how quickly Lucy gets cold and he likes it when she cuddles him. He's a closet cuddler. I've heard from his soul, that whenever they go on missions together be it camping or renting a hotel room they always sleep together because he likes to cuddle with her. And no, they don't do anything more than cuddle and sleep she-demon. He's bidding his time because he's still confused on what his dragon is saying. You'd think that he would recognize the signs, but no! He's still being an idiot. But back to what I was saying, yes, that's why he chooses that corner."

Lisanna and Mira giggled. Mira, more curious than ever, but after months of watching them and the other slayers she's learned to realize to leave things be. Lisanna grabbed the hot chocolate and walked back to where the pair was at. She handed the warm cup to Lucy and watched as she sipped the warm beverage, shudder and moan. She notice Gajeel tense for a brief second and relaxed once again. Except this time he brought Lucy closer to his side if that was even possible. She bid the pair a goodbye and went to the next person calling her name. Mira watched Lisanna walk away. She looked at the pair for a bit further and then went back to fulfilling drink orders and keeping Master and Cana away from the alcohol.

Gajeel watched from the corner of his eye as Lisanna went to fulfill his order for Lucy. He listened in at what they were saying. He watched as Cobra butted in. He gave a slight glare, but it went away as soon as he gave it.

Damn right, that's why I chose this corner. Bunny's cuddles are the best. He discreetly put his nose in her hair and sniffed. He loved the way she smelled of strawberries and vanilla. Except now she also smells like him.

He's noticed that lately his dragon has been clamoring against its cage. Wanting to claim Lucy. Before he could placate his dragon through other means, but for over a month his dragon has been getting needier. Giving him dreams about Bunny's leg wrapped around him as he pounds into her, giving them both unimaginable pleasure or dreams about him marrying Lucy and how their wedding would be up to their wedding night. The final dreams are what gets him the most are the dreams where Bunny is heavily pregnant with his child up to where it fades and a new scene takes place of her holding the baby. Sometimes it changes between a boy and a girl. Then it changes to her breastfeeding and so on. Those are the nights where he wakes up with a raging hard on that even a cold shower doesn't help. That's why lately he's been testier. He still hasn't figured out what his dragon has been telling him.

Stupid dragon. Is she my mate or not? A month. That's all it's taken for me to fall for her. I don't know if I'll be able to go through the pain if she's not my mate.

Stupid slayer of mine. What have I been telling you?

That she's ours. Ours to protect. But she's not kin.

No she's not. If she's not kin, but I say she's ours what else is left?

Mate. Is she a possible mate?

No. Not possible. She's our true mate. I didn't realize it until the day of the incident. Because we didn't speak with her much before aside from the time she would visit blue, I didn't realize the pull. You've always had two choices, but in the end you'll get your true mate.

So if what happened never happened, I wouldn't have been with Bunny?

No. In the end, you would've been pulled to her. It would've taken longer, but you wouldn't have mated Levy. The pull was strong but not too strong. Which is why you were hurt but managed to get over it sooner. It was also the reason why Bunny never felt a pull with Natsu. In the end, you would realize that Levy wasn't as good of a match for the simple fact that she's too fragile for you. Bunny isn't. She's perfect. She was made for us. She's smart, strong, beautiful, but most of all she's forgiven. Mate forgave us for hurting her before. She'll always forgive us for our mistakes just as long as we're truly sorry.

It's not like we'll be making mistakes anyways. I promised myself that I would protect her and be there for her. Now that I know she's my mate, I can do what I want. I saw the she-demon put up mistletoes. Now, to just find them.

Claim mate. Talk to her, tell her she's the one. Then ask her to either mate now or wait.

I think she might wait. We'll see. If she chooses to wait you better respect that.

His dragon scoffed at him.

Of course I'll wait. Mate deserves everything that is good. We'll give her that.

With those final words, he looked down to see that Lucy wasn't tucked into his side. He looked around and saw her handing out the gifts she brought. She has asked him if he was getting any gifts for people, but he just told him that yes but it was a few people. Only Lily, Wendy, Laxus, his team and her would be getting gifts. He noticed that she had two bags. One was where she has her presents to people at and the other bag was his. She looked up and motioned to his bag and he nodded his head. Getting silent consent to hand out the gifts he brought in. The gifts for her and Lily where under his tree, which she helped to decorate. They both agreed that Christmas would be spent at his house since the rest of her team, sans Natsu, were spending it with others. Which was why she only put up some decorations.

