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So the premise for this story is Angel (finally) takes steps to help Drusilla like he did Darla, the steps being getting some mystical stone to give her a soul. Spike finds out, and takes said stone. But because I'm a lazy writer, I just wrote this scene.

When does this take place? Uh, I guess sometime during season 5 of Angel (I haven't watched it though, so…). Okay, that's all the deats.

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On One Condition

Angel tried to remind himself to be patient and calm; there was a reason, he was sure. A reason for Spike taking the Soul Stone. He just had to be patient and calm and listen and-

Kill him.

No, not kill him. He took a deep breath. He couldn't kill him, despite the effort it took to get that stone. Despite the fact that this act- saving Drusilla- it just might redeem him fully. To undo his greatest sin…what he wouldn't give for that…

Angel entered the office. As he suspected, there was Spike, sitting by the window in the corner, staring out it at the dark streets below. He must've heard Angel come in, but made no move to acknowledge his presence. In his hand was the Soul Stone.

Angel cleared his throat. ''Spike?'' No answer. ''What are you doing with that?''

Spike began turning the stone over in his hand, a little too fast for Angel's liking. He smirked. ''What? Want it do you?''

The anger washed over Angel again. ''Yeah, I would,'' he replied testily. ''Can I have it back please?''

''So you can what? Use it on Dru?''

''That was the plan.''

''Well, damn your plan.''

''Why?'' Angel growled. ''I have a soul, you have a soul. Why should't she get one? Don't you want to save her?''

''What do you know about saving her?'' Spike faced him, fury in his eyes. ''Don't you pretend for one second this is about saving her.''

''What else would it be about?''

''This is about saving you. You got this stone to save you. To undo your biggest sin or what not. This isn't about saving Dru. This-'' he shook the stone at him- ''would kill her.''

''How would it kill her? It would let her-''

''It would give her her faith back.'' Angel couldn't believe the tears in Spike's eyes. ''I was with her for decades. I head her ramblings, I heard her talking about Heaven and Hell and all of it. 'My Soul's black, William. I'm a dead woman walking. God wouldn't touch me with a ten-foot pole'. 'Hope Anne and Edith are warm in Heaven. I can't be there for them. I'll never see them again.' That's what she would say. Sometimes she'd laugh and sometimes she'd pull her hair out with the misery of it all. She's insane, Angel. She's insane and damned and ignorant. You give her a soul- it will kill her. It will make her afraid.

''She'll be back to that little girl you tortured and look with complete horror at all the things she has done and throw herself off the nearest goddamn cliff and- and this world will not have Drusilla in it. And I can't let you do that.''

Angel clenched his fists. He tired not to think of Drusilla as she was- pure and innocent daughter, walking amidst her sister. ''She has a chance at redemption,'' he tried to reason with Spike.

Spike laughed. ''Redemption? Mate, we're sitting here with souls, but trust me, if there's a Heaven, we're still not getting in. I know I'm not. Me and Dru- you and Darla always thought I was holding you back, not a proper vampire. I assure you, away from you two's prying eyes, Dru and I did things that-that…that if that little 19th century young woman ever even heard about, would have her falling on her knees in prayer. Let alone learning it was her who did it.''

Spike wiped his eyes before looking to the stone. ''Dru saved me. She gave me an existence. An existence I used to do horrible, horrible things, but an existence all the same. I owe her everything, even now. I will not let you inflict more pain on her than you already have, Angelus. You aren't doing this to save her, you're doing it to save yourself. And it won't work. I know it. And even if it did 'redeem you'…you're not worth Dru's life. You're just not.''

Angel was quiet. He watched Spike's grip on the stone, his fingers curled around it's edge, looking like he wanted to smash it right then and there. He still saw Drusilla, memories of her before she was a vampire, seeing him stalk her in fear, and memories of those early years when she was a fledgling, depending on him because he gave her no other choice. Watching her become madder and madder with every passing day, her sanity slipping from her with every horrible act she committed. That he pushed her to commit.

Spike was right. To force her to repent would be more torture for her. To force was Angelus' way of doing things. And he couldn't do that, he couldn't.

Angel closed his eyes. ''Fine,'' he agreed. ''I won't give it to her.''

Spike was suspicions. ''Really?''

''On one condition.'' Spike arched an eyebrow. ''You hang on to the stone.''

'What for?''

''Because one day, Drusilla is going to want her soul. I know she will,'' he continued as Spike opened his mouth to protest. ''She will. You didn't know that girl, the girl she was. I killed her family in front of her and instead of trying to kill me she tried to find refuge, tried to save her own soul. Don't you see, Spike? That girl blamed herself, that girl never called me the demon. She valued her soul and the souls of her family over everything. That girl will want to come back one day. And when she does, you have to be there to help her.''

The book that contained the spell he had planned to use with the stone was on his desk. He picked it up before going over to Spike. He held it out. ''William freed her from Angelus' power once. Let him finish the job one day.''

Angel had no idea what Spike was thinking. Slowly, he took the book, but made no reply.

Angel never saw the stone or spell book again.

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