He was a bullet.

No, that didn't quite fit.

Maybe a missile? A missile sounded a lot better and cooler than just a regular bullet. Missiles exploded!

Yeah, he was a missile. A half-naked, golden, Grimm-seeking missile. It was just like one of her dreams.

"He's really really really good."

"Stop squirming so much, Nora. I'm trying to bandage your injuries."

Oh yeah. She was injured and Ren was trying to heal her. Honestly, in most cases, she would have just fought through her pain. You don't get struck by lightning a couple times and not build up a tolerance to pain. With the incoming Grimm invasion, she would have had plenty of motivation to fight through her injuries.

Fortunately, that was not necessary. And it was all because of the golden Grimm-seeking missile wrecking chaos around the arena.

What an interesting guy.

The boy had given them just enough time to cover up the worse of their aches and have their weapons delivered. Who the hell he was, she couldn't find it in herself to care at the moment.

"Griffons!" The words lurched out of her mouth without any prompting. She saw a glimpse of the creatures in the sky and her whole body seemed to tense. Her grip on her scythe tightened to near painful levels as the flying Grimm descended

It was because of her internal panic that she didn't see the boy from before, seemingly summoning a weapon out of thin-air. As a weapon's nut, she would have loved the sight of the weapon at first sight. A small ring, just big enough for one's hand to fit inside, was surrounded by four curved blades. The few rays of light within the Colosseum seemed to sing off the weapon's surface.

Ruby would have been in love.

Instead, she only caught a glance of the weapon tearing through the air towards the Griffons. Once more, she missed the boy's action as he formed several strange hand shapes as the weapon glided toward the Grimm. However, she didn't miss when the already beautiful singular weapon multiplied into over a hundred copies of itself.

The sudden thought of having a hundred versions of Crescent Rose firing sniper rounds nearly made her faint.

The Griffons stood no choice. It was as if their bodies were hollow. The spinning blades of death consumed the horde before erasing it from existence. In their final act of magic, most of the blades disappeared from existence in puffs of smoke. The original, as if guided by Pyrhha's semblance, flew back to the boy's hand before joining it's siblings in non-existence with another puff of smoke.

Never mind! She cared now.

"Children." The sound of her professor's voice anchored her back into reality. Port and Oobleck descended upon the small group, their rarely used weapons in hand.

"We've been sent by the Headmaster to defend the Colosseum. Make sure your teammates are safe and let the true Huntsmen handle this."

Weiss, Blake and Yang flashed through her mind once more. Crescent Rose seemed so heavy in her hand as she gave the Colosseum one last look over. The sight of Penny's scattered remains nearly ripped her focus away from her.

"Blake, Weiss, Yang." Their names settled her. She needed to find them. She needed to help them.

"Go with the other students, young lad!"

Yup. These guys weren't going to listen to him. He had been pestering them for minutes yet that was the only thing he had gotten out of them.

Honestly, he couldn't quite blame them. If he was reading the situation right, these two men were trying to save their students while also fighting against the weird monsters.

With both of their backs turned to him and the sound of their weapons echoing through the air, he decided to follow their advice. Most of the students had since fled but he figured he could catch them easy enough.

Two clones popped into existence by his side. He offered them a quick two-finger salute before speeding out of the arena. If anything went wrong with the two guys, hopefully his clones could help them.

Within seconds, he was out of the arena and thrust into chaos. He didn't know what the hell was going on in this place but it looked like he had been dropped into the middle of an apocalypse. Burnt and destroyed buildings, bodies littering the streets, gunshots echoing through the city.

What the hell was going on in this place?

"Any idea, fox?"


Silence. Just as he had expected. His training trip allowed him to make progress in a lot of different areas. His relationship with his tenant was not one of those areas. The sentient mass of chakra was agitated at its best and completely hostile at its worst. He shouldn't expect to-

"A large one of those flying creatures approaches the city from the east. Confront the beast."

On second thought, maybe he should keep his expectations open. A quick glance to the East confirmed his tenant's words. He could just barely make it out but the steadily approaching blob on the horizon fit the role. Considering how much chaos the smaller flying creatures gave the humans, the appearance of the massive one in the city would not be good.

In the next instance, nearly a hundred clones came into existence around him. Thanks to Jiraiya, his clone technique was by far his most powerful. His current control over his clones made him cringe whenever he thought back to his past self. It was like a toddler wielding a butcher knife.

In groups of a dozen each, they flocked towards the cardinal directions. Their mission was simple: kill the weird black monsters and help out anyone they came across. He was still pretty much clueless as to what was going on in this city so he gave the clones a decent amount of slack when it came to decision-making. If they came across a situation that required some critical thinking and he couldn't respond fast enough, the clones would have to decide for themselves.

God help Vale.

With that, he took to the East. He had a giant bird monster creature to kill.

"Qrow! Flank!" Her voice could cut through steel. At least, that's what it felt like to him.

Following her words, he slammed his left foot into the ground and swung his hips around. His upper-body followed and the scythe nestled snugly in his hand took off the arm of an offending Beowolf. A quick swipe at the creature's neck ended it's existence.

