A/N: Got yet ANOTHER idea... . HPxBerseria xover. Young Evelyn Potter is transported to the world known as 'Desolation' due to the backlash of the killing curse rebounding. Grows up in Haria Village up until just before the Advent happens, when she's fifteen. Her whole life she'd been able to see monsters and people no one else could see.

*Older sister figure to Kamoana.

*Believer of Amenoch and the other Four Empyreans.

Southgand was experiencing unseasonable weather for this time of year. The skies were cloudy, threatening rain and thunder storms for the past week. It got to a point, after the skies opened up to the rain that was threatening them for so long, that the people of Haria, in particular, turned to the Priestess of Amenoch. She, in turn, turned to the Temple of Amenoch to pray for the safety of Southgand.

When she arrived at the temple and made her way to the chamber that Priestesses had prayed in for generations, she was not expecting the sight that would meet her eyes. There, in the center of the chamber, was a babe. It was a wee thing, couldn't be more than a year old, and there was a bleeding cut on the child's forehead.

Mahina ran forward, concerned for the child. She quickly identified the child as female, due to the cutely colored baby pj's. The girl was sleeping peacefully, but there was something about her that made Mahina feel a wave of reverence. This child, who appeared in the temple by unknown means, was special. Mahina finished her prayer, then, holding the girl, left Palamedes, and returned to Haria.

Upon setting foot outside Palamedes, she noticed an immediate change in the seas and the weather had calmed down. By the time she returned to Haria, it was sunny and bright again. Were it not for the wet sand and puddles that could be seen, you'd hardly think it had been raining. The whole village was present, waiting for her return. They cheered and moved to offer their thanks, but stopped in surprise at the sight of Mahina holding an infant girl.

Said infant had woken from the sudden noise, but didn't look like she was interested in crying. Instead, vivid green eyes stared wide-eyed at the gathered village. She looked around, as though trying to find someone, before looking up at the woman holding her. Green orbs, more stunning a shade than most precious gems, grew watery.

"M-Mama..." The girl's voice was sweet, but heartbreaking for Mahina for the sorrow in the tone. The girl clearly knew she was an orphan. Mahina cooed softly to hold off the waterworks that looked like they were about to start.

"Mahina?" The woman looked up at that questioning tone of her name. She could practically see the question.

"This child was within the temple depths. I believe the weather was to draw attention to her." She gently rocked the child while answering the unasked question. Her answer earned a round of gasps from the villagers. "I believe she is a blessing for us, from Amenoch." And that was enough to settle the villagers' fears.

"What should we do with her?" The village chief spoke up. Couples looked to each other, but attention switched to Mahina.

"I'll raise her as my own." Shock swept through the village. Mahina was resolute though. "She is special, I feel it, and she was found within Palamedes." This was a sound argument, and it was true that she was likely a special child if she appeared by some design of Amenoch's so having her be raised by the Priestess made sense to them.

Mahina, not knowing the child's birth name, chose to call her Oceana. It was an homage to the Empyrean Amenoch, the embodiment of water. It would also come to symbolize her love of the sea. Oceana grew up learning the ways of the priestess, though she was told early on that she was not able to inherit, as she was adopted and not of the line of Priestesses. When she was still young, only about five or six, she began speaking to thin air as far as the villagers could tell.

Little did they know that she was speaking to Malakhim. The malakhim were surprised that she could see them at first, but then they seemed to sense that same aura of 'something special' that Mahina had sensed when she found Oceana, and they began interacting with the happy child. She even made a friend, in a young male fire seraph by the name of Mason. He looked to be a teenager at the time they met, and didn't really change appearance or age much in the ten years since they became friends.

When Oceana was about eight, her and Mahina welcomed Kamoana into the family. Mahina's daughter soon grew precious to the older girl, and Oceana would happily look after Kamoana when Mahina had Priestess duties to attend to. She also helped in teaching the younger girl what she would need to know to be a priestess like their mom. But in that first year came the event that would be known as the Opening. She'd seen people turn into monsters before, but now others could too.

Rumors began to spread of a plague known as 'daemon blight' where the afflicted turned into monsters. Of course, having Malakhim friends and having seen daemons before, Oceana knew that it was no mere 'new plague'. She even confronted her malakhim friends about it, though only Mason seemed willing to tell her about the truth of the so-called daemon blight. She frowned while listening to the explanation, lovely green eyes darkening in thought.

