"That horrid chakra. It's back."

Ashura and Indra. The cause of his mother's demise and the absolute bane of its existence. His existence had been marked by his attempts to interfere in their lives. Assassination attempts, attacks on their love ones, striking them while they're at their lowest.

Yet, they returned. Thankfully for him, the two souls were constantly in conflict and never reached the true potential of their power.

Now, he was tired. It had been centuries and he missed his mother. He knew she was waiting for him and the agonizing thought of her stuck in limbo ate away at him. He needed to act. But in order to act, he needed his path clear.

Ashura's reincarnation had initially been an issue. As the jinchuriki for the Nine-tails, the boy's life was essential for his plan. The beast's chakra was necessary to revive his mother. A huge amount wasn't needed, thank the gods for that considering half of it was already sealed away within the Shinigami's gut. But some was. And the boy held the only source of it.

Or so he thought.

His time in the shadows of history hadn't gone to complete waste. His longevity had exposed him to so many things. It had taken the being a bit but his memory eventually did catch up to him.

Early in the history of the Shinobi, prior to the first petty war of man, two shinobi attempted to kidnap the Nine-Tailed Fox and found themselves consumed for their effort. The brothers managed to survive, being blessed with genes from the Sage. The brothers even escaped with new access to the beast's chakra and enhanced chakra reserves.

His first discovery of these brothers had led to his first attempt at freeing his mother. It had failed horribly, his relative youth and brashness nearly costing him his existence. Now though, he was renewed. He had grown. He knew what he had to do.

In silence, Zetsu melded into the ground.

"I see…"

Obito did not trust Zetsu.

The creature obviously had it's own agenda. Sure, it had helped him accomplish his own goals so far but the Uchiha was not fooled. Any goals the creature helped him in, he had to assume, was also benefiting it in some way.

So how did getting rid of the Nine-Tails jinchuriki benefit him? For Obito, it was simple. The jinchuriki was currently on a training trip with Jiraiya. As a student of Minato, he knew how effective the Fourth Hokage was in combat. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that any tutelage under the Toad Sage would leave the Nine-Tails much more capable in defending himself.

"The chakra of the two brothers will return with their resurrection. Under the technique, they will be subservient. A slight modification to the Second Hokage's Impure Ressurection is much simpler than chasing after the child."

"What about the child?" It was fair to think that with this improvised route, Obito would be inches from fulfilling his own plan. Yet, if Naruto would become as big of a threat as Zetsu was implying, something had to be done.

"Your Kamui will make quick work of him."

"My Kamui will only store him. While it works, anytime I would access that dimension, I would be risking encountering an enraged jinchuriki."

"Merge with myself for a period and I will show you the true power of Kamui."

In the dead of the night, hidden away in Water Country, Obito Uchiha made a decision that would severely affect the fate of two worlds. Yet, no one but himself, would be none the wiser it's background.

Deep along the border of Fire and Wind, a clone of Jiraiya pored over its creator's work. The original had gone to meet a contact of his only minutes before, leaving it to look over their campsite.

Laying only a dozen or so feet away from his own tent was one Naruto Uzumaki. Minato, his former student, had gifted him with yet another prodigy to train. The boy was no genius, no one would debate that, but he sure did like to fight. Anything he threw at him; hand-to-hand fighting, seals, nature transformations. It was all absorbed by the boy. The two had just crossed the year and a half mark of their training and had already exceeded the expectations of the older man.

"Which gives me more than enough time to myself." The clone shared its master's perverted tendencies as it giggled quietly to himself. His newest manuscript would blow his latest book out of the water, cementing his spot as the greatest adult author that the world had ever seen. Soon after, Naruto would absorb his knowledge until he reached a critical mass, becoming yet another great shinobi and cementing his own place as the greatest teacher to ever exist.

Yeah, things were looking up for Jiraiya.

As the clone poured over the manuscript, he kept a mindful ear out for the world around him. He had very little doubt in the seals that surrounded their small little campsite. After all, he made them himself. Yet, he knew he couldn't be too caut-

He sensed the chakra only a second after it began to be molded. It was impossible not to, considering the sheer amount of it. He leapt from his tent, sprinting towards his student's in a panic. He bull rushed through it's flaps, a Rasengan charged in each of his hands.

The light from his technique gave him just enough illumination to watch as the last speck of orange disappeared into the swirling mass of air that laid directly in the path of his student's sleeping bag. He turned and leapt at the only other occupant of the room, thrusting his hand out towards the orange swirling mask that he was unfortunately becoming familiar with.

Jiraiya felt a cold chill travel through his body as he flew through the body of the masked man. His Rasengan slammed into the ground, throwing up dust and obscuring his vision. In a panic, Jiraiya whipped around while mentally commanding his hair to lengthen, throwing off the cover of the tent.

"No…" The clone muttered to itself. With the tent gone, the dust blew away. The sight that greeted Jiraiya made his heart sank.

Both his student and the masked man were gone. Not a trace of them both. The same dread that filled him on the night of Minato's death came rushing back to him.

It was happening again.

He was falling.




Oh. Wait. He was falling.

His reawakening came with a tugging feel within his gut. In the same instant, it felt as if his body was squeezed through an extremely small and tight tube. More uncomfortable than painful, he opened his eyes wide at this sensation only to find himself seemingly hundreds of feet in the air.

He was falling.

Was this another test by Jiraiya? After the man pushed him into a trench, he wouldn't put it past the man. Their training had hit a bit of a stall recently as the older man had been focusing more on his own research while handing the blond the scraps of his attention.

Could this be the next stage of their training? Some type of extreme survival experiment? As the blond fell closer and closer to his sky, he began to make out some very peculiar sights. Giant black birds, highlighted with pulsing red eyes and features, were attacking giant metal birds. Below them laid a city where he could barely make out what seemed to be giant black creatures attacking a population of humanoid figures.

Was he in a genjutsu?

A quick burst of chakra eliminated that theory. Or at the very least proved that the genjutsu he was in was extremely strong. Leaning more towards this being real, the boy returned his focus on a landing strategy.

One of the black bird creatures let loose a horrifying screech as it's claws pierced through the cockpit of the ship. His mind already made up, a clone appeared by the boy's side. Within an instant, a mass of swirling chakra appeared in the palm of the original's hand. The ball ballooned in size as the duo descended.

The orb slammed into the beast in a cacophony of rushing air and swirling chakra. In one moment, the pilots of the airship were staring death in it's face and in the next, the beast was gone.

While the lives of the pilots had been saved, the Nevermore was having a much worse time. It's prey had been inches away from it and now it was descending towards the ground while it's body was being grind into black dust. It managed to glance up at it's attack, catching a glimpse of the attacking blond and sending the image to its queen before being obliterated against the ground.

A boy had just fallen from the sky and it somehow wasn't the craziest thing to happen today. The Vytal Festival had been a complete mess. Every student in the Colosseum would testify to that. As they stood against an absolute siege of Grimm and White Fang, most thought it was their end.

Then the blond appeared, pile-driving a massive Nevermore into the center of the Colosseum. The creature had let loose an ear-screeching noise before erupting into particles of black.

The boy stumbled up to his feet, his tattered clothes and messy hair making him a sight to see. All motion in the arena had stopped as every creature, even Grimm, watched the blond. The boy didn't seem too bothered by the attention as he took his time stretching out his limbs, popping his joints with the motion before facing his audience. His eyes scanned over the individual groups, jumping from human to faunas to Grimm before eventually settling on the humans.

"You guys need some help?"

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