It started when an alien device did what it did. It stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid. Now he's got superpowers he's no ordinary kid. He's Ben 10. Though by now he is no longer a kid. As of ten days ago he was now eighteen. He was currently going to check in on his cousin Gwen. As she hadn't been answering her phone or plumber badge since their birthday. His grandfather hadn't been worried, and Kevin was gone on a mission and wouldn't be back for a few months at least. Ben just sighed as he got out of his car and headed to Gwen's door. After the fourth try he used the spare key Gwen had given him for emergencies. He could have just phased through the door, but he'd just end up in an empty house. Gwen was a powerful mage and she had made it nearly impossible to get into the real house. Without going through the front door. As the door was actually a portal to the real house and the building was just an empty building with a physical address.

"Gwen you in here. Hello Gwen." He yelled placing his hand on the watch ready to transform at a moment's notice.

The house was dark. With all lightbulb's busted and electronics where missing or destroyed. A dead giveaway of powerful magic. Ben transformed into Terraspin before clearing the house room by room. Gwen's home was a lot bigger on the inside. So, this took a while finally Ben reached Gwen's workshop and lab. Finding Gwen was asleep on her worktable several shatter charms piled around her and signs of explosions pot marked the walls.

Terraspin shook Gwen awake. "Hay Gwen what happened in hear?"

"Ben? Wha what are you doing here?" Gwen yawned stretching.

"You haven't answered your phone or plumber badge in days. I was getting worried about you." Ben said as he transformed back into his human form.

"Hu Ben what are you talking about?" Gwen asked picking up an old wind up clock. The clock looked like it had been blasted to bits with a level nine plasma gun. "Oh, um has it really been days?" She said clearly ashamed of herself.

"Yes, it has. What happened Gwen it's not like you to disappear like that. What have you been up to all this time?" He said picking up a rock from her table and looking it over.

"There's another solar eclipse coming up at the end of the month. I'm going to try to recreate the charms of bezel. So, I have been experimenting on making weaker copies to prep for the real thing. However, most of them just end up exploding and the few that don't explode. Either have some weird glitch or are extremely under powered. The best I've been able to make is a luck charm that you have to force to stay on." She said with a sigh as she picked up the charm and handed it to Ben.

"How does it work?" Ben asked his interest peaked.

"You have to poor mana into it to activate it. It doesn't need a lot of mana but the more you add the stronger it gets. It's supposed to just stay on and draw mana in from the atmosphere around it. However, this one won't even do that unless you make it, and the worst part is. I have no clue why?" Gwen sighed before asking "Why do you want to know."

"Well, if that's the only drawback. I was wondering if I could have it? I could always use a little luck." Ben said with a shrug. Before handing the charm back to Gwen.

Who took it giving Ben a weird look before saying? "Ok Ben, I've known you long enough to know when something is wrong. Ben what happened?"

He just sighed before saying. "Kai and I broke up. She called me yesterday and all she wanted to talk about was her new discovery. I tried to ask her if she would like to meat up or hang out or anything. I mean yeah, she's halfway around the world but I can get there in a handful of minutes. Hell, I literally could be their yesterday with clockwork but no. She's busy with work. She's been busy for the past three months. She even completely forgot about my birthday. Which wouldn't be that big of a deal if she had at least apologized. However, when I mentioned it all I got was just an ok so. I then asked why we were doing this, and you can guess how that ended."

"Oh, Ben I'm so sorry to hear that Ben but what does that have to do with the luck charm?" Gwen asked starting to dig through a drawer in her desk.

"I don't know I just kind of hoped it would give me some luck with relationships. All of mine just seemed to end in disaster." He said with a shrug.

"Ben, you know that's not how it works. You'd want something like a love charm and those are more mind control then love." She said pulling out a plate of silver and placing it on the desk. Before placing the charm on top. With a short chant the silver plate turned into a silver bracelet with the charm in the center. "But if it counts for anything. I hope it helps somehow." She said offering him the bracelet. "Let me know if it breaks or explodes or turns you pink or whatever."

Ben took the bracelet before asking. "Um should I be worried?"

"No, it's most likely to just brake. There's always a small chance with stuff like this it will explode. However, if it does turn you pink or something take it off and come find me and maybe turn into Terraspin just to be safe." She said simply. As Ben put the brace on his right wrist.

"Ok I'll keep that in mind thanks. Now why don't you go and get cleaned up. Because no offence but you look like hell." Ben said trying to poke a little fun at Gwen and lighten the mood. However, this just to get the opposite effect. Gwen groaned and laid her head back down on the desk. "Ok Gwen this isn't like you is something wrong?" Ben asked starting to worry.

