As soon as I step out of my room the next morning, Ryoji is the first thing I see. "Tatsumi! Good morning!" he greets. "Ready to talk to Katashi?"

"Yeah…" I look at him questioningly. "Why?"

Ryoji stretches out his arms as he talks, "Well," he starts. "Do you really think it's smart to go and blackmail a guy who's bigger than you by yourself? Especially in these circumstances?" Ryoji asks and puts his hands on his hips. "I'm coming with you!"

Point taken, although I don't know how much help Ryoji would be in defending me…

"Are you sure?" I ask. "Katashi isn't huge but he's a pretty big guy compared to…" I gesture at Ryoji's skinny five foot five stature.

Ryoji puffs out his chest. "I can still run fast enough to get someone if things get bad. I'm an awesome witness!"

"And why would things get bad?"

Speak of the devil.

Ryoji and I turn to face a suspicious Katashi, the taller boy sizing the two of us up. "What do you want?" he asks.

"Well…" I glance between Ryoji and Katashi. "Let's talk about the motive…somewhere more private, preferably."


"All clear?" I ask Ryoji as he searches the other half of the storage room.

"All clear." Ryoji nods.

I turn to an increasingly impatient Katashi leaning against one of the shelves. "So. You don't have any friends." I state bluntly.

Katashi doesn't say anything.

"You can't vote for yourself and you and I both know you most likely won't get any votes from anyone else." I say. "So team up with us. We'll divide our votes amongst each other and that'll leave all four of us with three votes." I say.

Katashi crosses his arms. "I'm assuming this 'team' is you, Ryoji, and Sachiko." he says. "Why should I trust this little alliance?"

Hoo boy, my mouth suddenly feels a little dry now.

"Because," I say. "If I wanted to put a target on you, I could've told everyone about the Ultimate Back-Alley Doctor a long time ago."

Ryoji's eyes widen. "'Ultimate Back-Alley Doctor'?" he repeats.

Katashi freezes for a moment before slowly turning towards me, an infuriated look on his face as he stalks towards me. "You're on thin fucking ice, Tatsumi Endo." he says lowly. Katashi grabs the front of my shirt and holds me against one of the shelves. "Talk. Now."

Katashi Hitsugaya

Ultimate Back-Alley Doctor

Alright, stay calm, Tatsumi. He's just panicking.

…I think.

"I knew Hope's Peak was investigating the rumors about that mysterious back alley in Kabukicho but it took me a while to figure out that you were the one behind it." I reveal. I take in a deep breath, trying to maintain my composure despite the tension in the room. Katashi's grip on my shirt is firm, but continue to hold his gaze.

"'Back-Alley Doctor'?" Ryoji repeats again. "What does that mean exactly?" he asks. Ryoji stands nearby, ready to run and get help if Katashi turns violent. He looks on with a mixture of curiosity and nerves.

"It's simple." I say. "Katashi's been practicing medicine without a license and Hope's Peak is covering it up."

Katashi grits his teeth. He looks like he wants to bash my beautiful face in but fortunately for me, he doesn't. Katashi glares at me silently for another moment before sighing and roughly releasing his grip on my shirt by shoving me against a shelf. He turns and walks a few feet away, muttering angrily to himself. Katashi turns back around and scrutinizes Ryoji and I before finally speaking: "Fine. I was originally offered the title of the Ultimate Back-Alley Doctor but obviously, I refused." he confesses.

"Woah…" Ryoji says. "That's crazy. If you don't have a license, that means you didn't get, like, a real medical education or anything, right?" he asks. "Did you practice on people who couldn't go to real doctors? Ooooooh, did you get to practice on the yakuza?!"

Katashi has a look on his face that says he really doesn't want to answer but he does anyway. "Yes, yes, and yes." he answers with a deeply displeased frown. "I was their 'Miracle Doctor'."

Ryoji gasps quietly. "So cool."

"It wasn't cool." Katashi sneers. "I needed money and they needed a doctor. I had partners eventually but I was alone in the beginning. There wasn't any other choice for me if I wanted to survive."

In the desolate alleyways of Kabukicho, a young Katashi Hitsugaya finds refuge in an abandoned building, making it his sanctuary.

However, survival in the heart of the criminal underworld demanded more than just hiding. With no formal education or credentials, Katashi turned to the only asset he possessed: his knowledge of medicine. He took on jobs from the unsavory elements of society, mending the wounds of criminals and unsung heroes alike.