A chorus of shrieks coming from above captured his attention. He looked up and saw nearly a dozen Griffons perched on the roofs of the surrounding buildings.

The next instant, Qrow found himself back-to-back with Glynda and even more thankful for her semblance as the Griffons shot their feathers down at the duo. The blond's telekinesis held up several pieces of debris over their head, giving them some form of shelter.

"We are pinned." The sound of the feathers impaling and breaking apart their debris shield was apparent to both of them. They would only have so long beneath the cover. The two exchanged a look, both of their tactical and seasoned minds running through escape scenarios.

Fortunately for them, there would be no need for any plans. Just as the two were prepared to move, the hail of feathers came to a halt. The Griffons began to shriek once more yet were no longer attacking the Huntsmen pair. The two shared yet another look as the shrieks continued for dozens of seconds without any sign of an attack on their end. With his curiosity finally overtaking him, Qrow nudged an elbow into his partner's ribs, prompting her to throw away the debris.

Now out of cover, the duo got a last second view of a teenage child landing on the back of a thrashing Griffon. It wasn't even a second before the teen began to tear into the Grimm with the knives in his hand. Within half a minute, the Grimm relented to it's torture and died, disappearing into black particles.

"Is he one of yours?"

"...I don't recall ever seeing this child at Beacon."

Well that left him with a bunch of questions. Unfortunately it seemed like he wouldn't get his questions answered anytime soon. The boy looked down at the duo, flashed them a smile before bounding down the streets via rooftop, leaving both adults with way more questions than answers.

This was it. This is what she had been working toward.

Her comrades were exhausted. Legions of those Atlesian Androids had laid siege to Beacon. They were an endless wave of metal that did not exhaust. Mixed in with them were hordes of Grimm that proved just as miserable to deal with as their metal counterparts.

The students of Beacon had tried their damnedest to protect their school. From first-year to veteran, students had literally laid forth their life in order to protect their school. It tore at her young heart to see some of the still bodies of her classmates. She knew that if she survived this, those emotions would hit much harder.

"Velv! Now!" Her leader's words awakened her. Her hands flew to her side where Anesidora sat. Her fingers found the weapon and her nerves skyrocketed. She was ready. This was it. The sight of her friend Ruby's weapon flashed through head as she moved-

"Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder!"

A surge of pulsating white lightning swept through the crowd of androids that surrounded them. The lightning seemed to be alive, staying only within the ranks of the robots. It moved with an unnatural precision, it's tendrils finding its way to and through the chest area of the androids.

Within moments, the immediate wave of androids were rendered motionless heaps of metal. A nearby explosion drew everyone's attention, including her own, as it sent debris and what looked to be Grimm flying through the air.

"Hey guys!" All the students' swung their attention and weapons at the sound of the new voice. They were surprised, excluding a small few, to see an unknown blond boy standing amongst them. His tattered clothing made him a bit of a fright to see but the smile on his face put them at some level of ease.

"There was a horde of those monsters on the way to you guys. I blew a couple dozen of them up with some of my explosive tags. You should have a few minutes to rest before any more gets to you." With his part said, the boy leapt impossibly high onto a nearby rooftop. By the time anyone had the wherewithal to question him, he was long gone.

She was a popular girl. Plenty of people around her called her a friend.

She could not say the same.

She could count the people she actually counted as a friend on one hand. To her, her friends were her family. The word did not get thrown around so easily. How could it when she cared so much for them.

That was why the sight of Blake being stabbed through the stomach made her see flames. She had been fighting for what felt like hours but that single image sent adrenaline rushing through her system. Her semblance came to life without her even noticing as she took off towards the duo.

Then, the oddest thing happened. Before she had even gotten halfway to Blake, a boy came out of nowhere and buried his foot into Adam's face. The Faunus flew from the strike, falling out of sight off the spire.

The act happened in the blink of an eye and left her feeling like someone had dumped a bucket of cold water on her. Her flame was reignited when she saw the boy grab at the sword that was protruding from her teammate's stomach.

"Don't touch her!" The words leapt from her mouth as she did her own leap. She received yet another round of shock when a copy of the boy jumped from the shadows to meet her. Still though, copy or not, this boy was potentially harming Blake and had to be stopped.

Her first hit was meant to knock out her fellow blond. An enraged fist to the temple would knock out most Huntsmen if it landed.

Unfortunately for her, it never landed.

Mid-air, the boy swerved his head around her fist before slapping a piece of paper down onto her exposed forearm. The moment the paper touched her skin, she felt all the energy in her body fade away. The very act of moving a finger seemed impossible.

Her return to the ground would have been a painful one if it hadn't been aided by the boy. After he had slapped the piece of paper on her, he had scooped her motionless body into his arms, carrying her as they both came down from their jumps.

"Get the hell off of me. Don't fucking touch me." Her mouth was still definitely working as she yelled and cursed at the boy. She looked over at the original to see that he had managed to remove the sword from Blake and was now kneeling over her body.

"I swear if you hurt-"

"We're here to help!" Her rant came to an end at the sound of the boy's voice. She looked up and saw the one holding her was looking down at her with what looked like to be an attempt at a sheepish expression.