"No, I'm fine. I'm just in a bad mood is all." she sighs.

"Well, if you say so." He said cautiously.

"I'll just leave you to get cleaned up but hay um if you need to talk about anything or whatever just let me know. Or if you need anything else." He offered.

A short time later Ben stopped at a light and subconsciously looked down at the charm. "I know it probably won't help much but maybe you will be just the thing to bring me some luck with love and the ladies."

Little did Ben know that Gwen had missed the final step in creating a charm. Giving It a purpose this is why it wouldn't work properly for Gwen. Unknow to Ben, he had just finished it and for now on the charm would do everything in its power to help its owner. In all matters of love or anything involving the female gender.

A short time later at mister smoothies. As Ben walked out of mister smoothies the charm on his wrist lit up. At the same time a purple skinned girl in a parka walked out of the Coffey shop across the road. The two stared at each other for a second before blinking.

"Hay!" They both said at the same time pointing at each other. Their simultaneous reaction taking both off guard. Before both burst out laughing at the situation. Ben then crossed the street to her.

"Hey Ester, it's been a while. How have you been?" Ben asked his friend and at one time love entrust. Ester was the chief of a group of aliens. Who had came to earth after they lost their home world. They were now living in the deepest and most geothermically active part of Under town.

"Pretty good. Ever since we finished building the heating system you Blukic and Driba designed. We were able to expand our homes into the less deep unused tunnels and with the help of the engineer you recommended the hotspots becoming an actual town. Some have even started to call it deep town. I'm not needed for much as the tribes kept busy with all the work. So, I've got a lot more free time on my hands for once." Ester said happily.

"That's good to hear I'm glad you're finally getting a brake and I'll let Blukic and Driba know it worked." As Ben was talking the luck charm started glowing again helping Ben notice a sign for a movie on a passing bus. "I didn't know that was out yet, I've been looking forward to it for months." Ben said pointing out the add to Ester.

"Yeah, it's been out for a few weeks now in fact I was just going to go see it. You want to tag along?" Ester offered with a slight blush.

"Sure, I'd love to we haven't been able to hang out in forever." Ben said before letting Ester lead the way.

As the two started walking chatting along the way the luck charm glowed near constantly as it helped Ben and hindered Ester. In such way that Ben could help her. Like pulling her out of the way of a falling paint can. Defending her from two street punks who had come to Bellwood to harass aliens. Like a wannabe street punk version of forever nights. He even used heat blast to warm her up after a car splashed her. She was extremely thankful for that last one as even though she was half human she had little tolerance for the cold. To the point she could see her breath on a summer day. Ben wrapped his fiery arms around her evaporating the water and warming her up. After a few more delays they finally reached the theater and thanks to the charms influence they arrived few minutes after the movie had started. Meaning that they'd have to wait for the next showing but luckily for them the theater they were at was one of those event ones with an arcade bowling alley and laser tag. So needless to say, the two had a blast killing time they even beat the top score in laser tag. Ben even won Ester a life sized plushy version of his upchuck transformation. It was apparently one of her favorite of his transformations claiming that it was both a unique mix of cute and disgusting and that's why she liked it so much. They were having so much fun that they nearly missed the movie a second time. However, thanks to a little luck and the use of ditto to weight in line for snacks while the movie started. Afterwards Ben and Aster were considering seeing another movie. When Ben got a call from his partner rook about the plumber's plaining a raid on a warehouse. Ben being the hero he is ran off with a. "Sorry duty calls"

Leaving Ester alone as Ben ran out of the theater and was about to go Xlr8. However, the charm had other plans. As the charm caused a window washer to drop his bottle of soap making Ben slip and miss transform into Cannonbolt. On instinct he curled up into a ball rolling into the street only to be hit by a car and be sent flying. He then bounced off a building then another and another finally killing his momentum. Ben changing back just before he hit the ground. Ben groaned as he pushed himself up only to notice something squishy in is hand. Looking down Ben saw his old x girlfriend Julie Yumoto blushing bright red as the squishy thing in his hand was Julie's breast.

"Ahh I'm so sorry!" Ben said quickly getting off her before helping her up.

"It's ok I'm just happy you changed back first. I've seen what Cannonbolt dose to guys twice my size and I really don't want to find out what that would do to me." She said still blushing.

"So, um who are you fighting this time?"

