As the seasons shift and the air changes, the team spends the start of their free time in Gallow's manor. With warm mugs and holiday cheer, they banter and debate how to spend winter vacation. Well. Sort of.

"We should start with Christmas carols!" Maka beams.

"That's dumb, it's not even snowing."

"It doesn't have to be snowing to sing Christmas carols, Soul."

"Yeah, well I think that's still stupid."

"Okay, who the fuck let Patty drink the adult juice?"

"What're you talking about?"

Patty clearly looks looks she can smell Martians and taste colors.

"...Um. I… don't think that's alcohol."

They all stare at her, some in mild concern.

Liz walks into the room, "Woah, Patty looks zonked the fuck out."

"We know," they say in unison.

"Don't jump down my throat, I just got here."

"... this is bullshit."


"This. is. BULLSHIT"

"Chill the fuck out, Blackstar."


Kid rubs his temples, "Can we please stop with the language."

"Why? It doesn't hurt anyone."

"Yeah, fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck."



"She wore a crown and came down in a bubble, Doug!"

"Who the fuck is Doug…?"

"It's a meme."

" W-whats a meme?" Crona asks curling into a ball, honestly afraid from the shouting.

Blackstar slaps Crona's back, "You see, a meme is an awesome joke that only cool people know."

"That's not what a meme is, Blackstar."


"I will throw down right now, asshole!"

"Guys!" Tsubaki shouts, "Can we please just calm down?"


"Wicked witch of the east, bro."



"Aren't there many witches…?" Crona says wearily.

Liz sighs, "Poor Crona and their last year's Gucci."

Tsubaki starts getting genuinely annoyed, "Seriously, Liz?"

"What, you see what they're wearing."

"Not the point!'

"I agree, that is absolutely the point," Kid adds, nodding.


Everyone looks at Tsubaki.

She huffs, balling her fists, "Can none of you be serious for five minutes!?"

"I mean..."

"I'm serious about how awesome I am!"


"Are we all procrastinating because none of us went Christmas shopping?"

"Um... what's Christmas?" Crona asks timidly.

"Well, it's a holiday where people come together and exchange gifts while cherishing their time," Kid explains.

Blackstar snorts, "Do you even celebrate Christmas?"

He stares blankly at him, almost bored, "My father is the god of death, do you really think I give a shit about religion?"

" right."

Tsubaki sighs deeply, "Come on, guys…"

"For the record, I still want to go caroling."

Soul rolls his eyes before taking the carton from Patty and reading the label.

"We don't want to go Christmas caroling, Maka."

Maka huffs, puffing her cheeks and folding her arms, "Well, then-"

"Guys, this shit's expired," Soul states.

"Excuse me?"

He turns the carton to them, "It's expired."

"Impossible! All of the eggnog should have the perfect expiration date!" Kid exclaims.

"Please tell me that doesn't mean what I think it does…"

"August 8th, 2008"


"Yeah, Kid, what the hell!? That was thirteen years ago!"

"It is perfect and you cannot convince me otherwise!" He retorts quickly.

Liz gags, "I'm gonna be sick-"

"Is Patty okay?"


Crona waves a hand in front of her face, "That's a no..."

"A hard no."

"Heh. Hard."

"Shut the fuck up, Blackstar."

"Fucking fight me!"

"I don't get it..." Crona mumbles.

Kid rolls his hand, "When a male gets aroused-"

"He gets hard as fuuuuuck."

"Blackstar, please."

Tsubaki sighs deeply, losing all hope, "Maka, please help me here."

Maka, annoyed, huffs, "Okay, so?"

"Are you even listening!?"

"You know, I was a bit distracted!"

"Guys, should we take Patty to the hospital or something?" Soul mentions.

"Hell no, we can't afford medical bills."

"Kid can."

"I beg your pardon?"

"This is literally your fault, Kid!"


"Are you fucking high or something?"

"Incredibly, why?"

Tsubaki takes a moment before walking out of the room.


They all watch the door for a moment.

"Should someone go after her?"