"There's no way to save them? Some people don't deserve to live as monsters for the rest of their lives!" Her impassioned words surprised her friend. "There are people that only give in to Malevolence because of their horrible luck in life, right? Bad situations escalating to such a point that the Malevolence overflows?" She knew that some people were just rotten to the core and didn't deserve a second chance to change, because they simply wouldn't. Either because they enjoyed hurting others, or because they were greedy or power-hungry, or whatever their reasons.

"No. There is no way to save someone once they turn into a daemon, besides ending their life. Malak Artes are capable of it, and humans that make a pact with Malakim can make use of those artes, but it requires resonance." Mason patiently explained to the intelligent child. She'd always been a bit of an information-sponge, especially when the topic was one that interested her.

"Oh? Like the ability that lets me see you guys?" Blinking green eyes went wide. "Can I make a pact? How does that work?" And she launched rapid-fire questions that Mason was having a hard time to follow. Mason had to wait for the flow of questions to abate before trying to answer them.

"Yes, the ability to see us means a high resonance, however a pact is not made lightly. You have to be certain it is what you wish before making a pact with a malak. They also have to wish for it. Trust between the two is essential for a proper pact to be made." His words didn't seem to deter her though, as she was practically sparkling by this point. He sighed and gave a fond smile to the girl.

"I see you are determined..." Her emphatic nod was confirmation enough. With another sigh, Mason began coaching her on the steps needed for forming a pact with a malak.

"So, I need an incantation... then to give a true name? But don't you already have one? Doesn't that mean you'd have to tell me it?" She already knew the significance of true names, thus was not sure if this was really okay. Her concern was touching and Mason smiled at her.

"Well, yes it is seen as a confession of love, it can also be a declaration of trust, or an affirmation of familial love. For us, I think of you as a sister pretty much, so I feel no shame or embarrassment to tell you my true name."

Oceana beamed at Mason and listened attentively to his true name, committing it to memory. He then helped her make up an appropriate pact and essentially walked her through the whole process. Once that was done, Mason insisted she return home, warning her that she would experience fever-symptoms that could last a few days.

He was certainly correct, for about halfway home, she felt the fever he'd warned her about set in. The girl was soon racing home in a panic, Mason easily keeping up with her. He caught her just before she collapsed right outside the village gates and carried her home. By now, her floating in her 'sleep' was not uncommon, and mostly a given for the girl that was 'born of Amenoch' or at least 'chosen of Amenoch'.

She took a full two days to recover, during which the whole of Haria village offered get-well gifts and prayers for the bedridden girl. Mason didn't leave her side, though no one else was aware of his presence besides her. The worst was at exactly the halfway mark. In the last two hours of the first day and the first two hours of the second day, her fever increased to dangerous levels. Black ooze expelled itself from her lightning bolt shaped scar and a malicious energy could be sensed by any nearby Malakim.

Nothing was visible to the resonance-less humans had any been around to see at the time.

Finally, she was up and running around again. She visited everyone to thank them for the gifts and get-well wishes Mason informed her of as soon as she felt better.

The two friends spent the next couple years working on their teamwork and Mason instructing her in Artes that she now had access to that would let her fight against the daemons. She still wanted a way to save those who became a daemon because of circumstances beyond their control and not because they were bad people. There were those that didn't deserve to remain as daemons until death, and she wanted to help them.

Oceana also learned a lot about the history of the world from the old malakhim that hung out around the temple of Amenoch. One such malakhim was a powerful old water malak by the name of Meero. She liked to call him Meero-ojisan. He had been around since the time of Avarost and taught her the languages he knew. She was a quick learner with languages and using Artes even without a pact with a malak of certain elements.

"Oceana, you have a power like none I've ever seen before. Not even the Empyreans can manipulate things in the way you do. Your origins are indeed shrouded in mystery... One I would much like to discover someday." Meero had explained to her when she was ten and had just managed to float safely down to the ground after having slipped off a high rock ledge along the route between Haria and Yseult.

It had been that strange energy that malakhim could feel like a kind of pulse around her. Silena, an older-appearing Wind malak believed that her energy was like an Earthpulse of sorts, which also cloaked the presense of Mason when he wasn't out. They couldn't sense the presence of Mason while he was within her, so she felt like a regular human aside from the energy she naturally gave off. Learning to control that energy was much more difficult than learning to control the energy of Malak Artes.

