"They have Yuuji working for them too? Isn't he a Third Year?"

"Well, you see…"

Class 80-B | The day before…

"I'm telling you, it's genius!" Kano insists. "We have an Ultimate Filmmaker and an Ultimate Foley artist on our side - what could possibly go wrong?"

Shion rolls her eyes. "I don't want to hear that from you of all people." she says.

"So what'll it be then?" Koichi Kizakura, homeroom teacher of Class 80-B, says as he leans back in his chair. "Are we stealing the Third Year kid or what?"

The members of Class 80-B look around at each other. Then, they all turn towards Nemiko Tamatsuki.

"What do you say, Ultimate Sound Illusionist? Can you do this with the help of the Ultimate Auteur?" Takagi asks.

Nemiko looks at Kikuo, the other selectively mute Ultimate in class.

Kikuo looks back at Nemiko.

Nemiko looks at Kikuo.

Kikuo looks at Nemiko. Then, he taps Kite on the shoulder.

"He said Nemiko said she'll do it." Kite says dryly.

Class 79-A

Sonosuke Izayoi stares at his class.

His class stares back at him.

Masayoshi Suou raises his hand. "Um, Mr. Izayoi-?"

"Class dismissed." Sonosuke says and promptly walks out of his classroom without another word.

Masayoshi, by the way, since you never met him because he's six feet underground, is a young man with shaggy neck-length brown hair and brown eyes. Despite his status as the Ultimate Heir, Masayoshi prefers to go around in casual clothes - like the long sleeved collared white shirt and blue pants he's wearing now (he won a no-uniform Friday pass).

Tatsumi frowns. "So, like, are we not doing a booth or helping with security or anything…?" he wonders.

Mikasa shrugs. "Guess not."

"Great! I've prepared an itinerary for all of us so we can make the most out of our time at the fundraiser-"

Class 78-C

"R-Right…thanks, Miss Gekkogahara." Seizo Morine, Mari Tamatsuki, Jirou Takahashi, and Shiro Kuragiri of Class 79-B quickly thank the Third Year teacher and exit the classroom, strange looks on their faces.

Some truly out of this world things going on with that class…


Miaya Gekkogahara turns back to look at her class. "You and the other Third Year classes are going to be safety officers, making sure the First Years don't kill each other or our guests with their crazy antics." she explains. "You will be working with a partner while you patrol the school."

One of the girls raises her hand. "Can-?"

"No you may not use a Second Year as a partner."

The girl grumbles and puts her hand down.

8:00 AM | The day of…

"Good morning students. Today is March 7th, 20XX. As you know, today marks the first day of the fundraiser for Grandview Academy. Classes will be cut short due to proceedings beginning this afternoon. That is all, have a good day."

One of the perks of having someone like Koichi Kizakura as a homeroom teacher is that he could quite literally care less about what you do as his student. As such, when Class 80-B decreed that they want to spend the entire beginning of their day setting up their haunted house, Koichi was all for it and left them to go bother someone in the faculty office.

Unfortunately for the students of Hope's Peak Academy and their incoming guests, Class 80-B has two reformed terrorists and Hakuma advising the creative minds behind their haunted house.

11:50 AM | 'Old Hope's Peak Academy'

"-and Kano and Sumire will be in charge of setting off the effects for the last phase. Sumire will be in the first and second shift, Kano will only be in the third because of his business with the esports team." Yuuji says as he reads off the notes he and Nemiko made. He turns to the Ultimate Foley Artist. "That's everything, ri-?"

"Yeah, no." Shion says and grabs Sumire's face, smooshing her cheeks. "Why aren't we together?" she asks. "If you're going to make her participate, she's going to participate with me."

Kano rolls his eyes. "It's not your choice, Kotobuki." he sneers. "Nemiko and Yuuji already made their decision, sucks to suck."

Shion flips him off with her free hand. "Did it look like I was talking to you, Ryoji?" she asks.