He continued to watch as she walked around the guild. If anyone looked closely they would see how his eyes had softened and his soft smile.

God how I love her. He he realized his words his eyes widened but softened because he realized it was the truth.

Before he knew it, Lucy had come back and tucked herself into his side. He was getting nervous. He wanted to show her what he feels, but since this is out of his comfort zone he doesn't know what he wants to do until he's heard the beginning of a song he recognized since it was the same song he heard when he was shopping for her gift.

The days are cold here amidst the drifts of snow

Just a metaphor of us so many Christmases ago

We had a love so deep just like the joy the season brings

So let's fall in love again this Christmas night

He got up and held his out for Lucy. She looked at him quizzically but placed her hand in his. She stared at him wide eyed as he led her to the dance floor where other couples were dancing.

"Gajeel," she whispered.

"I know this isn't normal for me, but dance with me Bunny?" He asked, hope shining in his eyes.

"Always." She said softly.

Both got into position and started to sway softly. As the song kept playing, he lowered his head and sang softly to her. She got tears in her eyes. He maneuvered them until he saw they were under a mistletoe. He lifted his head slight and brought his hand up to cup her cheek while he sang the up coming verse before making his move.

And every Christmas I'll be there

This time of year, we're both aware

We gotta fall in love again at Christmastime

And all the angels in the sky

Shine down on us as we roll by

We gotta fall in love again at Christmastime

She gasped and he used that moment to bring her into a toe curling kiss. He slanted her head a bit and deepened the kiss even further. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and tangled it with hers. They both ignored the cheers and hollers around them as they stepped even further into each other. They even ignored Mira's squeal of babies. When they broke away panting Gajeel spoke.

"I spoke with my dragon and he said you're my mate. Not just a possible mate." He watched as her tears fell. He didn't know if they were happy or sad tears so he kept on talking. "You're my true mate. He didn't recognize the pull since it was being overshadowed by the pull to Levy. And before you ask he said that no, I wouldn't have mated Levy. I'm the end I would've realized that she wasn't for me, because the one has always been by my side. We just never knew since we didn't speak as often. You wouldn't have mated Natsu also because there was never a pull for you. You both just thought there was, but there wasn't. So, my question, will you be my mate? My one and only? We don't have to mate now. We can wait."

"Gajeel," she whispered smiling as her tears kept falling, "I would love nothing more than to be yours. This past month I was feeling a pull, but I was scared. I didn't want a repeat of what happened to happen again. I fell for you over these past few months and now with this I can't imagine my life without you. Let's wait until a bit until we mate."

"Whatever you want Bunny."

With that he brought her into a kiss once more and then they heard the hoots and hollers of the party goers. He pulled away and brought Lucy into a hug, which she used to hide her red face.

"Listen up!" Shouted Gajeel over the music which was lowered once he started speaking. "Lucy is mine. My mate, my one and only so all you perverts better not look at her like how you used to."

Everyone laughed but congratulated them. Master called for more drinks to be passed to celebrate the new couple while all the dragon slayers, plus Yukino and Kinana as they're dragon slayer mates, rush to Gajeel and Lucy.

"Lucy!" Squealed Yukino. "Congrats. I'm so happy. I was upset when you told me what happened, but now you found the one!"

"Yuki!" Squealed Lucy. The dragon slayers winced. "Thank you! I'm happy you and Sting mated too."

"I know. Turns out I'm his true mate too. He didn't know until the first time we slept together. He didn't tell me until a year later when he finally decided to ask me out." Yukino giggled.

"Oi, Lightbulb," said Lucy, "you better not have had a friends with benefits arrangement with Yuki."

"What?" Asked Sting. Then he realized what she said. "No I didn't. Well we would fuck–ow Rogue! Anyways, yea we would sleep together but I wouldn't look for another woman. Like she said she became my only one then, I was just scared because of our past. But like you she forgave me so when I finally asked her she said yes. We mated a month later."

"Damn Stingy-bee," teased Cobra, "way to be a pussy for a full year and wait."

