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Dean desperately needs the hair of the dog that bit him in order to save Christmas.

Written for the 2020 SPN_BigPretzel 12 days of Christmas Challenge on LiveJournal. First day, a drabble.


Christmas Miracle

Sam watched in amusement as his brother stumbled in around noon. "Merry Christmas," he called.

Dean winced and held his head. "Not so loud," he complained.

"Sorry," grinned Sam unapologetically. "Rough night was it?"

"Maybe? I do know I could use hair of the dog about now."

"Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you drank it all."

There was a knock at the door, which Dean answered. "Oh great, you," he deadpanned at the sight of Gabriel.

"Be not afraid, I bring good tidings," chuckled the archangel, waggling his eyebrows and holding up a bottle in each hand.