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Chapter 1: THE TRUTH!

Oliver stood in front of Laurel's doorway he took a breath before knocking. Laurel answered and just

looked at him

"Hi, can we talk?" He asked so quickly. Leaving Laurel slightly confused as they both stood in her apartment doorway. Worry begin to take hold of her worry at Oliver's expression. Seconds passed in complete silence.

Then finally she broke the silence. By asking "What do you want to talk about?" Oliver realizing the hallway wasn't perhaps the best place for this conversation, assured himself inside.

Once inside Oliver felt himself trembling. Staring into her beautiful green eyes. He took a deep breath.

"Wow, I thought this was gonna be easier to say. But standing here looking at you…."

"Just say what you have to say and go, okay?" Laurel was now getting impatient and nervous at the same time.

"Ever since I've been back we've been doing this dance. We come together and then I pull away. Something pulls me away." Taking her hand, he said, "But I think, finally, that something might be over."

"What are you trying to say?"

"That you know me better than anyone. And that you are more important to me than anyone. I just hope I didn't wait too long to say it."

"I'm the Hood"

"Why are you telling me now, Ollie? Why now?" His heart thumped, his eyes meeting hers.

"Laurel, you know me better than anyone. You've been suspicious of my behavior for months you see through my act. I'm done pulling away"

Laurel smiled, her eyes became wet with tears. He continued "I love you Dinah Laurel Lance" With that, she jumped into his arms. That night the two lovers rediscovered each other's bodies and how perfectly they fit together.

After going two rounds, the couple just lay there naked enjoying each other's closeness. Neither wanting to let it go. They'd stayed this way until Oliver's phone went off.

"Mmm…. Ollie?" Laurel moaned in protest as Oliver reached for his phone untangling themself from her. "John, what is it?" he asked with a remorseful look on his face.

"Laurel, I'm sorry it's the mission. I have to go" He hated leaving her like this. "Laurel, don't want you to think that I'm using" Laurel frowned how could he even think that. "Ollie," she said reaching for his cheek "I understand, now go save the city"

Oliver without thinking pulled her in close for one last kiss "I'm sorry for waiting so long to tell you, but I wanted to tell you before I left. In case…in case things go bad for me tonight."

She was now trembling, at Oliver's words. "Ollie, what do you mean what's happening tonight?" She has struggled to hold back tears.

"Laurel, it's Tommy's father, he's behind everything. The Dark Archer who took the hostages at Christmas works for him"

"What!?" She shouted, unable to temper her reaction. "I don't understand Tommy's father" she paced the room. "Something called The Undertaking. Merlyn is going to level The Glades" He added.

Her eyes widened trying to process the information. All those people, all those innocent people, the CNRI, her clients.

Oliver putting his hands on her shoulder "Laurel, listen if I can't stop him tonight I need you to stay out of The Glades. I know it's hard but I need to know you're safe please Laurel"

"All right, Oliver. I promise." Laurel promised.

Queen Mansion

Laurel arrived, worried out of her mind. She hadn't been able to get hold of him. Fearing worse she drove out Queen Manor. Desperate to see him.

Raisa with a smile let her in without questioning. Giving her a knowing look upon seeing the hickey on her neck. Laurel blushed with embarrassment at Raisa's knowing smile.

Then she directed her upstairs where Oliver was talking to his mother. "No more lies, Mom," he said. "The Undertaking. We need to stop it."

Laurel's hand went to her mouth. That meant Oliver failed last night. Not wanting to intrude, she just listened. "Everything I have said or done has been to protect you and your sister."

"What about all those people in the Glades?" Oliver asked, you could feel the anger in it.

"I'm not their mother," Moira said.

"I spoke to Malcolm," Oliver told her.

"What!?" She cried an alarm, never before Laurel had heard so much fear in the Queen family's matriarchs voice. "He could've killed have you, he killed your father" she continued.

"And Sara," Laurel whispered to herself.

"No, Mom. Dad made it off the Gambit. We both made it to the life raft. We drifted for days. In the end, there wasn't enough food and water for both of us. So, he killed himself." Oliver said bluntly.

On the other side of the door, Laurel felt her knees buckle. "Oh God Ollie what hell have you been through?" She thought to herself.

"He sacrificed himself for me," Oliver said, pausing briefly he continued "Do you really think that I could go on living, knowing you sacrificed thousands more in my name? You have to help me stop Malcolm, we need to know where the device is!"

At the moment the realization hit Moira "Oliver you're him, you're the Hood"

Before Oliver could confirm or deny it, Moira's phone rang. "Malcolm? How can I help you?"

"I see. Thank you for calling," she said softly, hanging up, turning to Oliver. "Malcolm's accelerated his timetable," she said. "The Undertaking… it's happening tonight."

"No" Laurel gasped, this time in an audible voice.

Oliver turned and headed for the door. "Where are you going?" Moira asked.

Oliver turned, and said "Somebody in this family needs to put an end to this,"

"Ollie!" Laurel gasped, as Oliver opened the door to leave. He took her arm. "How much did you hear?" He asked.

"Most of it" she responded, turning to glare at Oliver's mother. "Ollie, go kill that bastard" she added with venom in her voice.

"Consider it done" he responded, before kissing her passionately. Breaking apart gasping for air "Laurel, please I beg you stay out of the Glades until this is over"

Laurel nodded in response. "Ollie, I'm coming with you"

"Okay" was Oliver's only response.

The Foundry

Arriving at The Foundry, she was introduced to His 'bodyguard' as well as "internet girl". Cute blonde she had only been recently met, she had thought fixing the internet was a sexual innuendo. Laurel felt embarrassed for even thinking about that watching her work.

Talking to her father through disabling the device. While Oliver and John dealt with Malcolm directly. Then everything suddenly began to shift.

"I don't understand dad disable the device" Laurel cried out ducking under the table dragging Felicity with her.

A short time later both Oliver and John returned. Both look defeated, bloodied, and beaten.

"Merlyn had two earthquake generators," Oliver said. "Your dad shut down one of them, the other one wrecked half The Glades, I'm sorry C.N.R.I. is gone."

Laurel closed her eyes, if she hadn't overheard Oliver's conversation with his mother she would have been there she would have been buried alive. Without thinking she ran to him embracing him trembling letting everything out. Breaking apart from their embrace,

"Oliver, we need to get you seen by a doctor." Laurel said as She noticed Ollie's blood-stained shirt.

"Hon, I'm fine, Felicity and John always help me take care of these types of injuries. I'll be fine." Oliver protested, knowing at the moment the city's hospitals would be overwhelmed by casualties. "Still, you should receive professional medical attention" she protested, worried sick especially about that shoulder.

"Laurel, I'm fine, I promise." He told her as John got out a medical kit. she kissed him and said "Okay," she finally relented, as John went to work, patching him up.

Once John was finished, Oliver rested comfortably on the cot. Laurel finally had a chance to take in everything that had happened. She hadn't slept last night after Oliver left, then today's events she was exhausted. She hadn't really slept in two days. Two days that had completely transformed her world Oliver was the Hood, going out nearly every night protecting the city from those who corrupted her she couldn't be prouder of him.

The island had scraped away all that he wasn't and revealed the man underneath that she always knew was there. She knew what she needed to do, she needed to join his cause to fight along beside him. Expand beyond just a list, protect the city's everyday citizens. But she needed her training self-defense classes wouldn't be anywhere close to enough. Plus she was tired of getting kidnapped.

I hope you guys this first chapter of The Canary's heart I have always wonder what would've happened if Laurel and Ollie stayed together this were this story comes from this will be i will see ya guys soon!