Chapter 3

The carriage ride to Hogwarts was fairly subdued. Harry was riding with Cedric, Penelope and a few other seventh year Hufflepuff's who weren't overly nervous around Harry. Heidi Macavoy, someone Harry actually did consider a friend, was definitely trying to flirt with Harry much to his amusement.

The two had been playing a game of sorts to see who could get whom to blush first, but usually it just made the surrounding people turn fire hydrant red first, and that was the position Penelope was in as Heidi was running her hand daintely across Harry's chest. "Oh I just know Quidditch and dueling has done some incredible things to your body. I would love to see it for myself."

Harry grinned at the girl slyly, "Why don't you just meet me in the prefect's bathroom at say midnight, and I will show you exactly what it can do to your body."

Penelope groaned, "Potter! I am Head Girl, and you are talking about seduction right in front of me with Macavoy. Can you not? Show me the Head Boy responsibility that I was seeing on the train."

Harry grinned, throwing his arm around the girl taking full advantage of Percy not being around, "Oh come on Penny, I wouldn't mind inviting you along too. I mean if you are so worried about rules being followed!"

This caused the girl to blush scarlet, and Harry turned to Heidi, "Do you have a problem sharing me, Macavoy? It is a pretty big tub in the prefect's bathroom. I think we would all fit quite nicely!"

Harry had won this round as the girl blushed deeply, and Cedric and his two buddies guffawed with laughter. Herbert Fleet, the Hufflepuff Keeper choked out, "I think you broke them, Harry mate!"

Cedric however just grinned, "I don't know why you even bother anymore, Heidi, you are on quite the losing streak with Harry right now."

Harry laughed lightly, "She just likes the images I put in her head."

The girl mumbled something unintelligible as they reached the school and walked up towards the castle. Before they did however, Harry affectionately stroked the thestrals' heads thanking them for the ride. Harry had grown fond of the creatures that most could not see, and felt that he could relate with many of them, so he always treated them with kindness. There were thestrals on the ancient Potter Manor grounds, and he had often found solitude in their company, learning to feed them raw meat or fresh game from a young age.

The sorting feast was finished in the blink of an eye, and Harry was glad as he was ready to get up to his common room and get some rest. His final training regimen would begin tomorrow, and he would begin implementing his new schedule that his mentor had set for him.

The announcements were made, but then Dumbledore cleared his throat expectantly hoping to gather the attention of everyone in the hall, even those who were not paying attention like Harry, "Now this year is going to bring some new changes to Hogwarts, and one of those is that the Inter-house dueling and Quidditch tournaments are canceled."

Nearly the entirety of the school's athletes were up in arms at this announcement, even Harry himself frowned at the news. Dumbledore let it go on for a moment before he raised his hands, "Not to worry my dear friends there will still be Quidditch to be played and duels to be had, however this year your competition will be a little different during the Triwizard Tournament."

It was clear that the secret was more well kept than he originally suspected but people who knew of the tournament's existence seemed to be genuinely excited, and it spread as friends whispered to each other and explained the competition's origins and goals. Harry shook his head, and realized that people may well be thrilled - at least until the blood began to be shed.

While the Headmaster allowed the chatter to continue, Penny looked questioningly at Harry as it was clear that he was displeased about the tournament, so Harry obliged the girl, "As I am sure you researched, the Triwizard tournament goes back some seven hundred years. It was canceled however after the death toll it left in the last tournament. All the Champions were killed in the first task, along with several people in the crowds from the Cockatrice. One of my relatives was actually the last Hogwarts Champion, so was obviously among the fatalities. With all that's been happening in the last six months, I am surprised even the idiots at the Ministry thought this was a good idea."

Penny shook her head realizing what Harry was saying and then turned her attention back to the headmaster as he continued to speak, "The Triwizard Tournament, for those of you who don't know, is a fierce competition between three schools. It was created in hopes of bringing peace and international magical cooperation, and in this time of peace the Ministry has deemed it fit to reinstate this magnificent tournament!"

