For once, in a very long time, the witch found herself freezing up.

It happened at the base of the Parish, right outside where the foul titanite demon resided and where she had perished far more than once because of a lucky shot from the monster's lighting. Yet what made her tense was far less dangerous than the demon within the building and not as tall nor armed…

A fellow undead, one that was perhaps like her, 'Chosen' and believing that they were destined to ring the two bells of awakening, only fools believed such things.

Like she had done when she first came to these lands.

Just like the hollowing knight standing in the doorway.

The stranger's face was hidden behind the helm of a knight's helmet, the rest of the set adorning their body. The Witch had seen it countless times, from the myriad of other undead or the scattered corpses that she looted souls from.

The silence was the only thing between the two.

It was what kept the two's hands on their weapons of choice, with the knight's knuckles tightening on the hilt of her sword while the witch shifted and was tempted to point her staff towards the knight.

"...Since you've chosen to remain silent and stare, I can only assume you have yet to go mad…."

The witch was the first to speak, her voice soft with a relatively dry tone, and her disinterest in the run-in was picked up by the knight.

"The same to you, madam"

The witch raised an eyebrow as she heard the knight speak. Their voice was feminine, another woman, and one that walked in the armaments of a knight nonetheless. Female knights were not ordinary, but they indeed weren't something you saw every day given the...bigotry of the nobility in lands far from the one she resided in.

"Then care to remove your hand from your sword? I have a bone to pick with the creature inside…."

The witch would nod her head and slightly point her staff to the building behind the knight. She had finally gotten around to a level of strength that she believed would allow her to fell the demon after so long. The knight, on the other hand, tilted their head while complying with the witch's words and put their sword back into its sheath. Finally came a proud laugh from the knight as she nodded her head towards the building.

"Ahahaha, I hate to say it, madam, but it seems I beat you to the kill…."


The Witch instantly found her eyes narrowing to a suspicious stare as she looked the knight over. There was no way she could have slain the gods-damned demon. The Witch had only been here for a short time, and she had already encountered a small assortment of undead, all having failed to slay the titanite demon. The Knight certainly wasn't one of them, and she had to be new, newer than the witch herself.

Yet when she walked up to the knight and brushed past them to see for herself, she stopped for two reasons. One was for so stupidly letting her guard down for a second. The last thing she needed was a redo of a situation all too akin to Patches's little gifts…

He owed her quite a bit, and The Witch certainly aimed to get her souls back one way or another.

Then came the passing of a single second with the Witch using it to look to the interior of the rise to the parish. There was no damned demon within trying to blast her with lighting, nor crush her under its body, or breaking her with a swing of its weapon…

"See, dead, as I told you, madam."

The knight hummed out, the smugness in her voice clear, alongside a teasing tone…

Such a statement made the Witch give the Knight a light glare as she turned around and poked her sorcerer's staff against the metal chest plate of the knight's armor.

"So it would seem, now drop the 'Madam' as I am no damsel in distress…."

The Witch didn't need to see the knight's face to know they were smirking as they bobbed their head and spoke in response, "Of course, Ma-Ma'am."

"Good enough," Scoffed the witch as she reached up and adjusted her cap, "Now get going. You've distracted me more than enough from important business I have to deal with…."

"Not even without telling me your name, ma'am?" the knight asked with a raised hand meant to gesture to the Witch. Yet the glare the Witch gave in return upon such a request made the knight lower her hand and nod, "I...see, of course, don't let me distract you any further…."

"Indeed, good day…."

"Good day, Ma'am…."

And just like that, the two bid their farewells and returned to their separate paths…




Lordran at times felt empty of life, well more so its social life…

The most someone would find in these times were a fellow undead on the quest to become the 'Chosen Undead', or the white phantoms summoned by those natives of these land, the phantoms themselves either grouped up with their summoner or asking someone if they had happened to see their summoner.

Worse were the invaders such as Kirk, The Knight of Thorns, or the dreaded Maneater of Blighttown…

The Witch frowned as she raised her free hand up to her collar bone as the faint sensation of a cleaver being lodged into her lingered about.

Blight Town certainly lived up to its name…

...and a mere reminder of just where she was heading made the Witch silently grumble to herself as she prepared for the mental pain the poison swamp would bring upon her.


The Witch stopped midstep and didn't dare move or look down as she heard the board beneath her let out a long creak as she put her weight in it. She'd prefer not to plummet to her death in this damned valley just before the worse part of her journey so far. A full minute of silence passed before the witch took another step...and leaped forward off the bridge. Yes, it was a bit overdramatic, but she didn't want to earn yet another death...she had used up a humanity after all.