"Well what about you, bleach breath?"

"I only waited a month after officially joining Fairy Tail to tell her. But that was only because I was sent with Iron rod here for a final mission to find out who had the bounty on Tink's head."

Sting grumbled.

"Speaking of," said Wendy, "did you guys find out who?"

"Yup, but Master is speaking with the council to see how to go about it. They don't like the fact that the Starbringer has a bounty on her head from a noble. Aside from having ties with Queen Hisui, they don't want to risk the Celestial King's wrath." Said Gajeel.

"Well whoever it is, I know you'll take care of it." Said Lucy, snuggling into his side.

"Damn right I will. You're mine now. If I protected you fiercely before I will do it with more gusto now."

With that they all split and kept on with the party.

Gajeel was brought out of his musing when he heard the bedroom door open and watched as Lucy walked in with a tray holding their breakfast.

"What's this?" He asked as he looked at her. More specifically his mate mark which stood out prominently against her pale neck. The design of a silver dragon curling around a key with the stars surrounding them could be seen.

"Just a small breakfast in bed since you know, Mira asked us to come in and help before the party."

"Right." He said remembering Mira's request. "You don't think we could get in a quick tussle in the sheets?"

"Gajeel!" Exclaimed Lucy blushing.

"What?" He said bringing her in to him being careful of the rampart plates and cups on the tray. "Lately, the past three months you've just been smelling so delicious that I can't keep myself in control around you."

"Well, you will for now." She said, kissing his nose. "Now hurry and shower. We have a job to do at the guild."

Gajeel grumbled but brought Lucy into a toe curling kiss which left her red in the face and wanting.

Fucking Gajeel. Getting me riled up knowing how I am when I promise to help. Oh well, we always have tonight. I just hope he'll like his gift.

She played with the necklace she had around her neck. It was a small key he made with his magic and the jewel that represents Aquarius in the middle. That was his gift last year.

Wonder what he'll get me this year? She thought but quickly pushed it aside and went to wash and put away the dishes.

Once that had placed the last of the decorations they quickly bid everyone goodbye as they left to get ready. Once they got home, they quickly undressed and went into the shower where Gajeel got his way and before she knew it, he was pounding away at her hole and she was holding onto his shoulder, head thrown back screaming his name as he made her cum more than once.

They got out of the shower and started dressing. Gajeel was done before Lucy since his outfit consisted of black leather pants, black tunic shirt with slight red outlining. He didn't want to dress festively but he compromised in the design of the shirt once Virgo showed him the final product.

I'm doing this for Bunny. He thought.

He watched as she put on a red lace bra, with white outline and matching panties. He growled and how she was looking. He thought he saw a slight bulge around her womb area, but pushed it aside thinking it was seeing things. He kept his eyes on her and she stepped into her Christmas outfit which was a red satin fleece dress that was form fitting to her bust and mid center and flared a bit around the hips. It reached mid thigh. It had a fluffy white outline around the bust and bottom of the dress. There was a not so big red bow in the center of her bust which just made her breasts more alluring. He gulped, his saliva becoming think as he watched her dress. He adjusted himself without her knowing. Hating the fact that he couldn't make love to her then. He watched as she wrapped around her shoulders a small shawl made of the material as the dress with the same white fluffy outline and two white fluffy balls in the middle that held it together. She went to the mirror, placed the Santa hat on her head, bobby pinned it in place and turned around to face Gajeel.

"What do you think?"

"Fucking beautiful." He said. "It just sucks that I can rip it off and fuck you all night long." He said and he ground his hard on into her midsection.

"Ah," Lucy moaned, "tonight, after the party. I promise."


With a quick kiss, they walked about the bedroom, down the stairs and to the front door where they had their jackets hung. They quickly put them on and walked to the guild.

Twenty minutes later they reached the guild doors and heard the party in full swing. They stepped in and Gajeel helped Lucy out of her jacket and hung it up. Then he took his off and hung it on top of hers. He rubbed her arms to heat her up and told her that he'll be at the same table from last year.

"You know, I was told that you always chose that table because you like it when I cuddle you, even before we got together."

"You just now realized this?" She smirked.

"I had a feeling, but didn't want to get my hopes up." She smiled.

He gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Go, talk to your team. Cuddle Nashi and then come back. I'll have a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you." She beamed up and him and gave him a hug. "I also heard what you said last year. It's fitting."

"His parents made a mistake. I won't hold it against a baby. In the end, they'll be my friends again and I forgave them. It's only fair that, like Asuka, I make the same promise. It will be my promise to any child born to our friends and guildmates and any children we have." Her eyes widened at her slip up. "That is if you want children. I won't force you. I–"

Whatever else she was about to say was hushed by Gajeel's kiss. "Of course I would want children with you Bunny. I've dreamt of you swollen with my child and let's just later on you'll find out why I was more gruff last year."

She got a gleam in her eye that let him know she had an idea what happened. She kissed his cheek and walked away to go and talk with her team.

He walked to the bar and waited until either Mira, Kinana or Lisanna were free to take his order.

"Hey Gajeel," said Mira, "what can I get you?"

"A beer and a hot chocolate for Bunny."

"Finally tell her why you chose that table?"

"Nah. She had a feeling and someone else told."

"Probably Cobra. That man is whipped when it comes to his little sister. Same with Laxus. Don't even get me started with the twin slayers."

Gajeel chuckled. "They're worse since Yukino and Lucy are apparently a package deal. Especially when it comes to them being kidnapped."

Mira chuckled and handed Gajeel the drinks. Which he thanked for, left the money on the counter and walked to the table. He watched as Lucy cuddled Levy and Natsu's first born who was now a year old, since he was born around the New Years. And saw as Natsu helped Levy get more comfortable since she was around five months pregnant again. Watching them, even after everything that happened, he was glad they forgave them. Still will take a bit of time to trust them to an extent but they're slowly getting there. Watching Levy pregnant brought back the dreams his dragon gave him of Lucy pregnant and now he was hoping she would be pregnant soon. They didn't use any type of protection just letting nature take its course.

He watched as she went to speak with Laxus and his team quickly and then walked back to him. She quickly snuggled up to his side and sipped at her hot chocolate. She shuddered and moaned at the warmth it gave her. She felt Gajeel stiffen like last year, but this time she knows why. For once she's grateful that they're slightly hidden. She placed her cup down and shifted herself until she was straddling his lap. She placed her hands on his face and brought him into a searing kiss. She ground her core onto his bulge. He brought his hips up and moaned at the contact.

"Bunny," he panted, "unless you want me to fuck you here, I suggest we stop or I'll lose control and we'll give everyone a free show."

She hummed and kissed his nose as she sat back down. She smiled when she heard a familiar tune of a song.

"Let's go dance." She said.

He obliged knowing she recognized the song. It was the same song from last year. Except this time he requested it for a special reason. They quickly started swaying to the song. He moved her around until they were under the mistletoe from last year. He had gotten help from Kinana, knowing she was going to keep his plans on the down low until the time came to implement it. He placed his hand on her face and brought his lips down to her.

The days are cold here amidst the drifts of snow

Just a metaphor of us so many Christmases ago

We had a love so deep just like the joy the season brings

So let's fall in love again this Christmas night

He pulled away and placed his mouth close to her ear and started to sing softly. Once the song reached a specific verse he pulled away.

And every Christmas I'll be there

This time of year, we're both aware

We gotta fall in love again at Christmastime

And all the angels in the sky

Shine down on us as we roll by

We gotta fall in love again at Christmastime

He quickly got down on one knee and brought out a burgundy velvet box. The volume was lowered and everyone turned to face them. From the corner of his eye, he saw Mira holding a recording lacrima.

"Bunny," he started, "Lucy, last year around this time I told you you're my one and only. A month later you mated me. And while mating is like marriage, I want to be married to you. You're my forever. And like this song says 'And every Christmas I'll be there, this time of year, we're both aware, we gotta fall in love again at Christmastime, and all the angels in the sky, shine down on us as we roll by, we gotta fall in love again at Christmastime.' So, every year, every Christmas and every day I want to keep falling in love with you. While saying what I feel is hard, especially with a crowd," everyone laughed at his confession, "Lucy Heartfilia, my Bunny Girl, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Now and forever?"

"Yes!" Lucy exclaimed tears in her eyes.

