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Savannah Butterfly

~The Markless~

Born: 1185a.M.

Died: 1254a.M.

Reign: 1201a.M. (3 Month Rule)

Married to Perigrine Ambrosius


Celestwynne (f) Julius (m)

Queen Star in the middle of the night in the year 1185a.M. after years of trying to conceive with her husband, Prince Consort Marco Diaz, finally had a daughter, born with dirty blond hair and green eyes that as the Prince consort commented "Were the same color as my Mother's own". But what shocked her parents the most was that she was born markless, a trait more common amongst the male members of the royal family, causing many to whisper if the young princess was not born as a boy than a girl (Historical Note: it can be surmised that these rumors were also created to denounce her status heir to the throne after the death of her parents). The Queen paid no mind to it and instead focused on her little girl, whom she named Savannah meaning 'treeless plain'. She was not an only child for long as during the day in the year 1186a.M. she would have a younger sister, born with their father's blue hair and like her, there paternal Grandmother's green eyes, however unlike her she was born with marks on her cheeks these being Red Inverted hearts. She was given the name Rubia for it. In their early childhood the two were often seen as each other's best friends, with only a few months difference between the two the two were often seen together alongside their parents, however as the children were introduced to more and more children and the other members of the court somethings came to light that worried much of the family.

Both Savannah and the rest of the family took notice how the elder princess was ignored by many members of the court, but Rubia was showered attention from the members, once Lord Redbird commenting that Rubia should be allowed to come the meetings when Savannah first came to her first council meeting at the age of six. Furious Savannah could recall her mother's harsh tone yelling at the lord for a comment and ordering him and his family to be barred from the palace for a months' time. This event caused a rift between her and the other noble children who began to distance themselves away from her and once if documents are to be attested the bulling and harm that came to the Princess was so great that it was decided that the young princess leave Mewni for a years' time to live on Earth with her Diaz relatives until her fourteenth birthday. (Historical Note: It is seen in older records written by Glossaryck of her reign as a Butterfly Queen that the abuse was lightened and her choice for leaving was a personal one, she did.)

During her time on earth the Princess grew a love for it and found companionship in the people around her. But she knew she had a duty and the night before her 14th birthday she told her friends goodbye and returned home to mewni. She was welcomed home by her parents alone as they hugged, she told them as much as she could of her time on earth, but when she asked where her sister was her parents grew silent and simply said she retired early into the night. When the following day came in the year 1199a.M. as she walked down her wand ceremony, she saw that no one was there excluding a few of her distant Johanson relatives, her father's family much to her joy and her parents. When she took the wand, it took the form of a simple golden Rod with a dark turquoise gem at the base of a turquoise teardrop gem on the top and white wings with gold holdings coming from the dark gem. her parents wished her a happy birthday and it was recorded that she immediately went to doing the first lessons in the book. After some time and a Test from baby she was found to have potential but not as great as her mother's nor her grandmothers. Savannah tried to stand her ground and say that her lessons were being cut short by her sister who was constantly stealing the book and wand from her room. But even to her personal notes, "She did not seem to care thinking it was my own fault and telling my mother that I am lazy", Baby only told her to keep an eye on her things more since as queen she was going to be taking care of her people. Not long after her assessment with baby she went through mewberty, even after proving she went through the event that shaped many princesses in the butterfly family, she was still being kept at a distance by many. The Bulling only becoming worse and soon her sister being seen as the leader of the nobles telling them how when she was queen, she would do things by the books of their past.

