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Sam and Castiel take a turn at making Christmas lunch.

Written for the 2020 SPN_BigPretzel 12 days of Christmas Challenge on LiveJournal. Sixth day, a drabble.


Castiel's Culinary Christmas Cockup

"How's it going?" asked Dean, cautiously venturing into the kitchen.

"I've seriously underestimated how long everything takes," sighed Sam. At Dean's quizzical look he added. "Think dinner rather than lunch."

Dean snorted and held out his bag of Cheetos. "After this last year, it's the least of our worries."

"I'm doing everything in my power to help," chimed-in Castiel earnestly, from his position of watchful guard over a series of bubbling pots.

"Hey, these must be holy sprouts," exclaimed Dean, peering into one saucepan.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you've sure boiled the Hell out of them," Dean laughed.