As Katashi delved deeper into the criminal underbelly, he realized the need for-

"Oooooooooh, did you and Hakuma ever meet?"

"I - what? Don't interrupt my flashback with your nonsense."

Ryoji deflates. "Sorry."

Damn. I was curious about that too.

As Katashi delved deeper into the criminal underbelly, he realized the need for someone to handle the darker aspects of his work. Enter Rhydian, a foul-mouthed cryptologist Katashi hired as an assistant. The duo navigated the treacherous waters of Kabukicho, with Rhydian taking on the tasks Katashi preferred to distance himself from.

The unexpected arrival of Hastur added a surreal touch to Katashi's grim reality. A grateful recipient of assistance in a mugging incident, Hastur offered philosophical insights and advice. Katashi, initially dismissive, soon recognized the value of Hastur's unique perspective.

News of Katashi Hitsugaya's medical prowess spread like wildfire in the criminal underworld. His skills became legendary—saving gang leaders, crime bosses, Yakuza leaders, and even undertaking high-profile illegal operations outside the country. He earned the name 'The Miracle Doctor', a title that carried both admiration and fear.

I straighten out my shirt when I sense Katashi's flashback nearing its end. "Is it my turn now? Good. Listen," I try to look at him as genuinely as possible. "I also know you've been trying to help Sumire with her pain." I say. "I like Sumire. I don't want to take that help away from her, and I don't want to see your talent go to waste. Joining forces just makes sense."

"And if I refuse?" Katashi asks.

"I would really rather you not, but," I shrug. "I can't promise how the rest of the group will react when they learn you made a career out of helping criminals." I say. "I especially don't think the Ultimate Vigilante would take too kindly to that tidbit about your life."

Katashi's eyes narrow as he contemplates his options. After a tense silence, he finally sighs, relenting. "Fine. You have my cooperation for now." he agrees, glaring at me harshly. "But if you think you can keep me on a leash, you're sorely mistaken."

"Not our intention at all but glad we've come to an understanding." I say and stick out my hand with a tentative smile. "Truce?"

Katashi glares at me. "Bold of you to threaten me into cooperation and claim it as a truce." he says but takes my hand anyway.

The trio, bound by their newfound alliance, steps out of the dimly lit storage room, each carrying the weight of their individual secrets and shared compromises. The air outside feels oddly charged, and the tension from the negotiation lingers in the atmosphere.

That tension only thickens when Monokuma clicks the announcements on and summons everyone to the gym: "Attention, attention! Good morning students, it's time for round one of the You Didn't Let Me Kill Tatsumi So I Reused This Game Again game! Please report to the gymnasium within the next ten minutes!" and the loudspeaker clicks off.


"It's not funny."

"It's kinda funny."


The center of the gym has been outfitted with sixteen booths for the game, eight on each side. I don't get a chance to peek inside because Monokuma pops up when the last person enters the gym. "Good morning, kiddos!" Monokuma greets cheerfully. "How'd we sleep? Get enough thinking done on your game plan? You can't talk me out of this game!" he says and throws his head back with laughter.

Min grumbles as she yawns and rubs her eyes. "Probably could've got more thinking done if you let us eat breakfast…"

"Hahaha! We got plenty of thinking done, didn't we guys?" Jotaro laughs boisterously as he puts his arms around Aria and Kaguya.

The girls grimace, clearly uncomfortable. "Sure." Aria says, sharing a glance with Kaguya.

I frown, noticing the tight grip Jotaro has on them as well. "Hey, big guy, you're being a little rough, don't you think?" I say as I walk over. "Loosen your grip, man, they're not athletes like you."

"Oh!" Jotaro blinks, looking down at either of his arms. "Oops! Haha, my bad, ladies." he says and gives them one last squeeze in what I assume is supposed to be comforting or apologetic.

Aria offers me a look of thanks before taking a trembling Kaguya and ushering her to the other side of the gym.

Jeez, I know the guy looks intimidating but I didn't realize it was enough to freak Kaguya out like that.

"Anyways," Jotaro says and turns to me. "What a game name, right?" he asks, referring to Monokuma's announcement.

"Yeah." I roll my eyes and turn my attention back to Monokuma. "What a game name."

"As you can see," Monokuma says as he hops off the stage. "I've assembled sixteen voting booths here for you to cast your votes in peace and quiet - that means no talking! You have ten minutes to cast your votes, please do not leave your booth before the ten minutes is up!" he explains as he walks between the aisle of the booths.