"Oh, um no I was going to Xlr8 over to a meet up with Rook, but I slipped, and miss transformed into Cannonbolt. Then I got hit by a car and well you know what happened from there." Ben said apologetically.

"Oh, are you ok? I know your aliens are tough, but they can still get hurt." Julie asked looking him over more out of habit then worry.

"Yeah, I've fell from orbit as Cannonbolt a few times and have walked away with nothing worse than a light sun burn. So, a car wouldn't do much if anything. I mean Cannonbolt's mostly made of shock absorber and armor so." Ben stopped mid sentence noticing a brace on Julie's arm.

"Hu what happened to your arm?" Ben asked suddenly worried as Julie made her living by competing in tennis competitions. Not a very stable profession to begin with as one bad injury could cost her a lot more than her lively hood.

"Oh, it's just a sprain I'm fine really." Julie said trying to wave him off but before she could try to change the subject Ben had his hand on the watch.

"Julie I can and will. Turn into Gutrot and truth gas you." Ben threatened only half jokingly. In all honesty half the time he wasn't even sure himself if he was series or joking. Julie just sighed.

"Hervé racked up a major debt in a poker game with some street punks. When he couldn't pay them, he told them he could convince me to throw a match. They could place a bet on the match and get an easy win and they would call it even. I refused we fought and broke up and I won the match. He skipped town but the guys he owed money to. Came after me to try and force me to tell them where he went but I didn't know where he had ran to. But as you can guess they didn't believe me. So, they tried to force me to tell them. Mostly they just gave me a few scrapes and bruises. Well, that is tell they broke my wrist and that's when ship finally found me. I was just barely able to keep ship from killing them. I've already had the surgery to have it repaired and I'm getting the last of the test back today. Hopefully with a little luck. The therapy will be minimum, and I can get back to playing soon." She said sounding hopeful causing Ben to glance down at his bracelet.

"Um hay Julie why don't I come with you my cars not parked far if I Xlr8 over to it. It shouldn't take me but a few minutes to grab it. Then I can give you a lift and we can catch up along the way." Ben offered.

"Hmmm ok what's the catch Tenneson." Julie said with a teasing smile.

"No, no theirs no catch." Ben said trying and failing to act casually.

"Ok Ben what is it spill" Julie said no longer joking around.

"Spill what I'm not hiding anything I." Ben stopped noticing Julie's glair before sighing.

"Ok! Ok Gwen been experimenting with magic charms, and she let me have one of her prototype luck charms." Ben said raising his right arm to show off the charm. "I figured it might help somehow and I feel a little guilty that I wasn't there to help you."

"Aww Ben you couldn't have known that was going to happen." Julie said hugging Ben who hugged her back awkwardly before separating.

"Ok um well I'll be right back." Ben said before turning into xlr8 and running off to fetch his car. Calling Rook as he ran.

"Hey rook do you absolutely need me? I kind of ran into something important on the way there. It's nothing I can't handle but I might be a while?"

"Ok Ben I understand. I'll call in back up from plumber H.Q." Rook said before ending the call.

After grabbing his car and picking up Julie and a short time later. Ben was sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine. Occasionally he'd hear a click from someone photographing him and have to resist the instinct to reach for the watch. As he knew it was just people taking photos not some jerk with a gun. Though he guessed it said a lot about his life that it was more common for someone to come at him with a gun then people with cameras. Ben sighed at that as the door open as Julie walked out looking upset with tears in her eyes.

"Oh Julie I'm so sorry wh-what did the doctor say." Ben said rushing over to her.

"Can we talk outside I'd like some privacy." Julie said as Ben noticed the entire room was watching them.

"Oh yeah let's talk in my car." Once the two were inside Ben's car he hit a button on his dash. Making the windows darken as a light hum could be heard in the background.

"What was that" Julie asked.

"Anti eavesdropping mode. Standard issue on all plumber earth vehicles after a reporter managed to bug Rooks truck. I figured you would like the added privacy." Ben offered.

"Yeah thanks." Julie said before taking a deep breath before continuing.

"My wrist didn't heal properly. I can try another surgery to fix it but it's more likely to make it worse" she sighed.

"Oh, Julie I'm so sorry if there is anything I can do. I will gladly help." Ben said holding up his arm to show the Omnitrix and she looks tempted for a moment before shaking her head no.

"No Ben. Remember what happen the last time you tried anything more than a short jump in time. You spent weeks stuck in an um I forgot what paradox called it but I remember it was some kind of time loop."