Shouts and hollers were heard as Gajeel got up, placed the ring on her left hand ring finger and kissed her with everything he had. She kissed just as hard back. The cheers got even louder. They broke away and smiled. But before anyone could step forward to congratulate them, Lucy held up her hand.

"I have something I want to say. Virgo," said maid popped out, "can you bring me the box?" Virgo nodded her head and pooped away. "While I wanted to do this between us, I feel like it would be better with our friends and family."

Virgo came back with a silver box which was tied with red ribbon and a red bow on top. She handed Gajeel the box with the biggest smile he's ever seen.

"I hope you like it as much as I do."

His mind went to the gutter as he untied the box, but it quickly went blank as he saw what was inside. He looked at her and asked a silent question. She smiled and nodded her head with tears in her eyes. He smiled the biggest smile anyone has ever seen, which surprised everyone since they've only ever seen him smirk. He closed the box quickly, handed it to Kinana, who at that time had come with a tray that held two glasses of champagne. She handed the tray to Lisanna since Mira was still recording and accepted the box. Kinana was curious as to what could be in the box and even became more curious when she saw Mira trying to contain her squeal.

She saw what it was. Which means if she's like this it's because Lucy's–

She was brought out of her thoughts when she saw Gajeel hug Lucy's waist, lift her up, and spin her around. Both smiling and laughing. He brought her down and once again kissed her. No one cheered because they're all just as anxious to know what was in the box.

"Well," started Lucy, "we have news."

Everyone waited with bated breaths.

"Bunny's pregnant! I'm going to be a father!"

Everyone cheered and Gajeel once again kissed Lucy. Mira squealed loud, but kept recording everyone's reactions. All the slayers whooped and cheered, while Levy and Natsu smiled. Knowing they can be happy for the couple, but sad because they're still not as close, but grateful they could be here for them. Master was crying tears of joy, while the First Master hopping up and down while clapping.

Kinana took a hold of one of the glasses and told Lisanna she'll be back. Once she came back with a new glass she went up to the happy couple.

"Here you go you two," she said handing them the glasses, "Gajeel has champagne and Lucy, you have non alcoholic sparkling cider."

Someone cleared their throat. Everyone turned around and saw that it was the Master. A beer glass in his hand.

"My children, and friends, let's make a toast to this special occasion. Not only will we have a wedding coming up in the next year, we will also be expecting a little bundle of joy. To Gajeel and Lucy!"

"To Gajeel and Lucy!"

Everyone cheered and clinked their glasses to one another's and drank. Gajeel and Lucy clinked their glasses, wrapped their arms around each other and drank their drinks. Cheers were heard once again and people came up to congratulate them. The slayers went last, each knowing that they had a lot to say. Yukino hugged Lucy the best she could with a seven month pregnant belly. Once everyone had congratulated the couple, they bid everyone farewell and left.

Gajeel slammed the door open and pushed Lucy inside, not once breaking their kiss. Lily had chosen to stay the night with Wendy already knowing what was going to happen back at the cabin. Gajeel kicked the door close and moved his lips from hers to kiss the side of her face and run down to her neck. Lucy unzipped his leather jacket and ripped it off his shoulders and started pulling up his tunic sweater. Gajeel worked quickly to get rid of Lucy's jacket and start to take off the shawl and outfit. Once both got each other down to their underwear, they resumed kissing.

Lucy put her hand in his boxers and wrapped her hand around his arousal. Gajeel moaned as Lucy slowly started pumping him and playing with the piercings he has. He quickly ripped her bra off and made quick work of her panties. He pulled a nipple into her mouth while his hand played with the other.

"Ah," moaned Lucy, "fuck Gajeel…so good."

"Fuck Bunny," growled Gajeel into Lucy's breast as she played with his head.

He went to put the other nipple in his mouth while his hand went down slowly until he reached the top of her waxed pussy. He slowly slid his finger in her slit until he found her clit. He pressed on it slowly and Lucy almost bucked to the floor.

"Gajeel," whined Lucy, "don't tease."

"Fuck, you smell so good." He said, letting go of her nipple to nip at her mating mark. "Now I know why. I can't wait to see you swell." He said as his other hand rubbed her slightly bloated stomach.

