After binge watching all of the live action Spider Man movies again after watching No Way Home, I suddenly have this urge to write a Spider 8man fic. I'm also aware of the other fic which is actually one of my favorites and another inspiration to write this.

So yeah, another SNAFU Spider Man fic that isn't uploaded at the crossover section for some reason. I hope you like it.

OSCORP. A company dedicated to sciences and research. The company that singlehandedly contributed almost half of the scientific breakthroughs of the past two decades. It is so famous and successful that they made branches on other successful countries. And as expected, that includes this ten-year old skyscraper here on Chiba.

For many people, this is the best place to conduct our career observation because this company offers an insane amount of job opportunities. Even only high school graduate can apply here for some manual labor jobs that doesn't require doctor-level understanding of science.

But for me, come on, Hikigaya Hachiman and the word "Science" just don't work well together. Maybe if I focused on science more that I would be as good at it as my humanities subjects are. The thing is that sciences were never been my interest as far as I could remember.

And surprise, I'm here at the company that is the total opposite of what my report card says. Hayama decided to be a jerk by putting OSCORP Chiba branch as our workplace to visit.

Thus, I was left alone at the entrance of this insanely huge company building where we went for our workplace visit. Even though I actually belonged to a group of three when we went here, that being Hayama and Totsuka, they went with the entirety of the class in exploring this place.

However, I actually didn't mind them leaving me here as they just practically gave me a perfect opportunity to explore on my own. You see, even though I once decided for my workplace visit being my house, I love doing exploring things as long as I'm alone. That way, there won't be anyone nagging about the things I want to explore by myself.

I managed to catch up to them. I then walked at a sizeable distance at their back just because I don't want to get lost in this maze of a building.

As I look around, I noticed that the employees here are as serious as a human being can get. It was as if they are robots. Well, that's completely normal for most workers because employers want them to be as obedient as possible. And we all know that complete obedience is basically just being a robot.

The guide led us to a display of multiple spiders separated into glass cages. Even though I'm far from my classmates, I can still hear some of the girls' squeals upon seeing those eight-legged creatures.

"These, as you can see, are few of our first successful genetic modifications to the animal kingdom. Just as various edible plants are genetically modified to better suit our everyday consumption, we also aim to do the same to common meat-producing animals." the guide explained.

The ever suave guy Hayama raised his hand to ask a question, which was immediately permitted to do so.

"If the purpose of these experiments is for livestock, why were the test subjects spiders?"

"A very good question. However, it can be simply answered by the fact that most people dislike spiders. If we were to experiment on the animal kingdom, it's already a given that we were to start with them." she jokingly stated which elicited laughs from most girls who hated spiders.

Now this is peak human behavior right there. The ones they dislike will always serve as the scapegoat. What's worse it that the scientific community who was known to aim towards objectivity for their findings to be more accurate, they are the ones who openly made a joke about it.

Okay, so much for that harmless joke of the guide, they proceeded to the next display while I stayed here at the spiders.

"They're so cool! Right, Hachiman?"

I was startled when I suddenly heard a feminine voice talking to me using my given name. It took me a few seconds to turn other to see Totsuka enthusiastically watching the spiders inside their terrariums. Moments like this made me curse the romantic comedy gods for making Totsuka a boy.

"I guess. I didn't know you like spiders that much."

"Yeah. I love seeing them in horror houses. These ones here looks way better that those from there."

Now, at least Totsuka stayed with me as my groupmate for this workplace visit. Maybe there's still a chance for me to have a friend after all these school years of being alone.

As I looked at the glass cages, I noticed there's one of them which is empty of any semblance of a spider. Maybe this one is their spider that is modified to have heightened camouflage abilities because it's very possible considering that this is OSCORP.

"Come on Hachiman, let's catch up to the others."

"You go ahead, I'll stay here for a bit longer."

"If you say so."

Reluctantly, he went ahead and caught up to our classmates who are now at the robotics display. I stayed here because I want to see the missing spider just out of sheer curiosity. Besides, robotics are way too complicated for me.