Harry massaged his temples with both hands quietly as he contemplated the idiocy of the Ministry. They were trying to act like things were all fine and dandy, but the fact was they were trying too hard, and they weren't fooling anyone with more than half a brain. Dumbledore continued, "Durmstrang from the northern areas of Europe and Beauxbatons from the south, will be joining us on Halloween night for the commencement of this tournament. But let it be clear that a new rule in the Ministry states that no one under the age of seventeen will be allowed to participate in any of the Champion's tasks, however-" The man pronounced the last word loudly to interrupt the chattering students, "There will also be three new components to this tournament in order to make things more adventurous for the other students. There will be three additional tasks that any student of any age can compete in, and that will be a Hogwarts Quidditch team where they will play each school, an academic Decathlon team, and a Hogwarts Dueling Team."

This caused some excited chatter to roll across the floor and Penny looked at Harry excitedly, "Harry, you are one of the best duelists out there, you just have to compete with us!"

Harry shot the girl a sly grin, "We will see, Clearwater."

Penny gave the boy a distasteful look knowing full well that she did not like being addressed by her last name by someone whom she considered to be a friend, but let the matter drop as Dumbledore gave his final announcement of the tournament, "Be warned for those who dare to enter, if chosen, you stand alone. Now off to bed, pip pip."

Harry took this in stride and shook his head standing up. He held a hand in the air indicating for his housemates to follow him up to the common room while the fifth year prefects were gathering up the new first year students and allowed everyone to clear out.

Before Harry could cross out of the hall he heard his name called out, "Harry!"

Justin Potter was trying to reach him quickly, and Harry stopped with his eyes raised, "What is it, Justin?"

The boy smiled at the lack of harsh words his brother had for him. Usually anytime Justin greeted Harry at school before last year he was cold, but this time he seemed almost concerned, "I was just wondering if you would be willing to allow me to train with you in the mornings like you did over the summer. I would really like to be on this Hogwarts dueling team, and be able to win. Without our training I don't think I can make myself good enough in time for the competition."

Harry looked at his little brother in surprise and then back at his housemates who were watching the by-play curiously, "Justin, you are a great duelist for your age. I think you have a great chance at making the team and winning without my help, and that's the honest truth."

Harry was just about to lead his housemates up when Justin grabbed his arm gently, "Please, Harry? I promise I won't get in your way, and I won't even talk to you if you don't want to. Just give me a chance to follow your movements so I can improve. After everything that's happened, can't you just give me a chance to make myself better so I am not so useless when we almost get killed every year?"

Harry knew that Justin had taken it hard when his brother and mom sent him running at the Quidditch World Cup. Justin was as proud as any Potter, and Harry knew he hated the feeling of being weak, and would not wish it upon his little brother, "Meet me in the Entrance Hall at 5:30. If you aren't here by then you will be left behind."

With that Harry held his hand up in a follow me gesture and his housemates followed in behind as he heard his brother shout his thanks to his back.

The trip to the common room was an easy one, and the riddle at the door was also pleasantly easy, "The poor have it. The rich don't need it. It is greater than God, and without it you will die."

Harry boredly answered, "Nothing."

The eagle on the door made a soft caw, "Very good, young scholar, you may enter."

With that the door swung open. Harry led his housemates in, but instead of waiting he went straight to his personal quarters. The Ravenclaw Dormitories for fourth year students and up had their own rooms. The reason being that Ravenclaws were quite messy during exam time, and need more room as their course load is usually larger, so with that logic they are given their own space.

Harry had convinced his head of house in his fourth year to allow him to keep the same room through the years so he could leave his projects up all year around, and since he didn't usually go home for Christmas he was in the room for nearly 10 months a year. Though he had a feeling that would change this year with how good his family was actually getting along; they would likely expect him to return home for Christmas and Easter. He looked at the complicated rune pattern that was around his room, and began powering them on methodically. The Head Boy looked at a robo-dog that he programmed with combat runes, and turned the little creature on. Tech-9 was Harry's first friend. He designed him in his fourth year, but had dreams of him since he was a little boy. As the runes turned on the dog barked with joy then spoke, "Good evening, Master! Did you have a pleasant holiday?"