His other hand still played with her clit, but he quickly plunged three fingers into her and she screamed out.


"That's it Bunny," he grunted, Lucy's grip got harder and she pumped him faster.

He quickly let go, lifted her up into his arms bridal style and walked to their bedroom. He kicked open the door and forgo closing it knowing they were going to be alone anyways.

He placed her legs on his shoulders and licked her slit. Lucy screamed out and writhed on the bed. She was close to orgasming. Gajeel nipped at her clit and quickly placed his tongue inside of her. The piercing on his tongue quickly hit her g-spot. He was thrusting his tongue in and out while Lucy was panting, trying to catch some air but finding it hard. Before she knew it she was orgasiming. Gajeel quickly licked up all of her juices. He glided up and rubbed his painfully hard arousal onto her already sensitive center.

"Ah," preened Lucy, "Gajeel…please…"

"Please what Bunny?" He said teasing her entrance with his studded tip.

"Please…" she breathed out, trying to get his dick inside of her. "Please…"

"You gotta tell me what you want Bunny."

"FUCK ME! Shove that huge cock of yours inside me. Fill me up with your studded dock. Just…just stop…" she panted being overstimulated, "stop fucking teasing me."

With that Gajeel plunged right into her. His hips placed a brutal pace that the only thing Lucy could do was grab onto the sheets and scream out her pleasure. Before she knew it she was orgasaming. Gajeel quickly put her on her hands and knees and took her from behind. Lucy didn't have the time to catch her breath before she was moaning even louder. She orgasmed once more and Gajeel quickly placed her in a new position.

As the night wore on, both of them were moaning and orgasming. It was around three in the morning when Gajeel gave his final orgasm. Lucy already on her side, face towards Gajeel as he reached for their blankets. Both trying to catch their breaths. Once he had the multiple blankets he liked to use on them, he stepped out and went to the closet to grab a few more pillows to surround them and make a nest of some sort. Gajeel and Lucy got comfortable.

"So," started Lucy, voice hoarse from all of the screaming, "was that what was done to you whenever your dragon made you dream of me pregnant?"

"That wasn't even half." He purred while he nuzzled her mating mark.

Lucy hummed. "Let sleep because after that, I'm spent. You really did me this time."

Gajeel chuckled. "That I did. But I'm also tired. We have to ask Porlyusica why I was feeling a pull on my magic. She may know."

"Mmm, tomorrow. Now? Sleep."

"G'night Bunny."

"Night." Mumbled Lucy already falling asleep.

"And goodnight to you little one." Gajeel said, placing a kiss on Lucy's abdomen.

With that he fell asleep with Lucy tucked into his side, her head on his chest.

Gajeel woke up to a little bit of sun peeking through the black out curtains he convinced Lucy of getting. He looked at the clock lacrima and saw that it was nine in the morning. Now, while normally he doesn't wake up at this time, he chose to get up.

Let's let her sleep in. Lily should be up so he can help get breakfast done and then I can bring it to her like she did for me yesterday. After that we can give out each other's gifts and spend the rest of the day cuddling and watching movies. He thought.

He left the bedroom quickly and quietly. He stepped into the kitchen and saw Lily already there making coffee.

"Morning Gajeel." Said Lily.

"Morning Lily."

"Lucy sleeping in?"

"Yea. We had a long night." Gajeel smirked.

Lily looked confused but then blushed. "Right."

"Help me make her breakfast in bed."

Lily nodded his head and went about helping Gajeel make breakfast. Twenty minutes later and they had the tray set up with all of Lucy's favorites and a cup of orange juice.

Not giving Bunny any coffee until we talk with the hag and Wendy.

Gajeel grabbed the tray and headed up the stair and to their bedroom. He opened the door softly and saw that Lucy was just waking up.

"G'morning Bunny."

"Morning Gaj." Lucy said yawning.

"Here. Breakfast in bed."

"You didn't have to."

"I know Bunny, but I wanted to. You're giving me something that I thought for awhile I wouldn't be able to have because I didn't think I'd find my mate." He nuzzled her neck. "I love you." He said gruffly.

Lucy started tearing up. "I love you too." She said softly.