11:51 AM | Ryoji's Prison

Ryoji sneezes violently as he lets Aja Wanatabe out of his prison cell.

A prison he's only in charge of because Takagi misunderstood his talent as actual physical running and signed him up for it so he could 'serve the kingdom' properly.

Aja gives him a look as she steps out of the cell.

Ryoji sighs. "Unlucky time for someone to be talking about me…sorry, Aja."

"Whatever." Aja mutters under her breath and heads back to class.

11:51 AM | 'Old Hope's Peak Academy'

"Ryoji?" Kano says incredulously. "Don't compare me to that stereotypical slob!" he snaps.

Shion raises an eyebrow. "Oh? Why not?" she smirks. "You're both blonde, you both have green eyes, you're both gamers, and…" Shion looks him up and down. "A stain on Ryoji's shirt, you no shoes…I'd say you're pretty even on the slob part."

Kano looks down at his feet and flusters angrily when he realizes that yes, he forgot his shoes again.

He doesn't speak up anymore.

Shion, pleased, turns back to Yuuji. "You're like, a movie freak or something," she says.

"Mooby boof." Sumire supplies helpfully, Shion still squishing her cheeks.

"Movie buff," Shion corrects herself without missing a beat. "I know we're not identical-"

Sumire makes an indecipherable noise of disagreement.

"-but we look close enough," Shion says. "Why can't we do the creepy twins thing from that 'The Shimmering' movie?" she asks.

Nemiko quickly scribbles something out on her notepad and turns it toward Shion with an exasperated look on her face: 'How many times do we have to tell you our booth is based on that movie they made about what happened to the staff here?'

Shion grumbles under her breath and drops the subject - and the hand smooshing her sister's face.

"And how many times do we have to tell you that that's a bit psychotic?" Mitsuki asks.

"No more questions? Good." Yuuji says quickly before anyone can say anything else. "Places, people! We open in ten! If you're not on the first shift, get out and find something else to do!"

12:00 PM

Tatsumi watches a handful of Class 80-B students push their way into Class 80-A's maid cafe - that particular destination is a bit lower on his itinerary so he and his classmates have a good appetite by the time they arrive.

The first destination on their list…

"A haunted house?" Aria asks, a wary look on her face.

Jotaro laughs and roughly pats the Ultimate Medium on the back. "Ahahaha! It's not actually haunted…" he says, trailing off. He turns to Tatsumi. "...right?"

Rui grins, a mischievous look on her face. "Well, there's only one way to find out, right?" she says and links her arms with Aria and Mikasa. "Let's go, ladies!" Rui cheers and drags the girls into the so-called 'Old Hope's Peak Academy'.

Jotaro looks questioningly at Tatsumi and Masayoshi.

Tatsumi raises an eyebrow. "What?" he asks.

Jotaro wordlessly offers his arms to his classmates.

"Absolutely not." Tatsumi and Masayoshi say in unison and the three boys head in after the girls.

12:04 PM

An extremely annoyed Min and Sachiko wander around the school with an anxious Kaguya trailing beside them.

The patrol partners they were assigned were nowhere to be found. Min was partnered with Katashi, Kaguya was partnered with Yuuji, and Sachiko was partnered with another girl in their class..

Well, they were nowhere to be found but the girls did have some leads. Yuuji was seen with a class of First Years all morning, Katashi was apparently arrested, and Sachiko's partner - an Ultimate Maid - was seen running in and out of Class 80-A's maid cafe.

After checking in on the maid cafe, it's only a matter of figuring out where the prison is and which class Yuuji was seen with…

12:05 PM | 'Old Hope's Peak Academy' - Girl's Group

Inside Class 80-B's haunted house, they've transformed their classroom into a strikingly similar version of the Hope's Peak the majority of the staff at this school attended. The room is dark and foggy, obscuring the path ahead with creepy sound effects

"This isn't so bad…" Mikasa says, clinging to Rui's arm.

