Clockwork reappeared in the park with a flash and a grown as he wandered back to the park bench. The bench groaned as it was just barely able to hold his weight. He really hadn't been expecting Gwen's confession and he wasn't sure how he felt about this. He thought Gwen was pretty and nice, but she'd never really been on his radar because they were cousins, and now that he knew how Gwen felt he needed to think and likely redefine his plan. Clockwork hopped up hitting the badge on his chest and changing into Brainstorm.

"Hhhm I do believe I need to research phycology and perhaps the effect of human inbreeding as well." However, as he went to leave, he noticed the charm was still on his wrist. which was surprising to him last time around the charm hadn't come with him. He was curious but he had more important things to figure out he thought as he hurried to the local library he needed to look something up.

what ben hadn't known was when he created the charm this time around instead of making a love focused luck charm. He had created a charm that's sole purpose was to help ben in all matters with an emphasis on love lust and romance. Ben covered the Omnitrix badge before entering the library.

"Ah hello, madam am I correct in the assumption that this facility is open to anyone correct?" Brainstorm asked the librarian. Aliens were rare but no longer an oddity in Bellwood. So, she only looked slightly surprised but quickly nodded.

"Um yes though you need a card to use the computers or take any books with you." The lady at the desk said.

"Ah, you have my thanks madam." Brainstorm said with a mix between a nod and a small bow before scuttling off.

It didn't take Brainstorm long to find the materials needed and cover a whole desk in books. Ranging from psychology, to medical, relationship help, and even animal husbandry, taking anything that might be remotely useful. Though seeing the sheer amount, he chose to activate the lifeform lock, so he didn't risk changing back during his research session. Once he was ready, he buckled down and set to work. Brainstorms enhanced IQ and memory was making quick work of the books. However unknown to Ben the luck charm flared as a certain redhead came into the library and thanks to a three way mix of the luck charm mana detection and the simple fact it's hard to miss a giant orange crustacean. So it's easy to say it was next to impossible for her to miss Ben.

"Ben?" Gwen asked getting his attention.

"Oh bother." Ben said before noticing the charms glow.

"Gwen keep it down I'm trying to attract as little attention as possible." Ben tried to whisper the best he could in brainstorm's body.

"Really you're hiding in the library as a giant orange crab. That's subtle how?" Gwen said scarcely.

"Look I'm not hiding I need Brainstorm to..." Ben glanced down at the glowing charm.

"Gwen put up a spell. You more than I would like to keep this quiet." This got an odd look from Gwen but with a wave of her hand a purple cube formed around them. Casting an allusion of an empty table while muffling any sound they might make.

"Ok, Ben what's so important you couldn't tell me at the party earlier, and why the secrecy." Gwen asked taking a seat starting to inspect the books on the table.

"Aaah its the day of our party. So that's where I ended up, Well just to clarify the situation I'm not the Ben from the party I am in fact the Ben from a few days in the future." Ben explained getting a shocked look from Gwen.

"Ben what happened if your time traveling then what happened I can call Kevin and."

"No no nothing to fret I'm here on a personal matter. You see I know you and Kevin broke up and your about to go practice making charms to get your mind off it. A few days from now I'll come check in on you and you'll give me this" ben said holding out his arm to show off the charm.

"The first time around it helped me meat up with Julie and Ester after my break up with Kai but it also led me to this." Ben said handing Gwen the haram manga. "I was brainstorm when I found it and everything just clicked into place why choose between the two when I could have both so I went back in time and came up with a plain. However, it went horribly awry when you confessed your love to me." ben said shocking Gwen who blushed darkly.

"What no, no, I'd never!" Gwen started to state before Ben cut her off.

"You were under the effect of gut rots truth gas at the time and now you are trying to lie to one of my smartest forms. I can literally see your guilt fear and arousal written all over you." Brainstorm said bluntly he knew he was playing dirty, but his calculation predicted to get the best results. He'd need to tear her down and make her confront the truth of her feelings, leaving her with no lies to hide behind. No justification to muster just facts and his logic to guide her. Gwen blushed darkly and got up.

"No, no, I don't know what you're talking about Ben?! This isn't funny!?" Gwen shouted clearly, starting to panic this was a more violent reaction than he was expecting but he still needed to press on.

"Gwen I'm afraid this is no attempt at humor." Ben said as Gwen backed into the wall of her spell.

"No! No! No! No! No! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I tried to fight, I tried to hide it! I'm sorry I'm Sorry!" Gwen cried terrified. There was a flash as Ben rushed over to her in his human form concerned for her. Brainstorm had expected a violent outburst at worst not for her to break down like this.

"Gwen!" Ben shouted as he rushed over to help her. Gwen on the other hand flinched away like she expected him to hurt her and continued to apologize.

"Gwen, Gwen, calm down calm down please!" Ben said hugging her she froze for half a second before starting to struggle. At first, it was violent Ben wouldn't be surprised if he had bruises later but after a few minutes, she slowed down and then calmed to the point she just wept.

"Why don't you hate me?" Gwen sobbed.

"I could never hate you, Gwen. I just wanted you to admit it and explain, I mean I'm shocked and more than a little confused but I'm not mad." Ben said honestly.

"But it's wrong and, and, and it's incest." Gwen said finally starting to calm down.