The Note on her sisters' actions were very correct however as she found her sister very near constantly using the wand and book, savannah having to take it from her, but she never had the heart to tell her mother at all. However, this changed in the weeks leading up to the Mewnipendece celebrations in the year 1201a.M. when once again she found her sister using the wand however when she went to take the wand back her sister blasted her magic, she only being saved by a very quickly created shield. She saw her sister to her shock change into a large Dark Red and Black butterfly and she ran, calling for her mother's name. When the Queen found her Savannah admitted everything that had happened, how since her wand passing Rubia had been taking her wand and how she kept her silence about Rubia being the leader of the bulling after her return. At this Queen Star became furious and entered her own butterfly form to stop her daughter. The older Golden butterfly and the younger Red butterfly danced and battled in the sky until finally a Large blast of light and the battle was done with the Red butterfly falling before transforming back into Rubia before being sealed in a golden orb, her mother floating and de transforming back to normal. She called her guards and ordered that Rubia be placed in the dungeons until after the Mewnipendince Celebrations after witch she would have a trial for her crimes of treason. For once her life became calm and full of ease, she would celebrate Mewnipendence with her family before doing something she would ultimately think was her worse mistake, she decided to sneak out alone and see the Mewnipendence Eve Fireworks. During her trip she found herself in awe at the festivities the people performed and the sweet treats that were given out for the people to eat and enjoy. When the festivities ended she rushed back to her room hidden in darkness, however when she awoke she would find that no noise was amongst the palace and when she went to her parents bedchambers, horror filled her lungs, for the day of Mewnipendence in the year, her parents as well as what she found out later, all her Diaz grandparents, her aunt mariposa and her grandfather the former Prince Consort Prince River Johanson were all found dead. (Historical Note: In later documentation found during the conquering of Queen Celestwynne she found evidence that proved that Queen Star, Prince Consort Marco, and the entire Diaz family were all killed by assigns hired by the Lords of Mewni, and had Savannah not snuck out to see a mewnipendence fireworks she would have also been killed)

She openly wept for her family and did not attend any mewnipencence celebrations, she would dress in black only allowing a simple sash of a darkened color to contrast her appearance afterwards, even at her coronation witch to her dread came only days after her parents' death. During her rule as queen, she was quiet, she mainly allowed the lords to rule and had little involved with the council. She was known for staying mainly in the throne room late into the night, she would hear many lords, ladies and servants call her 'Heaven Come again'. Her rule only lasted for three months before one day while she was signing documents, guards swarmed into her room and chained her, when she demanded what was the meaning of it, she was lord by the newly appointed lady Redbird that she was being charged with killing her parents and family and being a traitor to the crown. When she asked who would lead, a scoff came from lady Redbird, merely stating that the true heir, Princess Rubia Butterfly, would finally take the throne as the rightful queen, and with that her wand, which she at the time kept it in a chest, was taken from her chambers and she was dragged away.

And so, the sister changed places, she is being the prisoner and her sister hailed the queen. In a months' time after that she had a public trial, and to her shock only the lords were in attendance, none of the Magical High Commission were involved in it. As the trial went on, she found that her trial was nothing more than a formality, a show merely for the people to point the figure at her for all the crimes. She was found guilty and to her shock was to be executed, a sentencing that hadn't been set for years, she could see that some of the lords were also shocked at this, especially those of House Firefly, House Cross and House McKnight. She was sent back to her cell, and she awaited death, however to her surprise in the middled on the night the Lady Cross and Lord Waterson and their men woke her and quickly hustled her out of the dungeon and onto a Prisoner boat, explaining that she had to go into exile to save herself. She thanked the two and quickly went aboard, hiding herself amongst the rags to keep herself safe. It was not long into their voyage that she felt the seas get rough and dangerous and soon their ship was sinking, in her mind at the time she thought that this was her end. However once again things changed as she would be saved by a young man who pulled her from the wreaked of the sea. When she asked for his named, he named himself as Peregrine Ambrosius, the son of the Principality of Avalon that was a part of the Elysion Kingdom. She would follow him to his home, a large ancient castle that seemed to be encased in white stone and large Crystals and it was not the only building as she noticed more and more buildings in the elegant style as well, some homes and buildings having paintings or arrangements of flowers. She would come to learn that the land that she found herself on that was named similar the Mythical land of Avalon, a place that was once thought was seen as a myth by her father's earth dimension was a small section of the large island Kingdom of Elysion, a Small Kingdom that lived far off the coast of the Florent Kingdom, descended from the legendary ancient mewmans and the ancient fairies they decided when their ancestors were the first to escaped the mewman empire and decided to use their magic to hide their location and throughout the years it was decided to stay hidden from charters with their ancient magic still.