"Y-Yeah…" Aria agrees, clinging to Rui's other arm.

Rui grins. "This is great! This somehow feels a lot bigger than the classroom actually is!" she says excitedly. "Ooo…bigger on the inside…gotta write that down later…" Rui mutters to herself and turns towards Aria. "Hey, Ari - oh." she turns towards Mikasa. "Hey Mikasa?"


"Aria's gone."


12:10 PM | Ryoji's Prison

"Aaaaand here he is." Ryoji says. "He's been here and is scheduled to be here all day. Someone paid a lot in advance," he explains.

Katashi looks back at his three mildly annoyed classmates with a bland look on his face. "What?"

Sachiko and Min don't look like they're about to deem the boy with an answer very soon so Kaguya speaks up, "We were s-supposed to be patrolling the school together," she says. "So…"

Katashi shrugs and gestures lazily at his surroundings. "I'm a bit preoccupied," he says.

Min scoffs. "Don't give me that, we all know you put yourself in here because you're upset Miss Gekkogahara refused to budge on this security thing." she says and crosses her arms. "All of the Third Years are doing it, we don't have much of a choice."

Katashi mimics her pose and refuses to say anything else, making the Ultimate Cheerleader scowl.

Sachiko sighs and turns to Ryoji. "You said 'someone' paid to have him in here?" she asks and continues when Ryoji nods. "And we can't pay to bail him out?"

Ryoji shakes his head. "Not unless you have…" he flips through his clipboard and flashes the paper to the girls. "This much money."





12:15 PM | 'Old Hope's Peak Academy' - Boy's Group

"Did you hear that scream?" Masayoshi wonders as he and the boys are given the go ahead to continue on into the haunted house.

Tatsumi waves him off. "Don't be ridiculous," he says. "There's no way they're still in there, the classroom isn't that big."

Tatsumi is promptly proven wrong when he, Jotaro, and Masayoshi step into the main area of the haunted house.

Tatsumi and Masayoshi promptly step behind Jotaro to use him as a human meat shield.

"Well, now that you mention it," Tatsumi scratches the back of his head nervously. "I didn't see them come out…"

Jotaro laughs heartily and puts his hands on his hips. "Fear not, classmates, for I-" he stops abruptly.



"...Where did Jotaro go?"

"I don't know and I don't want to know." Tatsumi says and grabs a hold of Masayoshi's hand. "They can't separate us if we're touching each other…right?"

12:18 PM

A screaming and sobbing Mikasa sprints out of Class 80-B's haunted house and straight into Sachiko, Min, and Kaguya.

"Woah, watch it - what's wrong with you?" Min asks dryly, prying Mikasa off of her and holding the Second Year by her shoulders.

"They - They took them!" Mikasa cries. "They took Rui and Aria!"

Kaguya immediately starts panicking. "'Took'!? Who? Who took them!?" she asks.

"You, relax." Sachiko says and pulls Kaguya away from Mikasa. "You, explain." she says.

Mikasa points at the haunted house and starts blubbering about how they went in together but only she made it out and how there was definitely something wrong with that Takagi kid from Class 80-B.

Min frowns. "Don't they have former terrorists in that class? How is he the problem…?"

"It doesn't matter." Sachiko says. "Clearly, this is one of the things our teachers wanted us to check on." she says. "You and Kaguya go in and investigate, I'll take her to the infirmary."

"Why are you taking her?"

"Because I'm the most qualified to take care of her if they're busy." Sachiko says simply.

Min rolls her eyes but doesn't argue any further. She grabs a terrified Kaguya by the back of her shirt and drags her towards the haunted house. "Come on then, it can't be too bad." Min says. "If they see you crying they just see that as weakness and make it even worse for you."

"I'll meet you at the exit?" Sachiko calls as Min pulls a screaming Kaguya inside the haunted house.

"Yeah, yeah…"

Sachiko turns to a trembling Mikasa and starts guiding her towards the infirmary. "What exactly do you mean they 'took' your classmates?" she asks.