As he talks, I notice the cliques that have been forming get together again, whispering amongst each other for some last minute plans.

"Aaaaaaaaand girls on one side, boys on the other. Get in!" Monokuma claps his hands. "I sent out an update to each of your e-handbooks last night that installed an app for voting purposes. The directions should be pretty self-explanatory. Get to voting!" he orders.

Sachiko, Katashi, Ryoji, and I share a look of understanding before we head into our booths; the three of them having talked while I was getting Jotaro off Aria and Kaguya.

Now let's see about this app…

Ten minutes later, the sixteen of us are out of the booths and waiting in front of a giddy Monokuma.

"Are you guys ready~?"

"Yes." Kite says dryly.

"Are you beary certain you're ready?"

"That's what we've been saying for the past thirty seconds." Shion says, growing annoyed.

"Are you absolutely-?" a collective groan resounds throughout the gym, interrupting Monokuma, and he whines. "Fine, fine, fine!" Monokuma snaps and the large projector screen from yesterday rolls down from the ceiling by itself.

An upgrade?

The screen lights up with a display again, showing the results of the first round:


Kaguya (7 votes)

Aria, Sumire, Shion (4 votes)

Sachiko, Tatsumi, Takagi, Ryoji, Kite, Kikuo, Katashi (3 votes)

Mikasa, Min, Rui (2 votes)

Hakuma (1 vote)

Jotaro (0 votes)


Huh? Didn't-?

"What the fuck did you two do?!"

Everyone in the auditorium jumps, startled, and turns to see an incredibly pissed Jotaro stalking towards Aria and Kaguya, the former standing in front of Kaguya with a deranged smile on her face. "You're done, Heracles." Aria says mockingly, her smile never faltering even when Jotaro angrily grabs her by her shoulders. "You can't hurt us anymore."

Jotaro grits his teeth and raises his hand to strike Aria. "You stupid bitches - ack!" he groans when a metal collar suddenly snaps around his neck.

Aria's deranged smile widens and Kaguya slowly steps out from behind her to stand beside her, a tired yet relieved look on her face.

The angry expression on Jotaro's face turns violent as he's pulled backwards by the chain on the collar onto his ass. "No - stop it!" he snaps his head towards a giggling Monokuma. "I'm not done here!" Jotaro cries as he struggles to grab at the girls.

"Done what?" Monokuma asks. "You lost. You're out. It's as simple as that!" he laughs.

Aria and Kaguya look down on Jotaro with zero sympathy on their faces. "Goodbye, Jotaro." Aria says.

With one last heated glare, Jotaro is yanked by the chain on his collar again and dragged out of the gym, the sounds of his angry screams and swears slowly fading away until it's dead silent in the gym.

"Upupupupu! What an exciting turn of events~!" Monokuma laughs. "I can't wait to see what happens next!" he says and does a twirl. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bodybuilder to…take care of. Buh-bye!" Monokuma says and disappears.

The other thirteen of us turn back towards Aria and Kaguya, varying looks of disbelief and surprise on our faces. Aria and Kaguya drop to their knees, the tension leaving their bodies as the reality of the situation sets in.

Mikasa is the first one to break the silence: "You…killed him." she says, addressing the elephant in the room.

Hakuma crosses his arms. "What was that about 'you can't hurt us anymore'?" he asks. "Clearly Jotaro was presenting himself as something he's not if that last display was anything to go by, but what did you mean by that?" the Ultimate Vigilante asks, shifting into interrogation mode.

Jotaro and Aria and Kaguya…

Jotaro and Aria…


My eyes widen when I put the pieces together in my head. Why didn't I realize it sooner?

Aria frowns, clearly tired but also confused. "Where have you been?" she wonders. "I knocked on your door a while ago but obviously you weren't in there."

"I was invited to the baths with the other guys." I answer. And then, "By the way…stay away from Jotaro." I say jokingly.

Aria's expression shifts and she looks down. "...Yeah. Goodnight, Tatsumi." she says and quickly enters her room.

Did I say something wrong?


Sorry Aria. I'll apologize tomorrow.

"Um, I just wanted to apologize for last night." I say. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad or anything, it was just a bad joke on my part." I apologize.