Suddenly, I felt a stinging sensation on my nape. That's when I noticed a spider crawling on the shoulder of my school uniform top. It was faintly glowing in a strange combination of red and blue. Other than that, it's pretty common spider found in some random alleys.

My body immediately tensed that a billion yen property is now latched unto me. I was about to return it to its cage when I saw the multiple cameras filming the area around the spider display. If I were to return this to its cage, they might think that I'm trying to steal it, which is the exact opposite of what I'm trying to do.

With that, even though this might be the dumbest decisions I've ever made, I walked out of the area like nothing happened. In doing so, I subtlety tried to shake the spider off the sleeve of my school uniform but it just won't. That's why I gave up and just let it cling to my arm. In my defense, I have "nothing" to do with the missing spider because I haven't touched anything from this building yet.

However, my conscience just won't tolerate this. That's why I mustered my will to go to the nearest employee at the spider display.

"Excuse me, ma'am. I need some assistance here with regards to the spiders." I asked.

"What is it, sir?"

"When I was looking at the display, I noticed that there was a missing spider. And then I saw this spider here crawling on my shoulder." I said while pointing at the spider on my sleeve. "Could you please remove this from me?"

Without delay, the employee took the spider away from me by pointing a stick for it to crawl over. She then opened its designated container and put it in there.

"Thank you for informing us about this, sir."

The young employee then smiled, feeling relieved that a potential huge problem was solved immediately. She might be fired from her job if I didn't approach me about the spider because of how precious it was to the company to be lost.

"Uh sure."

After that nerve-wracking experience, I rejoined my classmates to their tour, albeit a few distance away from them. This time, I stuck around with them just because our workplace visit is coming to an end.

To be honest, I'm still worried about that spider's bite on my nape. But without feeling anything even after a several minutes since I was bitten, I just shrugged it off. Maybe I can just put some ointment there when I get back home.


Oh boy, how wrong I was. I was starting to get dizzy and the pain on my nape is worsening.

To add insult to the injury, Yuigahama is currently in front of me. Why insult? Because I just recently found out a few days ago that it was actually her dog that I saved on the first day of school. This means that she's doing all of these things about somewhat being nice to me because she felt obligated to do so.

"Hurry up, Hikki! The others are now going to the restaurant!"

I paused and rubbed my temples, trying to ease the headache I'm feeling right now. This might be my only opportunity to say what I have in mind to her but I'm thinking that the spider bite should be my top priority for now.

"Sorry, I can't go. I have things to do after this."

"Is that so? That's very like you. See you tomorrow, Hikki!"

She then ran towards the exit to catch up to her friends while I was left here on my lonesome. I then soon followed and left the building. But unlike her, my destination is the train station to commute back home.

While walking, I can't stop thinking about the possible consequences if I managed to successfully told her what I have in mind. It was very presumptuous of me to think that all she's doing is because she felt indebted to me where in fact she's just nice to me because that's the kind of girl she is.

With each step, I'm becoming more and more dizzy that I'm literally forcing my feet to move just so that I could have nice rest in my home. The sooner I get there, the better.

When I arrived at the train station, I saw the one person that I least expect to see. The whole 2F class went to some restaurant which is probably initiated by Hayama but there she is. Miura Yumiko was there sitting on a bench while holding her abdominal region like she was having some sort of a stomachache.

That's what I last seen before I finally lose consciousness and dropped to the solid ground beneath me.


I woke up, only to see the bright clear sky. When I felt that I was lying down on something very solid, I immediately jerked upward, only to fall to the ground. What amazed me is that I managed prevent my face from completely hitting the ground by immediately standing up. As far as I remember, I've never been an energetic person after I woke up from any sort of sleep.

Last thing I remembered was that I was suffering from a very strong headache and dizziness, but now it's gone. I'm not even feeling the grogginess of waking up at all. Huh, all it was short nap and it's all better.

What I saw next is my blond classmate sitting at the end of the bench while glaring at me. What is she doing here?

"Uh, what are you doing here?" I asked in confusion.

"Really? I just helped you from collapsing to the ground and that's what you would say to me?" Miura replied.

