A tremor shot through the world. It began as a quiet shiver, a gentle swaying of the earth; then it intensified. A ripple blasted through the ground, reverberating into the air, shaking the very foundations of the world.

With the tremor came a dark purple beam. It shot out into the sky as if to pierce the heavens. It looked as if the world was about to end. The ground screamed in agony as it was ripped apart. Monsters from all stretches of the earth hid for they new that if they faced the mighty being that had suddenly trespassed upon their territory they would die a painful death.

Around the world, all noticed the disturbance. Most passed it off as a mild earthquake, some even assumed that it was just in their imaginations. But others knew better.

Around the globe, figures raised their heads as they felt the shockwave. Some of them gazed with hatred towards the source, draconic eyes burning within their immense skulls. Others looked out with fear and horror as the realisation of what had just occurred hit them. From a far away floating castle a singular being looked out with determination and fiery resolve, an age old passion awakened once more.

After a minute or so the tremor started to dissipate along with the hellish beam. But that was not the end, once the tremors finally stopped and the ground screamed one last time for a shockwave of immense power was released.