Liz groans, "I'm already an orphan, I don't want to be an only child."

"That's your issue with this?" Maka questions, befuddled, "That's your little sister."

They look at Patty, who is very not okay, but seems to be having a fantastic trip.

"No! If Patty dies, then I'll have to find new weapons, Liz has asymmetrical tiddies!"

Maka makes a face at him, "Seriously?"

"Guys! I got it!" Blackstar shouts, jumping up on the coffee table, "We can get bunk beds-"

The door opens again with Tsubaki in its wake, slamming it shut behind her.

They stare at her.

"Is everyone done collectively sharing one brain cell?" She says as if a statement, hands on her hips.

They stare.

"Good." She points to the blonde on the floor, "Kid, take her to Professor Stein before she dies."

"And throw out all your bad food!"

"How dare you call it bad food!" He shouts back, "2008 was lit!"

"Kid!" She scolds.

"Fine, I will!"

Soul walks over and drops the carton into the trash as they talk, "So gross…"

"Second, Blackstar get off the table."

He stares for a moment before getting down.

"Thank you." She takes a deep breath to collect herself before looking at Soul and Maka, "Now. You two."

They blink, glance at each other, and then back to her.

"Have you done your Christmas shopping?"

"I did my shopping early," Maka replies.

Soul snorts, "That's not surprising."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Maka narrows her eyes at him.

"You always do your shopping early. You're prepared. Duh."

She continues to squint before turning to Tsubaki, "Go on."

"Maka, isn't your mother coming to town for the weekend?"

"Fuuuuuck," Soul groans, throwing his head back.

Maka frowns at him, "I'm sorry, do you have a problem with Mama?"

"What? No, I have a fucking problem with my brother," He replies disgruntled, sitting next to her with a thump, "I just remembered he's coming and my grandmother is joining him."

"Wait, both of your families are coming?" Tsubaki questions in confusion.

"Ugh, your brother is such a diiiiiick," Maka grumbles.

"He's not that bad, I just hate hearing 'oh Soul, you should be more like Wes, he's successful and talented'," He imitates his grandmother's voice before letting out a disgruntled noise.

"He's a dick."

"Yeah. Yeah, he is," Soul mumbles, rubbing his face gingerly.

"Wait, so-" Blackstar starts, scratching his head, "Maka's hot-headed mom, Creepy dad, Soul's big shot brother, and opinionated granny are going to be in the same place?"

"Please don't remind me..." Maka sobs.

"It can't be that bad, can it?" Kid asks.

"You go take Patty to the hospital!"

"Fiiiiiiine! But for the record, you're purple," he replies before dragging Patty by the wrists, "Liz, stop hugging that panda and help me get Patty out of the genie's armpit."

"How high are you right now?"

"incredibly. What part of that didn't you understand?"

Liz squints at him a moment, "...Just get moving."

Tsubaki turns back to the two on the couch, "They're not all staying with you, are they?"

"Do you really think I'd let Papa stay at our place?" Maka deadpans.

"Okay, valid."

Crona raises a hand, "Um...Maka?"


"I thought your papa wasn't being talked to by your mom."

"He isn't. But, he begged me to let him come this year when he heard she was coming and refused to let go of my ankles until I said yes." She replies with irritation as if remembering the conversation.

"That sounds exactly like something he'd do," Blackstar comments.

"Death, I need a drink," she mumbles, glancing at the cabinet before getting irritated again, "But Kid only has expired food!"

"How does he even get a hold of food that old?"

"I think he orders it specially," Crona shifts uncomfortably.

"How the fuck-"

"He's rich and the son of death himself, do we really want to question his connections?"

"No. No, I don't."

Soul rubs the bridge of his nose, "We're buying tequila on the way home."

She groans, "We can't have tequila, my dad can smell it three blocks away and I'm not about to fuel his addiction."


"Sure, we can do gin."

Crona murmurs, "I heard that it tastes like evergreens."

"Like… The trees?"

"W-well, so I heard..."

"Hm. Yeah, I can see that," Soul replies.

Blackstar starts rummaging through the cabinets, "That's dumb, you should have bourbon."