Oh, so she helped me. Well, that's nice compared to what she treated Yuigahama a few weeks ago. Maybe Hayama saving him from colliding to the fence during our tennis game helped her soften up.

"Oh, uh, thank you for that, truly. My question still stands though, I thought everyone is at the restaurant."

Then I realized what is happening to her. A moody woman with some sort of abdominal pain, yes, that is something I can't say that out loud.

"On second thought, please don't answer that."

"At least you have the decency."

I've already expressed my gratitude to her so there's only one thing left to do. That is to leave the are and board in the train home. However, it was unfortunate that I caught a glimpse of Miura struggling to stand and was about to fall down.

Instinctively, my hands moves to catch her. I don't know what is happening but it was like my senses are heightened to almost predict what will happen. I managed to catch her before falling to the ground.

"Hey! Don't go touching me so casually!"

"I'm not. You're about to fall and all I did was to catch you." I replied as I helped her stand up.

While holding her, I noticed that her feet are very shaky that I don't think she stand up if I let go of her now. Wow, I never imagined that this monthly event of theirs can get so troublesome.

"Well, could you let go of me now?" she asked with a slight disgust of her tone.

Ignoring whatever this bad feeling I'm having just so that I could comply to what she instructed, I let go of her so that she can stand on her own. However, that proved to be a bad idea as she immediately lost her balance. I immediately caught her again and this time, she didn't react as much as earlier.

"See? Just suck it up and let me return the favor by walking you to the train." Wow, did I really just offered that?

"That's... Fine, just don't tell anyone about this." Not like there's someone willing to listen to me.


Avoiding the unnecessary attention around us, I lifted her left arm on my shoulder and walked her with me. Although I think it's easier to just give her a piggyback, I think it's safe to say that we don't want to be on an intimate position with each other all of a sudden.

Thankfully, the interior of the train isn't cramped so we can both sit down on the seats. Of course I maintained a good distance away from her and avoided talking as much as possible. At least she's cooperative with me on this one as she also stayed quiet.

"Ahem. Should you call your parents to see you at the train stop?" I awkwardly broke the silence.

"What is it to you?"

"With that state you're in right now, I don't think you can walk all the way to wherever your house is."

"Oh, that's a good point."

She then pulled her phone out and dialled whoever that acquaintance of hers was. After a few redials, she finally gave up calling someone. If I have to guess, her parents are also corporate slaves and are too busy to answer their phone.

With a huge sigh, she turned her head towards me with a slightly toned down glare.

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"Walk me home."

If I heard that set of words during my middle school days, I would be jumping with joy right now because a popular girl just invited me to walk her home. Unfortunately, this only happened because of me falling unconscious a few hours ago that she didn't manage to get to her home before her cramps worsen to the point of inability to walk. There are no magical things happening here that I could misunderstand.

"You sure about that?"

"Yeah. It's basically your fault that I'm in this situation right now so you have to take responsibility."

It was very unfortunate for her that it wasn't Hayama who's here with her right now as this situation is perfect for someone who wants to make some progress with romance.



The walk was what you would expect from two unacquainted individuals, silent and awkward. That is to be expected because we don't have anything in common other than having Yuigahama as a mutual acquaintance and we're from the same class. As far as social standing goes, we are a total opposite of each other. She's popular and I'm, well, me.

It's actually quite surprising how I'm not really putting some care in this situation of ours. Maybe it's because I know for myself that I'm only returning the favor for what she did for me back then.

Finally, we reached the rather average middle-class house with a sign that says "Miura" below the doorbell of the gate.

"This is as far as I can go."

"Oh, thank you for carrying me here... Uh... Hikio? But please forget about anything that happened here." Someone from their clique got my name wrong again. What the hell is wrong with them?

"You already told me that. Don't worry, I don't have anyone to talk about it."

Without even saying a proper goodbye statement, I started walking towards home which is slightly just a few blocks away from here.

As I look at the now orange tainted dark sky, I realized just how long I've been unconscious on that bench with Miura. I'm pretty sure I collapsed during noontime when my classmates are supposed to be eating at the restaurant.

