Here is my first attempt on a MSec story!

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When he finally arrived, they kissed and embraced each other in that airport waiting room. She had been anxiously waiting for him, not sure how on earth he had gotten in so much trouble for assisting a religious conference. In Thailand. With his ex-girlfriend.

The drive home was silent, she was fiddling with her wedding ring and keeping her stare fixed outside the window car. He felt it, something wasn't right, and wanted nothing more than to comfort her. During the ride home he kept stealing glances at her trying to find her eyes, her big blue beautiful eyes that meant home to him, but without much luck.

Exiting her motorcade, they thanked her DS agents and headed to the brownstone door. When they entered their foyer, they both discarded their coats hanging them in the coat rack next to the door. They hadn't had time to speak to each other as Alison came into the room to greet them.

"You're home! How was the conference dad? Did you have a great time in Thailand?" She asked, very happy to see them, after hugging them both.

"Hey Noodle, the conference was fine but, yeah, I had a great time over there. The food was good and I got to talk with some interesting people." Henry nodded and tried to answer as warmly as possible, as he couldn't wait anymore to talk to Elizabeth alone. She still hadn't said a word since arriving home, but seemed content to be home and around the kids.

"That's good dad, I'm glad. I'm heading back to campus; I'll call you when I get there. Love you." Alison said while grabbing her coat quickly and passing past them to make her way through the door.

Once he heard the door shut with a "click", he turned to Elizabeth and looked her in the eye. Her usual blue color was as stunning as the first time he saw her more than thirty years ago, but there was something else: Sadness? Fear? Exhaustion, even? He couldn't quite place what it was. He did not hesitate to take her between his arms. Something inside him screamed that there was something not quite right when she first tensed in his embrace, only for a few moments later melted into him as she usually does. She placed her face into the crook of his neck, smelling his scent, her home, and willing to just let this awful day pass and trying to not think anything anymore.

"Are you ok, babe?" Henry asked her, still holding her close.

"Yeah…I think I'm just tired…" She answered slowly without moving from his embrace. He wanted to be with her, to spend time with her, to kiss her… as the only brief kiss they shared was a few hours back while they greeted each other in the airport. But she was tired and he would do anything she needed.

He then started moving towards the stairs and carried her upstairs. He entered their bedroom with her still clutching to him, and placed her in the bed. He wanted her to open up to him, as she always did, but when he was about to ask what was really bothering her, Jason came into the room.

"Hey, I just heard you come up. How was Thailand?" Jason asked him while sitting on the bench in the food of the bed.

"It was a nice trip, Jase. How's everything been?" Henry asked while keeping an eye on his wife who hadn't still moved from the sport he just placed her. She was lying on her back, staring up to the ceiling and she hadn't even blinked when Jason entered the room. She was a thousand miles away and he was officially worried. Something was off and he had no clue what could be bothering her so much.

"Everything's been good. I just blew my three college scholarships and went to Martin's to spend the weekend as Mom's been busy these last few days…" He responded whilst turning and looked at Elizabeth with raised eyebrows for the lack of response from his mom. She was listening though, and when her son mentioned her busy weekend, due mostly to the fact that her husband ended up in prison with his ex-girlfriend, divorced ex-girlfriend, and refuse to leave the country without her, she propped herself back on one elbow and just said:

"It has been a really busy weekend, baby. We'll talk about the scholarships tomorrow but now, I have a bit of a headache… Do you mind whipping up some food for you and your dad?" She said with her best expression, hoping they would leave her some alone time and she could go to sleep and put an end to this miserable day.

Jason stood up and left the room as Henry lingered, not wanting to go downstairs to eat and spend time with his son without talking to her first.

"Elizabeth, babe, what's wrong?" He asked a little concerned.

"I don't really know Henry… I'm tired and I don't feel like talking…" She said, while moving the comforter and slipping behind the sheets to shut the light out.

"Babe what is it? You know you can tell me anything… Please don't shut me out, tell me what's been bothering you" Walking to her side of the bed he pleaded with her to open up and talk to him.

"Well…it's just… I have been feeling a little off with this whole trip to Thailand. I don't know, maybe I am overreacting, but I don't like how…" She could not end the sentence as the landline started to ring. She huffed and pulled the comforter closer to her, the moment of sincerity lost to an interruption once again. Henry picked up the phone and answered.

"Hello? Yes, I do know her… She is here? Okay, let her in. I'll be downstairs in a minute." Henry said to the DS agent securing the door downstairs. Elizabeth grew a little curious, turning a little bit to him, silently asking him to develop the conversation she just heard on one side.

"Rochana is downstairs…" He said confused and to Elizabeth, these words went right through her, like daggers stabbing into her heart.