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Under the influence of far too much eggnog, Sam and Dean make puns at a long-suffering Castiel's expense.

Written for the 2020 SPN_BigPretzel 12 days of Christmas Challenge on LiveJournal. Eight day, wildcard (a drabble).


Punstoppable Winchesters

"Halo, Cas, how're ya doin'!" slurred Sam.

"Hey, you know why I call him Cas, not Castiel?" hollered Dean between guffaws of mirth. "It's because there's Noel in the Christmas alphabet!"

"Hey, get this: an angel walks into a hardware store and says 'I'd like to buy a Christmas tree.'" giggled Sam. "And the cashier asks:"

"Are you putting it up yourself?" exploded both Winchesters into tears of laughter.

"These puns aren't nearly as funny as your inebriated state seems to think," complained Castiel.

"Yule be sorry, you've no sense of humor," gasped Sam.

"Cause we're sleighing it!" roared Dean.