Mikasa sniffles. "I don't - I don't know wh-what happened to Aria, b-but something caught around Rui's leg and dragged her off…I couldn't find her and they refused to tell me where they were." she says.

"Oh…" Sachiko blinks. Maybe she shouldn't have sent Kaguya in there with Min of all people…

12:20 PM | 'Old Hope's Peak Academy' - Behind the Scenes

Kikuo hums to himself, a thoughtful look on his face as he reapplies Takagi's make-up the way Sumire showed him.

The cosmetologist in question looks over at him. "What's going on in that head, Kikuo?" she asks as she adds more blood to Hakuma's neck.

Kikuo glances uncomfortably at Hakuma before shaking it off, "I was thinking…what we did to the Second Years…" he says, clearing his throat. "Are we bad people? Are we the drama?" Kikuo wonders. "I don't think we're the drama, maybe we are."

Takagi gives Kikuo a look. "Perish the thought, Ultimate War Musician! We all have a part to play to make this fundraiser a success, this is simply part of the process!" he explains cheerfully.

That immediately puts a smile on Kikuo's face and he nods as if to say 'of course!'.

Hakuma smiles behind his newest mask (courtesy of Takagi's closet). "How fun! Did you know-?"

"Stop." Sumire says and snaps his mask against his face.

12:30 PM | 'Old Hope's Peak Academy' - Boy's Group

Masayoshi and Tatsumi sit in a corner of the horror house, full on clinging onto each other for dear life.

Unbeknownst to them, they were forgotten about for a moment so the actors went to go get their makeup retouched. Now, the haunted house masterminds are unsure of what to do with them.

("You know…" Yuuji starts. "Them cowering in the corner seems to have just as much of an effect as actually going through the haunted house. Let's leave them there for a while."

Nemiko grins and nods excitedly in agreement.)

"Wh-What are they waiting for?" Masayoshi wonders.


Masayoshi gives Tatsumi a look. "Pardon?"

Tatsumi looks at Masayoshi warily. "That wasn't me."

The boys hear the noise again and they scream in unison.

"Wait a second…" Tatsumi blinks and turns his head towards the sound of the noise. "That sounds like Aria." he says.

"You know, I get we're friends and all but your fanboying is a bit alarming sometimes."

"Shhh." Tatsumi says and stands up and follows the sound of the voice. He screams again when he finds Aria bound to a post like a scarecrow. "A-Aria?!"

("Abort mission, the victims have been discovered. Group three move in and apprehend him.")

Masayoshi brings his knees to his chest and starts crying quietly when Tatsumi screams and doesn't come back.

1:00 PM | 'Old Hope's Peak Academy' - 2nd Shift

"There's still someone in there?" Sasaki asks as she puts on her costume.

"Yeah," Yuuji says nonchalantly. "It's some Second Year, we took all his friends." he says, sounding almost proud.

Half the First Year students coming in for the second shift look at Yuuji like he's insane while the other half look like they find it as amusing as the Ultimate Filmmaker does.

"You're insane." Kite says flatly.

Harlequin and Sting put their hands on their hips and laugh like Everything Strong from the hit animanga series Your Champion Academia. "Don't be ridiculous, Robin Hood! Even Monsieur Brahms can see the humor in that!" Sting says and pats the nonexistent snake resting on his shoulder.

Harlequin clicks his tongue. "Now now, Kite, this isn't very cash money of you." he says. "Get in the spirit of the game!"

"This isn't a game-"

"You're on in ten, children! Get ready faster!" Yuuji says as he enters the secret area they built to hide the stage hands.

"Yeesh…bossy much?" Mai mutters under her breath.

Yuuji turns to scold the First Year but Shion interrupts them, throwing open the door. "Where the hell is my sister!?" she demands.

"Yosuke from Class 80-A kidnapped her." Yume says as she passes by.


1:46 PM | Outside of 'Old Hope's Peak Academy'

"This is the place." Sachiko reports.