Aria blinks, seemingly caught off guard. "Oh. Yes." she says and looks down for a second before meeting my eyes again. "It's alright, Tatsumi. My shift in mood had nothing to do with you, I assure you. But thank you for the apology, nonetheless." Aria says and smiles again.

Nothing to do with me? Then-?

"But, I am still quite tired so if you'll excuse me," she says. "I'll be heading back to bed. I only came out to see what all the fuss was about." Aria says, bids me a good morning, and heads back to her dorm.



Wait, aren't our dorms soundproof?

"We should get this done quickly." Kite says. "Let's split up so we can investigate faster and report our findings." he suggests. "Make sure no one misses anything."

Jotaro nods. "Smart, smart…I'll group up with Aria-"

Aria flinches almost imperceptibly. Almost. Luckily for me, I have the eyes of a hawk.


Could it be…

is her problem with Jotaro?

I glance at the young bodybuilder, a grin on his seemingly stupid face.

If there is some kind of issue between them and he keeps making these comments about her…

Jotaro was-!

"Jotaro was a bully, plain and simple." Aria says as she rolls up her sleeves, revealing dark bruises littered across both of her arms. "We've been…acquainted with Jotaro for some time now." she says with a pained look on her face.

Kaguya holds her head in her hands, a conflicted look on her face. "Justice…it was justice…" she tells herself in a low voice, her eyes brimming with relieved (albeit slightly crazy for going against her own morals) tears. "W-We didn't…we didn't do anything wrong…"

Hakuma's body language grows less tense. "I see…" he says and doesn't say anything else on the matter.

Aria pulls her sleeves back down and stands up on shaky legs. "Jotaro tried to force us to give our votes to him. I told Kaguya we should give them to each other instead."

So if he wanted their six votes for himself, that means one or both of them would be out. Round one would've been a success for Monokuma anyway.


"I thought it would be the easiest way to be rid of him without facing any potential consequences…" Aria says. Her brow furrows. "...other than being ostracized socially." she says. "This was all my idea so I understand if you no longer wish to trust me but please," Aria puts a gentle hand on a still trembling Kaguya. "Don't hold it against Kaguya." she requests.

The rest of us exchange a look and our gazes turn towards the group that Aria and Kaguya originally had a deal with.

Surprisingly, Min is the first one to speak.

"Tch. I never liked that guy anyway." Min says. "Whatever. I'm not mad. Just don't do it again." she says.

Kite frowns. "A rather crude way of putting it…" he says.

"Oh, so you're not mad at them for murder but you're upset with us for defending Takagi…" Shion grumbles under her breath, earning an elbow to the ribs from Sumire.

Mikasa laughs awkwardly. "Haha…I'm not…I mean, considering the circumstances, I can't…" she twiddles her fingers, unsure of how to respond. "Er…I'm just…" Mikasa looks at Rui for assistance.

"Hmmm…what Min said, but nicer." Rui says and returns Mikasa's gaze. "Is that fine?"

(Shion swears under her breath and earns another jab to the ribs from her sister.)

Aria nods and helps Kaguya to her feet. "I'll take her to her room. Once I help her get settled, I will await your judgement in the cafeteria." she says and escorts Kaguya out of the gym.

The rest of us whisper amongst each other, unsure of Jotaro's ultimate fate and whether or not the girls actually killed him. There wasn't an execution, after all. Monokuma just…took him away.

If he is dead, do we treat them like murderers?

Sure, Jotaro might have deserved it - we know he was putting his hands on Aria and there's a very big chance he also has other dirty secrets we don't know about. But if he isn't dead, knowing what his true personality is like, what do we do when he comes back?

If he comes back?

Will he come back if Monokuma doesn't kill him? I have so many questions and I doubt Monokuma will answer any of them.

Everyone slowly trickles out of the gym, continuing their whispering about Aria and Kaguya.

Aria seems - seemed to be Jotaro's main target, almost as if she were shielding Kaguya from the majority of his wrath. She seems to be the leader in whatever dynamic they have going on there. I'll have to talk to her later. But first…

"Are you still ready to talk, man?" I ask Ryoji. "I get it if…" I gesture around us. "All of this put you off a bit."

Ryoji nods. "Y-Yeah. I was…I used to…" he anxiously runs his fingers through his hair. "...I never physically put my hands on anybody but I was a bully once too." he confesses. "And…" Ryoji looks at me with an incredibly guilty look on his face. "It was bad, Tatsumi."