"What part of I'm not fueling my father's addiction don't you understand?" Maka knits her brows at him.

"He drinks that too?"

"He drinks pretty much anything but gasoline at this point."

Tsubaki scrunches her nose, "That's unsettling."

"We figured he won't touch gin because it looks like water."

"So does vodka," Soul comments.

"Yeah, but he can smell that down the road, too."

"... Your old man is fucking weird."

"Don't even get me started," she mumbles.

Tsubaki sighs and pulls him from snooping, "How long are they staying?"

"Thankfully, my family is only in town for a few days and they're booking a hotel," Soul replies, slightly relieved by this.

Maka adds, "Mama is staying for a week. Or until Papa scares her off."

"Well, that's nice, right?"

She sighs deeply, "I hope so. I haven't really gotten to see Mama in a while, so I'm not sure what to expect."

"Does she know?" Tsubaki raises a curious brow.


"You know…" she gestures to them expectantly.

Soul lazily raises a brow, "Last I checked, her mom knows I'm a death scythe."

"That's… not what I meant," She mumbles, sweat dropping.

Blackstar snickers, "You should bring Crona to that shit storm."

Maka's eyes twitch at the thought of the conversations held if Crona joins them. "I'd love for Crona to join us, it's just-"

"My gran would not let the whole they/them thing go," Soul rolls his eyes.

"I get that a lot," Crona murmurs in response, "And it's okay. I don't celebrate Christmas anyway."

"What do you celebrate, Crona?" The mom friend asks.

"Oh, well, Miss Marie and Professor Stein have me come over near the season and we talk and drink tea. B-but, we have a very nice time together even if it's not a holiday-"

Blackstar snorts, "That just sounds like hanging out with old people."

"They're not old…"

"They're like forty something," He laughs, "Old."

"They are nice people-"


Crona puffs a bit, "Well, I'm sorry they're old then."

"Blackstar, stop it," Maka scolds. She addresses Crona, "It's okay. If spending time with them is what you enjoy doing for the holidays, that's what matters."

"Of course you say a dumb nerd thing like that. You have to spend time with your creepy old man."

With restraint, she turns to him, "I'm going to smack you."


"Stop it, you two."

"Ughhhh, why is everyone so uptight? Loosen up, get fucked."


Soul starts getting annoyed, thinking, "More conversations I don't want to deal with when my family shows up."

"Oh yeah, Maka's mom is staying with you. Good luck keeping your pants on, pal."

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"Don't play dumb, I know you two go out it," he snickers triumphantly.

Tsubaki swats at him, "Blackstar, that's rude."

Soul scoffs, "You're full of shit and have no proof. Now, are you done diddling yourself so you can have a normal conversation for once?"

Tsubaki cuts in, "Don't you still need to go gift shopping?"

Soul makes a face before glancing at Maka, "Can't I just add my name to the stuff you got?"

"Nope," She huffs, "You're not putting it off again this year. At least get stuff for your family on your own."

"But I don't like them."

"And I don't like my father."

"... Okay, fair."

Tsubaki sighs, "Oh boy…"

Crona pipes up again, "So you guys just talk and exchange gifts?"

"And eat a lot."

He smirks, "Heh, yeah, that's one of my favorite parts."

"Oh. Well, it sounds very nice."

"It usually is," he mutters, growing a frown, "Then again, it's usually only us and Blair."

"Is...Blair joining you this year?"

Maka replies for him, "She's not allowed to be home for obvious reasons."


Maka and Soul make a face, thinking about the horrors that could possibly happen with a sexy cat walking around the apartment with their families over.

"Obvious reasons..." Maka mumbles, shuddering. She glances up at the clock. "Fuck!"


"The clocks don't work! They're all at 8!" She shouts, getting up in a hurry, "We have to get up early to get Mama from the airport!"

Soul groans, being pulled from his seat, "Can't she just drive up herself?"

Maka snaps him a glare.

"Okay, I take it back. Let's go," he mumbles quickly, heading for the door.