Oceana preferred using the Artes Mason and the others taught her, channeling them through a bladed fan she found when taking out a small fishing boat to an island just in view of Haria. The others taught her multiple kinds of weapons, in case she ever made pacts with other malakhim. She didn't know why they bothered, since they would have their own fighting styles and would be able to fight without her input, but she went along with it anyway as they never steered her wrong before.

When Oceana was fourteen, she decided to leave the shores of Southgand and explore the world. Her mom, and Mason, convinced her to plan ahead before rushing off, so she left the day after her fifteenth birthday. Kamoana cried, and it near-broke her heart to leave the younger girl, but she'd always had an adventurous spirit and could no longer stay in one place.

She was gifted by the village a decent one-man boat, and supplies to last her to Port Cadnix, with money to resupply, and a fishing rod for catching fresh seafood. Mason remained in the subspace or wherever it was he went while 'inside her' with her as his vessel, and they were able to communicate with each other, regardless or whether he was out and about or not, so it worked best. Of course, if she wanted to sleep he would come out and keep them on course for Cadnix if they failed to find land to stop for the night on.

They were still only half way to Cadnix when a fierce storm came out of nowhere and blew them completely off course. The ship's sail was torn, though that made no difference as the ships single mast had broken almost completely in half. Not to mention her bag went overboard with her supplies in it, and she had no idea where she was.

Mason wasn't much help in this either, as he was a fire malak, though he did his best to help where he could. Oceana tried to remain positive, but her optimism wore out after being adrift for more than a day. Mason had remained within her for the most of it, keeping watch only when Oceana slept so she could be woken if he saw something during the night. It was day three, Oceana was barely clinging to consciousness, and Mason was fretting in her head, when the sound of the waves changed.

Instead of the endless serenity, there was now sounds of waves crashing against something wooden. Oceana lifted her head as much as she could to see what it was, and nearly passed out from the effort, or the relief. It was a ship. Not just any ship either, but a well-known one at that. She had heard stories, growing up, of pirates and the dangerous ones in particular were used as warnings to keep kids in line. Of them, the most famous would be Van Aifread.

This was his ship. She knew it because the ship was so unusual in design. Unlike other ships, this one had been built of the finest woods and with cutting edge techniques making for a truly unique vessel. Black spots filled her vision, though before she went completely under, she could have sworn she saw the most gorgeous blue eyes she'd ever seen.

"She's barely alive... Had we not seen her when we did, she'd have likely died in the next few hours." That was the first thing Oceana heard as she swam towards consciousness. The voice was male, gruff but not as terrifying as she'd imagined a pirate to sound like at all. If she were to be honest with herself, the voice was rather easy on the ears.

"I see... Well keep an eye on her, won't you Eizen?" That voice was accented oddly, but again was more kind and not-terrifying as she'd imagined.

"Sure... There's something...odd about her..." The first voice again. He sounded, not really curious or anything, but like there was something about the way he said that which reminded her of the malakhim near Maclir Beach and the path to Palamedes.

"ughhh..." She groaned eloquently, trying to force her eyes open to mixed results. She felt the attention of the two shift to her with startling suddenness. Once she managed to blink her eyes to focusing, she found a blond-haired Adonis with familiar blue eyes and a brown-haired orange/hazel-eyed man with a pointy beard.

She blinked again, looking between the two of them. Her focusing on the blond seemed to surprise the men, though it didn't click why for a few minutes. She hadn't the strength to sit up, nor lift her head, so was looking at them from a weird angle, but the fact her eyes followed the blond one moving showed the two that she did see him. The realization came once Mason spoke up in her head.

"He is a malak, like me.." The surprise had her twitch-jerking which drew another groan from her still-recovering body.

"Who...Who are you?" Her voice was scratchy from dehydration and disuse, and she coughed after the one word before resuming her question. Instead of an answer the blond one picked up a glass and helped her sit up, motions seeming uncharacteristically gentle for the rough-looking man.

After she had been given a long drink of the clear, fresh water, she was leaned up into a sitting position against the bed she was on.

"So... you CAN see me." It was not a question, but she nodded an answer anyway.

"You're a malak? It's an honor." She grinned in a way the elderly malak, Meero-ojisan, near the temple used to tell her made her look like a 'rude, roguish, disrespectful brat' but which he never really told her off for seriously. It made the 'its an honor' sound less than genuine, even if she sincerely meant it. Her words drew a surprised look from the un-named malak and a chuckle from the human.

