Rubedo and Nigredo escape towards the city outskirts.

Before collapsing into unconsciousness, Nigredo begins to wonder if Rubedo truly has comprehended Albedo's change.


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Contorted infernos bursted through the many buildings, and made windows explode violently into scattered shards.

The once tall skyscrapers, quickly fell into nothing but ruins.

Old Milita itself had turned into an desolate wasteland, with it's life and energy could no longer prosper everything seemed lifeless.

Down below, the Song of Nephilem had greatly affected everyone, all but two prepubescent children however.

Struggled grunts escaped the older brother's lips, while carrying Nigredo's bloodied body across the war-torn battlefield.

With the very last of his strength, the black URTV's head turns weakly to face him with his small jade eyes looking over in worry.

"Rubedo, are we- are we alright now?"

With a firm yet slient nod, the red head agreed before getting out his tucked away first aid kit.

"Yeah, for now. Unless Albedo really wants to start up again, but that doesn't matter right now."

"You're my main priority Nigredo, even if our infected comrades come near- I'll just have to-!"

The red URTV stopped talking upon seeing Nigredo shake his head, well aware of what the Link Master had to do in order to stop U-DO's waves from spreading further through then.

"You have to do what?" He spoke whilst wide eyed in realized fear, "You're not going to kill them, are you?"

In shame Rubedo turned his face away, reflecting about the waves making contact with nearly all of his comrades.

"I'm- I'm so sorry, I've got to do this. If I don't put them out of their damn' misery, then they'll become even more infected."

"No I understand why now. If you don't they'll turn into those monsters, right?" Nigredo spoke in disappointed awareness, "I know all about that but..."

He bit his lip for a moment with his face screwed up, worried and hesitant to even ask such an unnerving question at the current crisis at hand.

"...What about Albedo?"

"What's going to happen to him? We left him at Labyrinthos and then-"

Before finishing what he had to say Rubedo's pace suddenly stopped, with closed eyes he went deep in reflective thought.

His mind began wavering between two options that he had, but it was such a hard dilemma to begin with.

Both came with sacrifice, with heart-wrenching cons attached.

They could leave Albedo and somehow pull off an SOS signal, or they could go back and retrieve him.

But, it wasn't as simple as Rubedo wanted it all to be.

Albedo was no longer considered sane, he was delirious and violent. Mentally influenced by his greatest fear.

Just trying to make any sense with the likes of him, would've been out-right ridiculous.

Rubedo stammered with closed and guilt conveyed eyes, "I- I know."

"But we can't go back there, let's try and at least find somewhere that's not taken over by the war outbreak."

"Then we'll discuss about anythin' that's on your mind."

After a few moments of silence, Rubedo suddenly heard Nigredo cough quite violently from behind.

Upon placing him down gently again, his gaping injuries only started to get even worse despite him giving medical attention.

Weakly grabbing the cuff off his pale uniform, Nigredo shook his head while his silent tears rolled down.

"I think- I think it's safe to assume... that you should leave me here and run, Rubedo."

"No, don't say that!" Called out the older one in horrified indifference, "We've- we've come this far!"

"We can't... We can't give up!" His voice wobbled, upon feeling the blood start to seep through Nigredo's chest again.

To his shock the bandage's durability didn't last long at all, before even reaching out to grab another one he clicked his tongue at a realization.

Unfortunately it was the only high grade one that he had, the rest of his medial supplies were just combined antidotes.

Rubedo's chest cramped and shivered up apprehensively, before a few painful sobs escaped.

Well aware that Nigredo couldn't be saved, for he had tried everything that he could.

Oddly enough Nigredo knew how he felt despite Rubedo not directly facing him, it was almost akin to a soul bond.

Whenever a situation had ever turned dire, they didn't go to the staff for support but rather themselves.

Even though they were in such a safe and secure environment, Nigredo couldn't help but sense unwanted eavesdropping from time to time.

Confidentiality was hard so most of their conversations were kept brief, leaving most of their burning questions more often than not unanswered.

Once Nigredo's back touched his, Rubedo's head turned around slightly to see the raven-haired boy looking back solemnly.

"You know, you don't have to feel guilty for everything that's happening to us Rubedo."

"It wasn't your fault that Albedo ended up the way that he did, the way- our other comrades did."

The red head scoffed at that, "I wish I could forget about it all. But I know the one day we'll meet face-to-face again."

"Knowing him well enough- he isn't gonna' let something like this fade away so easily."

"I abandoned him, Nigredo." Feeling a warmth suddenly radiate on top of his chest, Rubedo turned around to see him disagree.

"You're wrong, we both did. if you get in trouble once we get back to the Institute-"

"Tell them that I was a part of it as well! After-all, the first thing I said once you grabbed me was to run, remember?"

"You've got to stop blaming everything that crumbles on your shoulders, we're like humans aren't we? We're frail just like them, we all can die from death just the very same."

With a slient assent Rubedo unclenched his balled fist, to reveal his numbered palm before him.

"Yeah, in more ways than one in fact. We're pretty similar."

Before considering another plan their odd color hair blew against the wind suddenly, upon uncovering their faces before them stood a large blue craft.

Without even considering who the pilots were, the two finally smiled in relief with their faces dripping in relieved tears.