"Gwen our grandfather married an energy being and dated a lizard psychic thing. I have marriage proposals for two of the most violent warring empires in the galaxy and have saved the entire multiverse. I've quite literally been offered kingdoms Queens and firstborns for what I've done. There might be some outrage but All in all, I think two cousins falling in love, especially after all the shit we've been through together wouldn't be more than a blip in the media. Plus if you're worried about the whole inbreeding thing pick we can just pick race. Azmuth was very clear when he and Grandpa gave me the talk. I can breed with any race and can produce offspring of any race also thanks to the watch I never have to worry about any of them having any issues." Ben said trying to calm her down noticing her entire face turned a bright red at the idea of carrying Ben's baby.

"So, you really have no problem with any of this?" Gwen asked timidly.

"No the only thing I really have a problem with was how freaked out you got when you realized I knew. Gwen please just tell me what's wrong?" Ben said stroking her hair trying to comfort her.

"I I've always had to be the mature one the practical one. I've always had to pretend I'm perfect. Because everyone puts me up on this pedestal and yeah maybe I like it that way. But because of that anytime I pick something that goes against that narrative there's a huge amount of backlash, especially from mom. She raised such a hissy fit when I said I wanted to take karate. She came around when she saw I was good at it and the accolades I got made her very happy. It also helped I could defend myself and though she's never said anything about my hero'ing or my magic every time I mention anything about or do anything even remotely magical, she has this disapproving tone and look. God the loathing I hear from her like I'm some disgusting creature. Here's something I'm so proud of and she-! It just hurts so much and and I don't even want to think what she'll do when she finds out about this. That's not even counting everyone else I'm just I'm just! So tired of being what everyone else wants me to be I don't even think I know what I want to be at this point anymore!" Gwen said finally calmed down as she started to snuggle into Ben who is still holding her.

"Then let's not tell them, look where hero's we may even be some form of celebrity, but we have a right to a private life outside of that. So, let's keep this quiet for now and give you a chance to figure out what it is that you want. Till then well take things one step at a time and figure things out." Ben said getting up and helping Gwen up after him.

"So does that mean we're doing this? I mean if you just want me to be quiet about my feelings, I'd understand. I'm just not really sure what we do next." Gwen said blushing darkly.

"Well, that really depends on you. I'm still going to go through with my harem so if you're willing to join in and help me out with it I'd be glad to have you in it." Ben said as Gwen's entire face went a very dark shade of red.

"Wait so you're telling me that you're willing to date me or whatever this is so long as I'm OK with you doing the same with other girls?!" Gwen asked Suddenly finding it very hard to look Ben in the eye.

"Well yeah I've come this far with my harem plan, I'm not going to abandon it." Ben said firmly crossing his arms trying to make it as clear as possible he wouldn't back down.

Gwen bit her lip looking at the ground seemingly in consideration before nodding. "All right but under the condition you have to tell me your plans. I'll help you out if I can but in exchange, I want to be your top girl or whatever it's called. Agree to those and I'll do whatever you want me to do within reason all right." Gwen said undoing her blouse a little surprising Ben a little.

"Wait!? When you say you'll do whatever I want does that mean you'll do stuff like dressing a certain way or even sexual things?" Ben said tentatively as Gwen blushed as red as her hair, but she nodded.

"I-if it means I can be with you all do anything."

"So, if I asked you to stop wearing underwear or something?" Ben said hesitantly only to be startled when Gwen undid her blouse removing her bra and dropping it on the floor. She then pulled off her leggings and panties leaving her standing there in just her skirt and open blouse.

"Ok wow! Um oh, oh, can, can, I touch you?" Ben asked still not entirely sure where to draw the line with all this.

"Of course, Ben I'm yours to do with as you wish." Gwen said still shyly but clearly pleased that he wanted to touch her.

Ben tentatively reached forward sliding his hand into her blouse and grabbing her exposed breast. It was soft warm and large enough that nearly didn't fit into the palm of his hand. She was definitely bigger than Julie or Kai. Ben gave her a small squeeze and to his surprise got a small moan out of her.

"Sorry they've been really sensitive ever since I put the engorgement charm on them." Gwen said timidly.

"Wait you used a spell to grow your breasts?" Ben said surprise causing Gwen to flinch and the realization of what she had let slip.

"Yeah, though admittedly it was back in middle school. The rest of my class was already so much more developed than me and I got tired of patting my bra. Turns out I was just a bit of a late bloomer and well everything after the A cup was the real me but by that point, the damage had already been done and well now they're really sensitive." Gwen said in embarrassment this just got a smirk from Ben who grabbed her breast getting a shocked moan out of Gwen. Though Ben had to stop when the box they were in flickered slightly from Gwen starting to lose her concentration.

"OK, that was a little too close for comfort. We can continue this later I still need to do my research after all." Ben said pulling up the watch and starting to dial Brainstorm.

"All right is there anything I could do to help." Gwen said, starting to do up her shirt.

"Yeah, you can help me take notes we will have to work out a proper plan for everything later but right now I'm just trying to get the information together, and don't do that unless you need to go outside or put this spell down I want you on full display." Ben said with a smirk getting a blush out of Gwen who just nodded with another bright green flash Brainstorm got to work.