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He immediately leaned closer and kissed her again passionately, leading them to reconnect in the most intimate way.

The next morning they woke up tangled together in bed. Henry had his arms wrapped around her and in that moment, Elizabeth almost forgot all that went by the previous days. Almost.

Those thoughts were pushed in the back of her mind for now as they started to get ready for the day together, the familiarity in each action warming her heart. In sight of their evening plans, she chose a black tight dress with a subtle slit on the right side that she knew Henry loved and applied some light make-up, thinking she would refresh it before coming home in the afternoon. When she got out of the bathroom she couldn't help but notice the way he was staring, his gaze full of love for her. "You look beautiful." were the only words he could muster in that moment. She closed the gap between them and kissed him softly before making their way downstairs, together, to eat breakfast with their children before parting for the day.

The day at the office went by rather fast and she was able to focus solely on the tasks at hand. Reports were read, documents were signed, meetings were held and she even managed to squeeze in a quick phone call with Henry and several texts through the day.

By the time it was time to head off she felt like herself again and all the anxiety she had been feeling for the past few days had dissipated. All her thoughts now drifted to the romantic evening he had promised her the night before because she was really looking forward to it. But there was still one thing on her mind bugging her.

After saying goodbye to her staff and sending them all home for the day, she hopped on the motorcade and asked Matt to make a quick stop before going home: "Matt, can you please take me to Rochana Arak's hotel? I need to speak to her." she stated confidently.

Once the motorcade pulled away from the Truman Building and started the way to her destination, she fell back on the seat and tried to clear her mind. After what felt like seconds but it was only 20 minutes later, the motorcade pulled to a stop. Elizabeth took a deep breath and nodded to her agents, signaling she was ready to get out of the SUV.

Making her way into the hotel, she stopped at the reception desk and asked for her to be called, "Could you kindly let Rochana Arak know that Elizabeth McCord is here to see her? Thank you." The receptionist made a quick phone call to the room and responded, "Madam Secretary, she says you can come up. It's room 244."

Elizabeth started walking through the elevators and pressed the button marked with a 2. Once she reached the second floor, she started walking in the hall until she reached the room she was looking for. Then, she knocked.

After a short moment, the door opened and Rochana welcomed her in, "Elizabeth, what a surprise. Please, come on in." she said with a smirk on her face. "Is everything ok?" she added once Elizabeth was inside the room and she had closed the door behind her.

"Sure. I just wanted to have a chat with you," Elizabeth started. "I wanted to make it clear that from now on you will stay away from me and my family. And that includes my husband." she continued, emphasizing the last words.

"Well, then It's not me who you should be talking to…" Rochana started to answer, but Elizabeth cut her off. "Oh, I already spoke with Henry. Turns out he doesn't want to see you again. Ever." she said calmly.

Rochana's face had a wicked smile as she responded, "That's not what he said yesterday while we were kissing."

"Look Rochana… I don't know what game you're playing but we've been married for almost 30 years and it has never crossed my mind that Henry would cheat on me." She said, purposely leaving out the only time the thought had crossed her mind. "And if at some point he decided to cheat on me - you know as well as I do that wouldn't happen as his morals wouldn't allow him to - it would definitely not be with you."

"Maybe you don't know him that well… in Thailand we shared a moment when we went alone to have dinner, and yesterday before kissing me he agreed that we would keep our relationship going." Rochana said, fighting back Elizabeth's words.

"The thing is that I do know him. He doesn't want to see you again, nor do I. So I came here to set the record straight. I don't care what you think happened between the two of you, he's in love with me as much as he was back then, when he broke up with you to be with me. Remember that?" Elizabeth said, with a smirk this time.

"He said he didn't leave me because of you." Rochana replied, honestly this time.

"Well, he is a cradle Catholic, what did you expect? He probably didn't want to hurt you anymore than he did and he showed you mercy. He's always been one of the good ones. But we did meet when he was still dating you, you know…" Elizabeth answered, her blue eyes reaching Rochana's. "So, I'm not saying this again. Respect our wishes, and stay the hell away from us and our family. Or, there will be hell to pay."

"Are you threatening me?" Rochana asked, holding Elizabeth's gaze.

"Not at all. But I can think of a few things that can make you suffer the way you tried to make me suffer. Let me think, we could fill a restraining order against you or I'm sure we would find a way to send you back to Thailand. But I don't know how well they would welcome you there after the stupid stunt you pulled there last week… Wouldn't that be fun?" Elizabeth said as a little smile formed on her lips.

At this point Rochana was starting to get nervous as she babbed, "I can't go back… Henry promised… He said that…"

But Elizabeth didn't let her finish, "Henry can't promise you anything. You have to know that we only took you out of that prison because you were with him, if not -you would still be rotting in that cell. So at least show a little gratitude and stop making Henry pay for your mistakes."

With that said, she started making her way to the door, but before reaching the handle she turned and said her last piece, "I hope after this little chat we have understood each other. You come near my husband again, or my family for that matter, and next time we see each other I won't be as nice. Goodbye, Rochana." And with that, she closed the door behind her, leaving the other woman shocked in her hotel room.

Back on the motorcade, Elizabeth felt like her mind was free of all the negative thoughts that had haunted her during the past few days and she was finally ready to leave the past behind and enjoy the future. And the only future she could envision in that moment was Henry waiting for her at home with the most romantic evening planned. And she was sure as hell she wouldn't let anything or anyone prevent her from enjoying it.