Petunia suddenly had a 'bad' thought. Harry was looking blankly at her, from the floor of the kitchen. She was suddenly realized that those freaks would hurt Dudders and her if Harry was more hurt than normal. She hadn't meant to swing it so hard. She rang emergency after Vernon. Then washed the pan and floor, pulling him to the stair bottom. Her story would be he was running and fell down the stairs. She made sure blood got on the bottom and held him, like trying to stop the bleeding.

She forgot the phone had no blood on it. Harrys hand had hit the cupboard lock, so was scratched and blood on the front of the lock, but no drip. The MRI showed a in swept skull, the size of a frying pan, not a stair like look. The elite Scotland Yard investigative squad of MI5 showed up. These are the 'magicals' of the realm, used for the Royal Family. Squibs, witches and wizards that left the Wizarding world, et cetera. As the records declared him, Earl Potter, once an adult. After all, he is from the bastard side of King George the first.

Petunia also screwed up by calling Vernon, before moving him. Again, no blood, phone shows call to him, before to emergency people. The Royal section was all over the place. Minerva heard from Mrs. Figg about all the bobbies and plain closed chaps. She mentions that there are a few that seem to be looking at the house from the street. Dumbledore was at the ICW, so she sent Shacklebolt.

When he got close, he heard lots of conversations about the Dursley's telling how rotten the boy is. A group of three were looking at the house from the street. He pulled out his "credentials" to show. The three had spread out, he was getting worried. "So, your one of the ministry's fuck ups. Go away, we will be investigating this murder seen of a Royal Earl."


"Are you the one that put this ward up?" He shifted. "If you reach for your wand we will kill you for attacking the Royal family. So we will be taking you in for a talking to."

"I don't know what you are talking about." He started to apparate out, when he was stunned. Mrs. Figg saw it. She became very frightened. The one that had been in front of Shack saw her wide eyes and went to go obliviate her. She had her head in the fire, when she was pulled back and the agent saw McGonagall. "You will show up at her house in five minutes or you will be considered an accessory to the murder of a Royal. I'm sure the old goat whisker shit is involved and we will arrest him also. We have orders to shoot to kill all conspirators. So show up or be hunted down. Wille will come to Hogwarts to kill, if you are not here. Understand you are a piece of shit, conspiratoring to abuse and kill children."

McGonagall was shocked, she would never. She called the other three heads and had Severus come with her. She voiced that he knew what Albus was doing more than her. As they came through, they were stunned, stripped of all magic and cupped in suppressors. Madam Sprout notified the new head of the DMLE, Madam Bones. What was known versus what happened was nigh unknown.

Madam Bones did not know where they were, so sent a rockie through, with a tracker. He did not come back, but she got the coordinates. She and a squad of ten showed up down the street. This was a shit pot as she saw lots of people on phones. But then saw an obliviate. She calmed a bit. Until a voice called out to her and her people.

"We have been licensed to kill, so no sudden moves Aurors. We have taken a number of people into custody for attacking the Royal family and abusing said family member of the House of Lords. We will kill Dumbledore for this. The hate wards, attached to this blood ward, both have his second wands signature. We know he made himself Lord Potters guardian, with these wards, it must be to rob his accounts."

Madam Bones' jaw was reaching the floor with this info. One of her people, Dawlish reached for his wand with a sneer and his head exploded and his body fell. "Nobody move or die." Most of the pure bloods were shocked, two half bloods raised there empty hands. "Get your hands up, they mean business. If Harry Potter is dead, people's heads will roll."

"Your breaking the Statue of Secrecy."

"No we are not, we all know about magic from family and the Royal House. We are their security."

Madam Bones was still stunned. "You killed Dawlish, one of the Ministers favorite people." She smirked at the end.

"You were warned, we were licensed to kill. He grabbed for his wand."

"Is Potter really dead?"

"He has no brain functions and no longer detects like a magical, but like a Dementor got him."

"Bloody Hell!"

Melusine von der Schulenburg acted as George's hostess openly from 1698 until his death, and they had one of three daughters together, born in 1692, 1693 and 1701. Their children were witches. This firmed up the Statute of Secrecy. The first child married into the Potters. The second into the Blacks, and the line came to Dorea Potter, nee Black. The third had a squib son, who became known as Evans. Because of the shame, this child was lost to the wizarding world. The goblins kept records and knew Petunia was Lily's adopted sister. Her parents had thought they could not have kids. As with Charlus and Dorea, it was later than normal.

Strangeley, James was almost as powerful as Dumbledore and Riddle. So was Lily Potter, nee Evans. Harry was off the recorded charts. Which was why Dumbledore bound his magic, using the Elder Wand. Riddle would have died, if facing the Elder Wand. He stayed in existence due to the slave bindings (the Dark marks) and the leech on Harry (the Scar). If Dumbledore had not given so many 'pardons', or worked to get rid of the leech; Riddle would have left this plane of existence. It was only Peter's betrayal of confundus charms and they leaving theirs wands lying around, that Riddle beat them.

After five years, Riddle had gotten strong enough to 'live' with either the slave leeches or Harry's leech. That leech was the real power thanks to Dumbledore, as Lily's ritual enchantment would have destroyed the leech, if he had the power. This is the reason that the death eaters finally got the blood from the body in the hospital. Riddle's mistake was that the magical contracts of Georges girls was that they could not try to take the throne from his legal heirs.

Dumbledore saved his life, but lost his position in Hogwarts. He kept his ICW and the Weizengatt spot as he swore it was for the Greater Good. But no one wanted an abusive as Headmaster. MI5 and MI6 took him out a year later. Riddle came back. His first get together was to be a big rally. He told all his new Death Eaters and the new marked children. Riddle had realized that, just in case, he needed more branded magic leeches. This lead to most of his followers being branded, even children over five. Riddle told them all at the Rally, that they were going to take over the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, then the World.

The contract activated from the Potter blood. It pulled and killed the children first. Then the elderly and weak. Some chopped their arms off, spelled them off, or the spouse did it for those children under five. Many others killed them and their children, for not allowing them to betray their lord "God'! So Wizarding Britain lost the top twenty percent of the Weizengatt, fifteen percent of the upper and middle ministry workers. This included Fudge, Yaxley, McNair, and Umbridge. Then thirty percent of the pure bloods, county the children.

So the prophecy ends with the Dark Lords being vanquished. Death was not finished yet. As Prince Harry had an accident and Fate, who is not a bitch, put little Harry Potters soul, into Prince Harry. But that is another story!