They ate their breakfast with Lily joining them. Once they were done Gajeel took everything back to the kitchen while Lucy took a bath and got ready. Lily changed into his battle form and helped Gajeel with the dirty dishes. Including the pans they used. Once they were done they set everything up in the living room for what they had planned. Lucy came down the stairs and stood by the doorway of the living room watching how Gajeel and Lily worked to get everything read.

I can't believe this is real. How did I get so lucky to end up with Gajeel? I thought that after everything with Natsu it was going to take a bit until I could trust someone and date them. But then Gajeel was there every step of the way. Before I knew it, I fell in love and then I was scared. But I'm glad he confessed last Christmas.

She made a slight noise to let the occupants know she arrived. Gajeel looked up and smirked and motioned for her to sit with him. She did just that and then brought Lily into her lap.

"So," she said, "who starts first."

"Why don't you go Bunny."

"Ok." She got up and went to the Christmas tree. Just as she was about to get on her hands and knees she was stopped. She looked down at Lily who placed his paw on her leg.

"Let me."

Lily quickly looked for the present that said were from her and handed them to her. She thanked Lily and went to sit back down with Gajeel.

"Here you go Lily." She said handing him his gift. "I know it's not much, but I hope you like it. I had Virgo help me with it."

Lily opened his gift and saw that it nestled into some type of fabrics were two small swords. He could sense magic come from them. He took them out and placed them on the coffee table and took out the fabrics which he noticed were a type of battle uniform.

"I had Virgo see if they could forge swords that held some celestial magic. That magic would let you know if I'm ever in trouble and vice versa. Also, I had her make you a battle uniform which when it's not in use will disappear. Kind of like erza's requip."

"I love it Lucy. Thank you." He said walking up to her and giving her a hug.

She looked over at Gajeel and handed him his gift. "It's not as good as the gift I gave you at the guildhall yesterday, but it's something small."

"Bunny, you didn't have to. Yesterday's gift was enough."

"I know, but I wanted to."

Gajeel smiled and pecked her lips. He unwrapped his gift and opened the small box. He moved around the paper and noticed nuzzled inside a necklace. He pulled it out and took a closer look. He saw a dragon at the end of the chain with little colored jewels hanging.

"I had Virgo see if a dragon that looked like Metalicana could be forged and then I bought the jewels. The jewels represent us, as in Lily, me, you and our little one. I don't know yet if we're only have one or more since knowledge of slayer births haven't been recorded, but if we do have more than one we can go buy another jewel."

"It's perfect." He said giving her a chaste kiss."

Lily got up to get his gift for them. He gave Gajeel a pass for the local junkyard, where he could eat all of the scrap metal he wanted since the owner is looking for a way to get rid of all the metal he has. He gave Lucy a gift card for a bookstore so she can go and get more books to fill the shelves she has that are empty. Both mages said thanks to the exceed and Lucy gave him a hug.

Gajeel got up and grabbed his gifts to them and quickly went back to cuddling Lucy. He gave Lily his gift, which he promptly opened and saw that it was a bed spread with kiwis on it and a fuzzy kiwi printed blanket. Lily thanked the dragon slayer.

"Here you go Bunny." He said handing Lucy her gift.

She smiled at the man and went to open the present. Once she got the wrapping paper off and opened the box, she moved around the paper in there and noticed a piece of metal. She got a hold of it and pulled it out.

"Gajeel," whispered Lucy, "it's beautiful? You did this?" She asked and she fingered the charm bracelet he gave her. She saw all the small charms on there. All twelve zodiac keys. A charm to represent the celestial king. A key with a heart and an 'L' engraved that represented her. A charm to represent her parents. A small dragon to represent himand a mini Lily. A small Fairy Tail symbol. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

"Yea. It was hard, but you were worth it. And when our baby or babies are born I will make something to represent them also."

"This must've been hard."

"It was, but like I said, you're worth it. Never forget that."

She quickly scrambled onto his lap and kissed him hard. While kissing Gajeel grabbed the bracelet and placed it on her wrist. They broke away smiling and went back to cuddling while Lily turned on the lacrima tv and player to watch the movies they choose.

That was how they spent their second Christmas together. Cuddles under mounds of blankets and on top of many pillows, sipping hot cocoa and eating cookies that Lucy had made for Christmas the day before.

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