"Really?" Makoto Naegi asks as he examines the entrance to the haunted house. "This doesn't seem all that bad…" he says.

Sachiko shrugs. "Mikasa Nishikawa ran out screaming and crying and she's not one to scare so easily." she says and looks around. "They should've been out of there by now…" Sachi mutters to herself when she doesn't see Min or Kaguya waiting for her.

"'They'?" Makoto asks.

"It's…probably nothing." Sachiko says. "But my classmates went in there almost two hours ago and…" she gestures around them.

"I…see…" Makoto says, thinking. "Stay here. I'll get Miss Kirigiri and Mr. Hagakure to join us." he says.

Sachiko raises an eyebrow. "What? Chicken?" she asks.


1:50 PM | ?

A certain false redhead from another cinematic universe watches as Nemiko Tamatsuki cheerfully struts around the back area of the haunted house.

"There can only be one…"

1:55 PM | 'Old Hope's Peak Academy' - Back Area

"-right? What do you think about that idea?" Yuuji asks.

The two film artists are practically bouncing in place as they discuss adding additional scares to their haunt.

Nemiko scribbles something down: 'And we can use the bodies we collected to do it too!'

Yuuji gasps. "Genius! Genius I tell you!" he beams and turns around to pick something up off their desk. "We can add it during the third shi-" Yuuji blinks when he turns back around to an empty space. "...Nemiko?" he calls.

No answer.

There's no way their haunted house is turning on them…right?

2:00 PM | Class 80-A

Sonosuke exits the maid cafe with an armful of sweets, only to be caught by his boss, his boss' fiancée, and his boss' high school buddy.

The four of them stare at each other.

Sonosuke looks down at the sweets in his arms. "...Ruruka made them." (She did not, they were brought in by Harumi Gen Cho.)

Before either of his superiors can open their mouths to question him, Sonosuke sprints off in the opposite direction.

"Wait just a second, Iza-"

"No, we have better things to do." Kyoko Kirigiri says, dragging Makoto and Yasuhiro Hagakure by the scruffs of their shirts into the haunted house.

Nearby, an ignored Sachiko wishes the three of them a peaceful death and continues her journey to find her missing partner.

? ? ? | ? ? ?

Nemiko wakes up in a factory-like room, her arms and legs bound to a desk she's sitting at.

Also, is it hot in here or is that just the adrenaline of getting kidnapped?

A redhead with brown roots coming in slowly walks up into Nemiko's field of vision. "Nemiko Tamatsuki…" she says darkly. Then, she tilts her head to the side and smiles cheerfully. "Like, sorry it came to this or whatever but there can only be one Tamatsuki enrolled into Hope's Peak Academy at a time. And that Tamatsuki is me."

Nemiko looks terribly confused at the blue eyed teen. As far as she knows, she doesn't have any family or distant relatives that look like this girl so what's the issue?

"I will say, though, your haunted house is really something." the girl says. "I think I'll take it for myself," she says and pulls a remote with a large red button on it out of her pocket. "Farewell, Nemiko Tamatsuki." the girl says and presses the button.

Nemiko's heart drops when she and the desk suddenly lurch and start moving backwards.

What's that sound coming from behind her? And that periodic wave of heat…

Nemiko's eyes widen. "W-Wait a second-!"


The whole of Class 80-B, whether or not they're currently on shift in the haunted house, suddenly gets a sickening feeling.

Why do they feel like something just went horribly wrong?

3:00 PM | Ryoji's Prison

An exhausted Kuro Kamiyama, a.k.a. Ryu, trudges up to the prison and taps Ryoji on the shoulder. He points at Armen and Katashi, "They've been in there all day. How do I get in on that?" he asks.

Ryoji blinks and looks at the boy stupidly before looking through the papers on his makeshift desk. "Uhhh…you got this much money?" he asks, pointing to a figure on the paper.

Ryu peers over at the paper.

"Never mind."

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