Author's notes: This is chapter 2 of my adult fan fiction story A Villain's Payback. It mostly involves Kim Possible, Shego and Motor Ed. With some minor parts including Dr. Drakken & Ron Stoppable.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment. It's more of a thriller then sexual however...

** WARNING: This story will some sexual content. Chapter 2 is SFW. Later this story will get very NSFW!**

A Villain's Payback

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 2 - A Solo Mission

6 weeks later

Kim walked Ron through the hallways of there apartment. Ron was healing from his fall but he wasn't all the way healed yet and he was still using a cane. When they reached there front door Kim pulled out a key, opened the door and guided Ron over to the couch where he plopped down and rested.

Kim asked, "What do you want for dinner baby?"

"How about..."

Kim's communicator went off, "Hold that thought." She looked at her wrist and answered, "What's the stitch Wade?"

Wade asked, "How's Ron been doing?"

"It's been six weeks since he broke his leg, his hip and a few fingers in that fall. He's doing a lot better but he still isn't all the way healed up yet."

Ron told Wade, "I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. We've been chasing Drakken for a long time and I never got seriously injured until now."

Wade went on, "I hope you get better soon Ron. Anyway, Kim, I know you've been taking a step back with going on missions to take care of Ron but I have might another mission for you, if you're interested."

She looked at Wade on her device, "Give me the details and I'll let you know."

Wade filled her in, "I hacked a room in the dark web and find out someone named 3XCon is planning to steal money from a charity event called - Your Life, Your Way - tonight at 8pm."

Kim was repulsed, "Stealing from charity? That's low!"

"It's an event to raise money for kids in wheelchairs. Anyway, from what I gathered, someone who works for the event is passing the money to 3XCon after the event is over at the McKenny Convention Center in McKenny."

Kim asked, "McKenny? That's just past Upperton isn't it?"

"Yep. I know it a small hike."

"40 miles."

"I know."

Ron was concerned, "I wanna help!"

Rufus jumped in front of him and held his little hands up squeaking in his little voice at him, "NO!"

Ron told his buddy, "I'm glad your felling better little guy but I'm felling better too. We're a team."

Rufus put his hand on his side and gave Ron a sarcastic look! Rufus could tell that Ron was NOT as better as he thought he was.

Kim gave Ron a dirty look too, "I appreciate the concern but I can take care of myself."

"I know but…" Ron got up on his feet and held himself up with his cane and continued, "… it sounds dangerous and I – I – ooww!"

Kim smiled, "That's very sweet Ron but seriously, you're in no condition to be my backup. Besides, I'm Kim Possible. I can do anything but...just to make you happy…"

Kim looked at Wade, "How bout it Wade? Want to be my back-up this time?"

Wade responded, "Sorry. No can do. I won tickets to a comic book convention in Miami early this week. I'm taking my girlfriend. Our flight leaves in an hour. I'll still take my laptop so I can be your help in a mobile like we did back in the day but I can't help you in the field, sorry."

Ron looked surprised, "Hold up, girlfriend? Is she virtual or..."

Wade said sarcastically, "Yes, Ron. I have a real girlfriend."

Kim smiled, "Well, congrats!"


Kim and Ron looked at each other for a moment.

Wade broke the silence, "Maybe you should skip this one."

Kim told Wade, "No. It's OK. I can handle it. Like I said, I'm Kim Possible. I do anything. Besides, I'm stopping someone from stealing money from a charity event. How dangerous can it be?"

Kim does this mission, alone.