Blackstar and Tsubaki stare at the door for a minute.

"Ya know, they didn't deny it," he states.

Seven days until Christmas…

The two sleepy-eyed adults make their way to the airport as the sun drools in the sky.

"This is stupid," Soul mumbles, rubbing his eye tiredly.

"Don't start," she warns.

"What? I'm stating facts."

"Just pay attention to the road," She huffs.

Soul knits his brow, "Did you skip out on your tea or something?"

Maka mumbles under her breath, "I left it on the counter."

"Well, don't take it out on me, I didn't forget it."

She sighs roughly, "Don't."

"You're the one getting upset, I'm just stating facts, okay," He states with some irritation as he stops at the traffic light and waits for pedestrians. He frowns at the train of old people crossing the road. "Are you fucking me right now"

"You know, if I was, I don't think we'd be pissed off right now," she replies without looking up from her phone.

"No, look at this shit," he growls, lifting her chin.

Maka seems annoyed for a second before seeing the issue and getting more annoyed, "Are you kidding me!?"

"It's seven in the morning, where the fuck are they going?" He huffs before laying on the horn, "HEY, MOVE IT, WE'VE GOT PLACES TO BE"

The elderly seem to completely ignore them as they creep along.

Maka looks at the time and throws herself back into the seat, "We're not going to make it in time."

"Like hell we're not," He throws the shifter into reverse, "Hold on to something, this bitch is about to go through time-"

Make grabs the oh shit handle as the car rips backwards and down the block at 50mph. She screams, "What the fuck!?"

"Do you really want to be here for another hour because I am too sober for this crap!" He shouts, making an illegal U-turn and speeding down the back roads.

"You're a hazard to my health!"

"I will buy you coffee or something, just shut up!" They immediately hit a speed bump and go flying.


Kami walks over with her bag and hugs Maka tightly, "It's so good to see you again, honey."

She beams, holding her snug, "I'm so glad, I've been looking forward to this for months."

"Well, I'm here now," She smiles, letting her go after a moment. She looks over and waves to Soul, who's leaning against the car. "Hello, Soul, how're you doing?"

He shrugs a bit, casually calling back, "Just peachy."

"Oh that's good to hear," Kami smiles, "So long as you're keeping Maka safe."

"Yup. Totally."

Maka sweat drops, glancing at the speeding ticket poking out of Soul's pocket.

"Let me get that for you," He says, going over and taking her bag.

"Oh thank you."

"Mhm," he hums, tossing Maka the keys, "You two get comfy while I take care of this."

She catches it with ease and unlocks the car, "Come on, Mama." Her mother nods and follows closely.

Soul pops the back of the Impala open and pops the bag in the trunk, closing in with a thud before walking over to the passenger side door.

"So, how has your traveling been?"

"Oh, it was wonderful, I just came back from-"

Two days until Christmas…

Soul groans under his breath as he looks at the clock, frowning at it as if irritated by its existence.

"You're just going to make yourself crazy doing that," Maka comments, trying to fix her hair in the mirror.

"You know, I never thought of that," He replies mockingly, "Why don't I just sit back and drink some eggnog, right?"

"Don't get pissy with me."

"Well, maybe I wouldn't be pissy if my brother didn't insist on us going to brunch at the most expensive place in the fucking city-" He starts, getting more frustrated, "And then being late anyway!"

Maka rolls her eyes, "You know it'll be worse if we don't go."

"I don't even want to fucking go. Can't we just fake our deaths and call it off?"

"No, Soul," She starts, touching up a bit of make-up before glancing at him, "We tried that last year, it didn't work."

He groans, running a hand through his hair and down his face.

"Hey, stop that," She tells him sternly, heels clicking as she walks over to him. Soul looks at her with a mix in his eyes. She sighs softly, fixing his shirt and tie, "It's just less than an hour."

Despite his annoyance, he gazes down at her fondly, his tone reflecting it, "An hour too long."

"Then we don't have to see them until Christmas," She finishes, smoothing out his tie against his chest before meeting his eyes.

He can't help but smirk softly at her.