Wait, what about the spider bite? I immediately touched my nape and noticed that there is no bump that could be present at the area where the spider bitten me. Maybe all of that was just hallucinations because I almost unknowingly stole that multimillion spider of OSCORP.

The streets are getting darker and the flickery streetlights aren't exactly helping to reduce the horror vibes of this area. But for some reason, I can see pretty well even though I know exactly that it's dark in here.

I kept on going to some alleys that I believe are shortcuts that would lead me to my house. Of course I haven't really been here to this area specifically but there's this strange feeling that I'm going to the right path.

Speaking of strange senses, I kept on receiving them as I went deeper to the alley. And the strangest of them all was when I suddenly had the urge to duck down. That's when I heard a sharp thing slashing to where my head should have been. I looked up and saw the attacker who was masked in a classic black cloth that is only showing the eyes.

The best thing I could think of was run away from this potential robber. However, it was too late for me to sense that I'm already surrounded.

"Oh look, a quick cash willingly went to our alley. What are the odds!" one of the thug said mockingly.

Actually, they're right about me having some decent cash at the very least. I was only given allowance for the month recently so I think that's something that I could get robbed with.

Doing what a desperate person would do, I charged forcefully at the person blocking my way. I was surprised to see that the person was been thrown away by my tackle.

What I didn't account for was that there are more reinforcements waiting for me at what looks like a dead end. Once again, I was surrounded, this time with more than five people. It seems that my only choice now is either fight back or beg for mercy.

"Here it comes, kid!"

Begging for mercy instantly became out of the question when a person charged towards me. I immediately ducked down, avoiding the punch. This time, I launched a lucky kick towards his crotch. If i didn't hit him there, I don't think I could do much damage.

The others soon followed with whatever attack they could muster. Surprisingly, I can see their movements clearly with how sluggish their movements came to my perception. I dealt with every single one of them all with strikes to their nether regions.

And thus came the last one with a rather long knife in his right hand. Even though his other facial parts are hidden with the mask, I can clearly see from his eyes the anger and irritation from failing to rob a single high schooler.

"You're quite a troublesome kid, aren't you?"

"Maybe you're just that bad at being a robber." Damn it, this mouth of mine will be the death of me.

Before the masked person could act, my somewhat extra enhanced gut feeling was telling me to jump and grab hold to the wall to escape from him. However, just the concept of grabbing hold to a wall of nothing but bricks is just way too impossible to do.

When the person made his move, I abandoned all logic and jumped as high as I can. And without even looking back downwards, I crawled on the wall like an actual lizard. I continue crawling until it eventually felt like I'm just casually running instead of getting away from someone who wants to kill me.

"Phew, that went well."

When I finally reached the top of the building, I realized that I just climbed a five story appartment building. Aside from the fact that I just climbed this whole thing up, I strangely didn't feel any fear of standing to this height. I may go as far as saying that it's comfortable being here. Maybe it's because it's the ultimate loner spot considering that no one can climb this height normally.

Normally? Wow, I didn't think that a change this drastic would happen to me all of a sudden. Just imagine waking up then suddenly having my own version of Ultra Instinct and the ability to climb walls. I'm pretty sure this is a dream considering that all this happened after I woke up from my involuntary sleep. A sleep that was induced by intense headache and dizziness after I got bitten by a generically modified spider...

Crap, that must be it! This must be the best day of my life, only to be ruined by the fact that I have to give Hayama the credit for choosing OSCORP as the workplace we visit for the career observation.

So, if I got some of the traits of a spider, does that mean I can eject webs with my ass? Well, if that's the case, that would be the most useless and disgusting trait someone could get from a spider. I think it would be nice if I could shoot them from my hands, you know, for practicality and sanitary purposes.

Nevermind, not like I'm going to play superhero that I'll need all the superpowers I could get. I'm just gonna continue my life as it is, just with some perks brought by these new abilities of mine.


I'm still conflicted whether his costume will be either the classic, Noir, or I should design something a bit new like what New DCD did with his/her fic. I like how Spider Man Noir looked and he kinda fits with 8man's aesthetics. However, the classic suit offers better disguise for him because no one would really expect him to be associated with vibrant colors.