"He's just helping her heal. We're not going to hurt you guys." She looked back over to Blake and saw that the girl was standing once more. She was still walking gingerly but the hole that should've been present was not there.

Just as the questions began piling up in her head, the energy that she once had came surging back into her. She looked up and saw the boy was crumpling the piece of paper he had placed against her.

"Sorry about-" The boy didn't get a chance to finish his sentence before she slammed a fist into his chin. She expected the boy to cry out at the hit. She didn't expect him to erupt into smoke, leaving her to drop onto her ass,

"We're just clones." She looked over at the boy that was now helping Blake walk over to her. The Faunus' arm was slung over his shoulder as she took small steps towards herself.

"Our boss created us to try and help a bunch of you guys help."

"Well, you let your boss know that I'm going to kick his ass." As soon as the two came in arm's reach of her, she jumped up and roughly replaced the boy as Blake's helper. A quick once-over and look from Blake let her know that the girl was indeed okay and the boy hadn't been lying.

"You can also tell him thank you."

"I'm sure he already knows."

He didn't have time to question the rush of memories that flooded through his brain. He figured some people wouldn't be so receiving his clones helped. He just sort of assumed they would question his copies. Not punch them.

"I hate heights." Naruto mumbled to himself. Not too far away from Beacon but still hundreds of feet in the sky, he found himself on the back of one of those massive black flying creatures.

Getting up to it had been an ordeal. Nearly a thousand clones, more than a couple of seals and a whole block of buildings had been sacrificed in order to propel himself to the creature's height. From there, it had taken him spamming his clones to throw him in reach of the creature for him to actually land on it.

"Now I'm here." And he had zero-clue what to do. This creature was as big as an older Summon animal and was moving fast. Within minutes, it would reach the main city.

He had to do something.

"Rasengan? Not big enough. I don't know any nature release techniques that would do enough damage. Shuriken and Kunai are useless. Maybe seals?"

While Naruto was having his own struggle, another debate was taking place within him.

"We've finally gotten to meet."

This woman was not human. At least, not anymore. She reeked of death in the way only the Shinigami had. She looked more akin to an Otsutsuki than any other. The sight of the diamond mark on her forehead had nearly sent it into a frenzy.

But that was not necessary. This woman was not human. She was not an Uchiha nor an Otsutsuki. She couldn't have been. While the child it was locked in was ignorant, it knew they were no longer in it's Father's homeland. The air here was different.

Different forces were in charge here.

"Who are you?" The woman sauntered up to his cage and placed a hand against it's seal. The seal reacted as it should have, lashing at the woman with whipping tendrils. They tore at her upper-arm, gouging holes through her chest and ripping off her arm.

"I am a prisoner."

"A well-guarded one, I see." If she had felt the pain, the woman did not show. She simply took a step back from the cage and directed her full attention to the beast behind it.

"I sensed you the moment you entered into this world. Such a collection of negative energy does not go unnoticed." The wounds the woman had sustained were now gone.

"And now that you've seen me, what will you do?" It's own internal curiosity could not keep it from asking. The woman was intriguing to him. Her very presence within the seal spoke volumes.

"You will not know much of this land's past so I shall make it simple." She sat as she spoke. The water within the seal seemed to bend around her form, intriguing the Fox once more.

"'I have been cursed with immortality. My life has not been my own in thousands of years." She looked downright miserable as she spoke. "But I'm sure you do not care about such things."

"I do not." The plight of another creature did not interest him. Suffering was relative and it's own life had been so filled with it that empathy was hard to achieve from it.

"I wish for death." The words came naturally to her. "My goal is to raise chaos within this world until it's on the brink of destruction. From there, the Gods of this world will be forced to appear and either end my existence or start the world anew, giving me the chance to mold it to my own desire."

"And you desire my help?" It knew the answer yet still asked. The woman had caught his attention.

"I do desire it." She nodded with a smile. "I can feel your power from my palace. Your presence in the outside world would ensure that the Gods would respond."

"I fear that freeing me from this prison is no simple task. It has been empowered by another God." The woman actually smiled at this, surprising the Fox once more.

"The Gods are not infallible. There are ways around their magic." It tucked away the usage of magic for later. It seemed this world worked on an entirely different energy system. The fact kept it's mind running. If he was truly separated from the realm of the Shinigami and his father, the seal may have a chance at being broken.

There was a chance for his freedom.

"Your power would allow you to hold equal against one of the brothers." She continued. "Your freedom would come with no chains. I would only need you to sow chaos in this world. Rampage and kill to your own satisfactions."

"Your offer is enticing." It spoke. "But it will not be simple. I am imprisoned within a boy. I do not care for his life but his presence will prove to be an issue."

"The boy will be taken care of. My army is endless. Even with the abilities I observed, he will not win. He cannot win."

As if on cue, the space that the two were occupying began to shake. The Fox watched as the waters that had previously ignored the woman now rose to swallow her. Her struggle was non-existent as she simply kept eye-contact with the Fox.

"Do not underestimate the child. Free me and we shall speak again." With those words, the waters swallowed the woman whole, leaving the Fox alone once more.

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