"An honor, she says Eizen..." The brunette male was nearly guffawing at that, she took in the name, recognizing it from earlier. The now-named Eizen scowled at the teasing of the other, but it wasn't a severe look, which showed to any that knew him that he wasn't too put out by the teasing.

"I've always been able to see them... For as long as I can remember." Her explanation drew both men's attention.

"Me too. I've seen them for as long as I can remember..." The brunette spoke in a tone that sounded reminiscent. She beamed at him, happy to find another person that could see the 'invisible people' that she could see.

"Yeah... Mom says that she always knew I was special, from the day she found me... Mason and the others all say the same thing. There's something 'different' about me, which lets me see them. I see the scary things too, daemons, but none of them really seem to want to bother me unless i get too close to the animal ones..." She was revealing a lot to them, but something in her gut told her to trust these two.

Her musings were cut short when running footsteps got close and the door was yanked open. Another blond man, this one wearing an open vest and a worn three-point hat with frayed boots and loose pants stood in the doorway. He was only looking at the brunette, who she noticed was dressed rather nicely, in a distinctive outfit that spoke of a higher standing in the crew, though Eizen was also nicely dressed she had noticed.

"Cap'n, enemy ship! Shall we attack?" The man looked excited at the prospect, not noticing her eyes on him until he'd glanced around after the second sentence. "Oh hey, you're awake. Good thing we found ya, li'l miss. You'd have been fish food otherwise." His cheerful demeanor got a smile and short chuckle from her and he grinned good-naturedly back before turning to the other man.

Wait, what had he called him? Cap'n... as in CAPTAIN?! Oceana's mind blanked for a second, or two, for when she blinked back to awareness, the blond was gone and the brunette, who was Aifread himself?!- was turning to the two of them, as Eizen had been somewhere to the side of the room close to her.

"Well, I'm going up to join in, Eizen..." He left off there, but the rest of his meaning seemed to get across to Eizen, as he sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, I'll stay here. The others don't know about me after all. It's fine." She could kind of tell it wasn't, but he did seem used to it. She felt a bit sad for him, as he clearly wasn't the kind to sit back or anything. Just, on a ship of people that can't see him, there wasn't much choice for him lest they think he's a ghost haunting the ship or something.

"I'm not going to be much help either!" She chirped before she even realized she had opened her mouth. The sudden attention had her blushing and ducking her head. "I mean... I'm not a member of the crew or anything... and I'm still not recovered from the dehydration and whatever else from being adrift for a few days..." She lifted her head, green eyes showing a determination.

"I'd like to stay here, though... on the ship... If you'd let me, captain." She trailed off in a question at the end, directing it to Aifread. The man looked a little surprised for a second, before he agreed easily enough.

"We can talk more about that later, though lass." He headed off and left the two of them. The silence was awkward between them, neither knowing what to say to the other, though they could make out the sounds of fighting.

"I kind of want to see what's going on... but I get the feeling that would be a bad idea..." She suddenly spoke up. Eizen glanced at her then chuckled.

"Probably. Can you even stand?" The question had her blink, not having thought about it before. She doubted she had the strength to sit up on her own, let alone try to stand. Her legs felt a little like the jelly her foster mom made for her birthday. She shook her head 'no'. "Thought so." The response got a pout out of her.

"Thank the Empyrean's you're okay!" Mason suddenly appeared and grabbed her shoulders, eyeing her for any signs of injury or something. He hadn't been able to help her, since he was a fire malak and not a water or even wind malak, and had been meditating in her mindscape, helping keep her memories organized as a way to feel useful. They had found that aside from feeling 'weird' to malakhim, Oceana could access a 'mindscape' that let her look at and sort her memories. When Mason was resting in her mindscape, he too would appear in her mindscape.

They called it that, since it was discovered while meditating four years before. It was Haria Village, and it was kind of creepy how uninhabited it was. There were pengyons and seagulls, and crabs that when picked up showed various memories. They'd found out that she could organize it and examine memories at will, though there were some she'd found that had been locked away in a place that didn't really exist in the real Haria village.

There was one of the night her birth parents died, she had watched it once, when she discovered it, and created a cave to lock it into, since the memory was terrifying. Her mom pleading with someone to spare her, she never heard the woman call her by name, but she knew that the woman was protecting her from whomever it was. There was a green light and cruel laughter, then pain and darkness and a soothing voice. The memory led to another memory, of Palamedes and being found by her mom, Mahina.


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