Thus began her entrance to the disgusting excuse for a 'Town', starting with the three brutes blocking the tunnel and then her descent to the second bonfire.

Honestly, she loved the Master Key.

Quelaag though…?

Quelaag was a trial that all undead faced, either before or after the foul gargoyles atop the undead parish. Of course, that was if a 'Chosen' could get to Quelaag before another did, less they were forced to wait days on end before the fog gates would disperse and allow them to face the demon themselves.

Just as the Witch was doing, deep in the Chaos Witch's nest, she rested against a web coated wall, her arms crossed as she counted the seconds. She knew it was near, that the gate would disperse and Quelaag would be inside, her soul ripe for the witch's taking and most importantly the second bell…


The Witch found herself tensing and turned her head to the only way entrance and exit of the nest, she had company. The clinking of their armor gave them away instantly, which brought some reassurance to the witch, meaning that the chosen seeking to defeat Quelaag was rather inexperienced or perhaps did not seek to fight any other chosen waiting for the fog wall to disperse…

How foolish.

Already the witch began to speak under her breath, her staff being raised, and prepared to cast a hex...yet she stopped the moment just whom she saw.

"Hmm? Oh! It's you again, I must say this is a surprise", chirped the familiar Knight, the slayer of the Titanite demon, the one who stole its precious demon titanite from the witch…

She was tempted to finish it, the hex, and watch it tear the knight asunder…


Instead, the witch responded to her acquaintance and lowered her staff with a nod of her head towards where the knight had just come from.

"Apologies if I scared you, thought you were one of those plague-ridden brutes…" The witch uttered out an excuse, one that seemed to satisfy the Knight who nodded. "Understandable! The bastards certainly earned such a reputation, especially with how hellish it was just getting down here…At least it isn't worse than Capra..."

The witch blinked and found a smirk crossing her face, "Oh? Could it be that you don't happen to have a master key…?" Asked the witch, in an almost mocking tone.

Master keys were a rarity, one that chosen would kill for, given how easy it made trekking about lower Lordran. Of course, the witch had purchased her's from a fellow chosen, one who had believed he didn't have a need for it anymore.

"Master Key?" the knight asked with a tilt of her head, the confusion was clear in her voice, and only made the Witch's chuckles continue, and flashed her key to the knight. "A Master Key, quite the useful trinket for an undead...and ones that are quite difficult to find" the Witch clarified as she pushed herself off of the wall.

"...can I have yours?" asked the Knight, innocently like a child as she went to fumble with her satchel, "I-I can give you souls of course! Just name your price-"



The clanging of the witch's staff meeting the knight's helm echoed throughout the nest, the same for the cry of pain.

A few minutes passed, leaving the knight to rub her helm in silence and cast fleeting glances to the Witch, and most importantly eying the witch's satchel. It wasn't one that belonged to a thief that saw something they wanted, but more so akin to a child's. The witch had told her no, and better yet explained what Undead was willing to do just to get such a key, and left the knight to grovel and pout to herself.


The Witch and Knight instantly raised their heads as they heard a familiar sound.

The Sound of a fog gate dispersing.

Quelaag had returned.

The Witch was already on the move, taking quick strides into the room, and so too was the Knight, "Hold on! What are you doing! We need to wait and plot out a strategy!". The knight's pleading was rendered null as the fog wall rose up from behind them, sealing within the boss room.

"Do not be foolish, I can handle this, you on the other will make a good distraction I suppose…"

The Witch retorted as she adjusted her cap with one hand while her staff was raised in the other, a smirk crossing her face. The Knight went to say something else but found herself going quiet as she heard it as well.

The Crackle of fire.

She joined the witch in looking to the other side of the open room, and to the staircase that had to have led to the second bell. They watched as a horrid abomination stepped out around the corner, akin to a spider that seeped flame out from its back, and an organ glow in its maw. It all opposed the woman fused to it, Quelaag the Chaos Witch, who traced a hand along the spider's head in a loving manner, and held a sword doused inflame in her other hand.

"This is it, ready yourself!" the Witch exclaimed as she raised her staff, the blue glow of a sorcery dousing the tip. The declaration of the Witch snapped the Knight out from her daze and nodded as she raised her shield close to her chest, and raised her sword in a manner to mimic the witch's casting.