So those rumors were true…

"Come on." I beckon Ryoji to follow me. "Let's talk in my room."

Fifteen year old Ryoji stares at the Fleet in disbelief.

Spooky ※Spookmeister21 · 1h


LINK: [Beating Splango's Super Monkey Kong Galaxy's world record]

His record. All of his hard work and all of that time he put into Super Monkey Kong Galaxy. Gone. Just like that.

A dark, heavy feeling weighs down on Ryoji's chest.

It's not fair.

The room, once filled with the rhythmic sounds of button presses and triumphant cheers, now echoes with a heavy silence. Ryoji's hand, clutching his mouse, trembles with a mix of frustration and anger. He stares at the screen, eyes narrowing as if trying to dissect the pixels that announced the betrayal of his coveted achievement.

This has to be a joke, right? Surely it's just Kingbananabread and Jabloogle72 playing some kind of trick on him. Everyone in the community knows how much that record means to him. It's just a joke. It has to be.

Ryoji clicks on the link.

In that moment, the vibrant energy that defined Ryoji transforms into a storm of conflicting emotions. His breath quickens, each exhale carrying the weight of his shattered pride. He grapples with a surge of competitiveness and the sting of an unexpected defeat.

Ryoji's grip on his mouse tightens even more, his knuckles turning white as if trying to reclaim the control slipping away. The once jubilant atmosphere had given way to a storm, with Ryoji caught in its chaotic whirlwind.

The seconds stretch into an eternity as he absorbs the reality of his dethroning.

(Tatsumi's Room)

"I was so angry…" Ryoji says, his voice dripping with regret. "My friends tried to take my mind off it, but I just couldn't stop thinking about it." he says. "And without telling them, I…"

"You made a dummy account and led a harassment campaign that caused Spookmeister to take his own life." I finish.

Unwilling to accept the reality of someone else claiming what he considered rightfully his, Ryoji's frustration boiled over.

The glow of Ryoji's computer screen bathed the room in an eerie, bluish hue as he sat hunched over, his fingers dancing across his keyboard with a frantic, crazed energy. The atmosphere, once filled with the exhilaration of gaming victories, had morphed into something darker.

In the dimly lit room, he hatched an awful plan fueled by desperation and wounded pride. Creating a dummy social media account, Ryoji devised false accusations of cheating against Spookmeister21. The clicks of his keyboard echoed through the room as he created inflammatory posts, carefully crafting a narrative that aimed to tarnish Spookmeister's reputation within the tight-knit speedrunning community.

The cursor hovered over the 'post' button, a moment of hesitation gripping Ryoji. He knew the consequences of his actions could be severe, but the intense desire to reclaim his record overshadowed his morals. With a deep breath, he clicked the button, unleashing a wave of false accusations onto the unsuspecting Spookmeister21.

Ryoji, hidden behind the anonymity of his online alias, observed the chaos he had unleashed. The guilt and remorse that would later haunt him were temporarily drowned out by the adrenaline rush of his actions. In his mind, he justified the campaign as a necessary means to an end – a desperate attempt to reclaim his position atop the Super Monkey Kong Galaxy community.

Ryoji stares at me, dumbfounded. "T-Tatsumi, you-?"

"And you used your main account to draw attention to the accusations which only added fuel to the fire." I wave him off, "There have been rumors online about it ever since you stopped using social media." I say, making Ryoji's expression crumple even further. "I suspected it was you behind the dummy account as well but comparing how you are now to the vile personality of the dummy account," I give him a reassuring smile. "You've changed."

"But…b-but I-" Ryoji's eyes brim with tears.

"You're nothing like Jotaro, Ryoji." I tell him. "Jotaro has been tormenting Aria and Kaguya for who knows how long and you had one lapse in judgement." I say. "It was a terrible lapse in judgement, but a lapse in judgement nonetheless." I add. "It's not my place to forgive you but confessing is a step in the right direction, okay?"

Ryoji nods fervently, taking off his glasses and wiping the unshed tears from his eyes. "R-Right." he agrees.

I give Ryoji a moment to collect himself. He takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly as if trying to release the weight of his past actions.

"I can't believe how stupid I was," Ryoji mutters, his voice filled with self-loathing as he puts his glasses back on. "I ruined someone's life over a stupid record."

"It's a mistake you made, and you've taken the first step to make amends," I assure him. "Now, you need to figure out how to handle this situation. You can't change the past, but you can control what you do moving forward."

