Hey there, welcome to what is to be my first story. I've had a interest in the Pokemon universe for a few years at this point, but fear of my writing skills and knowledge was/is lacking, So if you wouldn't mind, constructive criticism in a review or PM is appreciated!

Under the cloak of night a lone vehicle idled, as the sole occupant I was tipsy on paranoia for my mission. Sighing in a vain attempt to calm myself, I put my mind to ease at the monotony of the night. Traffic on the highway overhead bustled, sounds of engines and screeching brakes cutting through the air, sound barriers a sad attempt to drown out their pollution. Streetlights illuminating the misty drizzle accumulating a fine sheen of slush in the winter night.

Gazing into the rearview mirror the dumpsters and grime of the alleyway I resided in illuminated by only the light pollution of the city lay a misshapen form curled on the ground. Giving a double take and twisting in my seat I checked the shop across the street where my accomplices were which was eerily still. I carefully stepped out facing the figure. Upon taking a few steps I could make out that it was a fox-like pokemon with dirty and matted fur over it's massive tails which were only visible now. Cautiously approaching the pokemon I noticed it was in pain, heaving with every breath. I stopped my approach and silently watched a few feet away when it lifted it's head weakly gazing into my eyes. I shuddered when I saw it's sad gaze, my feet refusing to move any closer. Seemingly knowing my resolve it simply dropped its head ignoring me.

Cowardly I stood watching it comfort itself in the bitter cold with obvious pain and discomfort. Looking back I could make out 3 people jogging across the street towards me and I turned away walking to the door I left ajar. As I stepped inside I took one last look at the fox who had its back to me slowly rising and falling with each labored breath.

Before my thoughts could throw my figurative head into a wall the other car doors simultaneously closed with their new occupants anxiously settling into their seats. I shifted the car into gear looking for any signs of trouble and pressed the gas chirping the tires as they gripped the wet surface. Pulling up their mask the one occupant who I knew as Marcus grinned deviously as they pulled out a map pinpointing the next stop. His chattering mouth fell deaf on my ears as I wordlessly nodded my head to whatever he was saying.

My mind returned to the fox pokemon, remembering the look it had in its eyes when it saw me.

Despair. Hopelessness. Fear.

Shuddering at the emotions I steeled myself and righted the car in the center of the lane smoothly avoiding any curious glances I got from my eager accomplice. He kept laughing joyously and was patting himself on the back. A car with lights and sirens flew past heading in the opposite direction along with an ambulance. Raising an eyebrow, I glanced at Marcus taking in what he was saying.

"Ya, did you see the look on his face when I snapped his girls' arm?" Marcus chortled, lazily punching my shoulder "It was priceless!"

I shrugged indifferently "I didn't see it, was busy watching the road for signs of trouble, you know that"

"Heh, well you woulda had a good chuckle my man" Marcus snickered.

The two occupants in the back were busy holding hands while one of them spun a white and red ball on their fingertip, containing a Blastoise for emergencies and intimidation.

"What'd you grab this time?" I asked, turning the car into a widened alleyway paralleling the main thoroughfare..

"Ah well the usssual cash and pop" cheekily raising a soda-pop that I hadn't noticed until now.

"How much cash, I couldn't care less about the soda-pop" I rolled my eyes indignantly at his cheekiness.

Huffing in feint annoyance Marcus waved a wad of cash out of the bag in front of my eyes "About 450,000 Poke"

Smacking the money away from my face we reached the end of the alleyway and came to a stop. "Might be a bit more hairy as these chumps got advanced security since last time" Marcus tittered ah he kicked the car door open.

Sitting in silence again I rapped my knuckles on the leather wrapped wheel gazing at the lazy snowflakes that now fell in place of the fine mist. Reminiscing simpler times of the snow in the mountains of my old home that I'd climb out onto the roof and just enjoy until I could no longer feel my limbs. Hoping to feel that nostalgia I held my hand out the opened window with my palm open to the sky wishing for purpose and meaning to my life. Feeling a small flake land gently I rubbed it with my thumb, finding that as it melted it was muddled with smog and soot. Scowling at the bead I flicked it away, no longer interested.

Other cars filed past on the avenue I was facing, each with people and pokemon I envied. I envied their carefree and nonchalant demeanor that held their faces on the night that was to be enjoyed with those they loved. Things I believe will never come to me, a recluse, an outcast, a criminal. Gripping the wheel hard enough to leave marks I let go, knuckles white I shook them to try and return color to the pale skin. Thoughts like these left me in a state of emptiness, void of emotion I tended to block others out. Much like the old man that I didn't notice asking if I had a spare blanket for him in the cold night . He spat in my face at my blatant ignorance of him.

As I wiped the sludge off my face a CVPI slowly rolled to a stop at the intersection to the left. I scanned the car with my eyes, but could not see anything through the windshield with the glare of the streetlights. The light soon turned green and they drove past, which coincidentally was the moment my accomplices triggered an alarm on their way out with the bounty. I paled as the police car stomped on the brakes.