"Long may the Sun Shine!" The knight roared out as she charged the Chaos Witch whilst the Witch unleashed her magicks…




The knight collapsed unto all four, gasping and croaking for air, her armor was singed and burned, all caused by the slained chaos witch. She had taken a fair share of hits from the witch's flaming greatsword, the worse of them was the explosion that left her frontside black…


Worse was how she was void of any Estus, all of it used in desperate attempts to stay alive…

It was…


The Witch looked to The Knight with a look of disappointment whilst standing next to them, though they had done a good job at acting as a distraction though…


The Witch looked away and to her open palm, her staff rested in her other hand, and more importantly, she looked down to the soul in her palm. The Witch smirked as she crunched her palm, and shattered the soul, and took every bit of strength it possessed. The Rush that followed made the Witch quiver and stifle a moan, this was perhaps the closest an undead could truly hope of feeling pleasure. Perhaps it was made many undead continue onwards, in hopes of finding a stronger creature whom's soul they could consume.


The pained groans of The Knight ruined the moment for the Witch who looked back down to her fellow undead. The Pleasure was replaced with the returning sense of disappointment, pity, and...empathy…

A sigh was heard by the knight as she did her to suppress the pain she felt throughout her form, but such concentration as she felt her chin be grabbed, and her head raised. Then came the rush of warmth and pain soothing sensation of Estus, 'life' rushed back into the undead who was now able to gaze up to the witch. She had taken the responsibility of the knight and now forced her to drink what was last of her Estus, after all, most Bosses were followed by a bonfire.

The Witch's eyes met the Knight's who gazed up at the Witch with a sheepishness in Knight's gaze as was forced to suckle away at the flask like a babe. It felt...comforting, yet at the same time, embarrassing.

The Knight gasped on-air as the flask was removed with the Witch backing away, and stuffed her flask into her Satchel. She leaned slightly on her staff as she then spoke to the knight, "Up on your feet, or are you that pathetic you need me to carry you?"

The Knight sputtered with the insult thrown to her, the embarrassment was yanked away and replaced by confusion. Though it certainly did make the Knight scramble to her feet, her sword and shield filling her empty palms.

"S-Such harsh words for the one who came to aid you, I-I expected better from a maiden-"

The glare sent by the Witch made the Knight wince and instantly correct her statement.

"-A-A fellow undead!"

The Witch rolled her eyes and turned to walk away from the knight and to her main goal, the bell tower. It was a simple straightforward walk from then, one that led to the nexus of the nest, where a tunnel that led further into the earth…

That piqued her interest and led the Witch to a few conclusions of what could be down there…

"There! The Bell! It is above us! That staircase must lead us to the lever!"

That's right, the Knight was still with her, unlike a phantom that left once its use was done…

"How intuitive…"

Muttered the witch as she looked to the Knight that chose to stand next to the Witch, her sword in its sheath, with the shield on her back. The Knight looked to her right, and to the Witch while resting her hands on her hips, a clear smile on her face.

It was going to be a shame when the Knight would eventually hollow…

"Oh come now! What are we waiting for! We have a prophecy to fulfill!"

Before the Witch could question or break the knight out of her stupor, the Witch found her left hand taken by the knight and pulled forward. She let out a cry as she nearly tripped on the first step and was pulled up the staircase. It was when they were nearing the lever did the Witch rip her hand free and stopped the knight in her tracts, who froze once she saw the Witch's glare.

"Don't touch me" spat the Witch as she cradled her hand and rubbed her digits, but her gaze did flicker to the lever.

"When thou ringeth the Bells of Awakening, the fate of the Undead thou shalt know…"

Did this fool not understand that only one of them could be the chosen undead?

The Knight looked surprised and shamed upon hearing the Witch's words, of course, she should have been, treating another person like that, as if they were friends…

"I'm...sorry, Ma'am"

Mumbled the knight as she took a partial step back and reached up to rub the back of her scalp and shift her gaze away.

A silence followed.

The Witch glared at the apologetic knight, letting the silence cool her temper before she let out a huff and opened her mouth to speak.

"You're forgiven…"

Uttered the Witch as she slipped her staff to her back and crossed her arms and watched the Knight perk up. Then the smile returned as the knight nodded, and not wanting to squander the Witch's forgiveness she shuffled over to the Lever and rested a hand on it while looking to the Witch.

"Shall we then…?"