Harry smiled at the dog, "I sure did T, and next holiday you are coming home with me. I got permission from my dad, and he can't wait to meet you. You may even get to come for Christmas with me!"

The dog barked happily, "Did you say Christmas? Master has not spent Christmas with family since he was a little boy. This makes Tech-9 a happy dog!"

Patting the dog on the head with an affectionate smile Harry began powering up the defenses in his room. He had to be sure that no one ever stole his ideas. He had been on the brink of figuring out how to power muggle electronics around the magical ambiance of Hogwarts, and he did not want someone clever enough to come along and finish the job for him - though he doubted there were very many people that could. As far as Ancient Runes went the only person who could possibly match him was his mother, and she had no idea just yet how good he was, but soon the world would know. He had been in touch with the goblins for months about some of his inventions, and to say they were interested was an understatement.

Harry sighed in content as he looked around his room. Thousands of hours spent in this space making plans, creating ideas, creating spells, and this was going to be his last year for it all. Checking the time he figured he better turn in early, and prepare for the year that was to come.

When he awoke the next morning it was 5:00am sharp. He quickly got out of bed, and drowsily moved around the room for a few minutes looking over some things, and trying to become fully awake as he put on his training clothes, and began to depart from Ravenclaw tower. It couldn't have been more than a few minutes past 5:30. but when he got there his brother was bouncing around on his toes throwing kicks and stretching. Justin had spent some time under his brother's tutelage that summer in the martial arts, claiming that it would make his mind and body sharper, which would in the long run improve his magic and dueling stamina.

It only took a moment for the young boy to spot his older brother, and to his credit he didn't even greet his older brother as he followed him out onto the grounds. As they began the workout, Harry decided to keep it light on the boy in terms of speed, but that didn't mean he was going easy distance wise.

However Justin hung in there, definitely impressing his older brother, and looked like he could've gone a little further if Harry had insisted..

The two plopped down into the sand, and Harry spoke the first words of the morning to his brother, "We are going to duel. Everyday. We are going to work on your shields everyday. You want to be on this dueling team fine, but if I am going to take you under my wing at school and put my reputation on the line, then you are going to win the damn thing or at least do your part to take down every duelist that stands in your way. Do you understand? As my protege, my brother, and a Potter, it is now your duty to take this training seriously and my promise to you is that you will be a champion. Do I make myself clear?"

He looked at his brother in awe as he spoke, and when he finished he could merely just nod his head stupidly. Harry rolled his eyes and jumped to his feet, "Pick up your wand and show me how your training has come in the past few weeks."

Harry had not been around Potter Manor a lot the past few weeks. A lot of his time had been dedicated to training with his mentor, and the rest was with the goblins who were helping him find a home to move into when he graduated. He told his parents it was seriously nothing personal, it was just that he was independent, and wanted to be on his own. It was a promise he made to himself as a young boy that he would get out as soon as possible no matter what the circumstances were, and even though his relationship with his neglectful parents was better, that didn't mean it was completely forgiven and forgotten in his mind.

The duel between the two Potters to an outsider would have been fantastic. The fact that two school aged boys could duel this way was a feat. One being merely 14, and the other just turning 17 a few months back. One dueled like a NEWT student, and the other like an international champion. By the end Harry had not disarmed the boy, but nor had he tried too. He went mostly for stunning opportunities or weaknesses in his guard, but he was proud to say there weren't many. Making the boy a champion would not be too difficult at all if he could just get his shields on his level. Half the battle would already be won.

When Harry called to stop Justin looked confused, "But shouldn't we still be going? No one has lost yet."

Harry's eyes narrowed, "I am your coach, and brother. Not your enemy. If I just wanted to beat you in submission repeatedly you wouldn't get significantly better, trust me. I will push you to your limits, break them, and then make you do shield practice, because that is what will make you better. Trust me, Justin, have I ever failed you before?"

The boy shook his head quickly in fear of offending his brother, "Good. Now put up your shields, and hold my onslaught as long as you can. After that head back up to the castle and rest for a bit before classes start. You are in for your toughest year yet, but it will be nothing compared to what you deal with next year. You have me this year, but you won't next year so we are going to do everything we can to make you the best you can be by then. Understood?"