"You're looking at me like that."


"You have that look in your eyes," She says with amusement, her lips curling into a smug smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about," He replies with a knowing smirk.


Soul let's out a breath as he glances at the door, "Let's get this over with..."

Christmas Eve…

With a groan, Maka squints at the sunlight before burying her face into her breathing pillow, "Ughhh….."

"We have to get up," Soul's sleep-ridden voice mumbles, his eyes still closed.

"Nope... Christmas is cancelled…" She protests, "Only sleep..."

A grumble vibrates from his chest, "Maka."

She tosses in retaliation, smacking his face in the process.

Soul cracks his eyes open to squint at her. "Maka…"

"You can't make me," her voice muffled by him.

With a huff, he pulls himself up, taking her with him, "Bet."

Maka frowns at him, then the sunlight, then the wall.

"Join the club. Now, get dressed," He puts her on her feet. She stays like that a moment before starting to walk back to bed, only for him to catch her arm. "Come on, we're hosting. We literally can't call in dead."

"Fuuuuuck, why are you right" She slams her face into his chest. Muffled, "Just let me die here."

Soul looks down at her, "You're not suffocating yourself in my tiddies."

"But you're so warm…"

"Maka, your mother is literally ten feet that way," he gestures to the door lazily with his thumb.

"It's fine, everyone knows…."

"Maka. No."

"Come on in!" Maka says cheerfully as she opens the door.

The old woman and well-to-do looking Soul look around as they enter.

"These are for you," Wes states charmingly, handing her an assortment of flowers.

She blushes a bit, confused, "Oh, you didn't have to do that-"

"Please, it's my pleasure."

Souls inhales deeply, about to open his mouth.

"The paint is chipping," The old lady comments, looking at the wall, "you should call your landlord."

"It's nice to see you too, Gran…" Maka replies before glancing to Soul with a reassuring look.

She walks inside, "So long as you have wine."

"We have some on ice-"

She hands her off her coat, "Could you take care of that for me"

Maka sweat drops, "Uh, sure."

Wes gives her a wink before escorting his grandmother to the table.

Soul grumbles, "I'm going to commit arson."


"Oh, you do not get to tell me to relax," he whisper yells.

Knock knock knock

Maka opens the door, only to be tackled by a hug.


Uncomfortably, she tries to pry him off of her, "Hi, Dad, let go please-"

"I missed you so much and the stupid octopus head boy you live with-" he shoots a glare at Soul, "-gets to spends so much time with you alone."

She sweatdrops, "Dad, we're all adults, calm down."

Kami clears her throat and picks up her wine glass.

Death Scythe looks over, frozen. "Mama- sorry, Mama- sorry, ah, Kami-"

She eyes him as she sips from her glass, "Spirit."

"H-how have you been? Keeping busy, ha?" He laughs nervously.

"Fantastic, thank you."

"And might I say you look fantastic too," Wes comments with a smile.

"Fucking kill me…" Soul and Maka murmur in unison.

Christmas Day

After spending a blasphemous amount of time with their families, the end is finally near. Food and drinks consumed, gifts exchanged, and most importantly, guest left.

Maka sighs contently, snuggling into his side on the couch. He replies with a similar breath. Humming softly, "Finally, peace."

"You can say that again."

"Thank fucking Death."

He chuckles, relaxing into the cushions with a sigh.

Maka smiles up at him, "Hey."

"Hm?" He tries to glance at her.

"Thank you for being a part of my life."

He smirks softly, "I should be saying that to you."

"Mm, well you still can."

"Thank you for being in my life," He hums.

She snuggles into him, releasing a content breath, "Finally alone."

Soul smirks down at her, "Yeah."


"Just the two of us."


"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Maka teases, "Am I?"

Chuckling, Soul comments, "Are you telling me now you're not in the mood? You've been trying to hint at it all week."

"Well, now I'm tired," she replies contently.

"Fickle woman," He sighs fondly.

"Merry Christmas, Ass-wipe."

"Fuck you too."

"That's the plan."

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a happy holiday!

- Warrior