She was welcomed into the Ambrosius Estate and was offered to live with them, which she happily accepted. During her time, she started to open more and soon asked for help in learning to use their magic and they agreed allowing their son, and her savior to help her. She grew to have a close bond with Peregrine, slowly the two grew close with him teaching her to use her magic, she was grateful for and often would cook treats to thank him. Eventually he would ask her to teach him to cook the sweets allowing the two to un her opinion grow closer. Then one day two years after her arrival on a day of the Silver Moon Festival, her would ask her to attend the festivities with him and she agreed. During the festival she learned that he also liked her and the two entered a relationship, the two became ever closer and were often seen with one or the other, finally the two would marry in the year 1205a.M. she choose during their wedding to take his last name over her own, to distance herself from the past of who she was and with him on their wedding becoming the head of his family estates and she finally told him her full story of who she really was, he to her surprise accepted her for who she was and who she was in the past.

Five years into their marriage a messenger came to their home and told them that with the death of the Elysion King and her husband was the closets relative to the king he was now their ruler, soon enough the two would leave their quiet home, giving the land to be ruled over by her brother-in-law, and being crowned King and Queen. It was not long after their Coronation that she announced in a meeting of Princes that she was pregnant with their first child and in the Winter of that year she gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Celestwynne. She was born with her maternal grandmother's blond hair, and her father's Dark Blue eyes and was born with green ombre in her eyes. Three years after that in the year 1213a.M. she would have another child, a boy named Julius, born with her dirty blond hair and green eyes and Red ombre in her eyes. She would foster a strong sibling bond with her children and would tell them tales of Queens of the past (Historical Note: In personal writings she seems to have accepted her family and found forgiveness in her own sister). She would also foster her children's strong magic, especially her eldest Celestwynne who also had a strong heart for fighting.

In the year 1228a.M. her husband suffered a terrible and fatal heart attack, when her daughter coronation to succeed her father was planning, she was shocked when her daughter ended it saying "I am to be queen in another land, the land of my mother, my rightful throne is there my brother is meant to be king here, not I." Savannah was shocked by this and tried many times to convince her daughter otherwise, her daughter proved to be stubborn and finally with armed forces leaving Avalon. She would not see her daughter for almost an entire decade, in that time her son slowly rose to become a leader for his people as well as finally breaking down the spells that hid their nation from the outside world, in the year of 1239a.M. word finally reached her that her daughter had conquered the Butterfly Kingdom and was now being Crowned Queen. Quickly she would write telling her daughter that she was coming for the ceremony and would board a ship to the Kingdom. When the ship arrived, she saw a large procession of people meeting her ship and coming with it a large golden palanquin for her to ride to what she thought was the butterfly castle. However, when she arrived to where the castle once stood, she was heartbroken to see the castle was destroyed and still smoldering. Her daughter who welcomed her told her what had happened and when she asked about her sister her daughter face grew solum, revealing that she was dead and was dead when they found her in the remains of the castle. Heartbroken she excused herself to a tent that was given to her to resting before she openly wept her sister and though she was strong during the coronation of her daughter and only a few months later her son's own coronation she was seen to wearing black once again. She would only stop after she learned that her daughter was getting married and a year later at the announcement of the gestation of her first grandchild, a girl named Elizabeta. She would live her later half years seeing to her grandchildren and traveling between Elysion and The Butterfly Kingdom for a time. She would pass away in the year 1254a.M. at the age of 69 from old age, finally being able to be at peace with her husband and she was buried with her mother and grandmother in the castle crypt, much to the shock of many had survived the destruction of the Castle, remember for bringing a New Dynasty to the throne.