Author's Note: Welp, here's a random very quick oneshot that I got the urge to write one day. It's been in my doc manager for a while, and what with the Asushin Winter contest thing(I have no idea about these things), I felt in the mood for some Reishin, then I thought now would be a nice time to get this out of my doc manager. So here you go.

Shinji laid on his back sweating and panting. Rei did the same from his side. Both were completely nude, their clothes were strewn about Rei's room in her now clean apartment, only a blanket covering up to their wastes. Shinji had come over to help Rei fix up her apartment. They started talking. Rei had asked him why he wanted to help her. He told her that he just wanted to be a good friend. One thing led to another, both of them ended up undressing each other while vigorously kissing.

From what Shinji remembered, it was Rei who came on to him. She asked him if he had a hidden agenda. She suggested that he perhaps wanted to get in her pants as others call it. He stuttered that that wasn't it. So Rei asked why he didn't want to do it with her. Shinji was too stunned to answer. She then asked if he found her physically attractive. He eventually stuttered out that yes he thought she was very beautiful. Rei told him that she found him attractive. She kissed him and he kissed back.

Rei then managed to end up straddling his waste on top of her bed. She denied his verbal excuses as to why they shouldn't have sex, saying that she was ready and wanted it. Shinji being the weak willed boy he was, decided to stop fighting for no reason, not that he could really overpower the surprisingly strong blue haired girl. So Shinji ultimately gave in. It was a choice that he came quick to not regret it

In the end, both of them enjoyed it very much. Shinji had only a few questions post coitus. One, did Rei enjoy it. The answer was yes, as he wasn't dense enough to ignore the many moans she let out that made it apparently obvious that she did indeed enjoy it. His next questions were along the lines of if she loves him. He's been known to be self loathing, so it was almost certain he would doubt himself.

"Rei do you… love me?" he finally voiced.

"Why do you ask?" Rei responded, her red eyes showing curiosity

"Well we just you know… did it, but I… wanted to know... if you... love me?" Shinji said worried.

"But what purpose does it serve whether two people love each other when having intercourse?" She asked

"Well it just means more when two people love each other"

"How so?"

"Because then it's about showing your love for each other. Where as people who don't love each other just do it to um… get off" Shinji explained with a small blush

"I see"

"Yeah, so that's why I was asking. I just wanted to know... if it meant as much to you as it did to me, but I understand if it didn't" He said sounding disappointed and sad



"I love you" She said with a small smile before giving him a peck on the lips as she cuddled his side.

"I love you too Rei" Shinjis said with a smile as he embraced the girl and drifted off to sleep, Rei still in his arms when he awoke the next morning.

Alternate ending(Is this what they call and Omake?)

"I love you" She said with a small smile before giving him a peck on the lips. Her smile then turned into a mischievous grin as she got up and straddled.

"R-Rei, you're not tired?" He said, surprised by the girl's sudden movement.

"No, are you?" She asked as she cutely tilted her head.

"Not really" he then saw the lustful look in her eyes, "D-do you want to-"

"Yes please" smashing their lips together they then made love once again.

Author's note: sooo... I made this... just cause. Is dumb, I know. I wonder if I should just make a lemon, if anyone who happens to read this thinks I should, comment about it, or not. You can also comment if you want to say your thoughts about this. Anyway, happy New year.