Marcus, as the first one out of the building, saw the predicament and began scrambling to the car with the others in tow. The police lights flicked on as they floored it in reverse and positioned themselves right in front of the getaway car. The others dove into the car, only Marcus did literally as the window was down, and I moved the shifter into reverse dumping the clutch and firewalling the gas pedal. The engine roared as the rear tires broke loose, sliding the rear end left on the uneven surface bouncing off the wall as the car tore down the alleyways in reverse. Policemen who had been stepping out of the car with a gun drawn and pokeball handied ducked back in their car and screeched in after us.

Nearing the fastest the car would go in reverse the police quickly caught up and were soon tailing us over the bumps and uneven surface. The old man whom I encountered minutes ago was sideswiped, cast into the side of a passing dumpster knocking him unconscious.

Marcus not knowing any better way to try and cope yelled over the engine "Fucking hell didn't see him did ya mate!"

Growling at him "Well maybe you shouldn't have set the blasted alarm off and we wouldn't be-"

"Shut up you bickering idiots, just get us out of this" one of the masked in the back barked.

With the end of the alleyway quickly approaching I turned the wheel left and then right spinning us around followed by mashing the clutch and shifter into 1st. Intending to finish with a slide continuing the spin to turn left I unfortunately didn't account for the accumulating ice on the ground and the car spun around again leaving us stopping facing the police car who also slid and bumped into us blocking our means of escape. The one with the pokeball in the back jumped out and released Blastoise as the men in the police interceptor stumbled out drawing their weapons. At the sight of the weapons I ducked and lit the tires up in a burnout producing a smokescreen.

Loud commotion was stirred up and soon me and the remaining occupants were shrouded in a cloud of smoke as Blastoise used Tackle to slam into the CVPI sending it skidding into the alleyway before clipping a wall and rolling over leaving the one officer who managed to get out of the way in time scrambled away holding their radio. Satisfied with their work the accomplice recalled the pokemon while clambering into the car as I let go of the brake letting the car peel out past onlookers who were in a state of shock.

The speedometer rapidly increased as the engine and wind noise was deafening, passing over 90mph on the city streets. Police Chargers and Explorers joined as the car sailed over the intersections sending sparks scattering across the lanes. In intense concentration I ignored Marcus who by this point was screaming like a little girl holding the oh-shit-handle for dear life. Weaving through the late night traffic it was clear that the police were failing to keep up, not ballsy to be cutting into oncoming traffic like I was.

Turning onto the main roundabout surrounding Castelia city park the Winter Festival I forgot about was taking place and traffic was snarled up to a standstill. Coming to a stop I blared the horn in vain as people simply ignored it. The car lurched forward as we were rear ended by an explorer suv attempting to pin us. Reacting quickly I swivelled the wheel to the left lock and the car ducked to the left cutting across traffic towards the park center where the bumper was sheared off by the force of mounting the curb.

By this point the two people in the back had uncovered MP5 submachine guns and were now leaning out the window, staving off the following police by shooting a few rounds into the air to get them to back off. Panic ensued as those bangs silenced any joy and the area erupted into chaos. Maneuvering the car around the panicked crowd flooded the sidewalk the car dove off the sidewalk onto the pavement leading onto the Skyarrow bridge.

Calming myself down I lessened my grip on the steering wheel audibly sighing as the police behind were more or less stuck handling the hysteria, others following suit.

"Man you hauled" Marcus whooped pumping his fist.

Grumbling from the backseat from the individual who had yet to speak "I think you oughta own up to setting that alarm off"

Bickering ensued between the trio with Marcus losing quite badly as he allegedly forgot to disable the alarm. "O-Okay, Okay! I'll admit that was my fault" Holding up his arms in an attempt to defuse the situation.

"Damn right it is and look what you've gone and caused to our driver! His ass is going to get ragged on again by Blade" the figure backseat quipped.

"Look you did good kid, names Mike" The one with the Blastoise piped up.

I nodded slowly still coming off the adrenaline high tuning the radio to drown out the arguing

"- Continues as information arises, if you see a Black 2000 Toyota Mark II with Nimbasa city registered plate THB-6533 contact authorities immediately. Do not approach as they are armed and–"

Marcus places his hand on the knob and changes the station much to my relief.

"Your listening to 101.1 Chatot Castelia…"

So that concludes the first chapter… It's mostly an introduction to the main character whose story is being told in the 1st person here, I may toy with in between depending on the perspective I want to be portrayed but if I'm particularly rubbish and self aware it may settle to a 3rd limited/omniscient.

I want to give thanks for your time and hope it was enjoyable. I do want to reiterate that If you have time for a review or any suggestions for what I could do with this I'd appreciate the feedback! If you're confused/curious about any details I put in, do ask. I really don't mind explaining them or just chatting about it!

As an additional side note I am not opposed to RP but if it wasn't clear already I'm rather nervous about this fandom because I did not play any of the games or watch the series, just read plenty of fanfictions in my free time so my knowledge is rather primitive.