Ryoji takes another moment to think. "I think…I think it would unnecessarily open old wounds for Spookmeister's family if I were to confess when we get out of here…knowing that their son took his life just because I was stupid and petty and jealous…" he says to himself. "I dunno…I'll have to think about that more…" Ryoji mutters thoughtfully.

I smile to myself as Ryoji talks quietly to himself.

This is a good development; having Ryoji look towards the future is another step in the right direction. Whatever he chooses to do, as long as he's thinking about a future where we all get out of here, that's another person against this godforsaken game.

Now, I have to give my classmates some time to think about how they feel about Aria possibly killing Jotaro.


Ryoji returns to his room about ten minutes after he starts talking to himself and I wait five more minutes before going into the cafeteria to see Aria.

Nobody else is there but her, waiting just like she said she would be.

Aria gives me a small smile and a nod in greeting when she sees me. "Tatsumi." she says.

"Aria." I nod back and take a seat next to her. "So…busy morning."

Aria nods again. "Indeed."

Well this is awkward.

"Do you dislike me now, Tatsumi?" Aria asks after another beat of silence.

"What?" I blink and quickly shake my head. "No, no, no, no, no, no, far from it." I say. "I mean, if I were in your shoes…" I look down. "I probably would've done the same thing if I had an opportunity to get rid of my bully just by pressing a few buttons."

Aria hums. "I know I said Jotaro is nothing more than a bully, but that was a lie." she says. "Jotaro Ienaga is a criminal." she says calmly. "And I suppose, by association, Kaguya and I are as well."


"Kaguya and I aren't his only victims, Tatsumi. There was-"

A sudden loud commotion right outside of the cafeteria startles me and Aria. Without another word, the two of us stand up quickly and rush outside.

"Screw you, you vapid bitch!" Shion snaps, shoving Min against the wall right beside the cafeteria doors. "I'm sick and tired of listening to you run your mou-"

Min grits her teeth and shoves Shion off of her, cutting her off. "No, screw you!" she yells. "You don't have any right to tell me whether my opinions are right or wrong!"

"Your opinions are causing unnecessary drama! Are you really so far up your own ass that you can't see that?!" Shion cries. "That's the last thing we need in the situation we're all stuck in, Pom-Poms!" she says, tapping her head. "God, I knew cheerleaders were stupid but you're really playing into the stereotype." she sneers.

"Excuse me?" Min quickly raises her hand to slap Shion but Aria and I step in faster, pulling the girls away from each other.

"Hey, hey, hey, what the hell is going on?" I ask, pulling Shion away from Min.

Min glares harshly at Shion. "Ice-for-Brains here can't handle someone having a negative opinion about her and her stupid clique." she says, raising her hand again (which Aria wordlessly lowers).

"That is not at all what's going on and you know it!" Shion snaps again. "You st-!"


Shion stops herself, an annoyed expression on her face as she turns towards the sound of her sister's voice. Sumire stands there accompanied by her guard dog and the rest of the Milk Tea Gang. "What?" she asks, her annoyance turning into exhaustion. "I'm tired of trying to play nice with her. I'm tired of all of this. I can't do it anymore." she says. "What were you guys doing?"

"We were talking." Kite says, a concerned frown on his face. "But it looks like we have to talk again." he says as he walks over and puts an arm around Shion, escorting her towards the rest of their group. "Come on."

Takagi waves at Min, Aria, and I. "The Milk Tea Gang bears the Ultimate Seer no ill will nor do we harbor any misgivings towards the Ultimate Sorcerer." he says. "We will carry on as we have been and we hope you will as well." Takagi says with a small bow. Kikuo stands beside him and salutes us in agreement with Takagi.

Aria smiles politely and nods, curtsying. "I thank you." she says.

The last thing I see before the whole group turns away is a look of fear and concern on the elder Kotobuki's face.


"I don't even know why she was so upset with me in particular." Min grumbles, crossing her arms petulantly as she slides down in her chair. "Rui was the one pointing out all of their weird activities and whatever, I was just repeating what she was saying." she says.

I rub the back of my head awkwardly. "Um, maybe it was because you were repeating everything she was saying." I point out. "Rui said it once, you wouldn't shut up about it - sorry." I say quickly when Min glares at me.

Min rolls her eyes and sighs. "Ugh." is all she says.


What a morning.

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