It was a dreary day, rain was falling, and the sky was dark. People's moods were seemingly affected by this rain. Inside a forest was a giant white mansion, and in that mansion a grieving family all wearing black is found.

The mother was sobbing heart wrenching cries were released from her mouth, the father stood silently beside her comforting her as much as he could while also silently mourning. And the poor little girl was confused, wondering why her mother and father were sad, asking when she could see her older brother.

The door opens and a young maid comes inside, "Master, Mistress, Young Lady, The car is ready and the funeral is beginning" the maid bowed after speaking. The family stood up and walked towards the door, the mother stopped in front of the maid wanting to say something but was unable to find her words. The father put a hand on the maid's shoulder and the maid picked up the little girl.

The car ride was filled with dread, the Mother continued to sob unable to stop her tears. They headed to an empty graveyard, a fresh new one built by the family, to give their beloved son a special resting place.

A huge crowd was in attendance, with people of all ages there, old and young. A somber feeling was in the air; sadness, anger, guilt, and pain were all present in the faces of the crowd. As the funeral began to end, people left one by one wishing the family condolence for losing such a young child. And eventually the family left as well.

However, there remained one figure, standing in front of the grave of the dead. The figure was still, unmoving, and cold. They were like a statue. After a while they knelt towards the grave, clasped their hands together and spoke with a chill tone:

"I will never forgive them. I'll make them pay. I'll make them regret what they did if it's the last thing I do."

After uttering those words the figure left as silently as they were when they stood still. The graveyard, now devoid of all life, only the tombstone remains.

Masayoshi Suou

Ultimate Heir

20XX - 20XX

A loving son, taken too soon.


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