She asked as she nodded down to the Lever, wishing for the Witch to join her in ringing the Bell of Awakening. Instead of trying to point out the flaw in the Knight's request, the Witch decided to humor the Knight and walked up next to the knight and rested her hand atop the lever, her own hand partly on the Knight's hand...

The Knight's smile grew…

"...Don't get any funny ideas" Mumbled the witch

"Of course! Now let's do this, together!"

Seeing no need to disagree, the Witch nodded and pushed forward on the Lever, alongside Knight.

The Ringing of the bell followed...and with it was the rising of a gate, and an Onion knight perking up in confusion…




Lost Izalith, the home of Pyromancies, the Witch Izalith...and Demons

The Witch had only heard rumors about it from varying sources, she knew it was located beneath Lordran, as too was the home of Nito. The Catacombs had been her first assumption as of just where she could find the two Lords, though her progress had been stopped with the lack of Divine weaponry.

She had considered going to clerics for cooperation, but what was stopping them from claiming the lord's souls from her? To claim a lord's soul only added onto an undead's chances of becoming the 'Chosen Undead', and since only a select few had ever claimed them meant undead would do anything to get one.

Gods, why didn't she realize it sooner, that Quelaag was the only blocker in her way to Izalith?

As such once the knight had gone off on her own way, back to Firelink, the Witch instantly began her descent down the secondary tunnel, and it was there she found it, Lost Izalith.

It was hell.

An assortment of undead infected with parasites that weighed them down surrounded a bonfire, and appeared to be neutral, just as the ones before Quelaag. Though one undead stood out amongst them, clad in an elite knight set, they looked away from the bonfire and to the Witch.

The Witch eyed the Elite Knight as she sat down before the bonfire and felt the welcoming warmth of the bonfire fill her, and her Estus flask.


She sighed in response and felt her body loosen as she sent her souls forth and empowered her soul further.


However, the peace that the witch felt for a few seconds as she heard a hum leave the Elite Knight's lips. He was eyeing her up, trying to figure out everything he could from a mere glance, though upon sending a glare at the Elite Knight, he slowly looked back to the bonfire.

"You're new…"

The Elite Knight croaked out, his voice hoarse and rough as gravel, and the Witch was certain he was glancing at her beneath his helm.

"I am…"

"Hmm, then that means you don't know just how dangerous this place is…"

"It is the kingdom of demons, how more dangerous could it be…?"

The Elite knight chuckled and shook his head as he raised a hand to gesture back to where she had come from.

"THAT is your only way in and out, and do you know what exactly is up there?"

His statement made the Witch's brow narrow, was he suggesting…

"With that look on your face, something tells me it's clicking…"

"...It only opens once an Undead kills Quelaag"

"Eyyyuuuppp." the Elight Knight said with a nod of his head and lowered his hand and rested it back into his lap.

"No other way out for those new to this place, and if you're truly unlucky, no toolboxes either…"

That...was concerning, the witch had little need for a toolbox when considering it would be a mere trip to Andre, but if she was cut off from Andre…

"Oh don't worry, don't worry at all, it certainly not that bleak, after all, you have people like me, someone who is willing to fix equipment...with a small interest fee" Undead candidate that had chosen to fall back to being a merchant…

"In fact, to help show that I'm not that bad, I'll give you two lil' tips…"

The Elite knight turned his head to the side, away from the general path away from the lava lake, "Ya saw that bridge, better yet you saw the fog gate, right?"

The Witch nodded, her interest piqued…

"You want the lava gone? You go there and take the robes from the body and start running back to the fog gate…"

Fog gate...a boss, figures that'd be the next blocker in her way, and most importantly it was obvious that he'd stay quiet about the boss itself.

She didn't press further, "You said two, something tells me it's not about the boss…"

"Eyup" Was the Elite Knight's simple response as he bobbed his head and pointed to the tunnel once more.

"Go back up there and take a greater look around, a witch-like yourself should figure it out quick enough…"

The Witch went over the Elite Knight's words, processing them with a frown before she nodded and got to her feet. She walked away from the Elite Knight, heading to the presumed boss fight, rehearsing the words the Elite knight had told her.

'Grab the robes, run to the fog gate...Grab the robes, run to the fog gate...Grab the robes, run to the fog gate…'

"Oi! Witchy!"

The Witch stopped in place and looked back to the bonfire, and to the Elite Knight who then spoke once more.

"Good luck!"

The Witch stared at him for a second before nodding her head and reached up to tip her cap at him and resume her strides...

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