The boy nodded, and Harry pointed his wand at the shields, "Bombarda."

Harry merely murmured the word, but the force that followed went like a tidal wave. Justin's shield shimmered on the initial impact, but held strong as Harry casually flicked spells at him. Each spell rocked the shield causing Justin to sweat under the pressure of his brother's power. Harry then began throwing two spells at once, and Justin's whole body trembled as he held the shield still. The older Ravenclaw was impressed with his brother's resolve, and fired two more curses making the boy go to his knees in fatigue, at that point Harry spoke, "Enough. I can sense your shield is weak. Another spell would send you to the floor. You may release it. That was… well done."

Justin beamed at his brother as he panted for breath, still not used to getting such compliments, "I worked on it all summer."

"It seems to have paid off. We will do this again at the same time tomorrow. Go get some rest while I finish out here." Harry said commandingly.

Justin kicked the ground in embarrassment lightly, "Do you think I could stay and watch? Just to see what I should be striving for."

Harry's first instinct was to say no, but then he saw the hope in the boy's eyes and sighed, "Only if you promise not to share my skills with anyone, and I do mean anyone, Justin, not even Ron, Hermione, Susan, or Dumbledore."

Justin nodded, "Family first."

Harry was taken aback by his words, but said nothing as he put his wand away looking out to the Black Lake. He walked slowly out to the water feeling his magical core expand towards the environment, and then stepped into it placing his hands out in front of him with elbows bent. He was going to give his brother the same show his mentor gave him when he first seriously began his training. He whispered, "Momentum Expur."

The spell began to shake the ground in front of him, but only in front of him Justin Potter watched in amazement as his brother controlled his magic without his wand. Harry however was in complete Nirvana, feeling completely in tune with the ambient magic in the air. He then lifted one hand and began making small circles. Water began to rise from the lake and began circulating quickly creating a waterspout. While this was impressive it was nothing compared to what he did next. With one hand he clearly controlled the water, while the other hand was moving it in a straight up and down line, and suddenly the waterspout he had created was on fire. Justin gasped in awe.

Harry however felt the firestorm that he had created was barely even touching his magical capabilities, so he dropped the firestorm and felt a tear in his stomach as he reached for the water and he watched it recede. Justin watched in horror as he saw what his brother was attempting.

A tidal wave. With nearly every drop of the lake now coming towards them in a tsunami sized weapon, it easily stood at 20 feet tall. Harry was sweating in concentration as the water came towards him. He turned and chanced a look at his brother who was on his feet prepared to run, but he saw the look on his older brother's face and held confidence that no harm would come to him.

As the water approached it cast a massive shadow over the two boys, but then it stopped with a bark of magic that Justin did not understand, but clearly felt. It couldn't have been more than ten feet from the boys. Harry looked back at his brother, "Come here."

Justin hesitantly approached his brother who was focusing on the water, "This is your goal, Justin. Ultimate control. Not just over your magic, but the magic of the world around you. I could never pull something like this off away from Hogwarts, but here I can pull the magic from myself and the grounds of this sacred place. Go out and touch the water, feel it."

Justin did as he was told and in amazement stretched forward to touch the water. It felt cold, but it wasn't moving. It was impossibly still, "How is this possible?"

"Anything is possible. You just have to have the will, determination, and magic to do it. Step away, while I return the water to its place."

Justin did so quickly, getting behind his brother as he flicked his hands out, and the water tumbled backwards creating a massive splash that came towards the boys, but Harry merely waved his hands around and deflected the water around them.

Justin was in utter awe of his brother. Neither his parents or Dumbledore himself had ever given him such a beautiful representation of what magic stood for, and his seventeen year old Ravenclaw brother had. Harry threw an arm around his brother's shoulders feeling fully relaxed after his exertion of power, "Let's go back up the castle and have breakfast, it is very important during this training you don't miss any meals. It could be seriously detrimental to your magical core."

The boy nodded, having never felt so close to his brother. His arm was around him he felt as if he could take on the world, and even the Dark Lord himself could not intimidate him at that moment.

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