"Ok I won't do that but there has to be something I can do. I mean this is your dream and lively hood were talking about here. Even if it's to just help pay for the surgery. My plumber salary isn't extravagant but thanks to the royalties and hazard pay I have a good bit saved up." Ben offered.

"Thanks Ben but I don't think there's anything you can do. I'll try the surgery but its likely I'll never be able to play professionally again." Julie says as a few tears escaped. Only to be pooled into a hug by ben letting her cry it out. Well as long as he could before his watch beeped.

"Ben I'm sorry to interrupt you but things are getting out of hand hear. We need back up asap." Rook said as the sounds of weapons fire and explosions went off in the background.

"Alright rook I'll be there soon." Ben said before hanging up.

"I'm sorry Julie." However, before he could finish, she stopped him.

"I know I know a hero's work is never done. Go save the day hero." She said wiping away her tears before starting to get out of the car.

"Weight take my car at least. I can pick it up later. Plus, it's too slow to use in an emergency" Ben said tossing her the keys to his car before hopping out and flying off as Jetray.

A little over an hour and an epic battle later. Ben was sitting on a park bench weighting for Julie to drop off his car. As he did, he couldn't help but think about Julie's injury. No matter how he tried to think of it he couldn't come up with a good way to help. He could pull some strings and get her some of the best doctors and surgeons on planet. Even then there was still a lot of risk involved. If he could use alien tech or medicine, he could have her as good as new with a few pills but that would get her band from ever playing professional sports again. Because it would be considered a performance enhancement. None of his aliens had healing powers. Maybe he could ask Gwen to try and heal her but other than that he couldn't think of anything. It was at this moment something in his mind clicked. He couldn't think of anything as he was now. However, he had transformations that had outsmarted some of his most annoying foes before. He'd had even turned them against each other by using their enhanced intelligence. Maybe he could use brainstorm or Greymatter to figure something else out. Meanwhile unknown to Ben the charm on his wrist all but burned itself out as it effected events else wear.

On the other side of the park Julie was looking around in confusion. Having mis understood where Ben wanted to meat up. Normally this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the influence of the luck charm. Meanwhile Ester and Gwen interred the park spotting Ben's car Ester rushed over to meet up with Ben only to find Julie behind the weal.

"Huh Julie where is Ben why are you in his car?" Ester asked when she spotted Julie getting out of the car.

"Yeah, Ben let me borrow his car. He had hero work to do and just wanted to be nice. I was supposed to be meeting him to return it, but I can't seem to find him." She said starting to head into the park with Ester following her. Gwen Joining both of them not long after.

Meanwhile Ben was dialing through the Omnitrix stopping when he finally found his brainstorm transformation.

"Haha with my now enhanced intelligence I will no doubt be able to find a solution to my current conundrum." Brainstorm muttered to himself as the charm still worked its magic. As small comments turned into miss understanding and more than a little bad luck had the three girls at each other's throats as Julie and Ester fought over Ben. Julie calling on her pet ship to help her fight Ester as Gwen tried to stop them. Meanwhile Brainstorm analyzed the fight. Being more than a little surprised by the fact that the two girls where fighting over him. Not nearly as surprising when he realized the charm on his wrist was not only influencing things in his favor but was the source of the current conflict. In fact, when he thought about the day's events. He realized the charm had had things fallen his favor romantically the entire day. With that realization brainstorm not only realized what Gwen had been doing wrong with the charms and how he had arrived in this situation. However, it wasn't tell a Frisby hit brainstorm snapping him back to reality did he realize he was just standing there. As he turned to see what had hit him, he spotted a harem manga under the bench he had been weighting on. Everything finally fell into place. The charm was going to attract and influence those with romantic feelings for him. He could remove the charm ending its effect or he could embrace it. Between Brainstorms intellect and clockworks powers to let him do over just about anything maybe he could finally have lasting relationship.

'I just need to pick one or do I' He thought picking up the manga did he have to pick just one he wondered as brainstorm ran the numbers. It was by far the option with the highest risk of all but also had the highest opportunity for reward. Fortunately, with his new luck charm the odds would always be in his favor. Ben considered this for a few seconds that being with no small feat for Brainstorm who had the processing power of a supercomputer. Before changing into clockwork and resetting the day.

(an. Hi I just wanted to give a quick short shout out to the 2 stories that inspired this. If you get a chance to check them out I recommend them. JL Davenports A Change Of Tactics and AzuerGigacyber Ben's Girls. lastly I want to apologize if this isn't my best work. I actually started this before I wrote the first chapter of Bens second watch but do to a number of reasons I'm only just finishing it now.)